Webinar: For Those We Cant Reach

Over the years Steven and I have travelled to many cities around Australia to talk about our work. We often get requests from people to come and present in their city or town, but unfortunately we cannot always get there- though we do try!

We have created this webinar series to enable people who may have missed one of our presentations. Webinars are a great tool in giving access to our presentations, especially for people living in remote areas around Australia, as well as people who live overseas.

Given our first webinar will be a huge event with 6 speakers, each presenting their topics for 50 minutes, we will make a replay copy available for all the registered attendees, available at any time and there is no expiry date!

Although we wish to encourage people to listen to the presentations live as this offers you an interactive experience with the speakers.

At the end of each presentation, we will have 10 minutes for questions. Your questions can be submitted at any time, and our Moderator: Ildi will read out the questions to the presenters at the end of their presentation.

We believe this is a wonderful way of sharing our collective research, and we wanted to make it affordable for everyone.

For $AUD 10 you will have access to:-

  • 6 speakers presenting 5 various topics on Original Australia History, Culture and Mythology.
  • Real-time, interactive experience from the comfort of your home.
  • Q & A session at the end of end presentation.
  • Full replay of the webinar will be available for all attendees- with no expiry.

So if you haven’t purchased a ticket already and registered for this this event, register now.


A full schedule and further information on all speakers will be available soon.

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