A Portable Portal: Leylines, Geospirals and Rocks


By Richard Clarke



Ley/Energy lines are concentrations of energy that flow around the globe.
This global energy is similar to the veins that run through our bodies,
supplying us with life giving energy, hence “as above so below”. These lines
form a global grid of energy that encircle the earth and where they intersect
the energy is magnified.
All Sacred sites around the world are positioned on energy/ley lines.
Embedded in these lines are geospirals which have a high energy output.
Spirals (geospirals) are found carved and painted on rocks all over the world.

The practice of dowsing has been used for thousands of years to find
underground water and mining companies use dowsing today to find mineral
deposits. Dowsing can also be used to find the location of ley lines and the
energies that flow in them.

Recently, I spent a day at Avebury with Maria Wheatley, one of Britain’s
leading dowsers learning how to dowse geospirals using copper rods to
detect the energy. Geospirals generally have 3,7, or 11 rings and were often
marked by ancient people with carvings, painted artwork and standing

Ley lines and geospirals are very significant to Original people in Australia.
The powerful energy they felt indicated a sacred site and rather than just
decoration, the artwork and carvings were used to mark the location of these
sacred energetic areas.

I am part of a group who, with the permission of original elders, investigate
sacred sites concentrating on the Kariong area. Before going onto country we
always conduct a smoking ceremony to pay our respects to the spirits of the
land and let them know we have good intentions. There can be
consequences if protocol is not adhered to as Steven and Evan Strong of
ForgottenOrigin.com found out on one occasion when an elder in South
Australia contacted them 4 hours after leaving country at Gosford, New South
Wales wanting to know why they hadn’t smoked themselves! They had done
a ceremony but it wasn’t one that involved smoking because it was raining.

I use dowsing rods to detect the geospiral’s high points of energy and in our
group we are lucky to have three people who are body dowsers and can
sense this energy without using rods or pendulums. It is an amazing
experience to walk on country with them. The rods are used to confirm what
they are sensing and we have not had a miss yet.

On sites we visit in Australia we find the highest points of energy are in the
centre of these geospirals which Original Australians call “portals“. It is also
very interesting to note that above many of the portals there are very unusual
geological formations.They consist of two distinct types.The first type are
spirals which are embedded in the rock. These have been associated with the
men’s portal.

At Ben Buckler, Bondi

The second type have an area of rock which appears to have been “melted”
into a pancake shape and overlaid on the surface of the rock, forming a
depression in which you can comfortably lie.

By Tracey Smith

In Australia we have found that most portals have three rings of energy
spiralling out of the centre. These portals are designated by Originals as
either men’s or women’s areas and it is strictly forbidden for men to sit in the
woman’s portal and vice versa or dire consequences will result as some on
our team can testify! The woman’s portal at Kariong is very powerful and many women that have sat in it have had a profound experience.
Robyn’s experience captured below on an iPhone 4!

By Tracey Smith
Photo of women’s portal taken with Harry Oldfield lens.

There is a men’s portal at Kariong that has 3 spirals of energy when dowsed.
You can see from the photo below the intriguing geological feature at its
centre…..3 spirals embedded in the sandstone rock. Coincidence ?

Recently I came into possession of a very unique and intriguing rock that was
part of a collection of rocks found in Central Australia in the late 19th Century.
It was described as a message rock. Steven and Evan Strong have written
about these rocks (Ros’s Rock 1& 2 ) and surmise that a high level of
technology must have been used to make them. This rock is different to Ros’s
but it is evident that to get these markings on the rock, it could not have been
made with “stick, bone and stone technology”, which we are told was all the
Original people possessed. Around the spiral on the rock there appears to be
some type of “writing”, there are twelve “letters” on each side and each of
them appears to be different. The spirals have 11 rings. The rock’s markings
are very faded from being held.

The rock itself is a red/orange colour typical of the rocks of the red centre of
Australia. It also has a greenish coloured covering of some sort (resin ?)
which once covered the entire surface. It has also worn off on most of the
surface due to being held but still exists on the parts which do not have
contact with the skin when held in the correct manner. One can only wonder
how long ago this rock was “carved”. The amount of weathering caused by
contact with human hands suggests it is very, very old.

Like the “Cylcon“ rocks which Steven and Evan have written about, this rock
and other message rocks are only energetically activated when held in the
hand. This energy can be shown by dowsing and when not held they are
inert. Unlike the cylcon rocks which put out a “beam“ of energy which is
focused and extends for over 20 metres, the message rock’s energy when
dowsed has a range of about 1 metre extending in an arc out the front and
above the rock (see photo below). This rock was designed to be carried and
when held the energy can be traced as coming out through the earth passing
up into the body along the arm and out through the rock.

Photo taken with Harry Oldfield lens

In summary, the key points are:
• Spiral designs were used by ancient peoples to mark areas of high
• Original Australians call these areas portals.
• The main feature of this rock is the spiral design “carved’ into it.
• Dowsing shows that when held in the correct position the rock produces
a strong flow of energy.
• This rock is small enough to be carried over long distances.
Do all these facts lead us to ask the question is this rock a “Portable


  1. I stayed in carapooee and the guys their couldn’t hold their space and these beings were observing us at the time.
    They seem to be fascinated by us.

    I’d love to talk to some elders about my journey as I am going to need a little help as they are no small tasks. And I’m getting info about these spiral keys to dimensional stargates/doorways

  2. The rock “porthole” could be where a large tree has came to rest a hard wood variety most likely a big round piece of a tree has landed there and as its decomposed slowly possibly over a century or two. its sap acids and minerals present in the wood have fossilised to the host rock even appearing to be the same as it now. I have seen these impressions in rocks in the Adelaide hills. That is the conclusion I came to.

  3. I think I live on a ley line. The portal is open, creatures at times running thru my apt. The magnetic energy at times is so strong that it lifts my arms as if filled with helium. My ears ring so loudly, yet different from normal types of ringing. Mood changes in my husband during this. I have 3 rocks that become magnetized. You drop one and it lands back on top of other rock , same way e ery time, hard to pull apart. I have artifacts but no one to help me.

  4. I have been researching the rock art here in Scotland for several decades and have waled over 3,000 miles over ten years following the energies they emit. The cup marks here have a variety of purposes and are always energized by being placed over geological fissures, as are standing stones and circles.

  5. My sister has lived just off Woy Woy rd for 30 years a neighbour of the glyphs and Bulgandry we often go bush walking and have seen these things what a shame it has taken us so long to appreciate and have some understanding of them i heard of the glyphs many years ago and was told it was a hoax on a rock face on the trail heading towards Tascott until a year ago my son convinced me to come and look at them he knows most of the trails all through the national park and talks of lots of rock carvings i could not believe it then above the glyphs taking time to wonder how that rock melted and the circles engrave in the rocks around. Now i know why we seen things down in the bay and late at night coming up the M1 the area on the east side of Woy Woy rd now needs protection love your work fellas.

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