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On Vacation or Moving Residence: Ring and Rocks

During very recent times there have been three permanent and three temporary additions to the ensemble of artefacts we are working with. There are three rocks that are on a six-month vacation and will be returning to the person who found them once he has completed his overseas trip, but the ancient ring, along with an accompanying copper sleeve and crystal companion, is meant to stay.

                A lady we know by the name of Jillian, who had helped us previously, contacted us in regard to the finding of a ring. Well, she never actually found this ring, it was more the other way around in that this ring summoned Jillian. The best way to understand how this liaison began is for Jillian to tell her story in her words. …

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Two Ways, Two Days: Hospital Site and Protection Rock

First up, we wish to praise and thank the two people who sought us out regarding secret rock business. When dealing with sacred Original rocks, whether totally stationary or fully mobile, we never approach and always await their contact and instructions. We never initiate proceedings, and it is only after an invitation is extended that arrangements are then made to either inspect or receive.
What is fascinating when examining the next two additions is that outside being rocks they have nothing in common, serving completely purposes and methods of manufacture. The first offering is all about ceremonies, healing and stone axes, it is a series of highly significant interconnected engravings found on rock platforms. Unlike all of the individual rocks, of which we are the current custodians, there is no evidence of highly advanced technology well beyond the reach of any stone, bone and stick tool kit. …

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Compliance: The Final Straw

The world of today is littered with half-truths, secret agendas, omissions and vilification for any who do not comply. The media and government agencies in all their multi-various forms no longer tolerate criticism, and any that complain will immediately be labelled a conspirator at best, and perhaps even a traitor. Wherever we look or listen it is all about blame, fear mongering and uncertainty. …

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