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Photo by Geraldine Grace

The Biggest Picture: Uluru Ceremony

In previous articles addressing the ceremony and global meditation occurring at Uluru on December 21, 2020, we have examined evidence from near and around that huge rock and all over the planet. Augmented by hundreds of ceremonies throughout the planet, the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, which was undeniably supplemented by the Summer Solstice, energised Uluru and literally turned this sacred rock on, forever! But it doesn’t end here, as it went everywhere. It was not just one solitary planet that fell under this twin-planetary spell, there is compelling evidence that the entire solar system was affected in different ways. However, even though in each of six events analysed they are markedly different, one thing never varied, the cause.

Just a Little Further Ahead: Bones & Metal

So first up we intend to rearrange the ancestral and historical base upon which this sacred event was underpinned and inspired by. We have to establish that there has been a long-term involvement in the genetics, daily affairs and global future of humanity. Once that first off-world step is solid and secure, we can then move on to the empirical proof and testimonies supporting of our belief that the ceremonies of December 21 directed towards Uluru were far more successful than we expected. From our perspective and extensive collection of Alien artefacts, bones and genes the time has now come to move past any further debate regarding whether extra-terrestrial beings actually exist and have dramatically affected all of human existence. Now is the time to move on to the crucial next step in addressing why these many off-world beings have come and investigated so much, time, energy and love while guiding a very aggressive earthly life-form?

Putting the Pieces Together (Again)

Of the rocks we are analysing in this report, three are with us now, and the others are still with the people who originally found them. As a group they share nothing in common except for one defining anomaly, according to the experts rocks like these should not be here, and therefore, must be dismissed as a fake, geological anomalies or a plant. The repeated official and academic response in relation to these rocks is either a stone wall of silence, an insistence that it is due to natural forces, or an attack on our morals or those of the people who found or bought these rocks. Their reasoning is invariably couched around a rebuttal citing a lack of Original precedence and a degree of sophisticated technology which is beyond the capacity of all stone, bone and stick toolkits. Special Thanks to Michael Bradica, Amanda Smith & Vynka Von


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