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Five Plus Two Equals Seven Times Infinity

To begin with, we must extend our apologies to some Original Elders who have voiced their concerns that we have become too preoccupied with the archaeology and magic surrounding these ancient rings and neglected artefacts and sites belonging solely to Australia. Yes, two of the last three articles were about the rings, and it was never our intention to return once again to ring-lore for some time. But, things change, and did so in our case. Two more ancient relics from Angkor Wat have just been analysed, and the results are so sensational and utterly undeniable, simply because the read out of one ‘ear-ring’ rewrites the entire pre-history of the planet from 6,000 years ago and all the way back to the very beginning of humanity. Special Thanks to Ros Mulder.

Dec. 21st Uluru

This has been an evolving process that began nearly three years ago. Elders and Keepers of Lore have approached us with an almost identical word for word description of soon to come days of complete transformation. Such has been the number and consistency of narrative, if other Elders approach us on unrelated archaeology or history that involves Old Way protocol and knowledge, we always introduce the topic of the oncoming change to see how they react and whether they knew of this renaissance. If they do not, then the radar is on and suspicion aroused. Fortunately, that has never happened, because on each occasion when the subject was raised it became immediately obvious that they were genuine and knowledgeable in such profound matters.

Five Rings and Seven Things

Of the five rings under our care there are seven things related to them that we deliberately kept ‘at arm’s length’ from the previous scientific report. There really was no other choice, it would have been fodder for our critics. Even though these rings are one integrated material/magical entity, we thought it best to share some of the distinctly mystifying times we have experienced since the rings first appeared, in a separate article. Everything that follows contravenes modern-day science at every level, and in each case something supernatural is the sole explanation. Past that point is pure speculation, but what is obvious in some cases, is that even the word magical is insufficient. What we have witnessed is no less than boundless and imponderable, but utterly true. With Dalia Granot.






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