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On Vacation or Moving Residence: Ring and Rocks

During very recent times there have been three permanent and three temporary additions to the ensemble of artefacts we are working with. There are three rocks that are on a six-month vacation and will be returning to the person who found them once he has completed his overseas trip, but the ancient ring, along with an accompanying copper sleeve and crystal companion, is meant to stay.

                A lady we know by the name of Jillian, who had helped us previously, contacted us in regard to the finding of a ring. Well, she never actually found this ring, it was more the other way around in that this ring summoned Jillian. The best way to understand how this liaison began is for Jillian to tell her story in her words. …

READ MORE HERE – https://forgottenorigin.com/on-vacation-or-moving-residence-ring-and-rocks

[PRESS RELEASE]: Opposition to Darkinjung Development Continues

A controversial development planned in the vicinity of an area known as ‘Kariong Sacred Lands’ is back in the spotlight with a proposal to rezone the land for a residential development soon to go on public exhibition.

The developer, Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (DLALC) recently expressed that they believe people are spreading “misinformation” and that the development is “conscious and ecologically sustainable.”

DLALC Chairperson, Tina West recently said in a public statement “Caring for Country is at the core of our mission. We exist to protect and conserve the environment and Aboriginal cultural heritage for generations to enjoy, while also creating tangible social and well-being benefits for the broader community.”

Coast Environmental Alliance (CEA) Spokesperson Jake Cassar said “While we fully appreciate the need for more housing, there is nothing conscious or sustainable about gutting an area that has been zoned by the Government to not allow any development due to the extremely important ecological values and cultural significance of the area.”
“The Government specifically zoned this parcel of land C2 – Environmental Conservation, which is the highest protection private land can receive
Cassar added. …

READ MORE HERE – https://forgottenorigin.com/press-release-opposition-to-darkinjung-development-continues

Preliminary Report on Archaeology Found in a State Forest

Owing to time constraints during my first inspection and analysis of Original rocks and sites located within a State Forest (location through direction of Elders will not be given), my intention was to provide a very brief overview. I was first contacted by Silvie Hart who had found a variety of marked stones, stone arrangements and engravings that were what she felt to be the result of Original activity and engraving. What was of immediate concern to her was that when she approached the forestry workers, they openly conceded that the individual rocks and multitude of stone arrangements were not natural and were indeed of Original construction, but regardless they intended to continue down the same destructive path …

READ MORE HERE – https://forgottenorigin.com/preliminary-report-on-archaeology-found-in-a-state-forest

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