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Seventeen bits and pieces that do not add up

The traditional theory of human evolution is predicated around humans having an ancient chimp/ape ancestry. Way back a chimp-like mummy and daddy had children that were genetically so different, of particular concern is the suturing on the skull exclusive to hominids. All apes and monkeys have no sutures, but instead a rigid sagittal keel that runs across the top of the skull which means that their skull size remains static. But the inconsistencies do not stop there, by our count there are at least another seventeen genetic/skeletal/facial/muscular points of difference that challenge any shared ancestry.

Underneath, on Top, Above and all Places in Between

Whenever the topic of UFO’s and Aliens is raised during recent times the responses are as fascinating as they are predictable. For quite a few such fanciful prattle is pure fictional nonsense espoused by the gullible and deceitful, while for even more there are varying degrees of acceptance that often spills over into unquestioning reverence. For some they are technologically advanced devils, others see them as being angelic and for many they see nothing at all. The reality is every reaction has nothing to do with the evidence accumulated by each person, but is all about their free will.

As Close as we Could Get: Karno’s Words & Deeds

Over the last four decades I have met many Original Elders. For some the title is a self-proclaimed political statement that has little to do with cultural wisdom known and is more about a tally of grey hairs. For others, they are indeed worthy recipients of an acknowledgement of their knowledge of Original Lore. But beyond that there are three Elders where any such description falls well short of the mark. The late Aunty Beve and Uncle Marbuck are Elders of the highest degree, their Original Lore pedigree is impeccable. But above and beyond their lofty station, stood Karno. From our perspective, which granted is subjective, we have never met anyone as immersed in Old Way sensibilities as Karno. From the first meeting, what stood out was that deep penetrating stare. It was something any on the receiving end fully agree that when he did focus on you there were no secrets, everything was exposed. So many others said exactly the same thing, they insisted that when he did really lock in on someone, their soul, and the deep inner secrets held within, were his for the taking

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