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Sep 03

The Guide to Truth: Uncovering the Secrets of a Hidden Ancient Stone Complex (Article: Message To Eagle)

Barely a fortnight after our two days on site investigating the standing stones and smaller mound at the ancient site outside Mullumbimby, Adam, one the Original Custodians who spent both days with us, sent two photographs of a new site he had found.

There is no word that adequately describes how Adam discovers any of the many amazing sites and artefacts he has been drawn towards. He is an Original man steeped in Old Lore and sensibilities, he glides through the land, no matter how daunting the incline or foothold, with an ease and connection to place that demands respect.

Intuitively sensing its presence, Adam is called to an object or location well before sighting it. So too, in this case, while paddling along a creek within earshot of the waves crashing against the shore, he came upon the remains of an extremely ancient site……

Sep 02

An Original Engraving Made by Ancient Advanced Technology? (You Tube Video)

“According to Ros, the rock was found in 1990 during excavations while building a new brick home on a piece of land located within two kilometres of the Bambara Hieroglyphs. Found approximately one metre beneath the surface, it is clear this rock is not part of the local assemblage. Above and below and in every direction, all rocks near and far are sandstone, and yet this rock is neither sedimentary nor sandstone…..Not only does this artefact potentially sit outside the embrace of accepted versions of Australian and global pre-history, but it’s presence within the earth, one metre beneath the surface, may also introduce ancient paradigms, participants and purposes to this unravelling historical equation. And although our investigation is in its preliminary stages….”

Sep 02

“Connecting the Dots on Humanity’s Untold Genetic History” (Article: Wake Up World)

By Steven & Evan Strong (31st August) Even though we will stray into the cosmic realm during this examination of humanity’s genetic history, we will also maintain our commitment to academic rigour. To that end we will be citing world renowned experts in the fields of mitochondrial DNA, Original Elders, Original Dreaming stories, and the telepathic thoughts of the alien held captive at Roswell.

What was this second hominid, and where did it come from?

If a second genetic source was involved, how did they get to Australia?

And why is there no skeletal evidence of any non-sapien hominid in this country?

Connecting the Dots on Humanity's Untold Genetic History

Aug 29

Can This Artefact Save Kariong? Presentation

We are presenting archaeology, science and Original accounts that rewrite Australian and world history, with particular emphasis on the Central Coast area. Join us at the Central Coast UFO Group. Tickets are $25 or $20 Concession.

28th September


Wyong RSL Club

Anzac Avenue Wyong NSW

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Aug 27

Discovery of First Language: Fact or Fiction? (

Steven & Evan Strong – – In 1939, two men spent a great deal of time trying to come to grips with what one of those men – Frederic Slater, President of the Australian Archaeological and Education Research Society – claimed to be Australia’s “Stonehenge.”[1] According to Slater, this ancient complex formed “the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing, which began in numeration.”[2] At this stage of proceedings, every claim made by Slater and his colleague (whose name we cannot supply as it would give too many clues in relation to the site’s location), bar one, has been addressed in my previous articles, and in many cases substantiated beyond reasonable doubt. Read more:

Aug 26


Our Latest Interview

“We chat with Steven & Evan Strong about Australia’s forgotten past & if our ancient ancestors came from the stars…”

Aug 26

Is the Bulgandry Site a Sophisticated Ancient Star Chart? (Article Wake Up World)

(22nd August 2014 By Steven & Evan Strong) The Bulgandry Site: Is this the world’s most sophisticated ancient Star Chart, or merely a random collection of fish, kangaroos and people carvings?

We have been to the Bulgandry site numerous times, but it seemed that until we took Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia to see the site, we had somehow overlooked the obvious. Standing beside and above the site, on the circular boardwalk that runs around the perimeter of the rock platform, we were too busy examining one rather enigmatic engraving while oblivious to the totality of what was engraved on the entire platform…..

Is the Bulgandry Site a Sophisticated Ancient Star Chart 2

Aug 25

Forgotten Origin Presentation in Nimbin

Nimbin Town Hall Cullen Street Nimbin

7th Sept 7-10pm

Steven is an Australian based researcher, author of 5 books, historian and former High School Teacher with a background in Archaeology. His son Evan has worked with him for many years assembling the facts from their archaeological discoveries.
This presentation will cover their extensive research on the archeological finds at a variety of sites spread through the east coast of Australia including the Northern Rivers.
Slides, artifacts, explorers accounts, genetic information and traditional Australian Original mythology will demonstrate that earlier highly advanced civilizations existed in this area.
This is an invitation to explore the hidden history that rewrites everything we are led to believe about our identity and origins, it will challenge the fundamental notions that underpin all accepted versions of human pre-history.
Admission: $20.00
$15.00 concession

Aug 23

The Greatest Story Never Told (Talk at Sydney)

The Greatest Story Never Told

1st October 7-10pm

Wesley Conference Centre

222 Pitt Street Sydney N.S.W. 2000
Welcome to the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth.
Standing under the banner of Wirritjin (Ramindjeri for Black-fella White-fella Dreaming), Australian researchers Steven and Evan Strong have been allowed to see sites and artefacts rarely, if ever, revealed before. They now stand ready—with the support of Original Elders—to pass that knowledge on to a hungry public.
Their videos, slides, and actual artefacts from the field (all given to them by the proper Custodians of the Old Ways) will, as Graham Hancock recently commented when on-site, “rewrite world history.”
Our directive from the Original Elders and Custodians of Lore is simple: to provide science and historical accounts of the highest calibre in support of the Original historical narrative.
Through our analysis of the latest discoveries in Mitochondrial DNA, Y Chromosomes, Genome patterns and skull morphology, we will prove that the Australian Original people, never the Africans, were not only the first Homo sapien sapiens, but they alone can make the claim “that all other people of the world come from us.”
Bringing together ancient sites, archaeology, artefacts, and wisdom from the Elders, the Strongs present ample evidence of an ancient technology used in Australia that is still beyond present-day capacities, and a depth and intimacy with esoteric wisdom that shames us today, including an eternal connection to the stars—with a particular emphasis on the Pleiades.
Find out why Graham Hancock spent six days this year with the Strongs on-site, viewing and commending their work.
Learn what astonished Michael Tellinger at the Bambara site.
Discover why Klaus Dona, Laird Scranton, and James Swagger are working with the Strongs in solving different parts of this enormous Australian archaeological puzzle that smashes the history books to smithereens.
Glimpse fragments of an epic cosmic story with links to the Pleiades star cluster.
Join us on October 1 when the Strongs reveal one small chapter of the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth.
Tickets: $30 a person and $48 per couple.


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