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“The First Everything” (Article)

The First Everything

By Steven & Evan Strong

(Special Thanks to: Samarah Wood [for Photos], Erik Bower and Richard Patterson [Research])


Image Created by Richard Patterson


While teaching, and on some occasions selecting and detailing content that became part of the senior Aboriginal Studies course, it had been my assumption (which was never challenged) that before World War 2 the Original people, culture and their on-going plight was marginalised and patronisingly dismissed throughout the country as the last gasps of a primitive civilisation in its ‘death throes.’ My students, and any that studied this course were given many examples of the appalling conditions endured, endemic racism and attempts to extinguish all traces of Original Lore and ceremony taking place all over the country in the 1930’s and earlier. They were taught that there was no slackening of the pace as all Original people were not even regarded as second class citizens and during any national census were tallied as ‘Flora and Fauna.’ I now wish to qualify and correct that mistaken allegation. I, no we, and that goes all the way up to the top level of the N.S.W. Department of Education and Board of Studies, were wrong and apologise for the rash and poorly researched proclamation, and will now tidy up some loose ends through reference to a 1937 article (23rd October, 1937) published in Adelaide newspaper “The Mail.”

The article was written primarily as an overview of the major points raised in a book, “Scribes of the Stone Age, which has been accepted for publication in England.”(1) Written by Frederic Slater, a “well-known Sydney journalist and authority on the Australian aboriginal (sic),”(2) he was also the President of the Australian Archaeological Education and Research Society and it could be claimed with some confidence he was Australia’s top expert on Egyptology. His pedigree is unchallenged, but what he wrote and researched led to some findings that would be considered radical and still vigorously disputed today.

Slater was not averse to being sensational and when investigating the Standing Stones site, surely he knew that in declaring “the Egyptians learned their system of hieroglyphs from the ancestors of the aborigines (Sic),”(3) he was not going to endear himself to mainstream academia. Nevertheless, his peers had elected Slater to represent them and he “has been a student of the Australian aboriginal (sic) all his life, and is an authority on the language. By request, he has supplied native names for hundreds of Australian homes.”(4)

Slater’s focus was divided between establishing the credentials of what he thought was the First Language ever spoken or recorded originating in Australia, and advancing the real history and incredible reservoir of knowledge the Original people understood thousands of years ago.

Murrigiwalda-Sacred Language

According to the correspondent “a few years ago he acquired a valuable aboriginal (sic) vocabulary” which “is known as a Murrigiwalda (sacred language) and gave him the key to many avenues of investigation.”(5) He did not actually earn the privilege to be alerted to such a seminal interpretation, it was, and this seems part of a pattern we have observed whenever sacred issues and artefacts are involved, given to a woman by the name of Mrs. David Dunlop. The writer of this article stated that “the vocabulary had been the property”(6) of the “wife of the first magistrate at Wollombi and contained clues to aboriginal (sic) rock-carvings,”(7) and as Slater was to find out two years further on, it was also the key to deciphering the rock arrangements, carvings, letters and other symbols found at the Standing Stones site.

Slater used this ‘Original dictionary’ to decipher the carvings at Burragurra and Mt. Yango and what he read certainly wasn’t printed in any contemporary account of Original history and Lore. It made no difference as his work was like a beacon amongst a climate of intolerance and racism, and what was an equal surprise, what he discovered was acknowledged and about to be published. It states in the article that “the stone-age aboriginal (sic) believed that men came from a protoplasm created by God as a special species, and that original man could speak from the moment of his creation.”(8) We are told that Slater “offers evidence”(9) to support his readings that the Original people “had a deep knowledge of the human circulatory system, that he believed that the origin of the planetary system was tidal, that he understood the creation of the world and knew much about light, darkness and fire. Fresh evidence is also given that he believed in the immortality of the soul.”(10)

“It is stated, too, that aspects of Mr. Slater’s research will be of particular interest to students of the origin and history of Freemasonry.”(11) We included this final somewhat bizarre excursion into secret handshakes, coloured robes and European rituals simply because the exact same observation was made by Professor Elkin (first professor of Anthropology at Sydney University). In 1931 he was in marginal to no contact with some Original people in the Kimberleys (WA), but could not break the linguistic stalemate. None of the neighbouring dialects were successful and Elkin was unable to strike a compromise until these naked, illiterate nomads used “ancient secret Masonic hand signs. He was struck by the startling sematic features present in the natives.”(12) With Elkin’s ear now attuned to their cosmopolitan repertoire he then noticed that “many of the words spoken were of Egyptian origin.”(13) Of course, if Elkin had been fully acquainted with the entire Original historical narrative and First Language he would have reversed the parameters, geography and his last statement in observing that ‘many of the Egyptian words spoken were of Original origin.’

This brings us back to the Standing Stones site, as happens so often. All of the words spoken, which spread everywhere and is from the very beginning, are sourced from a common Original First Language (Murrigiwalda). Once Slater was granted access to this disclosure from antiquity he set to work translating the rock arrangements, markings, letters, angles and symbols that were placed on that mound. Of course, once destroyed and bulldozed in 1940 the old maxim of out of sight out of mind certainly overwhelmed his research and the revelations encoded. Yes we have his notes and are aware that he had compiled over 28,000 words which was incomplete and only a part of this language, but where is the proof today? The many who dismiss or deliberately look elsewhere will and do contend that these claims of marked rocks displaying angles, markings, shapes and geometry beyond the reach of any Original rock, stick and bone technology, needs rock-solid evidence in support before any credence can be awarded.

Shaped, Sharp with Seven Sides

And that is a reasonable objection and until addressed leaves his notes unsupported and the site still unrecognised. The shaped rocks were the only medium we had presented in some quantity, but in our haste to cover all bases the quality and masonry skills required in at least one rock recovered deserve more consideration and a closer inspection with the assistance of Samarah’s camera and lens. The shaped stone Samarah photographed was found at Emu’s Nest, which is close to the mounds and quite similar in many respects to most of the stones still laying in the paddock beneath the larger and smaller mounds. Despite what is shared this rock is unique in one important respect, all the rocks visible lying on the ground that were originally on the mound have eroded to varying degrees. There isn’t one rock that hasn’t escaped the impact of weathering, run off or contact with soggy soil.


Photo by Samarah Wood

Well, there is one, this rock. Two sides were found face-down sandwiched between other rocks, these two protected sides and edges have managed to avoid most of the elements and remain close to their pristine state. The rock is igneous and very hard, dark brown in colour and the two sides that are still in near ‘mint condition’ have been at the very least sanded and possibly even polished. The faces on these sides are flat, smooth and without depression or kink. The edges are sharp, so much so if running paper along the edge it will cut. I have cut myself and bled when accidentally dropping the rock on my arm. If I sat down for tea tonight and had no cutlery, this rock would be a better substitute as it has a sharper edge than any blade used on the table to assist in cutting and slicing the food on the plate.


Photo by Samarah Wood

It seems logical to assume that these two sheltered sides and edges were the norm, and when first shaped and cut every edge and face was equally sharp and level. Consisting of seven sides it is a rather complex geometric shape of which we have seen nothing anywhere That comes close to this shape or pattern, be it in Australia or any other continent. Nor have we seen or heard of ancient edges so sharp, but the legacy of this rock extends well past the technological gadgetry applied.

2013-12-04 14.20.59What takes this seven-sided rock up another level is the lines of convergence. When placed with the flat smooth surface on the bottom, if the lines of the two edges were extended to the point where they would eventually meet, this would be the exact same position the line of the top edge, if it is also continued forward, would also converge. What was deliberately created is an object that is so precise the three most prominent edges narrow to the same point. As intentional and clever as the meeting of three angles is, the reasons that inspired such geometry and precision, complemented by some amazing technology and stunning masonry, ask many an inconvenient question that can only have an Original answer.

Found extremely close to the Standing Stones site, there is a message of significance engraved and encrypted, and we strongly suspect that this rock was either bound for or taken from that site. Of course, there are easily a hundred shaped rocks laying near the two mounds and some are quite simple, others more complex like this one, but until photographed with this equipment and expertise we were unable to visually present the finesse of cut, alignment of shapes and level of skill required. Those two sides are standard bearers against which every other rock must be compared and reconstructed. It is quite possible many of the rocks were cut and shaped to this high standard and have since weathered, but even if this was a freak occurrence there is still the issue of what tools were required along with the undoubted skill on display that has to be the culmination of many years in apprenticeship. Nothing less than a metal blade of high strength, a hammer and some type of tool used to sand and polish very hard rock would suffice, and we are told that none of these implements existed in this country until after the Invasion.

The A, B, C’s of the First Alphabet

Irrespective of the inherent technological contradictions, what this rock does confirm is that Slater was correct in reporting that a huge variety of shaped stones were part of an assemblage that made the Standing Stones site so sacred. But this is not enough proof, if for no other reason than he also claimed there were other essential elements involved. More is needed and there is one strand of this mixture of symbols, arrangements, markings, hand signs, body parts and numerous symbols that certainly raised a few eyebrows and elevated the condescension levels of critics. The talk of an Original alphabet consisting of 16 letters was something we had some trouble absorbing. Slater actually compared the Original letters used to those we are familiar with in our English dialect, and also listed the letters that are missing. He went further in emphasising the dominance of the five vowels, and listed them as we would, “a,e,i,o,u”(14) which would make these five letters the most used and important of 16 letters of the First Language.


Photo by Samarah Wood

Ros’ Rock 2 most prominent feature is a striking rendition of the letter A, without betraying location or tribal association, we can state it was found within the tribal boundary of an Original group with a direct association to the two mounds. Extensively discussed in earlier articles, this rock literally ‘reeks’ of a multitude of sophisticated technologies, but what is fascinating is what is exhibited on this rock with a Standing Stones pedigree and although the technology responsible is also very advanced, it is not the same. The acute sharp angles and edges of the shaped rock are an extension on this ever-expanding tool-kit and another device used to chronicle our ancient heritage and history.

The Sun’s Nine Rays

With two rocks standing in support we are getting much closer to validating Slater’s research on the Standing Stones, but the appetite of the committed sceptic is insatiable and will demand another sizable serving of archaeology, and perhaps the engraved nine-rayed sun may appease their addiction to deny. Found very, very close to the two mounds, this artefact confirms the existence of the central character that underpins this language. This pivotal symbol is focused around the sun or circle beginning with one ray and ranging up to nine rays, all radiating outwards. They are the elemental building blocks of this language, and from our point of view its discovery is enough on its own to validate Slater’s work.

2014-12-22 14.46.05Discovered by an “amateur archaeologist”(15) the rock is small but the message monumental in implications. Slater listed the symbols that stand for the Gods/ten principles of life as a circle beginning with one ray then increasing one by one until reaching the pinnacle, a circle with nine rays. The tenth symbol is unlike the preceding nine and represented with a symbol that looks something like a horse shoe. This nine-rayed sun is the most sacred symbol and has a primary definition, “the guide to truth”(16) which can be extended to mean “the guide to the soul brought in with the unity to life.”(17) So sacred is this iconic symbol, it reaches across to the mathematical realms in symbolising the number nine and also depicts “one of the first forms of the cross.”(18)

Granted of all the recent rocks examined this is the least imposing, smaller with a cruder worn cut and the central stone circle long gone, and it doesn’t need a geologist to realise that the engraving on this rock is old. That being the case, the straight vertical line that cuts through three rays is markedly different.

Sharper, cleaner with a deep cut, it is the most impressively constructed line on the rock. However, it is obvious it was chiselled or marked in some fashion before the nine-rayed sun was engraved, nevertheless, that line looks much newer and the end result of a more refined blade. This is not unexpected, in fact the appearance of older yet more delicate and straight lines, is a feature we have commented on in previously articles on Ros’ Rocks 1 and 2.

Third Time Proves it

The three artefacts stand united in defence of the Standing Stones. Slater wrote of the alignments, angles and interplay of shapes found on the “shaped stones” we have seen in abundance on the slope and paddock below, and surely the seven-sided rock we have presented is a fine example of a sophisticated technology we are assured by experts never existed.

In the same nebulous non-category is Ros’ Rocks 2, the letter A belongs to an alphabet those versed in the development of early languages deny was spoken. The engraved nine-rayed sun is a seminal part of an Original sacred language that has never been recognised in any academic arena since Slater’s last public statements in 1939. We have copies of Slater’s original notes and the detailed map he made of the Standing sites site a few months before it was destroyed, we have his account of the sacred Original words and their meanings, we have mapped the two mounds and examined many shaped and marked rocks and we have seen an example of the alphabet and the most important of the ten sacred symbols that tell “the whole story of creation.”(19)

Regrettably the liberal use of the plural we in the last sentence is an ‘us and them’ proposition, and in 1939 ‘us’ consisted of Slater and his on-site colleague and ‘them’ was everyone else on the planet except a few Original Custodians of the Old Ways. With his hand written notes an invaluable guide, his pedigree in archaeology consummated through his posting as President of his peers, three recently found examples of different strands of the First Language available to be investigated by experts, there is only one question still unresolved.

Why is it that Slater, who was elected to be Australia’s archaeological commander-in-charge, is still completely ignored within the same academic circles he was once so roundly endorsed? What more must be found or written that could break this impasse? As things stand the answer is simple, if Slater could, like Lazarus, rise from the grave and walk amongst us now, the academics may take notice. If his notes, hundreds of artefacts, a first-hand account from the person who destroyed the Standing Stones site and Original confirmation has not stirred the interest of one academic or appointed official, alas outside miraculous intervention, nothing will change and Slater will still retain his pariah status. It may well be bad science, scurrilous behaviour and deceitful to deny his research, but it does maintain the status quo. And if being realistic what more could we expect, but more of the same?


(Special Thanks to Researchers Erik Bower and Richard Patterson)

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“Up Close and Personal: Ros’ Rock 1 & 2 (Article)”

Up Close and Personal: Ros’ Rock 1 & 2

By Steven & Evan Strong, with Photos by Samarah Wood

markedstones_8 - Copy









First up we must begin this article by thanking Samarah who volunteered her time, considerable expertise and battled through the dreaded Byron Bay holiday traffic to photograph Ros’ Rock 1 and 2. For some time colleagues have been pressing us to photograph these two rocks using high resolution and magnification. The recurring problem has always been that the cost was too high and until Samarah made this incredibly kind offer we were always hoping to get Ros’ Rocks photographed at this level of clarity, but this wish has been the first casualty of an endemic lack of ready cash.

These two rocks are now well known in academic circles and within many official agencies and neither group has reacted well. At the time of writing we are aware that the Head Curator of the National Geological Repository is familiar with these rocks and that the Smithsonian Institute has been contacted and is showing some genuine interest in their replies, but whether that will develop into something meaningful is yet to be seen. One of the many anonymous academics who is extremely interested in the pedigree of Ros’ Rocks 1 and 2 gave us a quite candid, and alas entirely expected, summation of the current impasse. There is a commonality in academia’s inability to recognise, our colleague noted that none have any idea of what to make of these wide assortments of markings and that no-one has seen anything like what has been inscribed into these two rocks. It seems about half of those prepared to respond will concede that the markings on the rocks are ‘man-made,’ but hasten to add they are merely guessing and have nothing concrete upon which to base that assumption.

So we do have an agreed starting point, there is nothing like these two marked rocks on this planet and no-one has a frame of reference from which to compare. That is one step forward, but a few more paces towards the affirmative are still required, and at this stage lacking. What is very much the normal state of proceedings is that we have both rocks under temporary custodianship and have made it clear that we are very open to share with any qualified expert who asks. As yet there has not been a request, no institution or individual representing any official channel that has asked to investigate.

We could take issue with this cultivated inertia, as we have already done in the past, and that has got us nowhere so a different tactic is advisable. We will take no further offense at the deliberate obfuscation, and will turn the other cheek after each rebuttal and keep knocking on the door. In attempting to inch towards that conciliatory end we are forwarding this article to many universities, some government agencies and we will also try to stir the interest of the few politicians who seem to have retained a degree of integrity and honesty.

A Brief Reminder

For any new to this emerging archaeological anomaly, in the simplest terms we will summarise what is found on these two rocks that has caused so much discomfort. Ros’ Rock 1 was excavated from no less than one metre beneath the surface when digging the foundations for a house on the top of a sandstone plateau at Kariong. Obviously thousands of years passed before an accumulation of top soil of that depth could occur, but the reality is that any date past the early 1800’s is sufficient. The technology responsible for creating the array of markings on this rock is as exceptionally sophisticated as it is robust. The rock, which is most likely a very hard sedimentary form of silicate, demands a blade of incredible hardness to even pierce the surface. We have been assured by experts that no store bought chisel would even mark this rock, everything about it demands a blade, crafts-person and modern day setting.
The history of Ros’ Rock 2 is somewhat less grand, yet no less complex and symptomatic of how little regard inconvenient Original archaeology like this is given, it was brought in an open auction held on the internet. As it is with the larger rock, the markings can only be created with the assistance of sophisticated technology that is assumed to be absent from this continent until after the British Invasion.

Taking a Closer Look

markedstonesSamarah’s high definition photographs take this conventional time frame a massive step backward, for we are certain there are messages and technologies present on these rocks that are beyond the embrace of any tool or intellect of today. The first rock bears witness to over 200 lines, points of intersection and shapes. The angles created are a pivotal element in this ancient text and a colleague of ours in this research, Dr. Derek Cunningham, has an extensive bank of overseas research to compare against in documenting the repetition of the same angles on other rocks and walls throughout the planet. It is for this reason that on one side of what is agreed to be a map or chart, the angle 33 degrees is marked out on six lines. There is no coincidence associated with the fact that this rock was found at a location that is 33 degrees south of the equator.

As amazing and durable as these lines are, they are but a small part of this ancient time capsule. Peckings of the smallest size appear in the dozens and two much thicker lines make up yet another style of script. What does stretch the limitations imposed by an obviously mistaken assumption in relation to the gradual evolution of technology on this planet, is the presence of infilling and imprinting. On and in this rock are two areas where exotic material was filled into two depressions and some form of incredibly strong and durable adhesive was applied to keep this mixture attached to the rock. Then, in what only adds to the diversity of technology required, there are about a dozen shapes that seem to have been ‘stamped’ into the rock, but none have broken the top layer of the surface to reveal the lighter undercoat, or could it be there is much more to this process than a chisel? We still had trouble absorbing the implications and refutations laid out on this rock and if indeed our suspicions are correct, the chances are high that a high resolution lens and a boost in magnification will lead to a situation where these rocks of themselves will demand a total rewrite of world history.

Throw the Chisel Away!

The close-up photographs confirmed what we were already so close to being absolutely positive about, with the possible exception of two thicker lines, no chisel was used in creating the thinner lines. The lines are too fine, steady, even in pressure, consistent in width and depth to be the outcome of any chisel striking this rock. If chiseling into a rock of this hardness, just breaking the surface is an effort, but there should be a degree of jaggedness where the imprint of the blade does not always evenly join up to the adjacent mark. There is not a trace of join or deviation, each line is equally consistent in depth, width and continuity and was obviously made in one motion. A knife-edge with a very fine blade is the obvious candidate, but wait, in charting these distant voyages ‘we have a problem here Houston,’ as there is no knife or blade yet made on this planet which could manually cut a rock of this hardness to the same standard.

Imagine the strength of the human wrist needed then multiply that impossibility by the chances of producing a hand-held blade purchased at the local hardware store with high tensile strength, then place a rock of this type on the table and see what happens. All that will come out of this is a sore wrist and the chance to visit to the local store demanding a refund for the broken blade. As certain as these outcomes are, what we are even more positive of is that no mark will be made on the rock and no cutting implement from today will come close to creating the majesty and cryptic artistry of what was composed as a testimonial to times long gone.

markedstones_3What only adds to the intrigue is that although less prolific or evident than on Ros’ Rock 2, the first rock also shows the presence of an older set of lines that in many cases was refreshed and perhaps added to. This then is an ongoing ancient tradition from which it must follow that such sophisticated technology is not an isolated ‘flash in the pan’ explosion of scientific brilliance, but something far more unsettling. The considerable span in years necessitates a continuous and long lasting advanced technology taking place thousands of years ago throughout the continent, yet all the ‘experts’ insist that the Original people living here were restricted to a stick, bone and stone tool-kit.

The markings on Side 2 highlight the sophistication of not only the tools, but cryptic intent. The five most prominent lines are linked to both neighbouring sides by lines of the same alignment or an intersection point. There are ten connection points in all, with five on each side. Again such a subtle interplay can only take place through design and careful measurement, perhaps not only the start and beginning points are part of the content, but so too the length of each gap is contextual.

Stoke up the Fire

markedstones_31The cluster of nine imprints on the top of Side 3 of varying shapes and sizes is a crucial addition to this narrative and introduces a new field of technology we still have trouble absorbing, let alone proposing. Each of these imprints does not break the surface, the lighter almost cream underlying layer provides a dramatic contrast to the dark brown all over Side 3, but not here. With one imprint having a depth of 0.5 centimetres, the question that demands to be addressed relates to how this could be created? No chisel or knife would be up to the task, and we have been informed that for these markings to be stamped into the surface in its normal state needs a temperature of over 2,000 degrees Celsius.

That is one possible explanation, the other is that this extremely hard rock was placed in an oven of some type. The surface of the rock melted and lines were then cut into the semi-liquified silicon. While in this artificially altered state, a series of shapes were carefully stamped which solidified soon after. It would seem that the imprinting of shapes took place first as three of the vertical lines in the map below continue upwards and intersect at the end point or crest of one these shapes, which seem to infer that the shapes were already there. Without doubt these imprints are connected to the map below and only make any progress in interpreting what this chart chronicles, which at the moment is less than minimal, even more difficult.

markedstones_9 - Copy - CopyWhat only stokes the fire in suggesting a ceramic process embellished by a potter’s knife, blade and scoop are two sets of what appear to be gouge marks. Under the magnifying lens a set of four scoops in one line and another three close by, look very much like someone used a small curved, hollow tubular blade to flick out seven pieces of rock while in this molten state. What it means is another mystery, but how it was done looks a much easier task and only confirms our suspicions that the rock was melted, marked and formed as if it was a lump of damp clay.

That technique also explains the reasons behind the creation of a triangular ridge between Sides 2 and 3, which we strongly suspect was deliberately formed to offer the most comfort to the thumb when held in the right-hand. A section of the rock was obviously removed, and it really does look like there are six thumb prints that run in a line marking out where the rock was smoothed off with a rough application of a human thumb pressing into a wet silicon base.

Throw in Some Adhesives Into the Mix

markedstones_5The infilling that was packed into two depressions on this rock is yet another extension in technology that was unexpected. Infilling is a process of which we were unfamiliar until this was actually pointed out to us by someone with more knowledge in geological processes when examining the rock. In two locations in this rock, of which one is quite noticeable, foreign material that is most likely a mixture of grains from other rocks was inserted into the holes. However, that of itself would be a temporary ‘top-gap’ measure, something else with amazing adhesive qualities must have been mixed into this conglomerate. It is still stuck onto to its silicon host and was first applied tens of thousands of years earlier, I’m not sure any store bought glue, adhesive or cement would come with a thousand year guarantee. Identifying this infilling wasn’t due to our vision, but once alerted to its presence and now photographed at high resolution, there is no doubt whatsoever what was done in these ancient times is beyond the reach of the technology of today and the days that follow for some time to come.

A Map to a Destination Unknown

markedstones_13 - CopyAs mentioned previously the angle of 33 degrees appears seven times of the map/chart on Side 3. It really should come as no surprise that the rock was found at a site that sits on the same latitude. Consistent to that same theme, Ros’ Rock 2 has what is the largest in area of the four sides (Side 4) depicting what seems to be a star chart with pecks of four diameters, possibly representing the magnitude of the celestial bodies. Both being of the same type of rock yet separated by over 700 kilometres by their place of discovery, there is much that is shared, but equally, some aspects of this second rock are unique.

The smaller rock also has a cluster of imprints spread around a semi-circle of 25 millimetres depth. Even though it is half as deep as the more imposing assemblage on the bigger rock, the same issues in regard to breaking the surface and the intensity of heat needed still remain.

Mention was made of the detection of a few remaining ancient lines on the first rock, they took some time to even see so faint is the residual line. On the second rock this older delicate script is more numerous and visible and is still an integral part of the ‘pay-load.’ There is one older line that curves around all four sides, it is the longest on either rock and we believe it binds the narrative. Beginning at the cap on the letter A (Side1) and continuing in a gradual descending arc through Side 2 it is still present appearing on both ridges that sit above the depression made by the index finger and completes its circumnavigation beneath the star chart on Side 4.

markedstones_13What is a touch puzzling is that the finer and mathematically exact older lines are longer and sharper than the more recent and cruder lines and shapes which lack the same precision and sharper edging. That ‘rougher edge’ is particularly evident on Side 4, there are six sets of horizontal lines that run across the proposed star chart. All are a combination of dashes and dots, often with small spaces of unmarked rock still remaining, they look very like a Morse code readout.

In maintaining the younger and less prescriptive manner of presentation are the two largest shapes carved into both rocks. Both found next to each other on Side 4, the first shape resembles a Y and the second a boomerang. The Y shape is just over 3 centimetres in length and the main shaft is a narrow oval shape which is 8 millimetres at its widest point, while the boomerang is 4 centimetres long and up to 3 millimetres wide. It is quite possible that both shapes were longer when first made, as my measurement stopped on the ridge that leads down to the finger-depression.

The First Letter of the First Alphabet

Of course at first glance the star chart and assortment of lines and imprints on Side 4 are barely noticable, it is the engraving that so strongly resembles the capital letter A that immediately captures the eye. If for no other reason than all the other Original iconography and symbols discovered until now are not familiar to the Western eye and script, this prominent engraved symbol immediately resonates.

markedstones_12The longest staff runs under and around another two sides and measures 9.6 cms, and throughout its journey the depth and width of the cut is consistent. At odds with all the other more recent markings of less rigour in precision and geometry, the second shorter staff (2.9 cms) runs parallel to the longer line and is also of the same breadth and width. As with Ros’ Rock 1 there is no suggestion or residual markings of the chisel blade. Without doubt the longer staff was formed in one motion as the hand held a tool that sliced into a soft malleable layer of silicon. What only heightens our suspicion that this was cut into, never hammered or chipped away, there is a very fine crack that runs all the way along the longest staff and also curves around the middle horizontal dash that joins the staffs. This sharp split runs directly down the centre of both lines and never deviates in equally bisecting each line in half, there can no feasible way a chisel was involved in this construction, there is no other choice available here, it was cut.

He’s got the Whole Rock in his Index Finger

markedstones_14There is no doubt whatsoever that Side 3 has one primary purpose, to be touched and held by the index finger of the right hand. As it is with Ros’ Rock 1, which was manufactured so as to be held in the right-hand, the same rules and rituals apply here, except the manner in which this rock must be held is even more prescriptive. The depth (50 millimetres) and width (2.5 centimetres) of the area of rock that has been worn away through intimate contact with the skin is very pronounced and speaks of an antiquity that has many noughts.

Of course, every piece of archaeology, science or conjecture we have presented thus far is saddled with the same fundamental omission, an Original verdict given by someone versed in the Old Ways. Until that Original assessment is conducted everything is possible. The second rock has recently been held by an Original custodian who was given no prior briefing or introduction. Within fifteen seconds he had summed up the entire contents of three months of earnest research and extensive consultation. The first comment, that it was “heated” to assist in engraving was a real surprise, then to be told it “came from my country,” which it certainly did, and that the narrative is about “his people and ancestors” illustrated once again how little of the ancient Original history has been lost. The same Elder made reference to “on top,” to be honest that was all I was originally expecting, all of the rest was ‘manna from heaven,’ and it is for those reasons and others that the same Original custodian will be given Ros’ Rock 2 as soon as her time with us is finished.

Ros Rock No. 2 Diagram 2A Different Perspective

Another researcher we have the privilege to be working with, Richard Gabriel, has once again detected a fascinating miniature gallery of shapes and objects on these rocks, one of which seems to take on very human facial features. That claim may sound a touch radical, but the only certainty that can never be questioned is that anything and everything is still on the table, especially so when there is nothing to place on this table with which to compare. But the problem is when approaching such an ancient table there is some clutter and old plates stacked close to the edge that have to be cleared off and thrown in the bin. Any talk of Out-Of-Africa, in fact out of anywhere other than Australia is not on this menu, the numbers academics bring to this table are lacking in zeros and the genes of those seated all bear ancient Australian signatures.

Once seated at the table, it soon becomes apparent the structures and technology upon which it is built are as advanced and sophisticated as they are confronting. And that is the crux of the problem, no-one representing any department or official organisation has taken the plunge and got up close and personal. Yes, the rocks contain markings, infilling, imprinting, gouging and ancient lines that upset so many historical tales and assumptions. But as to whether our explanations are correct or even in the general ‘ball-park’ is a trifling distraction, and until someone has the courage to look and publish an alternative, our version reigns supreme by default.

Even if proven to be mistaken, no less can be said for the incumbent historical versions which are in even more error, for at least we are aware that the current theories are totally inadequate when held up to the presence and pedigree of Ros’ Rocks 1 and 2, and have responded accordingly. We begin our musings from that common-sense base in conceding that a new model is obligatory, and until the critics and ‘fence-sitters’ accept this logical consequence, the science, archaeology and observations we have tendered is far better than anything else on offer.

We invite our critics to prove us wrong, assess, analyse, measure and photograph to your heart’s content, but please do some proper science. Come up real close and hold the object, don’t view a photograph from afar, put the rock in your hand, then criticise, deny or agree. Of one truth there has never been a contradiction, comments from the spectators seated in the grandstand are rarely of benefit.

Our research is far from complete and a work in progress, but we are on the Original path. The problem is that it is a road rarely travelled and nobody with an official tick wants to join us on this journey. With a rock in each hand held high acting as beacons, we will continue down this road to somewhere remaining at all times faithful to the spirits of the land and the principles of good science, and in doing so will persevere in extending invitations to those who really should be bolder and less timid.

Jan 15

“Greatest Story Never Told” Event: Melbourne (Feb. 18th)


For Tickets and More information please to go : http://globalfreedommovement.org/event/greatest-story-never-told-steven-evan-strong-melbourne/


Jan 15

“A Hole in the Neck: Long Before True Part 3″ (Article)

“A Hole in the Neck: Long Before True (Part 3)”

By Steven & Evan Strong

2014-11-03 15.57.12

Photo by Kate Nesbit


Of course, of the three artefacts Kate’s parents were given by the Elders from Mount Hagen, the carved head of the Alien/hominid stands apart. Undeniably the three artefacts are bound together by the Original guardians and geography, but we are of the belief that the head carving takes precedence through purpose and geology. The bird and cog/machine are of the same rock, while the head is carved from a basalt-like substance. It is also evident that in the content, geology and chisel strokes on the head there are marked differences.





Some Opinions from the Grandstand

Despite what separates these artefacts there seems to be one binding principle, flight. The bird obviously, with wings outstretched and individual unfurled feathers marked out with chisel, is all about moving through the air. Perhaps, within the configurations, angles and proportions there are clues of aero-dynamic principles and alignments? So too, if this is indeed an Alien, be it a Grey, Cone-head or some other off-world species, their mode of transport involves flying not only through air, but space, and possibly even time. In completing this exotic stock-take we have a circular six-cogged object with a perfect central circle that narrows to half its diameter in the middle. We are not engineers, but it looks like it is meant to rotate around some sort of axle presumably to facilitate a form of motion or movement. Or perhaps it is a model for a space-ship? Either way there is a good chance this object facilitates some form of movement. In our estimation at the basic level, these artefacts deal with the same general topic of flight through the skies and heavens above, but focus upon different aspects of the same theme.

Equally, well not really, but we are trying to at least appear balanced, an alternative explanation may be that this unusual strand of now extinct hominid worshipped flight and revered the bird. Another option with better credentials is that this is a symbolic representation of a spirit or God they worshipped, or a nebulous entity from another dimension. At first glance that notion could apply, but we still have the problem of explaining away so much advanced technology associated in making this carving of a head and neck. Spirits and poltergeists bring many things across from the other side, but as yet no-one has made claim to metal chisels, drills and bits being part of their esoteric tool-kit.

Drilling for Genes

2014-11-20 10.02.17 - CopyFor us, it is what is missing on the skull and neck that is the starting point of any analysis. There is no subtlety in a gaping circular hole drilled into the neck, nor is it an oversight that one ear was never carved, this is intentional and deserves much further deliberation. Could it be that one half of the skull is of an Alien and the other side, which also bears the extracted core from the neck, is the hominid that was crossed with extra-terrestrial genes? To drill that deep into the neck can lead to only one result, they will strike spine. We sense it isn’t oil but genes they were drilling for, and we also suspect at a later stage they were no longer extracting but injecting.

Continuing in the same vein, and remembering that this is purely speculative and without Original consultation, direct genetic intervention via the neck may provide an explanation to the inherent inconsistencies whenever the vexed topic of junk DNA is raised. The mere mention of any organism of which 90% of the DNA coding is deemed to be of no consequence and thus relegated to the junk heap is illogical and death-defying. If our heart, kidney or any vital organ was functioning at 10% capacity, we would be dead or on the operating table. That being the physical truth, why is it we are so willing to accept that both the brain and genes function as if only one cylinder is running in an eight cylinder car, and then still expect to get up the next hill running smoothly?

Remaining on that same neck, although long and narrow it has great depth. Everything about the neck, irrespective of the gaping hole, is anatomically wrong if comparing to any Earthly hominid.

The same observations also apply to the facial features on this carving which do not belong to the Indigenous people of PNG or anywhere nearby. Not just PNG, Australia and all the Pacific Islands, until Cook all people had broad noses, wide eyes and faces. There was no race in residence with such fine delicate facial features, almond eyes and what seems to be lacking in any facial hair.

“Long Before True”

Irrespective of whether our observations are flawed or valid, there still remains one incontestable truth. Knowing that these relics are very ancient, coming from a time “long before true,” the technology required in creation is in open contradiction to many fundamental tenets that underpin our understanding of humanities’ past and genetic ascension.

Outside that certainty, every other avenue open to investigation is embedded with degrees of possibility, and that proviso definitely applies when trying to decide who is posing for this sculpture. To suggest it is a ‘normal’ person who was modelling is no better than the fourth best choice on offer. It is most likely to be an Alien in the material sense, then next in line is an entity from the spiritual non-material plane, and lurking in shadows way off in the distance is the remote possibility it is a representation of an individual from a rogue group of hominids.

We really don’t care who the inspiration was, if for no other reason than there can be no final verdict and any identity will always be open to conjecture. But when it comes to the hardness of rock, sophistication of technology that was necessitated and what was extracted and omitted, these features are real and present and cannot be dismissed. These truths lead to the real issues that should be under consideration, it has never been a matter of who was the model as this is of little consequence, but the chisel/tool/laser/sonar or device that was used, along with the being who created this sculpture, this is what is of crucial importance.

In seeking any solution to these apparent anomalies, whether consulting approved books, lecturers, syllabus or expert they will be found wanting. There is nothing in their sanctioned narratives that can accommodate subject matter or technology of this elevated level. We have said this so often we literally cringe because nothing ever changes, ask the Elders and Custodians of the Old Ways. Go to them in reverence and respect, and don’t ever assume such knowledge is lost, all that is needed is to ask the right questions. We have no doubt there are such people in PNG who will know of this carving, it is all a matter of timing and during times like these we have no doubt more will be revealed very soon.

Jan 12

“A Sprinkle of “Fairy Dust” and a Pinch of Crystal” (Article)

A Sprinkle of “Fairy Dust” and a Pinch of Crystal

By Steven & Evan Strong with Sean Vandenberg

2014-11-30 12.49.45Any talk of a crystal skull, even if merely a casual reference, is tantamount to committing ‘academic suicide.’ Assured of smug and condescending reactions, so tainted is the whole field of crystal skulls, it is a topic best avoided at all costs if seeking an income or peer approval. The stamp of disapproval is not the province of just a few elite academics, this particular esoteric field is held in ridicule at many levels. For daring to put up our first article on the skull, we have been robustly criticised from all quarters, and to be honest this was expected. What caught us a touch unaware was that this disdain extended into the group of people we have been working with, one of which saw all this frivolous talk of crystal skulls analogous to “fairy dust.” We certainly do note cite his disdain as a way to denigrate, but merely to acknowledge such views are entirely understandable and reflective of the general consensus.

In furthering our research into this “fairy dust” we recently returned to inspect the artefact, and in what may seem a contradiction we are not averse to that condescending description being used as there may be more than an unintended grain of truth within that dismissal. With my sceptical hat firmly attached, knowing that we are walking on academic egg-shells which will inevitably crack if continuing down this path, we believe we have a real chance to narrow, or perhaps increase the odds that the crystal skull is genuine.

The problem is we had four known tasks to complete on our return visit and two are reliant upon a tangible leap of faith. That subjectivity is both an inherent empirical flaw and its greatest strength, for once straying into such nebulous mystical arenas it will always comes down to a matter of perspective when interacting with the spirits.

On this occasion Evan was unable to attend, Sean was always coming this time. We needed continuous film from all angles to strengthen the skulls bona fides and rebut the allegations of ‘photo-shopping.’ Sean is a professional in this field and more than we could ever ask for, but above and beyond his skill with the lens he is a person I strongly believe to be psychic with what I regard as a proven track record. His reaction was pivotal if moving further off the fence, if Sean ‘sensed’ nothing then the skull would most likely be bogus and a burden we could off-load and then breathe a little easier.

The Second Unveiling

2014-11-30 12.49.29It wasn’t long after arriving when mention was made of the crystal skull, but what happened next was all a bit cryptic. Without any explanation a sizable square slab of what was obviously pure red clay was placed on the coffee table and I was asked for a response. I didn’t really have one, I was expecting a second encore from the crystal skull not a lump of moist earth. After fumbling through an empty tank in trying to offer something of relevance I was thankfully cut short. We were told it is the clay that originally completely encased the skull when found in situ, having not seen the video I really wasn’t sure what that actually meant.

Immediately obvious is the disparity to the local geography of the site, red clay like this is not local, nor even reasonably close by, but when being told the skull was originally from Uluru and wrapped in the local clay before being taken to this new site by an Original Elder of massive importance, I knew we now had some supporting science. A comparison to the clay around the Uluru area is very ‘do-able’ and was placed on the list. If the clay is from that region this either strengthens the skulls’ credentials, or means that one of the group was digging near the Rock and returned to complete this deception. If so the whole convoluted scenario is getting rather complicated and expensive.

With the crystal skull’s package introduced, the lady chosen to act as Guardian brought out the skull. Once the covering cloth was removed I asked if Sean could hold the artefact. If he drew a blank, then that was the end of this liaison and we can stay focused on archaeology that is already upsetting academia. I had explained to our host beforehand that Sean’s role was firstly to see if they connected, the filming may, or may not, take place at some time after that interaction.

It was instant and our out clause evaporated in the ether. Upon placing the skull in his palm Sean was aware that his heart was palpitating and that the increase in speed was caused by the crystal. There was no doubt in Sean’s mind of the cause and effect, but equally, the muffled voice he could hear was coming from and out of the skull. In the car on the way back Sean actually tried to verbalise for me what he heard, it was a blur of sounds that merged and lacked distinction. Undoubtedly an assumption, we both presumed that was due to this skulls eyes being muffled by green crystals and the bone fractures/sutures coated with glue to seal and quieten the spirit within, the blurring of voice would seem to be the outcome of these blocking manoeuvres.

We must point out that some people have reacted with concern and alarm when first confronted by the artificial ploys and adhesives employed. What is not appreciated is that they have not had to experience a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, non-stop broadcasting on one brain-wave revealing the wisdom and insights of the ages. It is quite literally, too much of a good thing, there is no time for real sleep or respite and any mortal, no matter what is being relayed, will crumble under the incessant conversation. Sean was picking up vibrations through his heart and auditory senses, and since I had requested he come and see what was on offer, his task was completed and the baton was passed back to me.

Further Introductions

2014-11-30 12.47.52It was now the time to talk some more about this entity that has permanently breached the divide. My equivocations and caution was crumbling, but I held on to some doubt, as small as it was, simply because Sean’s response will never appease the rational mind and the conditioned scepticism that lingers within us all. Cursed with the affliction to doubt the unseen, we still needed solid hands-on evidence of what can be seen and touched. And that is what we were given. Once our host and her colleagues decided it was time to turn on the screen and take us back a little over two years ago to the time and location of the actual discovery, my objections had all but vanished.

It was all that was promised and a quite a deal more. The whole event, before during and after the discovery of the crystal skull was filmed. The whole group were not only expressly invited, but knew in advance that the spirit/presence residing within the skull had called them to attend and would direct them to the right location. To go any further we have to advise the reader that it is at this juncture where the first leap of faith we spoke of earlier is required. Of course we can neither validate nor deny her account, but we do intend to pass it on and let each person assemble their own response.

The present-day Custodian of this crystal artefact has been in telepathic contact with the skull for many years and has made an extensive and detailed record of all that was relayed. No-one independently decided a date or place, according to all of the participants the agenda and geography was never a mortal call, they came as commanded. We might add for any who cringe and feel the urge to snigger, only Evan, Sean and myself have met these people and their skull and listened and watched for a combination of close to eight hours. If they are indeed genuine and honest in their dealings the next set of events shown on film, once reaching this mysterious inland site, opens up new horizons and possibilities we have never considered.

Dressed to Conceal

With the drought just broken deep in the centre of Australia, the recent rains made the groups progress slippery and difficult, but the high moisture content in the soil was also a blessing. The film shows the cards and crystals this lady used in establishing communication and opening up the channel. I could hear her remarking that it is “directly under our noses,” she was positive this directive was being given from the skull. And it would seem the spirit was using a metaphor, as one of the crew pointed out a rock formation of what could be jasper, looked remarkably like a human nose. And there beneath was a reddish-brown oval rock of average size.

It was so blatantly plain and nondescript, there it was laying on the ground beside other rocks of varying sizes and leaf litter. Not only did this rock not attract attention, the shapes, colour and decidedly rock-like guise was so well camouflaged I could have stood, sat and rummaged around all day and not even bothered to have picking up this rock to examine. The only distinguishing feature was its colour, a brown rock with a red tinge that did not belong. But that alone, a slight colour mismatch would be enough to momentarily notice then move on to better things and more promising options. The problem is that I have no guidance from above and below and if I stood right next to the rock staring at it, I would walk on. They did not.

The chosen Custodian not only found the rock, but declared with total conviction that the crystal skull was inside. She had no rational reason to do so as nothing on first inspection was apparent, but once she began to scrape away the mud the crystal inside was once again exposed to the light of a new day.

The conclusion to this private screening (for if it were to be shown to the public both location and participants would lose the anonymity) is twofold. It is either a truthful account and the culmination of close to a decade of telepathic interfacing between the here and now and what lays beyond, or this charade is as utterly bogus as it is ridiculous. However, if this an elaborate hoax as some will be obliged to insist, that accusation falls short and must be ramped up by a factor of ten. Not only did they mischievously plant the artefact earlier, one of these rascals flew to Uluru to dig up some clay. To compound the illogicality and financial impost, once returning with clay in hand and coating the skull, they do nothing for two years before contacting us and make it clear their anonymity is of the highest priority. With neither an ego nor bank balance to cultivate, and money already lost traveling to and from Uluru, where is the incentive to manufacture and deceive? What can they gain from their refusal to profit or stand in the spotlight? We would challenge any sceptic or critic to provide the reason to deceive, because we are unable to do so.

Back to what can be substantiated irrespective of what side of the esoteric fence one is positioned, Sean used the latest technology in filming the crystal skull. At the request of those acting as guardians, and the skull, this film will only be shown at our presentations, thus protecting the integrity of the narrative that accompanies the skull and those involved in reclaiming it. The film of every angle and side will at least dismiss one criticism that some form of ‘photo-shopping’ was involved. From the beginning nothing has been altered and the film testifies to that truth, however past that starting point there are two paths to travel, and albeit with some initial reluctance, we have been asked to walk upon the path of most resistance and accepted the invitation.

A Mid-term Report

This crystal skull is unlike any other and is not a copy but an original, the real issue relates to timing. The sutured lines of the skull, individual shape of each of the 28 teeth and attention to anatomy and fine detail surpasses all other crystal claimant. Whether proven to the satisfaction of mainstream science to be a recent fake or not is immaterial, what cannot be contested is that this artefact is the most intricate, artistic and intriguing of all the potential candidates.

2014-11-30 12.49.29 - Copy

Found in Australia, which of itself was the continent nearly everyone, including ourselves, would least expect, this is the very first time there is archaeological evidence of the actual discovery of a crystal skull in situ. In every other crystal skull ‘recovery,’ oaths and assurances are given by people whom we are asked to trust. Not personally knowing the people who profess honesty, it is at best a 50/50 call, and in some cases deceit has already been established. On this occasion where, how, what and who is filmed and witnessed. This fact alone moves this crystal skull off the ‘batting plate’ where all the other crystal contenders are milling and on to first base. The scientific truth is as follows, unless the first investigation on site is comprehensively documented and recorded for posterity and further research, any information gleaned or artefacts identified will never gain formal recognition. This skull is the first to satisfy the bare minimum requirements of academic entry.

But wait up! Perhaps on this special and unique occasion we can steal second base? The red clay they kept which originally sealed off the crystal from the outside world is not a local product. Whether it comes from Uluru or elsewhere is not a difficult task, and if it proves to be so then second base has to be secured. As stated earlier to spend so much money with no profit or massaged ego in return does appear illogical and financially unsound.

Standing on second base Sean’s heart is palpitating and he is engaged in a blurred one-way conversation (possibly urging all of us to run to third base) from across the divide. Being the most elegant and artistic crystal skull yet found, muffled and leashed to make daily living bearable, we see no reason why a successful passage to third base is not appropriate and in keeping with the general game plan.

But third base is where we must stop, we can only consider running to home-plate when there is no doubt remaining. We have met the people directly involved and saw no dishonesty, nothing untoward was sensed, but what of the ‘elephant in the room?’ This is after all just a rock shaped into a skull. The shaped crystal is an inanimate piece of selenite, never a member of animal or vegetable kingdom, but a non-carbon geological formation that does not breathe, eat or move of its own will. And somewhere deposited within this rock we are told is the wisdom of the ages and humanities’ future salvation. Oh please, that is a bit rich?!

Any rational human being would have some trouble digesting such a fanciful notion and this pragmatism has to be accepted and grappled with, as we have. That being the case, and it is, why is it we have the crystal skull on third base edging towards the home plate? We are literally wedged between a rock and a hard place, common sense and a muddy playing field advise caution, but from what we have seen so far there is nothing on which to base that denial upon. Every box we have set has been ticked off, those entrusted to protect the skull are honourable people and this skull is as good as it gets.

What holds us back does not relate to the truth of this being part of an authentic crystal skull tradition and that this object was originally Mayan, that is not an issue and we have no reason to question this truth. Our hesitancy relates to the belief this skull is a repository of the wisdom of the ages, nonetheless, here again the chances are better than likely that this is true and what only increases our suspicions that the skull is actually communicating in some manner, is the content of an article Sean sent us a few days ago.

We have no expertise in crystals, to be honest between us we could barely correctly identify any crystal, but as always we work collaboratively with experts from many fields and Sean has a deep and passionate interest in all things crystal. He recognised the skull as being selenite, and once reading the article he sent to us, it all seemed to fall into place. Sean chose to send us a commentary supplied by Robert Simmons who made note that “selenite quickly opens and activates the third eye, crown chakra and the soul star chakra above the head. The intensity of energy delivered by selenite is greater than almost any other stone for the upper chakras. A selenite wand pointed at the third eye sends energy that can feel like a gust of wind going through the forehead and out the top of the head.” (1)


Image taken From: “6selenite1″. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:6selenite1.jpg#mediaviewer/File:6selenite1.jpg

What did grab my attention was an observation supplied from an obviously unconventional source that goes all the way back to the crystal skull. “Selenite can lift one’s awareness to higher planes of inner experience, making it possible for one to consciously meet one’s spirit guides and guardian angels.”(2) This is what the lady who minds the skull maintains is exactly what is happening.
What if there is something genuine and utterly magnificent stirring within? We cannot walk away when chances are high the skull is authentic and will continue in our research. That being the case one avenue yet to be canvassed will become a topic of vital interest, as simply as it can be put, what is the spirit inside the skull saying? What has been ‘heard’ by this lady, and is it all about deeds long gone or is there more?

Or maybe this is all rubbish, to each reader we invite you to cast your own verdict. In the meantime, armed with virtually no knowledge in this field we will continue stumbling forward in the same vein and see where it all leads.


(1) Robert Simmons, “Selenite”, The Book Of Stones,

(2 Ibid.

Jan 10

“The Greatest Story Never Told” Event: Byron Bay

” The accepted human history of Australia and humanity we are assured is true, is wrong. We have gathered a huge amount of archaeology and Elders accounts which creates a narrative that opens up a completely different past and brand new future. Within Australia Original truths speak of earlier civilisations, technologies and wisdom that is still beyond our understanding. This Friday we invite the public to share with us the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth.”

Details See on Poster Belowsmallposter

Jan 07

“Confessions of a Homo Sapien/Denisovan/Neanderthal Hybrid” (Article: Steven & Evan Strong)

Confessions of a Homo Sapien/ Denisovan/ Neanderthal Hybrid

By Steven & Evan Strong

My wife was solely responsible for ordering a genetic testing kit through National Geographic which they named the Genographic Project. To begin with I couldn’t see what this would achieve except increase the income of an organisation which has a corporate identity and begins each analysis underpinned by an assumption, the Out-of-Africa theory, which is in contradiction with all Original historical accounts. What only added to my concerns was the kit and brochures we received in the post soon after.

I could tolerate the discomfort ramming a swab up the inside of my cheek for close to a minute, but had a lot more trouble digesting some of literature supplied in a glossy booklet titled “Geno 2.0 Your story. Our Story. The Human Story.” What wasn’t provided in this snappy caption was whether this was a “story” based on fact, fiction or supposition. It is our belief it is a clumsy hybrid of all three. Under the banner of “The Human Story,” a map and time-line is supplied, and it appears if consulting this diagram that Australia was first settled some 50,000 years ago by African adventurers. The problem with this assumption is twofold. There are ten sites in Australia with claims of human occupation before that date, and even more relevant was the most recent announcement of the first intensive study of the Original genome which was found to be at least 75,000 years old.

What this means is that according to the most genetic recent study mainstream science is adamant the Africans who supposedly settled in Australia, left Africa 75,000 years ago, but my map compiled by National Geographic denies this and subtracts 25,000 years. Who to believe? Since my wife paid $200 for the kit and it all looks so flash, we will start in National Geographic’s corner and see how round one eventuates.

The Results are in

And what a ‘dog’s breakfast’ that turned out to be. It all began in a benign fashion when itemising “what percentage of your genome is affiliated with specific regions.” I was more than a little perturbed when observing that amongst the “specific regions of the world,” that one continent (Australia) was omitted.

Nevertheless, the results were in and my genes were now on their record with a very European flavour (Great Britain and Germany). In support of that geography my Neanderthal percentage of 2.1% fell into the typical European range. My family tree, with one ‘dark secret aside, is extremely European and this reading ran according to expectations.

From that point onwards the analysis begins to fall apart at the genes. My Denisovan ancestry percentage was out of snyc, there is no way a score of 4.7% can fit into their modelling. That rate is extremely high, in fact too high to fit into any European tribe or any other racial group except the Indigenous people of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Melanesia.

Before going any further there is need to pause and reflect on this Denisovan input, in particular the antiquity implied and inter-continental movement obligated with the appearance of another new type of hominid. First thought to be restricted to an area near Siberia and dated to be in residence for between 96-16,000 years, further research and remains found in Spain not only extended the geography, but the date of close to half a million years created some irreconcilable problems in a continent far to the south.

The incomplete narrative ‘experts’ have cobbled together when trying to accommodate for the recent appearance of yet another hominid is a contradictory pastiche. The claim is that the Denisovan hominids ranged across the entire Asian and European continent and had no genetic association with the Africans, yet are most closely aligned through mtDNA to the Original people of Australia, PNG and Melanesia. The problem is, according to their own theories there was no person living in Sahul (Australia and PNG) or Melanesia until 50,000 years ago. That being the case (which it isn’t) then the people who first sailed to Australia were African, and once settled no-one else came or went.


“Map of Sunda and Sahul” by Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Self made, using this map for the background. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_Sunda_and_Sahul.png#mediaviewer/File:Map_of_Sunda_and_Sahul.png


Therefore, their genes should most closely resemble the Africans, but it is well known that the Original genes are least like the Africans. Then the question must be asked, how can there be any genetic link between Denisovan and Original hominids when the older group have no contact with Africa due to the distance and massive expanse of ocean? All the books confirm no species of hominid, except Homo sapien sapiens, can sail ocean-going boats across oceans. That condition is set in academic stone, and the example of African people reaching Australia is always cited as the first time humans made such a monumental journey.

The Crew of the First Boat

The dilemma this creates has led to a bizarre scenario where the ‘experts’ explained why the genetic connection was strongest with the Original and Melanesian people simply because the Denisovans sailed to Australia. This is an appalling piece of deduction, as they are literally making up our global history as they stagger forward! These same experts assure us the Denisovans are a lesser species of hominid and place them behind Neanderthals and Cro-Magnum Man in the ascending ladder of hominid intelligence, yet when it comes to the sophistication of boat building and language skills needed to convince others to step into any vessel that can sail thousands of kilometres to a destination unseen, the Denisovans are at least the equal of the Homo sapien sapiens. Do they have proof of a boat in Siberia or Spain built by Denisovans, evidence of the paraphernalia needed when sailing thousands of kilometres of open sea, or perhaps archaeology exhibiting the navigational and astronomical skills needed to sail the globe? And what of the sophistication of language needed to persuade any being to sit in a boat and leave behind all you know and treasure? The answer in every case is that none of these very sapien traits should be flourishing anywhere, and if it wasn’t for the incredibly high rate of shared genetics, no-one would have ever put forward such a ludicrous hypothesis that does not have a shred of evidence in support. I’m sorry but we have to call this excursion into fantasy what it is, poor research, bad reasoning and desperation to fit a square peg into a round hole. No matter how you try to adjust, fudge or ram into place, it just doesn’t fit.

Of course the more logical and entirely consistent alternative explanation, that the Original Homo sapien sapiens of Sahul were sailing the world and made contact with the Denisovans in very ancient times make sense, but will not be spoken aloud in polite academic circles. It comes down to some simple facts, the Denisovans were wandering through the entire continent over 500,000 years ago and their closest genetic match does not yet exist for another 450,000 years. The experts agree this connection has to be intimate in every sense and that they actually met each other, yet also claim once these hypothetical African mariners reached Australia they never moved or sailed anywhere else. Those are there facts, never the Original truth, but the corner they are boxed into and the only way out is to elevate the Denisovans to a level well above the pedestal reserved for Homo sapien sapiens. This isn’t good science, nor is it good fiction, such lies and faulty logic will not plug up the leaks in a theory that has already sunk to the bottom and is gasping for breath.

Stuck in the Middle

So if I do have 4.7% Denisovan genes, I cannot be European, Asian nor African, does that mean I am Original? The answer is definitely not, and there is no alternative.

There are many people in Australia whose ancestry is a mixed bag. A family secret, three, maybe four generations back there is a name rarely spoken of, a person whose ancestry is lost beyond whispers of dark skin and general sense of shame. The genes may still be there in following generations, but of itself that counts for little. There is no current connection to tribe, clan, country or ceremony. The blood may be willing, but the soul and heart float in the ether.

This state of suspension is not unheard of, even before the British Invasion there were Original people destitute of country, people or tribal lands and were considered by all to be lost for an eternity. For all intents and purposes despite their genetics they no longer had an Original identity. Those who committed the heinous crimes, who were convicted of offence to the Spirits, ceremonies or elemental tenets of the Law, were set free, forever. Banished from their tribal estate and contact with the tribe, their soul was lost. Without his or her country to reincarnate within, the soul can neither return home nor move on and is dammed to exist without country or companionship. Surely no punishment was worse and it would far more preferable to be executed on country, for the rights of passage to return and better oneself is still available. Without connection to country, people or culture the person who caused such grief is no longer an Original person, but trapped between worlds. That exile can spectate and die, but the cord to country is lost.

So too my genes and those of many others who mistakenly believe they are non-Original bring forth the same loss of identity and place. We are neither Caucasian nor Original, but the bastard’s son or daughter of both and have, as Jesus remarked to Thomas, “no place to lay his head and rest.” (1.)

At this stage of our reading of the results there are two opposing findings to ruminate upon, the first ascribes a European heritage and the second, an Original ancestry. Despite the contradictions there was no need to despair for genetic salvation was at hand. It is universally agreed amongst geneticists that the female genetic marker (mtDNA) is the most reliable. That being the scientific truth, the analysis of my mitochondrial DNA should resolve the stalemate and determine an origin.

The Deciding Gene

If only, the third reading throws everything into disarray, it would seem I am part of a genetic cul-de-sac that just like the square peg, doesn’t fit. A score of >0.1%, when describing the base upon which any genetic comparison can be made, can be readily interpreted as meaning my genes just don’t make sense when using their genetic baseline. With a claimed clientele of over half a million, this seems to be a tale of contradiction and sparsity, and just as it was those who could not comply to accepted social norms and were banished, it appears my genetic sentence is identical as I have no identity or place to call home.

We noted that elsewhere in the explanations that the ‘scientists’ made reference to another “hominid” that may have a genetic input, but fall short in supplying a name or agreed percentage. Above and beyond that shortfall there is a fundamental flaw in location and origin that calls into question the entire kit and premise. Every Original Elder and Custodian of Lore is united, they came from this country from the beginning. On this issue they speak as one, when one Elder declares that “we have been here since the time before time began,”(2.) and then becomes even more prescriptive when reminding humanity that “all other peoples of the world come from us,”(3.) all other who know of such things nod their head in silent approval. Our latest book, Shunned, is primarily devoted to presenting supporting evidence found in mitochondrial DNA, Y Chromosomes, Genome patterns and skull morphology that also nominates Australia as the place where the genesis of Homo sapien sapiens first occurred.

Faulty premises abound, unnamed hominids lurking in the genetic background, supplemented by claims I could be European, definitely couldn’t be European, might be Original, but when the maternal genes are consulted, my mtDNA is so rare it can’t be compared. I know it is after the event and we have already sampled the product, but going on these results, is there any chance I can get my money back?


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