Apr 15

“DNA Study Proves Dingoes are NOT Related to Dogs – but Ignores Implications” ( Article wake Up world)

By Steve Strong (10th April ’14) A recent news article titled “Dog Gone: Scientists Confirm the Dingo is a Unique Species” should have begun a lively intellectual debate over all manner of related historical and genetic issues. But in today’s ignorant academic climate, these esteemed government scholars ignored the wider implications, clearly unwilling to venture outside the academic box. By Contributing Writer Steven Strong http://wakeup-world.com/2014/04/10/dna-study-proves-dingoes-are-not-related-to-dogs-but-ignores-implications/

implications - dingoes not related to dogs

Apr 15

The Ancient Stone Arrangements from “Around the Next Bend” (Article: Wake Up World)

This is the 2nd site (and article) which Trina took us to a few weeks ago…. By Writers Steven & Evan Strong (13th April ’14) It might have been advisable to withhold judgement until all the evidence is seen, mapped and measured. But it is too late for that. Whatever is still unseen out there will not change our assessment of what we have already found. It is most certainly not natural and was not created by any post-Invasion immigrant or Original stick/stone technology.


Around the Bend 5 small

Apr 08

“The Ancient Stone Shrine and the Forgotten Pyramid” (Article : Wake Up World)

By Steve Strong (8th April ’14) Looking around at this site, it soon became clear the positioning of rocks was unnatural. While the technology and masonry skills apparent in its construction were not supposed to be in existence in Australia in ancient days, it is my belief that our guide Trina has found an ancient temple, possibly even a shrine.


Tina and Trina - Main

Apr 07

“Media Confirmed Ancient Aboriginal-Egyptian Contact in 1914″ (Article: Wake Up World)

By Steve Strong (7th April ’14)…We recently presented a selection of press clippings from the 1930’s which openly discussed Australian archaeology of a decidedly ancient Egyptian nature. However we were unaware at the time that the concepts reported in the 1930s were actually old news; ancient Egyptian contact had been a topic often discussed in Australian media decades earlier. http://wakeup-world.com/2014/04/07/media-confirmed-ancient-aboriginal-egyptian-contact-in-1914/

Composite Aboriginal Egyptian flag

Apr 03

“42,000 Year Old Fishing Hook Defies ‘Accepted’ Aboriginal History” (Wake Up World: Article)

Latest from Steve Strong (3rd March ’14) …. A recent archaeological dig at East Timor proved that modern humans possessed “sophisticated technology and watercraft” and were engaged in “deep-sea fishing for large delicacies”. If relying on the accepted pre-history, the people exhibiting these “amazingly advanced maritime skills” must have originated in Africa. But genetic evidence tells a different story.


Aborignal fishing

Apr 02

“Com-piracy: “How Government Suppressed Evidence of Ancient Egyptians in Australia” (Article: Wake Up World))

In the 1930′s, the systematic theft of the Original peoples’ birthright and history was sanctioned by the Australian government whose agents engaged in suppressing information that was, at the time, openly shared in mainstream media. This collusion culminated in the destruction of some amazing archaeology that would undoubtedly have rewritten world pre-history. By Contributing Writer Steven Strong http://wakeup-world.com/2014/04/01/how-government-suppressed-evidence-of-ancient-egyptians-in-australia/


Mar 28

Aboriginal ‘Pleiades Embryo’ Carving Reveals Origin of Human Creation” (Article: Wake Up World)

By Steve Strong (28th March)… We were already aware that the gallery of Original art at the Cave of the Golden Boomerang details the creation of modern humans, but we never had such a firm archaeological foundation upon which to base our belief in an off-world involvement, until now. As far as we are concerned, this is the most convincing evidence of an ancient Pleiadian ancestry on this continent we have seen. http://goo.gl/9JM0rl

Pleiades Embryo Carving

Mar 28

“The Blue Labyrinth: Where Aboriginal Sky Gods Meet Ancient Egyptian Ankhs” (Article: Wake Up World)

By Steven Strong (26th March) The first time we were introduced to the archaeology of the Blue Mountains region, we heard talk of this place being called the ‘Blue Labyrinth’ or ‘Blue University’. In reality, nothing else comes close to describing it. Distinct tribal signatures be observed in Original art styles around the continent, but here, there are very different rules at play.

Cave of the Golden Boomerang - photo 2

Mar 25

“Our Aboriginal Origins: the Research of Dr. Hermann Klaatsch” (Article: Wake Up World)

By Steven Strong. Today I present a critical comparison of the works of Dr. Hermann Klaatsch and Frederick Slater. The two scholars were separated by decades, language, continent, and attitude towards the First Australians, but were united by their belief in modern humans’ Aboriginal ancestry and the many cultural links between ancient Aboriginals and Egyptians.


Aboriginal Origins - the work of Hermann Klaatsch

Mar 19

The Compass Carving in the Middle of Nowhere (Article: Wake Up World)

A new article by Steve Strong – “Found in the middle of nowhere, the incisions in this stone compass are magnificent. In every line the mathematics remain a constant, 90 degrees at every edge, perfectly straight lines, uniform width and depth…. we had never seen anything remotely like this before! Without doubt, it was not created by any accepted Original rock-and-stick tool kit.”

compass carving

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