Jul 22

“Walk On The Wild Side – Encounters with the Unexplained” (Article: Wake Up World)

“There is an underlying assumption in today’s modern society, somewhat unique to our time period, that what we see, hear or touch with our limited senses is all there is; that if humans don’t have the knowledge to replicate something in a controlled sanitised laboratory it simply cannot be. But even science itself is proving such a limited assumption to be false, as quantum experiments continue to show that our reality is in fact an illusion. What many mistakenly regard as “paranormal” experiences – beyond the reach of “normal” perception – are actually fundamental truths of our multi-dimensional existence; truths that should be acknowledged and incorporated as pivotal parts of our daily reality……”

Walk On The Wild Side - Encounters with the Unexplained

Walk On The Wild Side - Encounters with the Unexplained - Ancient Stonework

Jul 14

“Ancient Aliens in Australia” Talk at UFO-PSRA (Campbelltown Arts Centre)

UFOPRSA present Steven Strong on the origins of humans in Australia and the argument of intervention versus the currently accepted version of events.

Mr. Strong will present controversial findings and we invite the public to hear and make enquiry during the Q & A session thereafter. This is a special event covering the entire evening…


Venue: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Address: Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown

Time: 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm.

Entry: Members - $20

Public: $25

Coffee, tea, biscuits provided.


Jul 11

“Exploring Karta – the Gateway to the Heavens” (Wake Up World)

By Steven & Evan Strong (2nd July ’14)…Our time on Karta (Kangaroo Island SA) was both unforgettable and Heaven-sent. Standing on country in the company of Ramindjeri elder Karno Walker was an honour and privilege. We were allowed to be part of a learning experience that was at times as cryptic as it was revelatory; knowledge of days passed, which we believe will be essential in days to come.

Karta (Kangaroo Island) - Karno Walker, Graham Hancock and Steven Strong

Karta - Kangaroo Island

Jun 30

Waking Earth Symposium: Workshop

Jun 30

Talking At Waking Earth Symposium

Jun 26

USOKS Chat with Laird Scranton and the Strong Team about the Kariong Glyphs


Jun 26

“Original Elder Arrested in Parliament as Constitutional Challenge Gathers” by Andy Whiteley

In March 2013, police arrested Ramindjeri Elder Karno Walker following an interjection in the South Australian parliament during debate over the SA ‘Aboriginal recognition’ Amendment Bill. That day’s events, and their political context, call into question the actions of SA police, the historical treatment of the Original tribes and the validity of the Constitution. By Wake Up World Co-Founder Andy Whiteley


Karno Walker - Original Elder Arrested Outside Parliament as Constitutional Challenge Gathers

Jun 26

Journalistic Integrity? Mining at Maya Ganga Cave Hits Mainstream Media (Wake Up World)

By Steve Strong (26th June ’14)…Following my recent article on the mining operation at the ancient Maya Ganga Cave, and lobbying on its behalf, a mainstream newspaper published an article about the 45000 year old archaeology found on site. After years of no interest, finally details of the cave’s archaeological importance is on the public register! Or is it? By Contributing Writer Steven Strong


Archaeological Cave Dig Unearths Artefacts from 45,000 Years Ago

Jun 12

Roundtable with: Klaud Dona, Patricia Awyan, Laird Scranton, Hugh Newman & Us (You Tube)

The latest Capricorn Radio show is now available discussing the Gosford Glyphs in Australia with Klaus Dona Patricia Awyan Laird Scranton Evan William Strong Steve Strong of Forgotten Origin, Hugh Newman of Megalithomania


Jun 12

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity (Facebook Page)


please check out our books page…


Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

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