500,000 Years Ago???

April 23, 2021 evstrong 2

“500,000 Years Ago” ??? By Steven & Evan Strong 23/04/21 Special Thanks to Duncan Roads A few days ago an email sent to me from […]

The “Star People” (Have Never Left)

July 31, 2020 evstrong 1

                                            The “Star People”(1) (Have Never Left) This is not our term, granted we have often heard that description given by many Original Elders and […]

Who’ll Stop The Rain

June 5, 2020 evstrong 1

“Who’ll Stop the Rain”(1)  By Steven & Evan Strong Special Thanks to Eddie McPhee & Professor X 05/06/2020 In Australia, going on its recent archaeological […]

Down by the Creek

September 4, 2019 evstrong 3

Down by the Creek By Steven & Evan Strong Special Thanks to Cade & Outsider 04/09/19 This is the second part of our investigation of […]

Looking Outside the Bucket

July 15, 2019 evstrong 3

Looking Outside the Bucket By Steven & Evan Strong 15/07/19 Cade was always respectful towards Original culture, but until very recent times he knew little […]