The Out of Australia Theory:

In consultation with Elders of Australia, we believe we have rediscovered a hidden history: The Out of Australia Theory. We have written five books “Constructing a New World Map”, “Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming”, “Forgotten Origin“, “Shunned”/”Out of Australia” and “Between A Rock and a Hard Place” that rewrites the history of Australia and the world.

Our books’ main brief is to prove through the scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true. We have assembled facts about archaeological finds, and also early contact accounts, genetics, Serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths, parallels in religious texts, etc into one coherent theory. Unlike the authorities in one field who are limited in their specialty, we draw all the disciplines together and attempt to resolve the confusion.

Our claim is supported by genes, mtDNA, blood and many experts, that Australian Original people set sail from Australia, not to, 50,000 years ago. We claim that Australian Original people sailed to and settled in America over 40,000 years ago, and visited many other places including Egypt, Japan, Africa, India etc. They were the first Homo sapiens who evolved before the Sapiens of Africa, and who gave the world art, axes, religion, marine technology, culture, co-operative living, language and surgery.

The debate over whether they were the first people in America is virtually a closed case. Hundreds of bones and skulls have been discovered that are undeniable of “Australian Aboriginal” origin. What it all means has had even the experts mystified. Professor Clive Gamble claims we “have to construct a completely new map of the world, and how it was peopled.” We are responding to the call and attempting to clear up the confusion.

We also trace the legacy of the Australian Original Dreaming found within the mystical sects and creeds. We believe its principal elements are evident in all expressions, particularly Gnosticism.

Our Alien Ancestry Conferences:

After several sold-out events in Australia, we are bringing these events to the world as a sequentially themed, live and online conference. Join us in the alien influences of our past and present – and how this world will shift in the future.

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About The Team:

Steven Strong:

is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit”.

Evan Strong:

has a background in Anthropology & Indigenous Cultural Studies, Counselling & Mediation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and Graduate Studies in Psychology. Evan has worked as a researcher for the Northern Rivers Area Health Service, a Social Worker, Teachers Aide, and a Funeral Director.

They have spent many years learning, living and/or working with the Bundjalung Language Confederation (Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales), Ramindjeri (South Australia) and Gumilaroi peoples (Northern New South Wales). They operate under the doctrine of Wirritjin (Black Fella, White Fella Dreaming): In remembrance of Karno W…., spokesperson for the Ramindjeri. They work with a diverse informal network of Independent Researchers, Original Custodians/Elders, Patrons/Supporters and Friends.

Steven and Evan Strong are based near Byron Bay in Northern NSW.


Lea Kapiteli

Lea Kapiteli (Starnovis Lea) is an author, blogger, artist, psychic and - more importantly - an extraterrestrial contactee. Also is our Online Conference Host/Convener. What's my goal? In all the years of having contact with these beings, I learned some of their personal histories, their people's histories and why they are here now. It has become a passion of mine to tell their stories. WEBSITE- https://starnovislea.wixsite.com/home CONTACT- kapiteli.lea@hotmail.com

Ildi Budai

In March 2016, Ildi Budai officially started working for Forgotten Origin as the Manager of the authors. Ildi Budai has an extensive background in administration, small to medium-sized business office management, and marketing. Ildi also has a strong passion for ancient history and works as a field researcher and archaeological photographer for various researchers globally. Since joining the team in March 2016, Ildi has brought her knowledge of managing small business to the team, and started assisting in transforming the business into a more profitable one, helped to develop ideas in which the Forgotten Origin brand is more recognised by the public, and different formats in which information and the authors work is released to the public. Ildi is also a Tour Coordinator and a Photographer for Nomad Angel Photography. ildibudai9@gmail.com

Erica Schmerbeck

Erica is a Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator, freelancer and is a graduate of Queensland School of Printing and Graphic Arts. Erica has worked with us for years creating our event posters, logos and administrative templates. Erica is the typesetter, designer, Cover creator for our book “Between a Rock and Hard Place“. CONTACT: esky333@gmail.com



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  1. hi Steven just been watching your shows after talking to a mate who said he knew you rusty cains anyway talkin about what really happened he started to show me your you tube when I realized I had seen something like this not far from where you are and nobody been there on private land anyway never really told anybody because when I did they said I was mad i live there throughout the 80s and roamed the bush ive seen some off best ufos on the coast and one off the better one in Pottsville area

  2. Hello!

    I heard your very interesting interview on Whitley Strieber’s ‘Dreamland’ last week, and it reminded me of some very extraordinary events that happened to me back in 2005 regarding Uluru, and a meditation where a ‘Clever Fella’ took me on a challenging night-hike to Uluru. I am currently reading ‘Out of Australia’, and it has supplied a few missing pieces of the puzzle surrounding those events back in 2005. I have been trying to contact you directly, but no luck here on your website. If you are interested, please contact me directly.
    Many thanks!

  3. Hello Evan and Steven. I have something of immense importance to your research . I have e-mailed you the details
    and if you could get back to me I would appreciate it so much. I’m not hugely comfortable discussing the object I’ve found
    in open waters….so to speak…until I have you guys take a look at it.

    I’m a published author and professional researcher and have gone as far as I can looking into the object I have uncovered.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Paul John McLeod

  4. Thankyou for your marvelous efforts, in particular to help the unfolding of the complete original people’s knowledge. The time has definitely arrived.

    Is there a complete, sequential ordered, illustration of all the Kariong hieroglyphs available, in your books, or elsewhere?

    I am working on a relatively unique strategy of research and interpretation.

    Many Thanks,

    Tim – Brisbane

  5. Hey Steve and Evan, will give you a big plug at Contact In The Desert, This is James Gilliland ECETI in America. Have been talking about your work on my shows and at other conferences. Some people are coming down to connect for a possible tour. Hope all is well, keep up the great work.

  6. Visited the heiroglyphics with Richard and Robin took some good pictures but the camera was out of Juice will go back again when I am able Thank you multiverse for a truly anachronistic experience Like the relief at the Abydos temple with the helicopter and aeroplane. No pat explanations for these Good luck you guys Naomi

  7. Hello
    I have followed alot of this an found our history very interesting.
    The question I would like to ask.
    Is there any place’s in wa that would be good to look for glyphs’ I live in Perth and would appreciate if you have any ideas were I could start looking?
    Thanks Doug


    Mayo, this news is from Jonathan Gray –
    http://www.beforeus.com You authorized this mailing
    when you requested your free report on our
    web-site or a friend enrolled you. See the end
    of this email for removal directions.

    PLEASE NOTE: I always answer email requests. If you
    receive no reply it is because no person alive sees
    emails addressed to info1@archaeologyanswers.com

    Please resend your question to
    info@archaeologyanswers.com. (info@ – not info1@)
    and I promise you an answer.

    Dear Mayo,

    What can you do when the media, the politicians and the university conspire
    to deny, suppress and steal your evidence … then laugh at you as a comedy
    character? This happened to Val Osborn, a careful researcher for 40 years.

    The discovery of a 3,000-year-old mine and harbour on the coast of Queensland,
    Australia, is set to change Australian, if not world history.

    Late in 2000, ABC national radio announced that amateur historian/archaeologist
    Val Osborn had traced evidence of the early mining endeavors of the Phoenicians
    around 1000 BC.

    The discovery at Freshwater Point, near Sarina, included huge sea walls (one
    of them 800 meters long) of polished granite set in iron slag cement and copper

    Osborn said, “I mean it’s a monstrous thing – you could put three, 200 foot
    ships end to end there. It’s as calm as a millpond and beautifully engineered.”

    There was also found a bell temple, Canaanite altar and a cemetery.

    Slag heaps are abundant with ancient roads, reservoirs, stone-engineered
    harbours and the usual petroglyphs and grave sites.

    This tends to substantiate the evidence in my two books Dead Men’s Secrets
    and Ark of the Covenant that Phoenicians and Egyptians visited Australia.
    Mediterranean expeditions came seeking minerals and exotics such as sandalwood,
    eucalyptus oil, gems, and so on.

    If this find is Phoenician and if it dates to about 1000 BC, then it could be
    further evidence pointing to voyages by the Red Sea fleet of King Solomon and
    Hiram of Tyre, mentioned in the Bible.

    In an interview with Gilbert Deem, editor of Truth Hunter, Val Osborn exposed
    the lies, deceit and stealing to which the academic world subjected his

    Q. Tell us just what happened to cause this ruckus?

    A. Sarina Council requested that I give them a report on the sites. I did
    this and forwarded a copy to Central Queensland University.

    Q. What happened after that?

    A. Well the council was happy enough and hoped that the controversy would
    generate tourism as an addition to their economy. The academics however
    were not so happy, describing it as a ticking “political time bomb which
    they did not wish to be holding if it exploded.” However their curiosity
    brought about an investigation by a young archaeologist over five days with
    a $10,000 grant. He did not work with me but flatly stated initially that
    he did not intend to risk his career with anything apart from aboriginal
    history at the site. A CQU representative offered to create a museum which
    would house artefacts and findings but warned that they depended upon
    government grants for their very subsistence.

    Q. What did the CQU report reveal?

    A. It was simple enough – confined only to “fish traps and a shell midden.”
    No other remarks relative to European colonization can be found in this
    report. I gave him a rudder pintles from a large ship followed by a second
    pintles found underwater at the ancient boat ramp site. Both artifacts have
    now vanished. No display eventuated of course. Today they deny they had
    been given them.

    Q. So the academics backed off?

    A. Yes. When the story broke in the media the academics closed ranks to stamp
    it out and denied association, however this is par for the course in
    research. Academia depends on government funding and naturally is subject
    to government censorship. A CQU representative was interviewed on the six
    o’clock news. He was represented as an archaeology expert when in reality
    he was an art history teacher.

    Q. So no contact with this university since?

    A. No. I have been officially discredited.

    Q. What about the media – did everything vanish within seven days?

    A. Less than that. It was censored within 24 hours. The council broke the
    story and my phone rang non- stop for 48 hours. We had to take it off
    the hook. Initially I had calls from around the world and the ABC rang
    for brief interviews until the discrediting on the six o’clock news and
    from that point on I was relegated to comedy sessions. This is the usual
    method to reestablish political correctness.

    Q. And the newspapers?

    A. A reporter and photographer flew in and did a full coverage of one site
    which was supposed to run in the Sunday Supplement of a leading Queensland
    newspaper but I was told later that a politician killed the story.

    Q. So what happens now?

    A. I guess we wait for some PhD. to break ranks and to do a decent job on
    these sites. As an amateur I can go to jail for digging or for just
    retaining an artifact. Officially of course there is no site and there are
    no artifacts.

    Q. Do we have the expertise in Australia with the experience and knowledge to
    handle the specific areas of research?

    A. Firstly there is political censorship. You are asking an academic to put
    his career on the line. Secondly the history of the ancient seafaring
    nations is a blank chapter relative to 2000 B.C. to 200 B.C. and only a
    handful of researchers have the specific knowledge of the ancient
    Mediterranean sea- trading sagas. In almost every case such research has
    officially been erased.

    In this discovery we are talking about 4,000 years of history prior to the
    British navigator Captain Cook, with Australia well known to ancient sea
    traders and with the visitors coming and departing on the monsoon trade-winds
    and the establishment of ancient colonies.

    This is in direct contrast to the fictions perpetrated by British historians
    that Australia was discovered and settled as a convict colony in 1788.

    A private researcher goes to the media with historical artifacts, the story
    is smothered, and then academia comes in and cleans out or buries the
    evidence. The media press releases then become propaganda that deliberately
    erases any prior British colonial history.

    Even so, the proliferation of discoveries by individual researchers outside
    the system attracts worldwide attention and the establishment will be forced,
    in time, to reveal the facts.

    But here is something that numbers of sane people evidently are

    If you are a lover of the TRUTH, then you will be excited that the truth
    is now ready to come out.

    There’s too much for an email, but I have put it into a new convenient
    package with three explosive reports called “Forbidden Discoveries”, “Men
    in Embarrassing Places” and “Is This Sitchin Fiction?”.

    This whole package is all about so called “experts” being caught red-handed.
    You will be astonished at the deliberatemis-information being fed to us.
    It is now time to face the truth.


    To get your hands on these red-hot reports please go to

    Anyway, Mayo,it has been a pleasure to talk with you again.

    Take care.

    Jonathan Gray

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  9. I would like to get more involved with any work in this subject as I found similar and different unconfirmed items in south Australia and thought I was alone until I found the videos and name of Steven Strong by searching “Australian pyramids” on youtube videos. I do believe I only scratched surface of items that are in my area and I can see there are links and similarities here. also I need guidance on moral and respectfulness I should show to my local originals, a guide to the profit value of items or discoveries and where/how/why/what to obtain and your view or opinion on this, and any information or help be highly appreciated from anyone thank you very much nitrothiele@gmail.com pjackoucmc@gmail.com https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108320896193907931728/108320896193907931728/posts/p/pub

  10. ello steven…lisa from tassy here…seems lots of things are fast moving forwards with all your discoveries…fascinating, mind boggling and empowering…I have discovered some similar strange markings on huge rocks in a coupla places in the bush here and I reckon I kno of other special places to…but as the original full blood tasmanian were extinguished so quickly along wit most of their knowledge these markings can obviously not be verified…but I could send you some pics if yr interested…an you really should check out quamby mountain from where I see it, some non aboriginal people say it looks like a giant gnome laying flat on his back looking up at the stars…but it looks more like an ancient old wise aboriginal elder… an this would ave to of bin a very special place to the original people…anyway, as I said I could send pics…thank you very much for yr dedication on sharing all these monumental important facts …incredible stuff…

  11. Whether you’re theory is correct or not, your claims that Rebecca Cann had qualified or altered her conclusions are incorrect Here is a 201o interview with her.
    2010 Cann

    • Will look for our references concerning Cann , may have changed her mind, in the field at the moment will get back to you soon, Cheers Steve and Evan

  12. Hello Steven,

    just discovered your wonderful videos…well done, amazing stuff, finally someone in Australia taking history to the next level.
    *(tried to send an email, but it bounced back, hope you read this)

    Have you ever heard of Michael Tsarion?  He is kind of your Irish equivalent.
    He has done amazing research, looking at his stuff really takes you down the rabbit hole!  I have attached a link to his videos that look into exactly what you are taking about, not about Australia, per se, but Egypt, ET’s, genetic manipulation and origins of mankind…..I’m sure you will find his work useful at connecting dots on the world stage.


    regards, Gail

    • Hi Gail,
      You can send emails to stevenevanstrong@gmail.com sorry about the bounce-back.
      Will look into Michael Tsarion, thanks so much for the links. Will check out his Red Ice Creations radio programs as well. Connecting the dots is what it is all about. There defiantly seems to be a strong Egypt and Ireland connection. Thanks so much and talk soon. Cheers Steve and Evan.

  13. Just came across some of your interviews. .http://www.exoticindiaart.com/book/details/babaji-and-18-siddha-kriya-yoga. Here’s a link to a book you must read if you are not already familiar with it. It speaks about a time when India and Australia were connected by a ,now sunken continent, Gondwanaland, where there were many places, great schools, Ashrams and centres of learning. The Greatest spiritual knowledge was sought here by people from all over the world. Long long time ago..I have read this book 2X, One of these publications omitted the chapter, including maps, on Gondwanaland. This particular one(see above link) seems to have it included.. It will be another clue in your research and discoveries. Wow, like your work. Best Wishes from Ireland, Madelon

    • Sorry, just correcting my above mesg. The Centres of learning were in Australia. 60.000 years ago (don’t quote me on the timing). Hope you can get your hands on the book that includes the map(s). Good Luck, M.

    • We will look for the book you suggested, we are always looking for new books/research/theories and information. We too have heard about Australia and India being connected in a Dreaming Story- it was given to us by a Bundjalung Elder Uncle Harry Boyd and talks about a time when Australia and India were not separated by the sea. Thanks very much Cheers Steve and Evan.

    • When I travelled to northern India 3years ago, I had a strong intuitive sense that Australia and India had links in the past. I had dreaming about the Rainbow Serpent here, and it’s connection to Kundalini. I felt a new aspect to the depth of healing, and connection to land that Aboriginal Australia held and practiced. The way Kundalini moved through a clear physical human form, as does she move through a land….As I have had elders tell me, this is not some rock this is my hip.

      • Couldn’t agree more, we know there is a strong link in mtDNA between Australian Originals and Southern Dravidian Indians. The link has never been broken. Cheers Steve and Evan.

        • The languages of southern India and most of the Oz (except for those of southern WA which is interesting – another chapter?) are astonishingly similar in the vowel arrangements and the modifying effects of the the consonants, previous & subsequent.
          The pre Aryan populations of the deep south are matrilineal even now as are those of the high Himalaya – sundered in the middle by those unfortunate invasions of herders.

  14. I’m very sold on all your information. It really rings trure. I’m so ready for us to go through the changes that are forecast. I’m a North American White fella who live in Colombia S.A. After the 3 days of darkness passes and I hopefully pass to, ther may not be to many people in Colombia. The attitude about life, direction,…………. is viewed very differently here. I hope that you will make it as easy as possible to stay updated to our closing in on Dec 21, 2012. Less than 50 days now left. Once again Sir thank you so much.

    Lowell from Colombia

    • all we know for sure is that a change is coming we are not sure what it is going to be like, only that the change is coming, and by God we need it. Cheers Steve and Evan.

  15. Ancient world maps deciphered off Mayan temple prove ancient world connection. Maps are linked to Egypt and show Egyptians going to Australia and other places around world. Maps also show them having a route to South America from Australia. Maps clearly show Old World Egyptians had great knowledge of coastlines and water currents and use of stars to get around. I am the Cherokee stone mason that discovered them. Many places covered over by time and water. It had to take a long period of time to gaather this Information.

    • Sorry we didn’t get to you earlier but we are swamped a little at the moment with all manner of help and information. Your talk of maps is amazing a map from Egypt to Australia and other places is close to a Holy Grail for us. We would love to hear more. For us outside Australia there two locations we have really focused upon, Egypt and America. In fact up until our recent work at Kariong we were more focused on America. Really really would like to hear more please contact us through this website or on stevenevanstrong@gmail.com.

  16. Any chance the specific glyphs that are ‘back-to-front’ at Kariong form a ‘meta’ message in their own right? Perhaps pertaining to ‘future’ events? (Future being some point in time after the glyphs were executed, which may by now have already passed). Just wondering, thanks for your work. Very Inspiring.

  17. Steve, thank you so much for taking the time to be interviewed with Lisa Harrison, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what you had to say, it is all great information and I can see why you are so passionate about what you do. Keep up the great work and please pass on my gratitude to the rest of your team that are helping you put all of this together.

    • thanks very much for your encouragement, will pas it onto the rest of the team, two new videos out today on you-tube. cheers

      • I have watched all your you tube video’s with Lisa and all the ones on your website, however I couldn’t find the two new ones that you are talking about. What are they called? or better still do you have a link please?

  18. the throne may be a kingdon or colony moving some where
    metor’s hitting UFO
    UFO blocking event
    Ballgantry: may be race holding off event from sun and earth while metor shower continues
    could be a attack by another race
    please call.. note posting exopolitics

    • Thanks for putting us onto that site and we will have a look at it. We have no doubt the Egyptians sailed to many other places apart from Australia, but we suspect Australia was the number esoteric priority. Thanks Steven and Evan.

  19. Steve, I was fascinated with both your interviews with Lisa Harrison and Alfred Lambremont Webre regarding the Aboriginals in this country. In particular I was very interested in what you said happened in Darwin regarding lifting the vibrations of the whole city. My question is this: when did this actually occur? Wouldn’t it have been very dangerous for people driving, operating machinery or even surgeons operating etc when this occurred? Is it possible that anyone living in Darwin has lost all memory of this actually happening? The reason I ask is because I know people who live in Darwin and no-one can actually remember if anything like this happened. I so want to believe that it did so how do we explain their loss of recollection?

    • It definitely happened I have sat with people who stayed awake and went to sleep. I’m chasing up more details in relation to how far its effects have spread and an approximate date. Will pass them to you when we get more information. Thanks Steven and Evan.

      • Thank you for your reply Steve & Evan, it sounds like a really weird kind of thing to happen, which would explain why so many have no recollection of it. I believe you are genuine with your information and believe what you say, I was more curious as to why some have no recollection and can’t actually confirm.
        I kinda wish that the elder who actually did this amazing feat could come to Adelaide and do something similar, we could really do with a lift at the minute. There seems to be some really intense emotions about and I feel that we need to get some more grounding here.

  20. Steve I also came across your website after reading New Dawn. I just wanted to say that ideas like this are greatly appreciated by a growing number of people in this country who are starting to challenge the paradigm that Australians are Europeans. I have a mixed ancestry & have always culturally thought of myself as just an Australian, not a European Australian as I am so often classified. I have never been to Europe, my parents have never been to Europe nor have any of my grandparents or great grandparents. At what generational stage do we cease to be the descendants of the invaders & become true indigenes? Having a part Aboriginal ancestry certainly gives me a different viewpoint than the one indoctrinated & I am extremely proud to claim a connection with the oldest & most unique civilisation on Earth. I don’t know why the achievements of this civilisation are so often ignored by mainstream academia when it really is a fascinating study in itself. I have also written a book along a similar line to yours but haven’t been able to get it published because it is so often reinforced that nobody but the radical fringe are interested in this subject matter. Anyway I’d love to discuss this more with you if you ever get around to replying.


    • Many individuals cease being non-Australian once born in this country. Recently I sat with Ramindjeri Elders who put me through ceremony, one of the only things spoken to me in English was, “you have been in the Dreaming for a long time” – colour or race does not count here.
      As they point out time after lifetime, many non-Aboriginals walking in this country were Aboriginal in previous lives. Being Aboriginal is not just genetic but more a state of mind and grace; I am fully accepted by three trial groups yet don’t make any claim of ancestry.
      Demonstrating a growing acceptance of these principles, this week’s edition of the National Indigenous Times is featuring the same article New Dawn published, with more to come. Furthermore, we have been invited to be the key speakers at the “birthday celebrations” of National Theosophy Headquarters in Sydney. We have been pushing our argument for close to three years now, and it seems to have reached a tipping point.
      Even though all three of our books are published by University Press of America, mainstream academia will be the last group to listen. But I have some new evidence (which will form the base of our second article for NIT), which even Robin Williams from the ABC Science Show is having great difficulty ignoring.
      Can I put it to you, once we open the way in presenting the real truth, other publications can follow to consolidate.
      I am in discussion with an academic publishing house in Australia, who only want articles on Aboriginal issues, I intend to see how serious they are tomorrow – perhaps this is an avenue you could pursue?
      Because of our scientific and historical rigour, we seem to be straddling the scientific and esoteric, and because of this we can’t be dismissed as fringe science. For other books like yours to capitalise on this base is essential to disseminate our message – perhaps that is why we are now in contact. Equally, UPA, who obviously are backing us are also open to new concepts, and as of last week, opened up a distribution outlet in Australia solely to market our books. That is another possibility, and of course if I was recommend your work, you would get special treatment.
      To that end, tell me a little more – you are obviously quite literate, what is the general run down of your book? Cheers, Steve

  21. Dear Steve,
    I have read your article in New Dawn March-April 2011 with great interest. I am not
    an academic but I have spent the last 16 years in the Northern Territory where I worked as a Tour Guide in Arnhem Land & Kakadu National Park . My last position was as Ranger at Ubirr on the East Alligator River. My job, all those years was to interpret Aboriginal Rock Art and give visitors a little insight into Aboriginal Culture…
    I used to tell visitors to the park that Aboriginal People could not have originated in Australia since there are no evidence of primates having existed here… So how do you reconcile your theory of Aboriginal People having originated in Australia and Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution?
    You also mispelled Bill Harney (junior) ‘s name and Jawoyn or Djawan is a more recognised spelling for the tribe living in the Southern part of Kakadu National Park and the area around Katherine. I know Bill Harney personally and he had taken me to his country many times.I was adopted into the Wurkbarbar Clan of the Djawan Tribe and my skin is Bangardi, My blood brother is Maxie Baruwei and my Aboriginal Father is Old Sandy Baruwei both of whom passed away in recent years.
    If you are interested in more information on the Jawoyn people in general, (or in the very recent discovery of a stone axe in Jawoyn country, dated between 25,000 and possibly 50,000 years) please contact me via email and I can put you in touch with the relevant aboriginal people and academics involved.


    Claude Pradier

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