*Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Out of Australia Theory

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Where science and myth become one and the same.

It has often been said that humanity’s history is a fabrication, littered with lies and omissions, but this has never been conclusively proven, until now. What has been recently found in Australia is unequivocal in rewriting convenient versions of ancient history and the genesis of modern humans.

We can now verify that Original Elders and Custodians of the Old Way are correct in insisting that Australia is the cradle of humanity, and “that all peoples of the world come from us.” But it doesn’t end there. Religion, art, burial, sailing, astronomy, navigation, democracy, gender equality and all the nobler hallmarks of civilised behaviour, are Original blessings exported from Australia.

There is ample archaeological evidence of the highest pedigree of an ancient sophisticated technology operating in Australia that is still unequalled by today’s standards. And in seeking out the inspiration behind an Australian genesis of modern humans and the rise and fall of some very sophisticated technology, the Original Dreaming Stories and Keepers of the Old Ways stand united behind one non-Earthly standard bearer: the Pleiades.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place focuses on one incredibly profound site and a collection of sacred marked rocks. In combination, this archaeology redefines our collective past and repositions Homo sapiens sapiens ancestry, reminding us that the time is upon us to stop behaving like global vandals and realise that we are indeed, galactic citizens.

Includes 78 Pictures and diagrams

202 pages

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*Out Of Australia:

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In their startling new book, Steven and Evan Strong challenge the “out-of-Africa” theory. Based on fresh examination of both the DNA and archeological evidence, they conclude that modern humans originated from Australia, not Africa.

The original Australians (referred to by some as Aborigines ), like so many indigenous peoples, are portrayed as “backward” and “primitive.” Yet, as the Strongs demonstrate, original Australians had a rich culture, which may have sown the first seeds of spirituality in the world. They had the technology to make international seafaring voyages and have left traces in the Americas and possibly Japan, Southern India, Egypt, and elsewhere. They practiced brain surgery, invented the first hand tools, and had knowledge of penicillin.

This book brings together 30 years of intensive research in consultation with elders in the original Australian community. Among their conclusions are the following:

* There is evidence that humans existed in Australia 40,000 years before they existed in Africa.
* There were migrations of original Australians in large boats throughout the Indian/Pacific rim.
* Three distinct kinds of Homo sapiens are found in Australia.
* There is evidence from the Americas that debunks the out-of-Africa theory.
* The spiritual influence of the Aborigines is reflected in the religions of the world.

*Shunned:The Hidden History of the Original Australians

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“In their startling new book, Steven and Evan Strong challenge the Out-of-Africa theory, looking at the strong DNA and archeological evidence that Australia is where modern human beings – Homo sapiens sapiens – derived.
The Original Australians (referred to by some as Aboriginals), like so many indigenous peoples, have been stripped of their heritage by an aggressive European colonizing power while has re-written the history books, largely as an exercise in justifying exploitation, suppression, cultural genocide at best and in a number of cases, actual racial extinction as with the mainland Tasmanians. Partially to justify these crimes, and partially through a cultural blindness, the original Australians were perceived as, and portrayed as, the most ‘backward’ and ‘primitive’ of people. Yet, as the Strongs show, Original Australians had a rich culture which may have sown the first seeds of spirituality in the world. They had the technology to make international seafaring voyages and have left traces in the Americas and possibly, Japan, Southern India, Egypt and elsewhere. They practiced brain surgery, invented the first hand tools and had knowledge of penicillin.
Shunned brings together thirty years of intensive research in consultation with Elders in the Original Australian community who have shared their knowledge and wisdom with the authors to an extent few people outside their community have been privileged to experience. This ground-breaking book is essential reading for anybody who wants to know where the human race came from and perhaps where they should be going…”  (Jan Scherpenhuizen- Our Editor/ Literary Agent)

*Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins Of Humanity


Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins Of Humanity

Print Length 228 Pages

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One of the biggest questions on Earth today is just how did Homo sapiens sapiens arise as the dominant hominid species on Earth? The current consensus view of this issue is that ancient Earth was essentially a `planet of the apes´ upon which several primates and early hominids battled evolutionary forces to gain the best foothold and assure a future as the lords of the world. Further it is generally believed that somehow one early species of hominid, an archaic form of Homo sapiens, finally made the genetic leap to Homo sapiens sapiens (modern humans) around 200,000 years ago somewhere in Africa. Nice theory, but is any of that true?

In this book we take the consensus theory of human origins to task, showing almost conclusively that it is wrong on almost every point. The data is in and we are at last able to take you on a mind blowing journey out of the consensus delusion into a new cosmic understanding of human origins. The first half of this book introduces the incredible scientific investigation that has been headed up by two bold ancient origins researches based in Australia, Steven Strong and his son Evan Strong of ForgottenOrigin.com. They are able to show that it is now beyond reasonable doubt that a population of modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) has been present in Australia for at least 400,000 years, most likely closer to one million years. This is no guesswork, the DNA evidence, the archaeology and the aural history of the resident population all give the same conclusion, modern humans were already in Australia long before anyone may have struggled their way out of Africa!

Into the Kariong underworld

As revolutionary as the destruction of the out-of Africa theory is, if that were the whole story the book would need a different title. The Original Australian people claim that not only are they the originators of modern humans on Earth but that they are the children of beings from the stars. the first claim is now shown to be true, so what of the second? Right out in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours West from Sydney an extensive site has been found at Kariong which seems to strongly support the aural history of extra-terrestrials visiting earth in remote antiquity, remaining on a permanent basis and then engineering modern human beings. Around this site are found unique glyphs that tell a story of star heroes, rocks seemingly melted by extreme heat, caverns tunnelled with advanced engineering skills and strange energies detected on modern measuring devices, much can be seen in a series of videos at our other website. The fingerprints of the `gods´ really seem to be all over the Kariong area. We are able to share with you what has been found so far.

It is not just the solid physical evidence that needs to be shared. There is a whole plethora of supporting information that has come to us by supernormal mechanisms. The second half of the book is where we come in with our largely unique knowledge of Pleiadian history. We share with you the events at an ancient stargate site in Cairo that led, just over two months later, to direct contact with an extra-terrestrial race, the Pleiadian beings that had piloted the ship to Earth one million years previous. We detailed many of the ensuing events in our previous book (see www.2012Rising.com) but now we reveal even more, specifically in regards to the ancient origins of humanity along with the genetic manipulation of human DNA. We are able to explain in detail how the star beings managed to modify an ancient hominid on Earth, we detail how and why they genetically engineered modern human beings in Australia one million years ago. What is more we progress their history (which is also human history) through other ancient cultures such as pre-dynastic Egypt and the ancient Mayan culture.

How is it that we know so much? Long before the events of 2011 and 2012 there had already been connections between us and UFO´s and non-human beings, even an event involving the past life recall of having been on a ship that arrived to Earth on a mission to help the resident population long, long ago. From 2001 until present we have voyaged through a flow of supernormal events and psychic revelation that culminated in our understanding and remembering having been members of the crew of that Pleiadian mission. The two of us came to understand that we were twin-flames, star-seeds and possibly walk-ins, brought back together in this life to give the planet back the lost history of the ancient aliens. The story engraved on rock at Kariong was in fact our own story, we were there and had lived through the events recorded for posterity. It is now time for us to share the full understanding that we have recovered, thanks in part to our star Pleiadian family, of the direct blood relationship between the star heroes and the people of this world. Along the way we examine the wisdom recorded within the Dreamtime lore, the messages shared with us by Pleiadians, the accounts of other crew members that have now consciously recalled being part of the original mission, and reveal a radical finding about human blood which may be the `smoking gun´ evidence of ET genetic manipulation of humanity…

Are you ready to finally reclaim the lost knowledge of your true origins? Are you ready to meet the ancient aliens of Australia?

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*Forgotten Origin

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Forgotten Origin is the third in a series of books dedicated to the first Homo sapiens: the Australian Aboriginal people. Steven Strong and Evan Strong continue in their investigation into the global impact of Aboriginal people sailing from, never to, Australia no less than 50,000 years ago, paying particular attention to the shared principles found within many Gnostic scriptures and the Dreaming. As radical as this theory may appear, the rigor applied, whether through mtDNA, Y Chromosomes, skull morphology or historical accounts, and the religious ancestry upon which this hidden history is founded, demands serious consideration. This is not their story. Steven Strong and Evan Strong make no claim to speak on behalf of anyone. They do, however, have the right to relay that which Aboriginal culture-custodians insist is true. The First Australians are unique, and in no way descended from Africans or any other race. Forgotten Origin is merely another reminder of this hidden truth.

Book and eBook also available through University Press of America

*Constructing a New World Map

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The first book in the trilogy. Nearly 50,000 years ago Australian Aboriginals set sail seeking new horizons. As they arrived on distant shores, they brought with them beliefs and a lifestyle unknown elsewhere. Their legacy was a mixed blessing. Although founding the basis of modern culture and cooperative living, they also exported knowledge of one errant practice.

These mariners did not volunteer to leave Australia, they were banished for selecting an agricultural practice that offended the Ancestral Spirits and the land. Living in the first Garden of Eden, as it was with Cain and Abel who chose to farm the land and animals, they were exiled for breaking a sacred covenant with the Dreaming. Common sense would dismiss these radical claims, but findings made at Aboriginal sites, ancient graves, and cave walls, along with new advances in genetics, have created circumstances that require the construction of a new world map.

Recent discovery of Gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi, particularly scriptures devoted to Mary and Jesus, reveal the ancient mystical tradition that began in the Dreaming was the inspiration behind their teachings. The message, preached by both the Dreaming, and Mary and Jesus is as relevant and important today as it was 50,000 years ago.

Also available through University Press of America

*Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming

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In Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming Steven Strong and Evan Strong continue their esoteric journey tracing the origins of religion that they began their first book, Constructing A New World Map. Strong and Strong examine the Gnostic Scriptures detailing the words and deeds of Mary and Jesus recently found at Nag Hammadi. They were, as Jesus stated in the Gospel of Thomas, custodians of a secret tradition. Jesus insisted he is but the caretaker of a “bubbling spring that I have tended”. The authors further assert their belief that this “bubbling spring” is identical to the “secret place” aboriginal elder, Bill Neidjie, urges all to discover and it is their contention that a closer inspection of the ancient mystical spring Jesus and Mary accessed is evident in many Gnostic texts. The secret knowledge Mary and Jesus preached, stripped of cultural and geographic differences, is undoubtedly the purest replication of the Dreaming since the first mariners were banished from Australia.

Also available through University Press of America


Book Review from John McGrath – senior lecturer Newcastle University (retired)

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