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Over Seven Billion Sapien Faces, and None are the Same

That undeniable fact, that no two people on this planet share exactly the same face, means that any comparison between sapiens and all other life-forms creates a conundrum that under present circumstances and paradigms cannot be solved. Be it ever so minor there will be differences in the arrangement of one human mouth, two ears and eyes, and it is that accelerating divergence in presentation which breaks every rule Nature has set into the genes of all life-forms that evolved solely from Earthly stock.

The Kariong Hieroglyphs-Ten to None

It has been nearly four weeks since we found out exactly what a highly credentialled Egyptian expert in hieroglyphs knew to be true when it comes to the three hundred engravings cut into sandstone walls near Kariong. We have heard and read so many stories, rumours and half-truths offered as explanations that dismiss the belief that this gallery at Kariong is actually an ancient Egyptian description of their arrival in Australia, which was carved by an Egyptian scribe over 4,500 years ago. According to Dr. Dia Abou-Ghazi (ex-Director, Department of Antiquities, Egypt), one of the foremost experts in the world on all things ancient Egyptian, she holds no doubt whatsoever that this is exactly what did happen. Her opinion is that the hieroglyphs are absolutely Egyptian, and more importantly, that this is the oldest record of the earliest form of hieroglyphs (Proto-Egyptian).

The Final Circuit: A Two-way Street & The Awakening to discover all of who I AM

This article is primarily an extension of an earlier piece presenting what we feel is convincing empirical proof that culminated in a video of an Alien spaceship idling near Uluru on December 21, 2020, at 7:37 pm. Granted claiming any object in the sky is of Alien origin is something so easy to make, or fake, but the circumstances and lead up events puts this event in a unique category. Normally the main issue is about is or is not, but we believe this sighting extends past if and goes a long way towards answering the pivotal question of why. To an extent this response primarily addresses the negative comments posted on the video we put up and further on, an overview of the official statements put out by the Pentagon, Barack Obama and pilots involved in ‘sightings.’ Apparently according to those who were not at Uluru during ceremonies held at the rock, nearby and throughout the planet, the object slowly moving above Uluru is the product of “lies,” a “helicopter” or a “Cessna.” The Awakening to discover all of who I AM - Section also by Sarah Doig


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