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The Biggest Picture: Uluru Ceremony

In previous articles addressing the ceremony and global meditation occurring at Uluru on December 21, 2020, we have examined evidence from near and around that huge rock and all over the planet. Augmented by hundreds of ceremonies throughout the planet, the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, which was undeniably supplemented by the Summer Solstice, energised Uluru and literally turned this sacred rock on, forever! But it doesn’t end here, as it went everywhere. It was not just one solitary planet that fell under this twin-planetary spell, there is compelling evidence that the entire solar system was affected in different ways. However, even though in each of six events analysed they are markedly different, one thing never varied, the cause.

After Uluru …What Comes Next

From the first time we either wrote or spoke about the upcoming ceremony at Uluru on December 21, we expressed reservations and equivocations. That was the only constant in every update and extension. All of our sources acted as interlocutors and numbered into double figures. Some had impeccable Old Way pedigrees and family connections to the tribes bordering Uluru, others less so, but at first glance seemed to share the same narrative and honourable intentions. Throughout this journey we stated often that we had no direct contact just second and third hand renditions, and because of this we could never fully commit. The reason we did persevere was simply because the world is in a spiralling descent racked by fear, terror and furtive glances, and this path, be it ever so tenuous, was the only solution and salvation left on the planet.

What Lays Beneath? Atlantis Ring 3

In a previous article on the third Atlantean ring we examined the chemistry, repeated motifs, potential origins and the shared place of discovery (Hill End NSW) for both Atlantis Rings 1 and 3. What was intentionally kept separate was any mention of the academic ‘elephant in the room.’ We believe that this ring, just like the first ring, is bound in and surrounded by magic of the very highest pedigree.. With Solreta Antaria & Mary


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