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Photo by Geraldine Grace

Five Plus Two Equals Seven Times Infinity

To begin with, we must extend our apologies to some Original Elders who have voiced their concerns that we have become too preoccupied with the archaeology and magic surrounding these ancient rings and neglected artefacts and sites belonging solely to Australia. Yes, two of the last three articles were about the rings, and it was never our intention to return once again to ring-lore for some time. But, things change, and did so in our case. Two more ancient relics from Angkor Wat have just been analysed, and the results are so sensational and utterly undeniable, simply because the read out of one ‘ear-ring’ rewrites the entire pre-history of the planet from 6,000 years ago and all the way back to the very beginning of humanity. Special Thanks to Ros Mulder.

After Uluru …What Comes Next

From the first time we either wrote or spoke about the upcoming ceremony at Uluru on December 21, we expressed reservations and equivocations. That was the only constant in every update and extension. All of our sources acted as interlocutors and numbered into double figures. Some had impeccable Old Way pedigrees and family connections to the tribes bordering Uluru, others less so, but at first glance seemed to share the same narrative and honourable intentions. Throughout this journey we stated often that we had no direct contact just second and third hand renditions, and because of this we could never fully commit. The reason we did persevere was simply because the world is in a spiralling descent racked by fear, terror and furtive glances, and this path, be it ever so tenuous, was the only solution and salvation left on the planet.

The ‘Ugly Duckling:’ From Atlantis to Australia

Before seeing and actually holding this ancient ring, all we had as a refence were photographs sent to us. Our almost immediate reaction to what we could see but not touch, was to seek out a reason to doubt, whether the potential it was fabricated, down to misleading camera angles, perhaps a sophisticated form of ‘photo-shopping or maybe this was all a very recent unauthorised attempt to make an amateurish copy of Atlantis Ring 1. With Solreta Antaria, Carl Ruprecht  & Mary




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