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After and Before: Egyptians in Australia (Part 1)

It is still to this day puzzling, but most assuredly understandable under the current state of disorder and fear, why all talk of an ancient Egyptian presence with all the associated archaeology found in Australia, is so readily ridiculed. Every report, without exception, of such evidence since World War 2 has been officially dismissed as not being sourced from Egypt, bogus or mischievously manufactured by someone with bad intentions. The recurring problem is that before World War 2 such proof was never so cavalierly trashed, in fact because of the academic standing of many academics and archaeologists the reports in newspapers and journals were seriously entertained and rarely criticised. There is a clear line in the sand before and after the war, and it is that reversal in attitude and surge of antagonism that is the focus of the first half of this report.

The Sky Heroes from the Pleiades

In our earlier report we presented some of the archaeology in Australia that has an Egyptian imprint, but never addressed the most important question, which certainly isn’t if they came, but why. What inspired the ancient Egyptians to embark on such a long and perilous journey across thousands of kilometres of ocean? Determining why involves the simple task of accepting and understanding two cardinal participants of the Original Dreaming and Australian ancient history: the Seven Sisters from the Pleiades and Sky Heroes. Both terms are found all over ancient Australia (Sahul), and it is extremely important to factor in that the Seven Sisters Dreaming story is the only one found in every tribal estate throughout the continent. All other content is normally specific to each location, but when it comes to the off-world cast, once again the title given never varies, they are not called Gods, Spirits or even Aliens, but Sky Heroes.

There Comes Their Time: Fate of Sacred Rocks

Every attempt made by us to engage in thorough research on these rocks is inevitably a mixed blessing. There are so many arm-chair critics, deniers of the mystical and crusaders of cultural protocol and appropriation ready to speak out, yet the only truth they actually share is a complete lack of direct contact with the rocks or us. We have no doubt that this report on the rocks will see participants from all three groups once again complaining and lecturing from the pulpit about the most recent rock/artefact-directive we were given a week ago. It makes no difference whatsoever, our loyalty and future dealings are entirely artefact-inspired, and once again we are merely responding to what they determine, everything else is background noise. Just to be perfectly clear this development comes from the sacred Original rocks, all the non-Atlantean rings and pendants and Alien bones, as was the case when we hastily put together the second Solstice ceremony. Having said that, from a quantitative viewpoint undeniably the rocks make up a sizeable numerical majority.

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