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The Out of Australia Theory: Authors, Researchers, Progressive Archaeo-Historians, Speakers & Our Alien Ancestry Conference Founders

7:32pm at Uluru & Elsewhere ...

Photo by Geraldine Grace

Before, During and After: A UFO in the Clouds

No less than ninety-nine percent of UFO/Alien encounters are one-off incidents, almost invariably fleeting and unexpected in duration and absent in background, intentions or destinations. Lacking content, a supporting narrative or cast, each snippet is seen and gone and as there is no reason to remember or reflect, the effect is never-lasting.                 Not this time around, what we will present is partially non-terrestrial and completely without precedent in effects. It was our expectation that what actually happened at Uluru when sacred ceremony was held on December 21, along with an assortment of lead-up incidents, could never be proven to the satisfaction of any critic or scientist. Much to our surprise that common-sense expectation was so wrong, the quantity and quality of supporting tangible evidence proving that the big red rock was energised is comprehensive. This joint human and alien venture has culminated in the changing of everything on this planet, beginning now. And the best part of what is now available is that we can prove that what was prepared and positioned so long ago at Uluru, did actually happen.

Just a Little Further Ahead: Bones & Metal

So first up we intend to rearrange the ancestral and historical base upon which this sacred event was underpinned and inspired by. We have to establish that there has been a long-term involvement in the genetics, daily affairs and global future of humanity. Once that first off-world step is solid and secure, we can then move on to the empirical proof and testimonies supporting of our belief that the ceremonies of December 21 directed towards Uluru were far more successful than we expected. From our perspective and extensive collection of Alien artefacts, bones and genes the time has now come to move past any further debate regarding whether extra-terrestrial beings actually exist and have dramatically affected all of human existence. Now is the time to move on to the crucial next step in addressing why these many off-world beings have come and investigated so much, time, energy and love while guiding a very aggressive earthly life-form?

500,000 Years Ago ???

A few days ago an email sent to me from the editor from Nexus, Duncan Roads, was supposedly presenting absolute empirical proof that Neanderthals were in Australia over half a million years ago, and it became apparent in a further exchange of emails, my immediate reaction of bewilderment tinged by heavy lashings of incredulity was shared by Duncan. What Duncan sent to us was an article written by Ryan Morrison (Not Just for Throwing!) who gave an overview of an amazing archaeological find in relation to the use and antiquity of boomerangs. It was so difficult to move past the opening sentence, which basically meant the entire ancient human evolution model was fundamentally wrong for starters, and so much more.


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