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Photo by Geraldine Grace

Over Seven Billion Sapien Faces, and None are the Same

That undeniable fact, that no two people on this planet share exactly the same face, means that any comparison between sapiens and all other life-forms creates a conundrum that under present circumstances and paradigms cannot be solved. Be it ever so minor there will be differences in the arrangement of one human mouth, two ears and eyes, and it is that accelerating divergence in presentation which breaks every rule Nature has set into the genes of all life-forms that evolved solely from Earthly stock.

The Top Ten: Sacred Rocks

There are over two hundred ancient Original rocks under our custodianship which are being repatriated back onto a sacred site. More than half are already on site, but until the location is fully prepared, they have been hidden-in-waiting. None of these rocks will be placed in display case, but set into a sacred ceremonial formation resting on the earth. As this day of relocation and renaissance nears, the time to select which rocks will be featured in this public arena draws closer, and in prioritising from such a unique and potent clientele, what became clearly evident was the division in the tasks and powers they possess. And in this respect some rocks certainly did stand apart and above the rest, and it was these ascended stone receptacles that have requested publicity because of these troubled times, and it is through that directive we have selected the top ten of this ensemble.

Beneath the Surface …………

For a considerable time after the first star rock was given to us by Ros Mulder, Evan and I saw this rock as being a rock. No more or less than a piece of geology that cannot talk, walk, eat or breathe, for all intents and purposes they just sit or stand there for a very long time seemingly contributing nothing to anything. I remember at school having absolutely no interest in geology, and my marks in tests reflected that disconnect. As more rocks were bought or found by others then given to us unconditionally, the numbers increased but nothing changed as they still remained rocks. Granted they are totally special, and exhibit so many controversial attachments, cuts and applications, but deep down was not on our radar, as they just sat and waited. And that was the rub, they were waiting for us to catch up, to them!


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