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The Fire Within

The fires burning throughout Australia are without precedent and utterly appalling, of that consequence, irrespective of why, no-one can question. That there is chaos, destruction, the death of millions of animals, burning of rainforests and the air we breathe is beyond toxic, is undeniable. It would seem nothing of benefit has come out of this disaster. But that is not true, for amongst the scenes many have likened to ‘hell on earth,’ there is the real opportunity to heal and repair this country.

Three Rings for the Every Things

For obvious reasons that ring has been our primary focus as it is enough of itself to validate the existence of Atlantis, irrespective of whether it is magical, the chemistry and engraved content of this ring demands by association that if it is not a myth, then so too Atlantis is equally real. So multi-faceted and complex is the research required by this ring, we decided to withhold any mention of the first giant’s ring, also found and purchased by Ros, until the timing was right. *Special Thanks to:- Ros Mulder

Yes or No: the Atlantean Ring (Part 6)

From the first time, the spiteful side of the Atlantean ring made its presence known, reinforced by the dark-side being called up to kill both Evan and I, and culminating in one psychic insisting that we hide the ring lamenting that no matter what we did the “tentacles”(1) of the evil within could never be controlled and would “inevitably”(2) “penetrate,”(3) we have consistently maintained that the ring must be purged of all traces of evil. Nothing less than the total exorcism of this evil intrusion was acceptable, and the sooner the better.