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The Sounds of Silence

As much as I am always on the lookout for ways to use song titles as headings, this is not my contribution, but that of an academic assisting. This was the title he chose that summed up the current state of official proceedings a week and a half since the sacred caves at Juukan Gorge were destroyed or badly damaged. He used a heading like this in an email to me after ten days contacting every department, official or site that had any relationship or obligation to what Rio Tinto recklessly desecrated, only to find no-one or group had done anything and nor did any express any intention to look, ask or even phone. Very simply, at that stage this academic felt it was like trying to dismantle a “wall of silence.”(2) Then three days on with a further intense effort to get anyone to respond and nothing improving, I noticed that his introductory phrase had morphed from a wall into sounds of silence. Tragically, at the time of writing and three days further along, no-one of authority has since stepped up, no independent body assessed or seen the damage, and for Rio Tinto it is back to the business of digging big holes in the dirt. With Shane Mortimer

Yuukan Gorge one day, a Week After Canberra, and now Kariong, Will it Ever Stop?

We have fought for many sacred Original sites over the past decade and always lost. Sadly we have so many to choose from for this report. The extremely sacred men’s site at Cedar Creek readily comes to mind, which is now a quarry, undeniably Yuukan Gorge is of tragic importance at the moment, barely a week after Canberra turns up, and while still trying to get our heads around the intricacies of that site, two days later and out of the blue a location of immense significance and power I have been to no less than thirty times, is about to be permanently desecrated.

Dingoes and Denisovans: Ancient Genetic Anomalies or New Genetic Realities

We see so much of what shouldn’t be, either in research or artefacts and sites, and from our perspective immediately dispensing with most of what is claimed to be true about ancient history and human evolution is pure common sense. To an extent, what closed this debate in prompting us to make a parting statement, were the last two printed copies of reports on archaeological topics Evan found and handed to me. One paper was centred solely on ancient developments in Australia, while in the other review the same continent is incidentally mentioned once on page three. The content of each paper is separated by the principle item under investigation, emphasis and locations, but bound together by one recurring enigma: Australia always seems to present contrary evidence, hominids, genes, dates and artefacts.



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