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Ishwara: The Conference

Ishwara is a journey a remedy to our human amnesia in which we will put together a jigsaw puzzle that spans hundreds of thousands of years From the world a few have seen the unexplained mysteries of Antarctica to the God of War our neighboring planet Mars, extraterrestrial visitation to government cover ups to our lost forgotten collective history. I invite you to join us at Ishwara on October 10/2020 in a day of learning, sharing and celebration of raising our awareness of our inner Ishwara. WatchersTalk welcomes Brad Olsen, Jeffrey Boyd Jr, James Bartly, Paul Anthony Wallace, Jerome Calvar, Steven & Evan Strong, Michael Feeley and John Shaughnessy. I hope to see you there, please share this with whom you think will benefit from this day of learning.

Down by, Via, and in the Sea: a Seagull did it!

The most recent reports on three archaeological discoveries are so radical and sensational in their implications that, if actually true, all historical books which deal with anything prefaced by BC have to be rewritten. Fundamental theories that seemed to have morphed into historical facts such as Darwinian influenced accounts of human evolution, the denial of earlier more advanced civilisations and the importance of magic, along with the mistaken belief humanity evolved in Africa which led on to the Out-of-Africa exodus of modern man are now no longer facts, and they have to be regarded as seriously questionable flawed suggestions. It is that cut and dried, the pedigree of the science supporting three separate pieces of research is of the highest level, and if the conclusions are correct then virtually everything claimed to be known about humans before paper and books, is called into question.

From Stones to the Stars -Return of the Great Spirit

By Jillian-Rumble Young I have always been magnetically drawn to obscure and magical objects. There’s a curious excitement in all the cells of your being, when your about to find something special. Being able to read energy was a skill of survival for me growing up. I could sense when things didn’t feel or seem right . I have learned to live in intuition mode. I have used this talent to get myself out of dangerous situations, many times. It seems 10/10 my intuition is Always right. Call it what you want, but I have always felt this world was far more mysterious and magical than I was ever told.



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