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Speakers from Our Alien Ancestry Event: Lea Kapiteli, Evan Strong, Brendan D. Murphy & Steven Strong

Coming and Going

we have no option but to set off down the same rocky road yet again, simply because every rock discussed exhibited something that contradicts the fable called ‘human history,’ and because of this, deserves further consideration. Make no mistake, it is not just us, close to every day we receive photographs and enquiries from people all over Australia about rocks found or passed on to them that is clearly unnatural in marking, shape or has some other feature that demands nothing less than a hardened metal blade. Whether seen or sent, a recurring inconvenient technological narrative never varies, and because all mainstream experts refuse to look or examine the rock-solid evidence of ancient rock-archaeology, we have no choice but to continue banging on the door through writing more reports on inanimate silent rocks until allowed entry by the officially anointed ‘gate-keepers.’ Thanks to:- Nadia, Nathan, Conor & Others

Rocks that Attach and Detach

Nothing under discussion is ours, it is not that what follows is unfamiliar to us as our rocks know of these activities and are more than capable of all that was described. Thankfully they just haven’t flown down that particular path, yet. Undeniably this content is extending rock boundaries and participants dramatically. This incursion into the mystical realms begins with an Original woman who attended an Adelaide rock workshop we convened, and is followed by hundreds of non-Original witnesses from Western Australia. Of the many journalists and farmers who verified this sensational continually repeated phenomena, one person was a professional journalist (Jack Coulter-Daily Mail) who was sent by his paper to investigate rumours of a rock event he initially expressed huge scepticism towards. All who were sent to record or were already in the area, came away utterly convinced what they saw time after time was real, and absolutely genuine.

Real and Present Evidence of Atlantis, Lemuria and Beyond

MEDIA RELEASE: Premiering at the Byron Bay Discovery Park on March 6 and 7, are six artefacts that question everything we assume to be factual in relation to ancient Australian and Global world history. For any questioning the credentials of such a claim, it needs to be appreciated five of the six artefacts were examined through rigorous science. Of the many anomalies these artefacts create, there are four that stand out. All the three ancient rings analysed to establish the elements within, are either pure Orichalcum, or an element was added or subtracted. This metal is unique, as it exists nowhere else on the planet, officially regarded as “mythical,” and exclusively associated with Atlantis. In one ring the one element found in the pure Orichalcum (Nickel) was extracted and replaced with a sizable deposit of Titanium. Any use of Titanium is post-1930 in today’s world, yet this ring, stolen from the grounds of Angkor Wat by a soldier in the Vietnam War, is very old and worn and is obviously thousands of years old.....