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“The Year From Hell” and it’s not Good Enough

It all began with a front-page article in the Sydney Morning Herald and the accompanying photo of the female and male school captains. These two students are studying at an upper-class high school and obviously are performing well by every measure and would seemingly be bound for success and many financial rewards. They should be at the peak of their days and fully aware of the privileges on offer, but it wasn’t the words laced in despondency and futility that resonated, but the look on this young woman’s face that said so much more.

Close to the Edge, Down by the Corner

In the last two articles we had begun our examination of both sides of an enigmatic rock ensemble. In this combined endeavour we are indeed “close to the edge, down by the corner,”(2) but our journey into the ancient past and immediate future is at best, barely half-way there. More rock-facts and magic are needed, simply because the underlying premise behind their resurrection is that they are supremely magical and are ready and willing to share their energy with humans in need. At first glance believing such a seemingly fanciful, maybe even deluded, claim demands some convincing evidence. And lots of it.

Beneath the Surface Part 2

Invariably, whenever reporting on mystical or magical issues, it is so hard to find a comfortable opening gambit. It is not as if we harbour doubts or equivocations, far from it, but my training and manner of investigation is scientific and once venturing into the esoteric realms, the empirical larder is bare. Everything on offer past the other side of the curtain is subjective, solely reliant on the integrity and sanity of the observer. That all adds up to bad science, and it is, but it is also the plain truth.


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