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  1. Stuart Foster
    May 14, 2019

    Dear Sir, I found ancient carved message stones , could I send you some photo’s . Regards, Stu.


  2. Earl Lovell
    October 4, 2017

    You look High as a Kite or flat worn out! BUT ! let me tell you please that you have no idea what you are talking about and you bet Rocks can tell of the past {I CAN} Rock all the world with knowledge from the worlds past and boy oh boy can I show /tell you about ancient Peru. I have 41 years into my research and I have discovered that there is a way the world has saved images of people, animals, events and more and I can get these images all day long every day and in Ancient Peru Archaeologist stumble around the whole country and do not have a clue about it’s past and I can unlock so much of Peru’s past that will shock you and is right under your nose. Seriously it was an advanced civilization perhaps the first on earth ?
    I seem to have got on a trail that reveals all kinds of information and is much like the owners Manual of the earth and this system of things. Jesus Gamarra Farfin and many others stumble around just to make money but will not listen nor will Peter De Jong or the news media or National Geographic or anyone. It is actually quite simple to learn and so much about the earth and this system of things can be learned if only one person would stop the bull or quit speculating and come see me in person and I will teach it to you for free just so the story can be told and so I can see what all you can do with it before I die one of these days soon.
    I can rock the world if only I could give the story the truth away to someone who could publish it and get all the world on the right track. I can open a whole new world of thinking in Geology, Astronomy , Science , and much more.
    There is no one that can do satellite imaging better than I can because I know how to see and you could to.
    I can go to any archaeology dig before they dig and tell them things they would never know or find and it is not that hard.
    I can get images from the worlds past all day long every day of the year that no one is aware of {It is everywhere } All around you.
    I went to the Chicago Tribune tower and called up stairs and asked a reporter if he would come don stairs and allow me to show or teach him these things and he had no idea what I have and he said no and I had $5.000 with me and offered it to him to come down stairs and give me 15 minutes and he said NO! I guess the world is not ready to know because it is too busy being crazy nuts and out of hand. There are none so blind as those that cannot see……………………I’m on Facebook Earl Lovell


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