Two Sides of the Same Story: The Crocodile Marked Rock

Two Sides of the Same Story: The Crocodile Marked Rock

By Steven & Evan Strong

With Contributions by Robyn Brown and Ros Mulder


There are two sacred marked rocks, one which has been with us for years and the other is the last to join the ensemble, which sum up all of what makes these rocks so unique and pivotal, and equally, they bring focus upon many reasons why those who control and pass official judgements are obliged to look the other way.

Each of these two rocks is unique, there is nothing in the collection that is a close match, undeniably there are traces of some features present, but in general terms they are separate categories. The most recent to join our group, the tessellated rock is a melange of techniques seen before but never in this arrangement. It is a work in progress as it arrived yesterday, and because of my preference to spend some time in personal contact before offering any impressions will follow a report on the older rock we are more familiar. My earnest hope is by the time Ros’ Rock 3 is discussed and completed I will a lot more to offer than at the present, it is so different in so many ways. Whether presentation, atmosphere, colouring or demeanour, nothing sits comfortably at the moment and I have nothing. On to a more recognisable setting and easier assignment, by the time that task is completed we hope to have struck up some sort of relationship with our new guest.

Ros Rock 3 has been with us for years, it is the third rock in the ever expanding collection and was written about at a time when we were still literally ‘dancing in the dark.’ At that stage all rocks were kept in the house for what we assumed to be ‘safe-keeping.’ Knowing their cost and cultural significance, leaving them outside and thus increasing the chances of theft seemed to be the right approach, but nothing could be further from the truth. Quite simply, during these early stages we were novices in protecting the Divine and operating well outside our comfort zone. Not only did we incorrectly store them inside, our examination of this particular rock was shallow at best and distracted by my conditioning.

Every line on Ros’ Rocks 1 and 2 is almost always perfectly straight, there is precision and geometry aplenty on this rocks. Our assumption was that nature does not create straight lines, which is wrong, and the more crooked and off-centre the markings the greater the chance it is due to natural phenomena. We were wrong on both counts, nature can form lines and cracks at any alignment and angle available as can humans when engraving into rock. If so inspired, with pen in hand, I can draw a straight line, partially straight or completely crooked and frayed. Precision in geometric presentation obviously increases the chances a human hand and tool is responsible, but it does preclude natural input.

“No-one can Speak”(1)

This is the first rock we saw that did not have a predominance of straight lines and neat intersections. Quite a few lines are straight and some very fine, but there are also crooked and jagged lines. Both my conditioning and the example of two previous rocks left me unprepared for this assortment of angles and alignment, knowing irregular cracks and splits are a common event it has always been a balancing act when examining this rock. Lurking in the background is the notion that what we are seeing is a combination of natural processes that although quite uncommon, do exist.

We held fast to that equivocation while writing the article and up until we met Original Culture-Keeper, Brendan Murray. Even though we knew the artefact is genuine and was used in ceremony, it could be the rock was picked up in that natural state to which little or nothing was added. We have no doubt we could get a dozen geologists to subscribe to that pragmatic point of view. But Brendan holds to a more mystical perspective, he was particularly taken by this rock and spent some time in reflection with it. It was the rock he felt most attracted to and began this meeting by rubbing the rock along the skin on the inside of his arm three times. After completing introductions the rock was placed in the palm of his hand before speaking. He told us that once his fingers grip the rock and his hand is closed no-one can speak until the rock is uncovered, which is exactly what happened over the next minute.

Very sacred, extremely important, Brendan was working with this ancient artefact and its role was to bring on silence and provide a time for quiet introspection without the chatter and distractions. The depth of this bond between skin and rock was a precursor and lesson to be absorbed as the numbers increased. What needed to be understood is that the rock and human host struck up a symbiotic relationship in a partnership of equals. Whether used as a meditative aide or a method to calm heated moments, is still to be determined, but we suspect it is both ways and many others.

Scratching Around the Surface

Before delving further into why Brendan was convinced this rock could assist humans in finding inner peace and wisdom, there is a need to provide a physical description and some simple observations. It is not a very large rock measuring, at its widest points 6cms x 4 cms x 3 cms high. At the most elemental level we suspect this rock is meant to be a visual representation of an important location that has two peaks side by side. Once positioned on what is obviously a rectangular base there are two crests that rise upwards, one is marginally higher than the other, but in total the surrounding edges, markings and valleys combine to make a very distinctive shape that looks decidedly geographical in design.

The four sided base plate has one side unmarked while the other three have at least seventeen individual imprints that run along the edges. Knowing how essential it is to get as much purchase between skin and rock when held in the prescribed fashion, and in nearly other case when held to point the thumb rest is often ‘roughed up’ so that the thumb-pad is spread across and into the rock, the presence of no less than seventeen indentations where the skin will be in contact strongly suggest this is a holding rock.

As with all of the star-rocks collection this rock also has a thin chert/resin veneer that coats a much lighter base rock. That is standard practice, the thin coat when applied being soft and semi-liquid is so much easier to mark than after it sets rock-hard. This rock has a chocolate brown colouring, which is the most popular choice. But in one respect the coat of this rock has only one equal, the coat has been polished extensively. Not only is the surface mirror-smooth, if placed to face the sun the reflection is so strong it is impossible to see the darker base. No natural rock could ever reflect light with that intensity unless treated.

As commented on earlier, to begin with my biggest hurdle involved overcoming my prejudice towards straight lines, precise geometry and artificial marks that cannot be made by any natural process. At first glance these marks and cuts vary from straight and narrow to crude and untidy. There are at least four different widths of cut on display and two lines take many deviations in spanning all three sides while pausing at one lip then picking up the same path once continuing on the next side, others do not travel as far.

It is a mixed bag and within it is the lines that are the smallest in length and narrowest in width that actually push the boundaries the furthest. On one side there are quite a few delicate lines either that stop one millimetre short of a thicker line or in two cases continue over and onwards. There are six such lines that pull up so close but are not touching, while two cross over. All eight lines run at different angles, which only lessens the chances there is a natural agent or cause responsible. As to what these lines represent, whether tracks, creeks, ley lines, all three or more, is a question that needs a great deal more consideration and guidance.

Dispensing with the Mundane

Two weeks ago I was near where the rocks are stored and hidden and I was called over to select a rock to spend some time in close contact. That is quite normal and has happened often, the only difference this time around was that the sun had just set and being in the rainforest the light was fading and I could not see the rocks clearly. The rock chosen, Ros’ Rock 3, was not received enthusiastically, in fact my immediate reaction was to put it back and try again. Once becoming aware of my ingrained bias towards this early addition, any thought of delegation vanished and so began the longest separation between one rock and the group so far.

To be honest the first few days together was a non-event, I was still carrying too much baggage and on every occasion it was in my hand being scrutinised I could never let go of the rational mind’s insistence that the crooked and frayed lines were due to natural forces. I wasn’t open to its underlying truths and nor was the rock willing to let anything go. What held me back was a combination of too many science classes when a child and too much noise coming out of my left-hemisphere.

Undeniably any mainstream geologist would take notice of such idle talk and declare the entire assemblage on this rock as natural, but they have never been up close and personal with this rock and nor has it ever touched their skin. To be fair, after many ‘false-starts’ we have only just began to open up a dialogue, so it is understandable those further apart will understand less. In my case, after winning its trust and clearing away the cob-webs I now know a little more about how this rock operated and integrates.

The thawing of my resistance began the first time I followed Brendan’s advice and spent time in silence. Wisdom was given, I have no intention to elaborate past that admission, whatever what is claimed is entirely subjective and solely reliant of my honesty, so the details will add nothing in that respect. More importantly, it is my business and whether others want to doubt my integrity is of no concern to me, for I am only answerable to myself and my Creator. What I can state clearly was that after my first lengthy session I no longer question the rock’s authenticity.

In what was an extension on what Brendan shared with us, I decided to look further in taking the rock out of my hand and onto forehead. From the first time rock and forehead locked in, what was received, and most assuredly taken, was a huge extension on the first greetings when we shook hand and silica. Again the finer details serve no real purpose, but there was one reaction that confirmed how much I had underestimated the credentials of this small rock and needs to be mentioned.

On many occasions we have made mention of the symbiotic relationship between rock and human, and that the rock only becomes energised once held by a human host. That is an absolute fact observed and reported by us often, but it was always the outcome we saw with our eyes, with the exception of one cylcon throbbing in my hand, everything else has been visual. To extent, that one degree of separation has not so much been encouraged but has never been seen as a hindrance if trying to remain impartial.

With this rock all impartiality went out the window when this rock first locked onto and into my forehead. It felt ‘magnetic,’ as if two magnets were drawn to each other and clamped together. More than once, so strong is the connection, I have pulled my supporting finger away to see if the rock will defy the laws of gravity in deference to the mystical, but as yet the rock will still fall if unsupported. For now, so strong is the attachment I will continue both uniting and testing that bond. As much as our next prediction is contrary to so many Laws of Science, I will persevere as I do believe the reason the rock does not support its own weight is due to my inadequacies.

Irrespective of whether I can improve and successfully maintain the join past the finger separating is irrelevant. Beyond this ‘party trick’ is a deeper reality that needs no more support, when this rock rests on my skin above what is the vestiges of my pineal gland (the sleeping third eye) it is giving and taking. Often I can feel a surge of energy pouring out into this rock which acts like blotting paper, which is the dominant reaction, however, there have been occasions where the flow is reversed and that is worth the wait and price of admission paid.

This may sound a ridiculous notion, the idea of any rock defying the laws of gravity in attaching itself unsupported to any person standing, defies logic. And so it does, according to White-fella science rocks do not stick onto people, but there is an alternative view of the natural world and its mechanisms where rocks do adhere to Original laws of attraction. When we presented the rocks in a workshop in Adelaide, I still remember the comments made by a young Original woman of a meeting she had with an elderly Original couple. The male Elder was very old and as the Keeper of the Rocks had a special relationship with the sacred rocks. His knowledge was well beyond ours, for he was able to call the rocks which would literally fly through the air and attach themselves firmly onto his body. They never fell and stayed beside and on their human custodian until the ceremony was completed. He and these rocks spoke the same language, whereas we are still assembling the letters and forming a few simple words.

Again this is a personal affair between the rock and myself, and past stating that the contact is deeper and more profound than when held in the hand, there is no need to preach to the converted or throw petrol on the fire stoked by cynics and puppets. Even if I did feel disposed towards being more forthcoming, there is real problem using a three-dimensional vocabulary that is so limited in describing the mystical, divine or esoterically sublime. The task is both beyond my inclination or capacities, all that is left behind is one witness and a plea of innocence and truthfulness.

The gap in Proceedings

These rocks go right back to very beginning and were an integral part of spiritual fibre of Original society. Whether prepared to accept the claims made in relation to what these rocks are capable is immaterial, the only verifiable truth that remains irrespective of stance taken is that they are believed by Original people to contain many magical powers. What was initially more than a little perplexing is that among the Keepers of the Old Way little is known about these rocks. No-one disputes their authenticity, but as to how to operate these artefacts, little remains. We have been given information on how to ‘turn them on,’ but as yet nothing past the point of flicking the switch. Other Elders have contacted us insisting that nearly all the rocks belong to women, others are adamant only men can work with them. When consulting the very sparse information recorded, the only consistency left is that little is known and more than likely they were rarely used during the time of British occupation.

The problem is that people of all races are thinking like humans, never rocks. Rocks do not have a gender, there is no foetus, penis or breasts on display. They do not lactate nor give birth, and because of these numerous omissions in physiology they are neither male nor female, but are simply “it.” Ros told us that the 2.2 kg crystal that has joined forces with the two cylcons in placating the angry three boasted that “I’m it!” Quite recently when in discussion with Wirritjin he reinforced the permanence of this neutrality in explaining how the sacred mark rock he holds has corrected him more than once whenever he lapsed in describing the rock as ‘he.’ The rock would always object, declaring they have no sex and must be referred to as “it.”

What we now know is that most, if not all, of these rocks are to be held by men, but the recent history immediately before Cook is not quite as noble and enlightened as we had assumed. We did know that when the British turned up uninvited there is no account of anyone witnessing cylcons being used and that led us to believe that the Invasion was the catalyst for their withdrawal from the public arena. Not completely so, many of these holy rocks had already been misused by men who had let their ego control their dealings, in these cases the women had to take on custodianship, but never control. Many such women, and their descendants, kept these rocks stored away until the time was right.

There was trouble in paradise before the British boats dropped anchor. As to whether these two rocks were under the care of women or men who had not lost their way is impossible to determine, all we can state is that at present they are safe, ready, willing and able when the opportunity arises.

The Parcel has Been Unwrapped

After spending a little time with Robyn, a psychic of undoubted talents, the rock was sent by post and has arrived. The parcel has been unwrapped and the rock is now with us, but more time is needed before anything solid will take shape. What we present now is given with one proviso, any or all of what we offer is accompanied by no guarantee and can be added to, changed or deleted if needed at a later date.

Obviously the physical description, measurements, tallies and comparisons made will probably remain intact, that part of the investigation is less ambiguous and easier to chart. If that is all there is here, it is a very easy piece of archaeology full of technology that is extremely advanced and an assortment of marks, lines and shapes never seen before. All of this is simple science, but is less than half the task at hand.

When it comes to its sacred properties and the mystical component, this rock is no less powerful than our long-term resident (Ros’ Rock 3) and if relying of those who have already spent time together, most probably much more. As much as this esoteric side of this rock is real and deserving of discussion, as with the previous rock it must follow a brief description of what lays on the surface before looking within.

Small, Subtle and Discreet

At first sighting it would be fair to say that after all the build-up we were a little underwhelmed when first sighting this rock. Being less than five centimetres at its widest point and its feature side did seem at initial glance to be comfortably dismissed citing natural forces, we were quite concerned its credentials were far less convincing than we had been led to believe.

We had seen photographs of the bubbled side that resembled crocodile scales, but we have learnt through experience never to pass judgement on any rock until seen in the hand. That effect, although never seen before on any marked rock, has been seen in a much grander style covering massive spreads of sandstone rock platforms near Gosford. There are arguments about whether these larger reliefs are indeed natural, we are very confident they are marks made by Original tools, but at this stage we are a minority view. Nevertheless, the fact that markings are similar and has been officially deemed to be natural, does appear to take a little gloss off this marked rock.

Measuring 4.5 cms x 3.5 cms x 4 cms this rock has had little to no shaping and seems to be still in its natural state. None of the five sides have a flat surface, in fact there is not one even side or hint of geometry on show. Outside the bubbled top plate there is not a level section anywhere to rest the rock. As with all of the star rocks, it has a thin veneer on top with a much lighter grey/chocolate undercoat. Most of these rocks are coloured, as this one is, dark chocolate. With this rock we cannot be as absolute there is a thin coat attached to a different base rock, normally there is a huge difference in colour or grain evident, but due to a closer carry over of the same brown beneath this leaves open the possibility it could all be one rock.

At this stage the rock was not ringing any bells, neither Evan nor I had seen or sensed anything unusual and my biggest concern was finding an explanation to offer to those who spoke of this rock in such reverential tones. Not only had it failed to make any connection, I could not see enough evidence to even place it into the high technology classification. It could be the rock had been all over the place and was not forthcoming as it was still acclimatising to another locale, or it was a ‘dud.’ As I began looking for the prescribed grip, it was done with little enthusiasm as my suspicion was that it was a natural rock used after being marked by nature.

The Second Time Around

The rock is lacking in precision and finding a station for my thumb or finger took some time and it was only when my thumb was positioned in what turns out to be the largest resting position of any rock in the collection, did my jaded complacency begin to waiver. Once the thumb was set, the index-fingertip nestled into the largest worn depression on the rock, and in combination were so comfortable and well-set I began to question whether I had underestimated this candidate.

With the rock now held as it was meant I had the advantage of a slightly altered perspective when viewing the bubbled section and I started to pick up visual clues my eyes had already relayed on, but the brain was otherwise engaged. Those so-called bubbles are much more than a natural reaction, numbering somewhere very close to fifty six there is absolutely no consistency in pattern, sizing, geometry or sequencing. If this was a natural event that had to have happened at the same time, and some form of universal agent corroded upon or abraded this small rock, all of this should lead on to a degree of uniformity in the final product. It could be these bubble-like extrusions are the result of intense heat where the temperature variation across such a tiny space would be extremely small and therefore the final product similar. Perhaps a much longer process was responsible, but again with such a small space are under pressure or coating the markings should retain a reasonable degree of consistency.

Now fully focused on the 56 shapes, it becomes obvious how conditioning blinds even my eyes when finally seeing that no shape resembles any other shape. There are shapes with two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and ten sides to tally, one solitary perfectly circular peck, a range in length from two millimetres to one centimetre and a disparity in volume by a factor of twenty between the smallest and largest shape. Nor is the spread of different sizes uniform, the largest and smallest raised patches of chocolate are neighbours. There amongst all the curves and diagonal lines forming this mesh there are two straight lines, one of three and a half centimetres and other a little less than half that length. Just below the longest straight line, which is the finest in width of all the markings, is a point were seven straight lines intersect. Why such precision and apparent random marks could be so close and in between is a real problem if relying on any natural explanation.

Further down the marked side face is a continuous line that circumnavigates all three sides in a gradual curve and just above another line that runs straight for one centimetre, takes a 120 degree turn remaining perfectly straight as it cuts through three straight lines.

All of this sits on the top plate and one side, and I missed the significance of these marks and lines on first viewing. Whether due to preconditioning, old age, failing eyesight or just a bad day at the office is still open for discussion, but at least the mistakes were seen and admitted to before any damage was done. And that extremely brief introduction is as far as we are prepared to venture, I need more time with this rock to see whether nothing or something eventuates, or maybe there will be some movement near the edges, time will tell. Despite our brief time traveling down this more mystical path, this preliminary report is not complete, as there are two women who have already made some substantial progress in that regard.

Three Postcodes

It is only fitting we open with Ros’ account. Ros made a successful bid for the rock and was the first to receive it through the post, and once unwrapping the parcel she knew this one was special.

When I first seen this marked rock I knew without a doubt that this is to become one of the most important rocks of the collection. When I first touched this rock I felt waves of energy I have never felt before. I am given instruction from the divine whether you call it intuition God or Spirit but I’m pretty sure who our Guide is on this journey. I kept getting images of the Panaramittee Crocodile stone replica shown to Steven by Ramindjeri Elder Karno Walker and told to look up certain images. I was also ‘told’ that this pattern is a harmonic code that is seen all throughout the Earth, either in natural form or part of ancient structures found all over The World. Some of the natural forms are animal skin, butterfly wings, ripples on water, dried mud, leaves, spider webs and human skin and sound waves on water.The code found in the Ancient World will be covered in the next part of this story by Steven and Evan.
Robyn who on our visit with the Ancient Aliens team had picked the same rock as me out of the collection which I believed to be the most sacred. I was ‘told’ to message Robyn and ask her what she thought of this rock, I wanted to know as well if Robyn thought it was as powerful as I felt it was. As luck or synchronicity would have it Robyn and Richard and a team were to be up at Bambara, I said that I would take it to show them. Robyn had the same reaction as I did, she had never felt this type of energy before, I was told by ‘Spirit’ to give her the rock to take with her to see what message she receives from it, then to send it on to Steven and Evan.
The Original People had this knowledge of the Earth’s codes and some still do. They had an intricate relationship with Earth and her Energy.
Everyone can have a relationship with rocks just ‘feel’ when you go rock hunting.
As the words of a famous song goes:
‘And I know every rock and tree and creature,
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.” (Rosslyn Mulder, 2017)(2)

Concluding With the Indefensible

The technology on display is totally at odds with what was supposed to be in this country until the British Invasion, that recurring truth has been ticked off and stated dozens of times before. That is not our primary focus this time around, that part is too easy and merely a backdrop to the main event, twice over.

All three people who have come into direct contact with one of these unique marked star-rocks have formed a deep relationship with a non-breathing accumulation of grains and minerals that has no blood or heart-beat. As ridiculous as that stance may seem, it gets worse as we also claim that these rocks can both communicate and understand us, which can only happen if it is a conscious entity.

The idea that a supposedly inanimate object can literally download the thoughts and intentions may seem ridiculous, but the same process has been mentioned often on mainstream television and is the mode of operation and main catalyst used by the main character in a high-rating television series. Tyler Henry is a clairvoyant whose show involves psychic readings of celebrities. In every meeting Tyler requests that the person participating bring an object which belonged to the deceased spirit they wish to contact. The reason something dear and personal is required is that the essence of that person, whether vibration or some other presence, remains within the object. Tyler believes that residual resonance is the link needed for him to make some form of cross-dimensional exchange. The same rules apply to the sacred rocks.

I still have the greatest reluctance in actually writing that rocks have a symbiotic and conscious relationship with humans, even now it causes some concern each time we make claims like these, especially since two years ago talk like this was totally off our radar. Nevertheless, the deed is done, the words are there and the truth has been recorded.

Of course, some will find such claims pure nonsense, putting this all down to lies, delusions or a clever ploy to capitalise on the gullible in making a dishonest profit. Since we can be either deceiving or genuine, there is a realistic 50% chance we are being untruthful, to which our critics will subscribe, but equally the same odds work in reverse. The reality is that there is an equal chance these rocks are not only sacred artefacts, but still functioning today and in the days yet to come.

We have no doubt the responses of our critics to this excursion into the far-left field of the paranormal will be strident. We fully expect that the old favourites like ‘deluded,’ ‘hippy,’ ‘off with the fairies,’ ‘smoke in our eyes,’ ‘Cult leader’ and many others will resurface. Who knows, there could be some or no truth in these condemnations, all we can offer in response are three lines of defense: it is the truth, this was the truth and we are telling the Original truth.

In closing while maintaining a spirit of consultation, bearing in mind Robyn was also adamant that this rock had unparalleled credentials, we will close with her personal response to the rock.


On a recent trip to the glyphs I was greeted in the carpark by Ros who informed me she had an unusual rock that she had purchased on E-Bay. She was “told” by Karno to ask me about it so offered to let me take the rock for a while until I understood Karno’s message, then I was to pass it onto Steve.

Because of it’s shape and tesselated appearance I immediately nick named it the “crocodile rock”.  The tessellation on this rock is very similar to the tessellation on large areas of rock platforms at the glyphs, although it appears to be made of a completely different material. When I hold it I get a very strong feeling it is not of this world.

Interestingly when Ros first showed me the rock I immediately fitted my thumb and finger’s into what I thought were the appropriate grooves – it meant I was holding it like a pistol.  But Ros insisted that she held it differently, so I tried it her way but it felt completely wrong for me.  Ros tried holding it my way and likewise insisted that it felt completely wrong for her.

Spending the next few weeks with the rock I had some amazing information come through but knew that this information was just for me and not to be shared or passed on. The night before I sent the rock onto Steve I woke up in the middle of the night and Karno “came through” very clearly and showed me how the rock would work for us in the future, but again I knew that the details were for me only.  I think the reason for this is that the information from the rock is specific to the individual and not relevant to anyone else. i.e. it “tailor’s it’s message” to the holder of the rock at the time.

It’s possible that this unusual rock produces a different energy and experience depending on who is holding it and how they choose to hold it.” (Robyn Brown, 2017).(3)


(1) Brendan Murray, Personal Communication to Steven Strong.

(2) Rosslyn Mulder, 2017.

(3) Robyn Brown, 2017.



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