“With One Eye Open … Off to Never-Never Land”

Photo By Samarah Wood

 “With One Eye Open … Off to Never-Never Land”(1)

By Steven & Evan Strong


We may have previously crossed boundaries, and undeniably small to medium scale incursions into the esoteric realms have taken place, but there has been nothing before this large-scale. Originally, this article was meant to follow on from a previous report on my preliminary responses to a fascinating marked rock that some of our colleagues hold in very high regard. Somewhere along that road we took a significant detour and ended up holding a thin chain attached to a crystal suspended above this rock with no way back. Outside following some obscure directions given in a Metallica song (Enter Sandman) the steps taken have no scientific base or endorsement and rely solely on subjective processes supplemented by a huge leap of faith.

We have been skirting around the sidelines of the sublime through the inclusion of dowsing rods and crystals, but until now they have always appeared on the scene after the event in adding supporting evidence to what was already a sizeable reservoir of empirical proof. What originally began as an afterthought in holding the crystal above the most recent arrival to the marked rock family, soon took control of proceedings. When offering our first impressions it was done so with the proviso that all, none or somewhere in between of what was written could be changed. However, when claiming the right to supplement or retract this chain of events was never on our radar.

Spirals, Circles, Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise

Our follow-up investigation all began somewhat innocently, the turtle scripted rock was resting on a wooden desk and nearby was a slightly worn crystal and chain we received as a gift from the Sydney Dowsing group after a presentation. It had sat there for some time unused, but never fully neglected. I had not actually used it on a rock as such, and thought why not? It couldn’t hurt and with no expectations or guidance, I picked up the crystal and chain then positioned it directly above the tessellated section of the rock. With no questions to pose or preparation to interfere, it was more a spontaneous idle gesture than seeking out a genuine avenue to investigate.

I had no inspiration or plan to guide, outside holding above then observing in silence. Within a few seconds the crystal began to circle, and it didn’t take long for that shape to widen and quicken. The speed in rotation was beyond anything I had seen and caught me totally unprepared. I had hoped for some sort of reaction, but nothing came close to these dimensions.

What initially began an exercise in getting to know this rock with what seems very similar to other rocks and engravings that bear the Panaramitee style of script, had changed course in mid-stream in demanding comparisons to see whether what we were witnessing has credentials. Four other sacred marked rocks were called to account and in each case the crystal did spin, but not always in the same manner and never with the same amount of energy and speed.

Scientific Rigour Applied to an Esoteric Power Source????

We certainly do not expect that academics of high posting or official representatives will take any notice of this experiment. There is no device with a needle and numbers in control. All we have to measure with is a 50 centimetre frayed wooden ruler and a slightly rusted chain attached to a shaped green crystal, and that cast of itself disqualifies this endeavour from entry in any academic publication. All this exercise has going for it is that it did happen and for reasons that completely escape us, every rock made the crystal move.

After a few days of acclimatising ourselves to the nuances of this unexpected partnership, a set of three tasks were formulated. Very simple at best, the intention was simply to ask crude questions, getting answers is a long way off. What was to be recorded included the maximum width of the circle/ellipse, whether the crystal rotates clockwise or anticlockwise and an approximate speed of rotation. For each rock the same process was repeated about one minute apart. All I did was hold the crystal above the rock five centimetres above the surface of the rock and concentrate on keeping my hand and fingers still, no questions were asked or exaltations given. The five rocks rested untouched on a wooden base and each was placed at the 25 centimetre point of a 50 centimetre ruler. That gave me a rough measuring stick as the crystal passed across the ruler at each rotation.

The Small Panaramitee Rock. The first meeting of crystal and rock created a circle of about 50 centimetres in diameter, the maximum speed of each rotation was around one second. The rock/crystal coalition began with ellipses spinning clockwise, then after completing two laps widened into a circle. Once in a set circle the crystal picked up speed quickly.

The return contact was certainly unexpected three times over. As much as I was impressed by the first sitting, this was better. The diameter was no less than 56 centimetres, but where it started to spin off into new directions was that this time around the circumference of the path taken was anti-clockwise. This seems to be the more powerful ‘wing,’ if for no other reason than the speed of movement was double that of the first journey. By my somewhat conservative estimate, in one second the crystal had completed two circles.

Ros’ Rock 1. My thinking is that there is no point in hedging around the boundaries, comparisons made against the rock that no geologist can dismiss and no traditional historian would dare investigate will determine whether this new rock is as potent and powerful as some of our colleagues insist. My suspicion was that however the turtle rock reacts, this rock will perform better.

Photo by Samarah Wood

It didn’t! The first session was somewhat of an anti-climax, yes it did move very soon after placing the crystal above Side 1, but the width and speed was lacking by a considerable margin.  The crystal moved clockwise, but a maximum diameter of 22 centimetres is hardly impressive by comparison. What was even more dramatic was the distinct lack of pace, each rotation took no less than two seconds.

However, just as it was with the first candidate, a minute after the first contact the follow-up interchange also reversed its path. Spinning anti-clockwise this time, it was much quicker and at top speed it was tracking close to one second per circle. It felt close to the surge of energy and pull I could feel when holding the newest addition to our ensemble and doubled the width of spin to 44 centimetres, but the smaller rock was still stronger on both wings.

The Beginning Rock. This one is so old, possibly the oldest, but speculation aside it made a statement which was not as bold and a touch understated. Unlike the first two, both measurements were predictable, smaller and identical. The rock spun clockwise both times and moved at a leisurely pace of two seconds per circuit. It kicked in quickly and reached top speed soon after before reaching a maximum spread of 24 centimetres, but never extended past a gentle stroll.

Photo By Samarah Wood

Ros’ Rock 2. To begin with what took place was much less than the mediocre results of the last rock. A sixteen centimetre circle at full stretch was the weakest response of all five rocks, it was moving no faster than the last rock and had less of a span and appeared to be consigned to the second level.

Photo by Samarah Wood

That all changed when returning a little over a minute later for a second meeting. For reasons that do need serious reflection and further experimentation, the rock took on a reverse alignment and spun anti-clockwise. And as has been the case with any rock that rotates both ways, this direction seems to be stronger and more forceful. Within that preference none has a greater disparity in speed and width than this rock. A 50 centimetre diameter moving at one second per circle is treble the width and double the speed of its first offering.

The Draconian Rock. No circling going on here, nothing close to anything curved, everything went all up the straight and narrow. The long thin tail cut into the base rock would not allow any curvature above. The crystal took the same straight line both times, on each occasion the swing was a solid 44 centimetres and moved at the same rate in completing one second for each loop.

Photo By Natalie Jacqueline Paez

Some Other ‘Irregularities’

Once noticing how this small rock carries one motif which runs along a horizontal line and this stopped the crystal gravitating towards any curved path. It was decided to lower the crystal close to the surface lines of Ros’ Rock 1 and the unique capital letter ‘A’ on Ros’ Rock 2 to see if the reaction was the same. Focused on one line as opposed to the whole arrangement, the crystal now followed the same track as the lines. If the rock was moved in mid-swing the crystal would slowly lose speed and veer towards the newly reset lines, inevitably it would realign itself to the new track and trace the path of the line below. Time after time the two rocks would be shifted, and without exception the crystal would immediately pause and seek out new instructions and lines to follow.

Once the crystal was raised above five centimetres, it ignored the mass of lines and regained its circular track. It seems at this height the series of energy lines merge into some form of spiral arrangement, below that line it is possible to delineate in tracking each individual mark and cut line.

Up until now, all of this is decidedly radical and subjective, what makes it utterly unrepeatable in any laboratory is that no-one but me is allowed to touch these rocks, unauthorised handling could lead to death at best, or worse. This is all about relationships between the rock and beholder, if the rock is unwilling or human host unbelieving the results will be weaker, perhaps nothing will happen. This is the crucial element in this transaction, if either participant is unwilling nothing is exchanged.

‘Spitting the Dummy’

To that end, after ten successful results, I returned to the turtle rock, held the crystal above and gave it grief. Mentally I turned my back on the rock, my thoughts were negative and dismissive. It took a real degree of mental control after so many ‘hits,’ but I maintained my disdain and that rock, and the others I insulted or ignored after, ‘closed up shop’ and refused to budge. Further on, just to make sure the bad blood was cleansed I would return with more positive thoughts given to each rock in the hope all would be back to normal.

Of course the cynics will claim this merely proves that even if I was not consciously aware of my involvement, somehow I was applying minuscule pressure and the chain responded to my sub-conscious desires. In one respect I will take that, as it is better than the popular commentaries of outright liars profiteering on the gullibility of lost souls and misguided seekers of the truth. The problem here is that I alone can test, analyse or touch these national treasures. That means if any expert challenges these findings they have to say I am lying, no other rebuttal works because if I am honest then these rocks are alive and kicking, the only question remaining then concerns how powerful is each kick.

Our critics have many degrees, books and academic papers that challenge our interpretations and will provide a solid base of contradicting evidence, but in their haste to shore up the many leaks in the dam they are unable to appreciate how extensive is the mystical evidence we have seen or experienced and because of this, have lost the art of reading between the lines.

We knew from the time it was decided to plunge with such abandon into the mystical pool, the time was also right to give some reasons that may explain why we are now without a seat-belt. In such turbulent waters flotation devices do not function, but the wealth of previous experience has held us in good stead and ultimately, forced us to look again and build up some new foundations. There have been too many paranormal events on site and in congress with artefacts/rocks to remember fully or ignore anymore. This rock setting off a crystal into motion is one step too many to ignore. When that crystal spun it was not the first time something odd was afoot, nor the twentieth, it is now too many to count or list and more than enough to set off on a new path with no centre-lines, stop lights or intersections. We will never remember everything we have witnessed, nevertheless there is still a fair bit that does come to mind. Now that we are fully positioned beyond the realms of any mainstream science, there is a need to set out new rules and players. Be it ever so brief, we have compiled a list of 25 actions/reactions/energy releases that may explain why we have jumped ship.

The First Quarter Century

The twenty-five excursions across the veil is by no means a complete stocktake, but in combination is sufficient to build a formidable case on behalf of the supernatural and more than enough to convince us that this crystal and those rocks are ‘talking to each other.’ About half of these events have been briefly alluded to previously and whether previously discussed, or not, it is not our intention to fully set out the circumstances or evidence. All we are attempting is to set a general scene, the specifics will be sacrificed as this is meant to provide justifications for being so adventurous and leaving ourselves open to the inevitable criticism and sarcasm.

  1. The sacred marked and magic rocks have made people sick, get cancer and heal.
  2. The misguided and frustrated three rocks have attacked an entire audience causing migraines, a crushing sensation of the chest, panic attacks, etc.
  3. When the rocks were at a workshop in Adelaide they kicked up many levels and set the needles of three machines measuring ECG pulses into overdrive. http://forgottenorigin.com/the-irish-club-adelaide-crossing-the-divide
  4. Robyn Brown laid on the healing table and we photographed the amazing interaction between rock and flesh that culminated in a massive cluster of blue and white light. http://forgottenorigin.com/girls-and-boys-with-toys-article
  5. When standing between the three walls bearing nearly 300 hieroglyphs near Kariong, two photographs were taken at different times. Neither the white snake-like projection nor multi-coloured rainbow spear was seen by humans when the camera captured a snap-shot from the other side.
  6. Written about in some detail before, eight marked and magic rocks turned off the Airport Security System at Sydney Airport when in a distressed state. http://forgottenorigin.com/the-marked-rocks-vs-airport-screening-security
  7. When in ceremony Karno literally disappeared.
  8. Returning from Karta (Kangaroo Island) the rocks were not happy and tripped me while crossing a busy road while making my way to the airport.
  9. Due to Aunty Beve being unwell, we went onto country near Kariong ‘unsmoked’ and the alternative ceremony I conducted obviously fell short of the mark. Karno, after being told what happened by a red kangaroo, rang that night from Karta (South Australia) and demanded to know why we were not smoked.
  10. An eagle (Karno’s totem) roosted on the gutter outside my bedroom and passed on the idea that we store the sacred rocks at Karta.
  11. After crossing over Aunty Beve made contact with a colleague of ours in America and she passed on a warning, which was both timely and utterly correct.
  12. When inspecting one of Klaus Dona’s sites, the same one we were ‘unsmoked’ at, we filmed a variety of orbs inside a cave. Some flew through the air veering around humans.
  13. Another close friend, Richard Clarke, when using dowsing rods identified a line in the rocks that marks out the closest point any male can stand when nearing the women’s Healing Table. Since then I have witnessed some rather dramatic incidents involving that same line and parting of genders.
  14. I have taken close to twenty women to the Healing Table, each person had a profound and moving experience.
  15. Upon returning from the Cave of the Orbs, just before receiving a phone call of admonishment from Karno for not smoking ourselves, I realised the notes taken on site were not with me. I went back to the car and then returned to find the same missing notes on a table I had previously checked. Perhaps this was a warning of the impending phone call.
  16. Richard Clarke always brings his rods on country. Many times at the three walls and at other sacred sites the rods have spun indicating something is sacred. Often we only find the site after the rods spin and point the way.
  17. On one occasion I took some rocks to another location and forgot to smoke them. When reaching that site, one rock found near the Standing Stones site, literally flew out of my shoulder bag and smashed onto a rock with a section of the sharpest side chipping away on impact.
  18. After a presentation near Gosford where the three belligerent rocks made a very brief appearance, a lady who attended collapsed in a café nearby. She told her friends her soul had separated and was not going to return. They sought me out and I took the speckled white healing rock and reconnected her soul and body.
  19. Equally a gentleman who succumbed to temptation touched the rocks, soon after contracted cancer and had lost over 10 kilograms in weight. The white rock was applied and he, and others, claimed that negative energy flew out upon contact.
  20. After returning from Karta and the incident at the road near Sydney Airport where I was tripped and tore my right palm open, I came home exhausted and left the crammed rocks in the bags unopened. My wife asked when I was going to let them out and I suggested later. Within a matter of seconds my wife became extremely dizzy and thought she would faint. Once stating aloud they would be unpacked now, she was fine.
  21. My wife was painting Ros Rock 1 and inadvertently touched the rock. I knew when it happened before she called out. The pain was already in her hand and if ceremony and smoking wasn’t given immediately, we have no doubt it would have spread further.
  22. I was given a three-day ceremony/initiation by a very small marked rock that comes and goes as it pleases. It knocked me over for three days draining me of energy and resistance. It both audibly spoke and breathed, and did some other things that are even more sensational.
  23. One site we have been to twice, reeks of death and desolation. The whole time on site we never saw a bird, mammal or insect, not even one solitary ant was sighted. We strongly suspect the settlement was destroyed in warfare and that negative energy is imprinted into the landscape.
  24. At the Adelaide rock workshop, Karno relayed permission for three non-Original people to touch the rocks for three hours. Each of them gave testimonies that were so moving and real, any present would never doubt that these rocks have a tangible presence.
  25. One Original Culture Keeper, when in close proximity with the three evilly inclined rocks, told us it offered him all sorts of incentive and promises as long as he obeyed their commands. Upon rejecting this carrot he claims the rocks actually pushed him away.

Every account provided took place as described, anyone of them on their own is sufficient to change perspectives. In combination, it has taken us close to the edge and now we have made the next step and fallen off the page. Yes what we listed pushes boundaries and we will never receive any official stamp of approval. But even though failing to measure up to these lofty standards, what may surprise some is that we have sat for their tests four times over and still waiting on a reply or some form of official correspondence.

Black Operations, Helicopters and Censorship

There have been two occasions when our time on country was not unescorted. At Kariong, very close to the glyphs when in the company of close to twenty people, one black helicopter flew so close and low we could see the photographer taking pictures. There was nothing subtle about this incursion, it was meant to intimidate.

The day we spent at the Cave of the Orbs and some other nearby possibilities, in the middle of nowhere amongst huge expanses of bush, one helicopter circled us for at least half an hour through nine revolving laps. Wearing a bright red t-shirt made the pilot’s task so much easier, but in total the half hour in surveillance was intentionally belligerent and expensive.

We have already mentioned the extremely supportive ABC National News item on Kariong compiled by Mary Louise Vince that was taken off every national station late 2012, but not so long ago intervention from high places saw another potential national news item covering the Standing Stones Complex thrown in the same bin. Mathew Condon (Brisbane Courier Mail) contacted us wanting to do a major item on this site and I immediately raised my concerns and doubts it would get published. He objected, vowing it would get up and be covered in a positive light. Of course I was far from convinced, but this journalist was adamant that this time would be different.

I made the mistake of relenting and agreed to meet. A week later he and a photographer came down to Byron Bay where we met and filmed both the sacred marked rocks and entrance to the Standing Stones Complex, where the same earnest pledges of fidelity and a definite publication were made as before. Despite all the guarantees I never really believed something good would come of this. I was right, soon after one of the top academics in the country (whose name we know) convinced the editor and journalist that the site was bogus and we were charlatans who were deliberately lying. We were given no chance to defend ourselves nor any notification of their intention to censor.

Our point here is not so much who is right, but why has so much money and diligence been expended in sullying our reputation. Flying helicopters is expensive, pulling off a news item from radio stations throughout the country inside two hours is the result of a concerted effort and lobbying News Ltd Press to stop publication needs high contacts. Why bother? If we are so deluded and naïve, such stupidity will expose itself and needs no assistance. In this case there is plenty of smoke, so there must be a fire somewhere out there.

The Final Word

Just before esteemed Elder, Uncle Marbuck, passed on, he shared with us some important Original facts about some of these rocks. One of the two principal groups, which at present numbers about 60, is called the “Star Rocks Collection.” According to Uncle Marbuck it is so, so sacred and has been sought out for the past 50 years. They can never go to a museum or university and have to be rested on country resting on the earth. These are absolute Original truths.

They are holy, magic and contain the complete history of the earth and all that dwell upon this sacred planet. There is not one Elder or Keeper of the Old Ways that thinks differently. My role, according to Karno and many others, as “Keeper of the Stones,” is to care for and prepare the rocks for the future, and in doing so, assist in a small way in reclaiming our true history and purpose.

Returning to the original motivation for beginning this article, the small Panaramitee style rock, when Ros first declared that this rock is at least the equal of Ros’ Rock 1, I initially doubted any rock could ever reach a position of parity. That was then, before it joined forces with the crystal. At a technological level on the surface Ros’ Rock 1 is still the leading contender, and its associated Dreaming story only reinforces its superiority. Nevertheless, deep down inside the smaller rock has eclipsed all others and may well be leading the pack.

As for the critics, naysayers and puppets in denial let them scoff and squabble in the sand pit. The eternal truth is that these rocks are spinning and their vibrations are quickening in preparation, and it is for us to either embrace or ignore. In doing so let the buyer beware and be totally responsible for what they purchase or leave on the shelf. We have already laid down a healthy deposit.


(1) Metallica: (Songwriters- James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett) & Producers- Bob Rock, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich , 1991, “Enter Sandman”, Metallica, (Eleckra).   


  1. I have some stone slabs that I use as path stones at my doorway. I got them from the north east Kimberley Coast. I remember when I found them I asked what all the lines were, they are EVERYWHERE there. Someone said they were from boats being pulled over the rocks. This has never made sense to me, then I saw your videos about the stones. I wonder if you would be kind enough to look at some photos of these stones?

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