On Vacation or Moving Residence: Ring and Rocks

By Steven & Evan Strong with Jillian-Rumble Young


During very recent times there have been three permanent and three temporary additions to the ensemble of artefacts we are working with. There are three rocks that are on a six-month vacation and will be returning to the person who found them once he has completed his overseas trip, but the ancient ring, along with an accompanying copper sleeve and crystal companion, is meant to stay.

                A lady we know by the name of Jillian, who had helped us previously, contacted us in regard to the finding of a ring. Well, she never actually found this ring, it was more the other way around in that this ring summoned Jillian. The best way to understand how this liaison began is for Jillian to tell her story in her words.

“It had been a rough year for us, and my husband had made a snap decision to play some live music gigs, so we packed up the car and the family and headed off down the south coast of Victoria for a weekend of live music. As a bit of fun, we said we would take the kids Opp shopping to see what treasures we could find to play with. On Saturday morning we drove down the main drag of Portland and sussed out our plan of attack for shopping, However, when we parked the car, I started walking urgently in the other direction I knew something big was about to unfold, I always get an intense sense of urgency when something sacred is about to be found. As if I knew what I was looking for I walked into this tiny little Opp shop (that was not part of our plan) and went straight to the jewellery selection. I set eyes upon the ring and knew as soon as I seen it this was something extraordinary, and part of a bigger mystery. As soon as the ring was in my possession, I felt safe to relax again, like I had another mission completed.

When I went to pay for the ring the man behind the counter started to kick up a fuss, almost in a hysteric outbreak he started saying “You can’t sell that ring, it’s gold.” The man kept repeating it and trying to disassemble the ring (taking the ring off the copper ring). Lucky for me there was a woman there who pushed aside his nonsense and told me she was happy to see it go to the right person; she was there when the ring was donated by another woman saying it never felt “right” with her.”(1)

*** Jillian’s previous article: https://forgottenorigin.com/from-stones-to-the-stars-return-of-the-great-spirit


Three Shared Features

By Jillian-Rumble Young

Until a full chemical analysis is conducted, there is the remote possibility that the ring recovered by Jillian may not be an Atlantean orichalcum ring. However, once acknowledging the evidence is incomplete, there are three reasons why we are 99.999% certain that it is an Atlantean orichalcum ring. The colour of this ring is identical to that of Atlantis Rings 1 and 2, and is also the same colour as the solitary patch exposed in Atlantis Ring 3. The eight symbols on this ring are identical to the two reliefs on Atlantis Ring 2 and the four Berber Atlas motifs engraved into both Atlantis Rings 1 and 3.

                Granted, if relying solely on a superficial comparison of colours and engravings, there is room to manoeuvre or quibble, but what stood out was the reality that this ring had been cut then rejoined, as is the case with both Rings 1 and 3. In all three cases half of one of an engraved symbol is missing. It is not a third or quarter, but in each of the three cuts the amount cut and discarded is the same. However, I have to be honest in conceding that even though the four rings shared so much on the surface, until I can get further confirmation, I still maintain some justifiable reservations.

It was Either a Machine or Mezreth

They are two avenues available in resolving the origin and authenticity that will be pursued, but getting a chemical analysis involves us travelling eight hundred kilometres south, while obtaining a resolution through Mezreth was one phone call to Lea away.

                Mezreth immediately validated its credentials, but equally distanced this ring from the other three Atlantean rings. It was made at a much earlier date, over one million years ago, at an ancient time that was before he incarnated into his present form. The spell cast on this ring was not his, but created by his kin to commemorate a treaty of peace and sharing between Lemuria and Atlantis. Mezreth told us it was a ring of “peace” between the “East” and “West.” However, amongst all the positive news and intentions was the recurring truth of the cut and missing section. This removal was something that concerned Mezreth greatly. It had, as he put it, traveled down a “road” that troubled him. So much so, he urged me to not engage with this ring nor place on my finger until …

He did offer a degree of timing and the arrival in a couple of months of others to assist with this ring, but for now we will remain in the present and when or if circumstances change, more detail will be provided. What was confirmed was that this ring was all about a concord and global agreement to behave with respect and civility, which undeniably is no longer present or accounted for anywhere for a long time on this planet, and sorely needed now. But alas, as it is with all Atlantean rings there is a hidden caveat, in that when cut something positive was lost in the transaction, and it was for that reason Mezreth was reserved and concerned.

Filling in the Gaps

When Jillian first contacted me about how she was directed to this ring, she also told me about her dealings with this ring. Since the ring sought her out, I had no doubt a relationship was formed and I clearly had no reason to challenge her explanation as to how this ring operated and interacted with her. Her account was corroborated by what Mezreth said later, and she too sensed great power and a higher purpose, but equally, was aware of an inner dichotomy as there was also something sinister and malevolent residing within. Despite this unwelcome addition she was convinced the ring could be rebalanced and cleansed.

                In essence Jillian sensed that “I admit at first I was too nervous to put the ring on, so I kept it in my purse for a couple days. As the week went on my curiosity and affinity for the ring grew stronger. I had some words with it before I put it on, I asked it not to kill me or harm anyone in my family, and not to harm/kill anyone in Steve’s family either. It had a very soft wise feminine energy about it, but I was also very aware that it had a cut through it. The symbols on the ring looked like divine balance and harmony a truly sacred union. I spent much of my time wearing the ring and pouring my hearts intention into recovering it to its original purpose. I had long conversations with the ring reminding it that we have all felt cut off from our original source at some time or another.

As soon as the ring was in my possession, I sent a photo through to Steve and Evan to gauge their thoughts and any interests. Steve had spoken to me first then called me back after a conversation with Mezreth. It was indeed a ring of sacred and holy significance, but it felt like there was an undercurrent of muddy betrayal, as if on the wedding day of Lemuria and Atlantis, the Lemurians suspected or could sense the dishonesty of the Atlanteans plans for power and control. I do believe that this ring is fully loaded with high octane magick as it was part of its creation and purpose here, and though it has a cut, I do believe it still has full access to its original purpose of creation. This ring is not a coincidence nor sheer luck that it was found, This ring was found now at this time because this is the healing and reconciliation we need on this planet today.”(2)  

The Copper Sleeve

Amongst the many similarities to both the Atlantean and Lemurians rings and metal artefacts there is one addition around this ring that has no precedent or comparison. The copper sleeve upon which this ring rests is unique, and because of this the actual engraved ring has a larger diameter and is at least 50% wider than any other Atlantean ring. What function this inner copper ring serves is at present unknown, but what it does do is create one degree of separation between the ring and skin. The only part of this mystical equation that is unambiguous is that this ring does not belong to the other three and has a different system of mystical operating procedures.

                When speaking to Jillian before actually seeing the ring, she made a point about this sleeve and that it had been bent in what she felt was a failed attempt to remove the ring. At the time I did remember thinking that if the sleeve was indeed copper it really should be not that hard to separate the two. Upon arriving I did check to see whether it was an intentional attempt to remove or perhaps it was merely random impact. I could clearly see where there was damage and tearing, but the ring was still there, which made me question whether this sleeve was pure copper and that some sort of metal hardener like titanium or chromium may have been added, as has been the case with other Lemurian rings. When we finally get an analysis of the metal components within, we will then find out whether our suspicion of additional chemistry is actually the case.

Mezreth Plus Jillian Equals …

It’s the same story, granted there are different entities, perspectives and localities involved but the essential components of this ring, copper sleeve and accompanying crystal is the same. So too is the intrusion of the cut agreed to be unwelcomed and unknown in its future implications. As it was with all the Atlantean rings, this ring sits on both sides of the fence, and while Jillian is utterly convinced the light right side of this ring can be reclaimed, Mezreth was surprisingly just as forthcoming. The fact that the customary cryptic reticence that is his trademark has been abandoned means that Jillian’s positive take on potential ring developments is correct. However, the details and timing around which this will occur is far from clear.

By Lea Kapiteli

                What Mezreth is conceding is the potential for this ring to accelerate the timing of the earth’s ascension, which quite recently he stated that although it is coming it would be many decades away. The hope is that those many decades could be lessened in duration to a few, perhaps five or even a bit less. As to how this will come to pass is at present unknown, as Mezreth has made it clear that no-one, including myself, is allowed to be in contact with this ring, but there was also talk that not far ahead there would be further developments in regard to this ring.

                In the meantime, the ring, copper sleeve and accompanying crystal Jillian insists is Lemurian will stay with us awaiting further instructions, but when it comes to three sacred Original rocks which are with us now, their tenure is limited to six-months after which they will return home to the person they called. The person these rocks summoned is overseas for the next six months and knowing of their immense sacredness and powers, he asked us to guard and mind these rocks until he returned.

Three Rocks on Vacation

All three rocks are almost definitely of the same geology, found in the same location and more than likely are an interconnected stone trilogy. Of the three, the largest stone palette stands out with two very flat heavily marked plates, and what is surely not coincidental the top and bottom plate each have an identical tally of twenty-two cut lines. What is interesting is that no line is straight, and all main lines are generally aligned together sloping at around fifteen degrees from the horizontal. Even so, the spacing and length of both sets of lines are deliberately different from each other, but as the depth and width of cut is consistent, whatever metal blade or better was responsible is all of one width.

                The rock itself is two centimetres wide with both the top and bottom plate running flat at one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. Without doubt the rock was shaped, but as to how this was done is a technological contradiction. The edging is rough and erratic, with what could be up to eight percussion bulbs present, but once moving away from the edge to the two perfectly flat sections, on the top and bottom there is no residual rock-on rock-impact, or for that matter the imprint of any tool or blade. Before the forty-four lines were cut into the surface, the top and bottom plate would have been completely flat with an unblemished smooth surface.

                What only adds to the smoothness of the flatter sections is the thin black coat of silica and resin that was applied to the base rock. It is not a patina and the lipping around the side only confirms that it was added later. Once placed on the base rock in a semi-liquid state, cutting and marking is a fairly easy process.

                As always trying to assemble any meaningful translation is incredibly difficult, but what can be confidently translated is that because all star rock ‘as-on-top’ content is uniformly straight or geometric, while so below business runs down an opposite and less restrictive path, these two stories are all about Earthly so below narratives. No line is straight and the fact that both sides have the same number of lines, and none are straight, is intentional.

                Where this rock does extend boundaries relates to the correct grip, it can be held in either hand, and in both placements there is a roughened section for the left and right thumb to rest, and in each grip the rock rests on the back of the palm. No other holding rock except the six-kilogram snake rock can he held comfortably in both hands, that alone attributes a high sacred importance to this rock.

                Equally the fact that the top and bottom palettes are so level and consistent in width suggests that precision once extended to the four sides. One side has been extensively damaged by a hammer stone and the other three are in varying states of disrepair. We believe that the rock was originally all worked and shaped by high technology. But before being coated and then marked, all of the sides had to be ‘roughened’ so that the hosts can make a meaningful inner contact with the base rock’s energy and purpose. To that end, the rougher and jagged the sides are the better, and that is what happened here.

                Cut at a much later date on both the top and bottom narratives are nine much thinner lines of a hair-width, with eight interconnected thin lines on one side and one on the other side. Once again, each line is not straight, deliberately so.

Two Peas in a Pod

Since these two much smaller rocks are of the same height, length, width, colour, weight, geology, shape and were found in the same location, it seems logical to suggest they are a pair, that they operate in synchronicity. Granted there are some minor differences, as one rock is more worn and the lines cut into the two surfaces do vary in width and emphasis, but outside the time spent being held and the variation in narratives, only once before have we seen any sacred Original rocks acting as a pair of doppelgangers.

                The reason that one rock is worn is because continual skin on silica contact is obligatory. Even though the two rocks take on the same shape and form there is one minor deviation on one side where a distinct carved right-hand thumbprint has been cut out of the rock. The entire inverted section has been worn clear of the upper dark black coat exposing a lighter grey base. Being held in the right-hand with the thumb rest so dominant, means this is a men’s rock used in sacred men’s business. The only other area of this rock that has been totally worn of the upper coat is where the right-hand index finger must rest once the thumb is correctly positioned.

                The only other point of deviation between these two rocks relates to the sets of lines cut into the coat. With the thumb rock, as over half the coat has been worn away an exact tally of the lines originally cut is impossible to provide, but as there are around thirty small very straight hair-width engraved lines remaining, to double this score seems reasonable. What is in contradiction with both the smaller compatriot rocks and the much larger plated rock of forty-four crooked lines, is that all lines with no exception on the small rocks are uniformly straight and of the same hair-width. That delicate and finer script means this rock’s content is devoted to up on top business.

                At first glance it seems that the other six-sided small rock which has only one side marked with four featured lines that seem to vary slightly in width and are all much thicker than those on the compatriot rock. However, on closer inspection it is clear that each line is actually a clustering into four sections of hair-width lines cut next to and over the lines nearby.

Three Plus Three

The three rocks on vacation and the three taking up permanent residence may differ dramatically in content and geology, but do share one inconvenient truth: they do not fit into any of the accepted narratives detailing humanities’ evolution and ancient history.

                All three rocks serve no food gathering requirements nor can they be used in conflict or construction; they are meant to be held and revered during ceremony. The three rocks were shaped, coated, cut and were solely made to satisfy mystical pursuits. So too the ring, sleeve and crystal have a powerful esoteric inclination, we know enough of the capacities and magic of all orichalcum rings to never doubt their ability to accept and magnify magic spells and incantations.

                The undeniable attraction of the ring, which we strongly suspect is Atlantean, is that the other three rings are beyond redemption and so tainted nothing could be done to reclaim the light that once shone so brightly, so long ago. They are saturated in evil, yet two only fell after they were cut, and this ring was also cut. The real issue here is whether this ring can be salvaged, and while Mezreth does hold out hope that this task is achievable, he has yet to supply a date, or the names of those he refers to as “two trusted hands” who will appear soon. He has given us no certainties beyond developments “further down the line.”

                Amongst all the maybes Mezreth did throw in one massive ray of hope in conceding that this ring had the potential to “finally wed the East and West,” and create a “union” that will lead onto the final global ascension. At the same time, he also holds grave fears that cut carries consequences …     


(1): Jillian-Rumble Young, 2023. Personal Communication via E-mail.

(2): Ibid.

Jillian’s previous article: https://forgottenorigin.com/from-stones-to-the-stars-return-of-the-great-spirit

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