There is More To This World Than Meets the Eye



By Richard Clarke


Robyn at portal

Science claims that we have 5 senses and we experience the whole of the world we live in through these 5 senses. However in our brain we have an organ called the pineal gland. It is shaped liked a pine cone and is located between the eyes, hence it is commonly called the “Third Eye”.  Until recently modern science did not know the function of the pineal gland, but it now says it has a role in the regulation of melatonin which controls our sleep patterns. Ancient Cultures have known about this gland for a long time and depicted it in their artwork as a pine cone. The Egyptians represented it as the Eye of Horus. The reason the ancients placed such importance on it was because they said it opened up our senses and connected us to the “Spirit World”.  With some people these senses are still active but with most people, particularly those from western cultures, they are dormant. However we all have this ability, but due to the hectic pace of modern society we have no time to explore these realms. Also the pollution of our bodies and our environment due to chemtrails, fluoride, pesticides and microwaves interfere with its function.

Original Australians say that we are born with seven senses and that the other two are used for connecting to the “other side”.  As Karno, a high initiate Raminjari Elder, said he can do things that we cannot do because  “I come from both sides. You white fellas can do these things too but don’t realise it yet because you are stuck in the physical”. Karno demonstrated this ability to Steven Strong and Graham Hancock along with several other people by disappearing in front of their eyes and reappearing again immediately behind them!

All sacred sites around the world are situated on energy (ley) lines and embedded in these are powerful eddies  of  energy which well up in spirals. These are called geospirals  and the Original Australians call them portals. The sacred rocks which Steven and Evan Strong have written about in previous articles also produce energy when held in the correct way. These sacred rocks consist of three types: Message rocks, cylcons and tjuringa stones.

Message Rock

These rocks have certain powers when used in the correct way. They can have both positive and negative effects on people around them. Also message rocks can, as their name suggests, deliver information to the user as I and many others can personally attest to.

I am part of a group of people who, with the permission of Original Elders, investigate sacred sites in Australia. In our group we are lucky to have three people who can sense these energies with their bodies. To help us cross the physical barrier and show these energies to people who can’t sense them (like me) we use three different techniques  which show these energies  in a distinctive way. One of the methods we use to detect this energy is dowsing.


Dowsing is an ancient art and has been in use for thousands of years to find water, as it still does today. Also mining companies use map dowsing to find mineral deposits, although this is not widely publicised.  We have found that by using dowsing rods and pendulums we can also find the energy at sacred sites and the energy emitted by the sacred rocks. When we go on site we “let the dogs loose” (apologies guys!). Robyn, Michael and Rhian find these places of energy using their abilities. My role is to confirm what they have discovered using my copper dowsing rods. They can also use these tools but they don’t need to. We have never had a miss. It is interesting to note that all rock carvings and artwork we have looked at have very strong energy pouring out from them.

Photo of me with orbs

The photo shows me dowsing the rainbow serpent for energy with the crossed rods indicating a find. Also in this photo we have the added bonus of orbs checking out what I am doing! When Robyn took this photo she could physically see these orbs but I could not and I only saw them on the camera once the shot was taken.


We also use the Harry Oldfield Filter. This filter splits light into different frequency components which are seen in multiple colours. When used at sacred sites we have got some very intriguing results. It is interesting to note that when used outside the ley lines the filter shows virtually nothing as shown in following photos.

Janet hugging tree on energy line
Janet hugging tree outside energy line

The next photo shows Robyn with the Rainbow Serpent and the energy coming from it which was also demonstrated with the dowsing rods.

Robyn with the Rainbow Serpent


A new technique we have just started to use is Kirlian photography. This photography captures a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things. An interesting aspect of message rocks and cylcons is that they are only activated when held in the hand in the correct manner. As you can see from the photos, these rocks change the aura of the person holding them. What these changes mean is a topic we are still working on.

Richard’s message rock
Richard By Himself
Richard With Message Rock


Richard by himself side on
Richard with cylcons side on



Robyn by herself front on
Robyn holding pointer rock front on

In summary, there are energies in our world which lay outside the scope of our five senses of taste touch, sight, smell and hearing. However we do have, as the Originals tell us, two more senses and these are used to have contact with the world “out there”. All we have to do is reactivate them and start to function again as complete beings, sensing and interacting with the whole of the world in which we dwell rather than just a part of it.


  1. Good work lads. From what my spirits have told me we are going to have access to these additional dimensions and be able to master moving in and out of them. Everyone is going to have to give the grog away too. Grog calcifies the penial gland and lowers vibration.

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