Nine Points to the Pleiades

Nine Points to the Pleiades

By Steven & Evan Strong


Less than a week ago I saw a You Tube of an Original Elder sitting beside an imposing pecked figure found at Mootawingee (NSW). It wasn’t the pecking, impressive as it was, nor the dry inland setting that struck a receptive chord, but the commentary he supplied that was so much a part of the ancestry and history of the Original people. He made it very clear that the central figure represented the Pleiades, that was a non-negotiable fact and because of this far-reaching certainty nothing ever seems to eventuate past that declaration.

It is not the first time an Elder has identified that distant location when being interviewed on mainstream media, in fact no other star or constellation is nominated except the Pleiades, but it seems the mere mention of this enigmatic cluster of stars draws a blank wall of nothing. There is no follow-up question, no affirmation that every tribe in Australia believes in the truth of the Seven Sisters, no attempt to delve further and no chance in the foreseeable future this institutionalised reluctance to ask for more information will change.

Of course we cannot allow this refusal to show respect or good journalism continue and will ask the questions that fell on mute tongues and then rely upon archaeology, astronomy and mining companies in deciding whether the Original understanding of the association between those from this continent and beings from the stars, is actually true. It is not a difficult task, just a matter of putting together pure common sense responses that flow out of their off-world proclamation.

Fact or Friction?

Why did they come to this isolated planet? Why is it only the Pleiadians came to Australia? Was this arrival gained through consent or conquest? If a peaceful entry, what were there long-term objectives of both parties? Did this union extend to the sharing of genes? There are plenty more avenues of enquiry to pursue and none require extensive knowledge of Original mythology or astronomy, it’s just a simple task of asking the right people and the answers are there for the listening.

After all, it is agreed that the Original culture of ancient Australia is the oldest, therefore their oral knowledge of past events must also be the oldest and most authentic, so why not ask questions like these once this off-world departure point is mentioned? Is it because the answer is already known and has been dismissed in high places as inappropriate and incorrect? Does that mean the Original people have not only created the first culture, but are also the first global liars? Did they dream this up during idle moments by the camp-fire, or could it be true? Irrespective of personal bias, it seems simply a matter of courtesy and good archaeology to ask a keeper of ancient lore more on this subject after being told Aliens genetically engineered human beings.

The First Ceremony

The very first original Old Way ceremony I was given was orchestrated conducted by Karno, but he was not alone, there were other Elders participating in song, clap sticks and most assuredly the giving of advice and unbeknownst to me, setting of future directions. Keeper of the mystical knowledge, Peter Evans, spoke to me after taking ceremony and was insistent we needed astronomical proof to begin our search. That was a huge concern, unless given directions and a finger to aim from, I have great trouble identifying the stars that make up the Southern Cross constellation. What only added to the complexity of this guidance was that we had no archaeology of an astronomical nature, nor knew of anyone who could assist.

Less than a month after being set on a path unknown and unfamiliar, I received a phone call from Peter explaining that the timing was right and it was time to begin. He would not allow me to object pleading ignorance, stating with absolute authority that such sites are now ready for viewing.

Two days after that phone call we received an invitation from the ex-Senior park Ranger for the Snowy Mountains and Brisbane Waters National Parks, John Gallard, to inspect a variety of sites he had come across that mainstream authorities found decidedly uncomfortable. Among the candidates discussed were two massive astronomical constructions that immediately brought me back to my very recent phone call and prediction. Not only did both serve astronomical purposes, according to Gallard both had a five-figure tally of rocks placed to form each wall.

Both constructions are massive and would require thousands of hours to collect and place so many rocks in two locations. The first wall begins on a slope about forty metres above the recently flooded Lake Jindabyne and runs down the slope and continues into the lake and onwards to an hard to determine point somewhere deeper. What is visible adds up to about one hundred and twenty metres in length, with an average width and height of about 1.5 metres. Not that any claim of other than an Original origin has been made, but it is important to note that the rocks have been built differently than any non-Original style with large rocks found in the middle to the side and on the face. The accepted approach is to place the largest rocks on the outside and all the smaller ones inside as fill.

In what only extends the boundaries, John Gallard invited an astronomer to examine the wall and alignments created. The results were spectacular and deserve much more than the status of a quaint anecdote shared while standing beside this amazing marker of the alignments of five major planets. My first reaction was the most obvious, why would the alignment of five planets warrant the huge amount of time and labour devoted to a non-food producing pursuit? What could be that important, and moreover, when peering into the night time stars how could these five lights be identified and charted to the extent their individual paths were known to a people supposedly without paper, written language or mathematics?

The questions were too many to even count, let alone solve, but they barely had time to register. On the same time, two hours later, I was taken to private property and shown another stone astronomical wall that was much longer, more difficult to assemble and had no less than three times the number count of the earlier wall. The logistics of placement a wall on a slope so severe it was too dangerous the walk beside is a huge task today.

Unlike the earlier stone wall, which was one complete unit, albeit some is now submerged, this is much different. The larger line is broken three times on one side and resumes on the opposite slope which is so severe it was yet to be inspected up close and will require ab-sailing to reach. The degree of difficulty in standing beside some of this continuous but segmented wall is monumentally high. One misplaced step comes with an almost iron-clad guarantee of death, that is an undeniable truth. What is also a fact was that during ancient times Original people took many steps at the same steep location, and were carrying heavy rocks while doing so.

So much effort and time was devoted to yet another construction that charts the stars and dark spaces in between. What became very clear from the very beginning was that the mantra we heard so often, ‘as on top so below,’ was the reason these walls were created and is an elemental part of Original history, genetics and history.

The Miniature Standing Stones

From the moment we first saw this fascinating Standing Stones arrangement there was no escaping comparisons being made with the much larger Stonehenge version in England. The fact that one of the four directions (east) was highlighted by two vertical pillars supporting a horizontal beam and the same effect still remains on the southern side, made such a comparison obligatory.

There are 46 rocks of varying sizes that make up the central, elliptical arrangement, which is complimented by 18 rocks forming three clusters of what may be important constellations. On this occasion there can be no dispute over ownership. This stone arrangement is surrounded by platforms full of Original engravings, located in an area that was neither subject to British settlement, title deeds or claim of non-Original habitation. All we can state with certainty is that this Original stone arrangement is unique in that there is, as yet, no other construction like it in Australia.

Everything past its distinctive setting is supposition, but among the many ‘maybes’ it strikes us that there are two avenues of research that deserve to be promoted to the loftier tier of ‘most likely.’

We believe that this construction’s primary function was astronomical and that it acts like a compass. The eastern and western arches still stand, and appear to be ideally positioned to mark out the summer solstice. In what seems to be more than a random coincidence, the two other collapsed sets of stone pylons and plates are aligned along the north-south meridian. It seems that both the northern and southern markers fell in earlier days.

The northern section seems the largest and heaviest and this may explain why it seems that this corner needed three vertical upright rocks sharing the weight of the load above. The two outer rocks took the sides of the horizontal block while the third rock, which fell inside the circle, can fit almost perfectly into a worn depression evident in the middle of the large flat stone. Once re-positioned, the three vertical rocks in combination could comfortably take the weight of a rock positioned horizontally above that must weigh close to one hundred kilograms.

Undoubtedly, if it is indeed an astronomical construction that focuses upon the skies, ‘on top’ and the ‘dark spaces’ in between, it must also serve a religious purpose. This is a non-negotiable fact, as science and religion are inseparable companions when the parameters of life and death are set in the Dreaming.

That the placement of four arches/sentinels is aligned to the degree to the four directions could be down to random factors, however another piece of archaeology less than a kilometre from this site leaves very little room for the skeptic to manoeuvre. Close to this ‘mini-Stonehenge’ is an arrangement of five rocks where knowledge of the four directions is not a sub-plot as it is with the larger curved arrangement, but the central and single feature. The deliberate positioning of five rocks, the four larger rocks mark out north, south, east and west, with the fifth sitting in the middle acting as a central point, have all the makings and settings of a stone compass.

For any still harbouring doubt, clinging to the suspicion that both of these constructions are merely crude replicas of what was learnt from the invaders after Cook, may we suggest they consult Thomas Mitchell’s diary. When making first contact with Original tribes along the Darling River, he understandably made special mention of their reaction when first shown a white-fella compass. Mitchell was absolutely astounded with their familiarity with this sophisticated device, their knowledge of the four cardinal points and how the compass is to be used left him with no rational explanation, beyond that they knew what it was and how it was used.

Refining our Lines of Enquiry

Before progressing any further, there is a need to pause and reflect. We have presented three examples of rock arrangements two massive and voluminous, while the third is exact, small, delicate and reminiscent of structures found on other continents. As an introduction it offers two paths to investigate and provides verification that there was an extremely compelling reason to sacrifice a great deal of time and toil in facilitating a closer relationship with the stars and dark spaces above.

The volume of rock and cave-solid archaeology yet to be presented only confirms that there is a real obsession with constellations, stars and more essentially, the dark spaces in between. What is yet to be established is when and why. If this fixation with the night-time sky was passed on from another people or culture somewhere else, then what is occurring here is merely the reflected glory of another people who first looked up in a systematic and intelligent way. If so, then the astronomical baton was passed down the line, and we need to look outside this continent if seeking out these wise ones.

So the first step is to determine who looked up first, once doing so then is the time to assess why. We know it is real, everywhere and ancient, but how ancient? Was there an earthly precedent elsewhere? At present Stonehenge is agreed to be an astronomical construction of huge dimensions and refinement and is dated to be 5,000 years old. The date is a solid ‘ball-park’ figure, as there are other like constructions with numbers around or reasonably close to the same date. It is thought that around five thousand years ago interest in the night-time sky stirred in many places and spread quickly throughout Europe and Asia.

That was the current expectation, but as seems the case so often when trying to construct a comfortable historical narrative, another recent ‘discovery” in Australia trails off into other directions and agendas.

Wurdi Youang-the Oldest Human Astronomical Construction in the World

We normally spend some time when dismantling another historical lie and replacing it with another Original precedent, slowly building up out counter-argument through a few paragraphs before striking with science at our side. This time around, knowing our renown for writing incredibly long reports that need a lunch and tea break, we decided to clear the decks and precedents in presenting the conclusion first. After extensive investigate and cross-checking a group of scientists attached to the CSIRO formally announced that the circular construction at Wurdi Youang is indeed the oldest astronomical monument yet found anywhere on this planet by at least 5,000 years.

At present they believe it could be 20,000 years old, which is four times the antiquity of Stonehenge and such is the calibre of researchers and rigour applied, their science stands unchallenged. It is much older than any other structure charting the skies yet found and because of this Australian precedent it becomes obvious that the veneration for ‘as on top’ began here. We have been to the site and can assure the reader the scientists missed more than they recorded, it does much more than chart the solstices. There is talk that the formula for pi can be calculated through measuring these rocks and that many of these rocks were carefully positioned to connect to other ley lines, peaks and landforms. Despite what lost in translation and blinkers, all we need is a time scale and precedence. And that we have! It is Australia first and nightlight second, and by a considerable six-figured margin.

This site’s leading status is no more than part of a pattern and sequence that always begins in Australia. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that the oldest accurate star chart has to be an Original product.

The Oldest Star map in the World

This engraved star chart was engraved into a sandstone platform found directly above the somewhat notorious Kariong Glyphs. A site of mixed reactions and ongoing disagreement, one part of the narrative does refer to the arrival of two sons of Khufu which has to be dated at sometime around 4,600 odd years ago.

That arrival was commemorated by the engraving of the constellations above and with an official date of 4,600 years, as supplied by the best experts from Sydney University, the chances of yet another unlikely coincidence being responsible are negligible through to utterly ridiculous. Not only is each star in the exact position as it would be so long ago, the size/intensity of each engraved star is never the same. The engravers varied the diameter to match the star’s size and carefully charted its position as it was in the night-time sky so long ago.

This is the earliest star chart of this sophistication and precision yet found. That such an important event marking out the formalising of relationships between Egyptians and Original tribes was honoured through depicting the constellations above only reinforces this overriding fixation with ‘on top.’

The Largest Engraved Star map on one Rock Platform in the World

This site is also found near those contentious three hundred hieroglyphs at Kariong and is yet another first. With many precedents well and truly set in Australia, it is to be expected that the quality and quantity on display of astronomical has to better than anywhere else. This one mid-sized rock platform has no less than 800 individual pecked star markers and to the best of our knowledge, this is the largest count on one platform not only in Australia, but the world.

After two full days measuring and plotting these markers we are just under 400 registered with more than half yet to be recorded. Even though we are barely half way through and until complete it is unwise to make any definitive declarations, there are some preliminary findings that will remain solid. Both the Pleiades and Orion have been identified, of course that is no more than what is to be expected.

What was a fascinating adjunct to this site is a recent explanation given as to how the Original astronomers could be so accurate in depicting the position and magnitude of individual stars. There are three decidedly artificial looking shallow depressions across this platform that act as catchments and are often full of water. Perfectly flat, when there is no wind to create a rippling effect, the night-time image is that of a mirror reflection of the stars and dark spaces above. With the section of sky considered important captured on the water, it is not a difficult task to measure and replicate elsewhere a few metres away.

Each star marker was made using low level technology, a hammer-stone pounded against a hard rock with a point is sufficient to pierce the sandstone crust. However, it is still a laborious task with each marker estimated to be the end-result of around nine hundred times when the rock hammer struck the rock chisel/point. We have also been reliably informed that when a child is initiated into adulthood he or she becomes the custodian one of these star markers.


Why expend so much time, effort, ceremony, reverence and commitment to some shiny specks of light revolving around this ball of rock and water? That the Original people were the very first to do so cannot be questioned, nor can it be doubted an extraordinary amount of time was so devoted to ‘as on top,’ all that needs to be determined is why and where. All that is left over to ruminate upon is what motivated the Original people to sacrifice so much in the pursuit of looking up, and moreover, was there one specific point or constellation that was their principle focus?

Establishing where is such an easy task, the consensus is total and Dreaming stories completely consistent. The narrative of the Seven Sisters Dreaming story, does very slightly throughout the country, but what is never under question is the Pleiadian presence in Australia and that this is the only historical account which every tribe in the continent knows and honours. All other tribal Dreaming stories relate to their tribe, land and the Spirits activities in relation to how they impacted upon their tribe and land, this one ‘myth’ stands apart.

For some time, no matter where we went, we kept looking for one place, clan or tribal group that knew nothing of the Seven Sisters. It was a pointless search, no matter where we went the Seven Sisters ruled supreme.

Ganga Maya

Original Elder, Eddie McPhee, made contact with us about four years ago desperate for help and publicity. The most sacred cave in their Dreaming, Ganga Maya was under immediate threat of annihilation through detonation and it seemed no-one cared.

In Western Australia nothing is more commercially sacred that a hole in the ground with blades at the ready. Everything else is a distraction to the profit of a few in the naïve expectation some of the obscene wealth hoarded will someday trickle down. By the time Eddie McPhee asked us to help profits were escalating and miners were plying their trade everywhere. Anything that had a trace of the desired mineral was fair game, as was the case at Ganga Maya. Openly admitted to be a medium sized low-grade deposit of iron ore, even at the height of the mining boom it was just profitable and never lucrative. The current thinking was a five year rip and explode then move on. Every building in the central complex was a demountable and could be picked up and moved at one day’s notice.

There above the Administration Block, less than half a kilometre up and moderate slope stood a mine that Eddie held great fears for. When taken to the actual mine by a mine representative, we were told to wear a helmet as the ceiling was so unstable bits were literally falling onto the floor each day. Looking around it was obvious why it was so unstable, as the layers had shifted and twisted from wall to ceiling and the floor was covered with rocks and debris that had fallen from above.

I found it so hard to hold my tongue while the appointed spokesperson for the miners explained how the plan to mine right up the very edge of the cave assisted by explosions legally permitted to be placed to within 50 metres of the entrance, would have no impact of the integrity of the ceiling. I had already read the archaeological report of the single trench dug that returned a human occupation date of 46,000 years, which was at the time the oldest inland date anywhere in Australia. They tried to dig and second and third hole, but on each occasion abandoned the dig due to the huge accumulation of rocks that fell from ceiling, and that happened without the assistance of any nearby explosion and was solely due to the precarious nature of its current unstable setting.

Honestly a heavy stamp of the foot is sufficient to pry loose a five gram pebble or a five kilogram rock. Anyone who believes that the detonation of high grade explosives so close to the cave will result in no fracturing or displacement, is blind to logic, gravity and is totally beholding to the forecasted profits.

The sacredness of this cave is never at question, but has been lost to all official channels is Eddies’ warning if this does happen. The cave is the central star of the Pleiades and if it falls so too is the tribe’s link to the heavens lost for an eternity, this was Eddies’ prime concern. He told me if that site is destroyed then their Dreaming will suffer irreparable damage.

We wrote the article and it did upset some people, but to be honest it never had a chance of influencing any economic decision. The cave was doomed to be rubble, but there at the last moment as the charges were being primed the bottom fell out of the mining boom and prices for commodities plummeted. Being an activity that had a low margin for profit, Atlas Mining soon found a much more pressing financial imperative that drew a halt to proceedings and left the cave intact.

Back on the Eastern Side of the Equation

It matters not in the least where, when it comes to the many accounts of the Seven Sisters no tribe in Australia denied its prominence or doubted its’ authenticity. There is one quite modest and unassuming symbol we have seen in the Gosford/Blue Mountains area at both the Cave of the Golden Boomerang and Burragurra (Devil’s Rock) that has spent some time as an incidental backdrop we put down to bad parenting.

At the Cave of the Golden Boomerang, which is a Dreaming story that details the genesis of humanity and also reminds many of the biblical paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, right at the beginning of the series of figures that are spread across the gallery is what we originally assumed to be neglected baby. The problem with such uninformed conjecture is that we did not correctly identify this baby-like figure, being positioned beside the first standing woman’s foot, it looks as if the child is being flagrantly ignored and possibly being kicked away. Outside an appalling case of bad mothering that small part of this massive gallery was so at odds in the themes, proportion and style found across the thirty metre stretch of cave wall. Everything else is so representational, each finger is apparent, every muscle is clearly defined and all other figures are incredibly life-like, and next to all of this precision is the crude outline of a rejected baby laying in the dirt.

And so our error in translation remained unattended, until some follow-up research on another extremely sacred site (Burragurra) by Evan turned up the exact same figure engraved into a rock platform. Much to our relief he found out through accessing a University library web site that this figure had been officially recognised, and it is not an example of infanticide or atrocious parenting, but the Pleiades.

According to the local Original Elders, Burragurra was the first place their Sky Heroes stepped upon after their Starship landed at nearby Mount Yengo. The engravings on that platform share both the particulars of their journey “across the Milky Way” and their intentions once landing on this planet of contradictions and Cosmic redemption. As such, the symbol for the Pleiades engraved into both ancient narratives is both fitting and compulsory.

The Pleiades, up Close and Personal

Ramindjeri Elder, Karno W. knew of the existence, papers written and talk about Ros’ Rock 1, but for nigh on eighteen months he never made a direct comment or instruction about this rock. He said nothing and gave no directions or prohibitions for some time, then one day a phone call directly from Karno set everything off into a new course we still have trouble keeping up with. From being unworthy of any response to the most important marked rock on this planet is both a steep learning curve and once again, ends up in the night-time skies.

Photo By Samarah Wood
Photo by Samarah Wood

For reasons never provided Karno had decided that it was time to speak the truth, and on this occasion it was one of the very first truths that came into joint-existence. Karno referred to a Dreaming Story that describes the beginning, but comes from two separate locations.

To the best of my recollections Karno told me that, ‘way back in the beginning Goanna came in a Starship that travelled from a distant constellation (the Pleiades). He sought permission from the Original people of this land to join them, which was refused. Crow and Eagle were defiant and not only denied him access but successfully thwarted his plans to create this concord between those from the Earth and the Pleiades.’

The impasse remained for some time, until for reasons given and regrettably forgotten, the Crow saw the wisdom in what Goanna was offering. He joined ‘Goanna, and together no matter how valiantly eagle fought, they overcame his resistance.’ Goanna and the Starship he commanded, landed and soon after the cross-fertilisation of two sets of genes took place and a new step in human evolution began.

As a token of Goanna’s victory, ‘Goanna gave him a set of his claws,’ of which they were none sharper throughout the entire planet. In commemoration of this seminal release and merging of genes, the goanna used those same claws to cut into the thin brown veneer of Ros’ Rock 1, thus recording a long-term plan that would eventually see the entire Universe liberated.

Again past that point a little more has been lost, but certainly not the last observation of which Karno was so emphatic. The conclusion was non-negotiable and intentionally literal, Original copyright had been infringed as Karno noted that, ‘and the White-fellas took that story and put it into their Bible and had Noah holding a piece of stone written by the fingers of the same God.’ All that changed over the passing of years was a new hat.

At one of the most important rock platforms in Australia, Burrugurra (Central Coast NSW), the engraved narrative explains how the creator Sky-Hero, Biaime, descended from a Space-ship and soon after made humans after cutting off one leg to use as a genetic base. That is why all footprints of Biaime are singular, in that one foot is always missing. Much further down an incredibly ancient time line that leg became a rib at another place and time.

Completing the Circle

Original time is never linear and always circular-without a beginning or end. So this chapter honours that venerable revolving tradition by concluding with the reason why this piece was written. It comes down to one recurring omission, that one Cosmic location, the Pleiades is never to be whispered in polite circles nor pursued through any approved channel. Such unwelcome talk will always see a wall of silence descend from on high. Because of this refusal we are duty-bound to fill that void in asking the questions that should flow once mention of this distant constellation is made.

The second after an Elder finishes speaking about their off-world ancestry, there seems to be a series of four questions that need little effort in formulating as they are compulsory. It goes something like these. Are you saying beings from the Pleiades came to this continent and stayed? What was their long-term plan and motivation to come so far? Are the Original people of today a hybrid of Homo sapien and Pleiadian genes? Why is it that in Original Dreaming stories there is no mention of Sirius or beings from any other Alien race coming to Australia?

We suspect we know what each answer is, as do the endorsed researchers, but they cannot extend the courtesy to ask. Careers were lost for less serious transgressions. In coming back to today’s reality in completing this small circle, all that is left on the table are two possibilities left to consider, it really is as simple as that, it has to be one or the other.

Today’s representatives of the oldest culture are adamant that their ancestry is partially not from this planet, and they are either lying or telling the truth. The absolute consistency in this off-world narrative throughout the country is either a truthful account or due to a mischievous lie manufactured in extremely ancient times at one camp site, which then spread throughout the countryside. Apparently these naïve and gullible people were victims of a story that was gradually embellished to over the years. Or they were telling the truth then, and still are. It really is a ‘trick or treat’ situation, and at the moment has never been unwrapped.

And the greatest tragedy of this vacuum is that there nothing on any horizon that will change the current selective and paternalistic approach, which has dominated the countryside from the time the British Invasion Fleet set anchor in Australian waters.




  1. It is impossible that anyone or any being actually traveled from the Pleiades to Earth. It’s just too far. Is it not possible that the Pleiades are part of the oral human creation history because there was a stellar explosion that lit up the sky? This could have been as bright as planet for months and years. Given the nature of oral histories that are thousands of generations old, that observation is going to morph into “See those stars up there, my beloved grandchild? That is where we come from.”

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