Mayan Peace Talks – The Origin of the Greys By Xchelita

Mayan Peace Talks –The Origin of the Greys

 By Xchelita (Little Rainbow)

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A Warning to Mankind


According to Mayan legends, the Greys were known as the “Tormentors and Deceivers”. They have a very long history on Earth.

The Greys were present during the sinking of Atlantis, and the last Shift of the Ages. They have been on our planet for at least 400 thousand years. The Greys live in underground cities, and travel in flying metal discs. They are responsible for many human and animal abductions. The Greys have contact with the shadow government, some secret organisations, and members of the elite. They are sometimes associated with the Reptilians. Both races live in Xibalba, the underworld.

Originally the Greys may have come from Mars, or another more distant planet or star. Legend has it that they destroyed their own planet with a nuclear war, and perhaps another form of energy that we have yet to discover. I was told that these creatures sometimes pretend to be angels, or star beings, or people from our future. Some Mayan believe that these trickster beings originated solely from the underworld, in Xibalba, and feed off our negative energy, fear, and ignorance.


I was then shown the ancient skulls and the carved stone images! The skulls of the Greys were triangular with huge eye sockets, and the Reptilian ones had a ridge protruding up the middle front and across the top, where a human skull normally fuses, and forms sutures.

It challenged every belief I had! I was a sceptic. As a biologist, I had some training in human and animal anatomy, but I had never seen anything like it. I found it extremely confronting, and I listened even more intently to the stories.

When the earth was going through dramatic changes, the surface was considered a dangerous place to live. Although some people chose to take their chances on the surface of the planet, others took shelter inside the earth, and still others took to the heavens by flight.


In space, they were exposed to high levels of dangerous radiation. To complicate things further, they had a very small genetic pool and little biodiversity. As we know in modern science today, if the gene pool is insufficient, it can lead to sterility. This is exactly what happened to the Greys, they became infertile!

The Greys are an example of what can happen to us humans and our planet Earth, if we are not careful, and if we make the same mistakes!

There is an important connection that every living creature, and all things manifest, share with each other and with source. It is our heart that connects us, whether through love or fear. Emotions and intent play an important role in creation and procreation. They are inseparable. So choosing not to feel is like choosing not to live.

When our heart is broken, our feelings hurt, or we feel abandoned, we often condemn our heart for bringing us suffering. When we feel loved and accepted, our hearts fill with joy. Well this is totally illogical for the Greys! They see emotions as chaotic and unpredictable. Who can blame them for this!

So the Greys decided to do away with emotion, as they saw it as useless and a hindrance. They decided to cut their emotional ties to Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the Source. They chose to eliminate free will. When this life energy bond was severed, they lost the ability to procreate and became infertile. You can also see that the Greys have 4 fingers instead of 5, like we do, because this sense is missing in them.

If we cannot absorb life energy from the Source, then we cannot give it, as we have nothing to give! Although stealing life energy from another living being can prolong their life, it doesn’t solve the problem of being unable to procreate.

Although our emotions can cause us great pain, these are only the base emotions of the ego. We also have divine emotions, or higher-self emotions, that are connected to unity consciousness and the Source, and give us feelings of peace, awareness, enlightenment, and joy. These higher emotions can show themselves as gut feelings, premonitions, deep knowing, or heightened states of awareness and consciousness.

Let us not make the same mistake of condemning our emotions! Our heart is our guide!

We can have compassion for these tiny, frail, confused, infertile, little Grey beings. Trust is another issue, however! The Mayans warn us not to trust these creatures, and remind us that every treaty that humanity has ever made with the Greys has been broken!

Mayan shamanic teachings instruct us to be calm when encountering these beings, as they cannot understand our emotions anyways. These beings are part of the Law of One, and must respect our free will. They only have authority over us if we give it to them.



 Although these beings are telepathic, that doesn’t mean that they can’t lie! In fact, they are very good at deceiving! They can project images into our head, and try to provoke fear, feelings of helplessness, obligations, and shame. Anything to make us doubt in ourselves, or hurt ourselves!

The church called them the Fallen Angels, or demons, but they are not evil, just devoid of emotion and compassion. Like the rest of us, they are just trying to survive.

The Law of One, or the Law of Interconnectivity, says that all beings will tend to reflect back to you, your own emotions! Find your inner calm, and you will not be deceived.

The Greys do not come from our future, a future where we have destroyed our planet. The future is ours to create! We get to choose! We just need to have a bit of faith in ourselves. As we rush madly towards the apocalypse, let’s remember the original meaning of the word apocalypse meant the unveiling.

Conclusion – What can we do?


At first I was a little upset to hear that the Greys had contact with a shadow government. I questioned them about it, and the Mayans shamans just laughed and laughed. My confused look made them giggle even more! They told me that we don’t need to worry about it, that these things look after themselves, and that the shadow government would be held accountable for their actions. I was gently reminded that we don’t need to go where they are going! All beings have free will to choose evolution or de-evolution.

Now there are different kinds of Greys, let us not be quick to judge. It is possible that some Greys are seeking to evolve. There will always be good and bad individuals in every group, and good and bad in each of us. That is the nature of duality. Like the Yin-Yang symbol, we are reminded that even in complete darkness, there is always a spot of light!

We can assist the evolution of ourselves, and of negative entities such as the Greys, by projecting love and compassion, instead of fear and helplessness. Just as the higher realms have dominion over us, we have dominion over the lower realms; we just have to realise and to remember this profound truth!

We can send the Greys away! But let’s give them a chance to evolve and choose the light first!

Any pacts or agreements that we have made with dark forces, can be broken! We can repent, or choose the light, or change or minds at any time! According to the Law of One, these negative entities cannot affect our free will, unless we allow it. There are also reports that “Abductions Stop in the Name of Christ” (See: Similarly, Islamic people call on Allah to protect themselves and others from these negative entities, they call Jinns. No matter your faith, you have free will.

We find compassionate love through the knowledge that the dark energies will eventually sink to the lower realms, and bring great suffering upon themselves. In contrast, however, beings that are “en-lighten-ed”, or the Ascended Masters, or Angels, float away into the higher realms! Apparently, we suffer, until we choose not to!

The Mayan and Hindu both spoke of the layers, or densities (dimensions), or planes of existence, that are stacked upon each other, just like oil floats on water. According to the Mayan knowledge keepers, we have 9 levels of the Underworld, or Hell, and 13 levels of Heaven.

Mayan shamanic healing shows us that demonic creatures can transform into angels! If we project love and compassion, with fearlessness and humbleness, we can cause or assist this transformation! So if we are in fear, we will likely see a demon, and have fear reflected back to us. If we stand in love and compassion, we are likely to see an angel. Some know this as the “Law of Attraction”. Remember that we are all reflections of each other, and all reflections or different aspects of the One!


We are more powerful than we could ever imagine! Humans are multi-dimensional beings!

It is time to celebrate this Shift of the Ages! With rebirth and transformation we can enter the Golden Age!

The rise in frequency and consciousness affects every living creature, our Earth, our Sun, and our entire Solar System. We must allow all beings to evolve or devolve, as they choose.

It is a wonderful opportunity for a long awaited change!

What changes would you like to see on our beautiful planet?  

Photo by Michelle Recchia

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  1. We must evolve past capitalist Imperialism and the hetero-patriarchy, balance between our femenine and masculine energies is crucial for this transition. Many starseed, consciousness from higher dimensions incarnated on earth to aid humanity in this transition back to the light, to evolve into who we were meant to be, how we were meant to live, in a world with more equality, compassion & love, where healing is central to avoid violence. I am a starseed, there’s never been so many of us on incarnated on earth before, we have been preparing for this moment through many lifetimes. I have lived in Lemuria and Atlantis, we must inspire our future from our past eden societies and avoid our past mistakes from repeating.

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