Another Lens: Crystal Skull Photo Analysis (Article by Julia Lincoln with Steven & Evan Strong)

Another Lens: Crystal Skull Photo Analysis

By Julia Lincoln (Introduction & Conclusion by Steven & Evan Strong)

2014-11-30 12.49.45INTRODUCTION:

It is with some degree of embarrassment, verging on shame, we admit to vacillating for some time over whether it was wise to wander down such a radical ‘unscientific’ path. Without doubt there is no doubt no respectable mainstream organisation or academic would even bother considering such mystical ‘nonsense’ worthy of their time. In that respect, this article is doomed to fail and more than likely will provide ample fodder for our many critics to use as examples of our weaknesses in rigour and claimed reliance on empirical facts.

To this sin in abandoning what may seem sacrosanct principles in scientific research we plead guilty by association. Undoubtedly every reading provided by Julia is subjective and lacking in laboratory or graphs, and to compound the affront the person responsible has no PhD or supporting published papers to bring to this investigation of the paranormal aspects of this skull. Equally, the method of photography and attachments required has never been scrutinised and given the tick of approval by any panel of professors. From every side of this equation, bar one, even though distanced by degrees of separation, these photographs present us with a ‘no-win’ scenario. In the simplest terms, we are going to get ‘hammered’ by our critics for relaying on this report.

Wait up! What if it is worth the risk? What if the reasoning and technology is sound and these conclusions are valid? Since first hearing mention of this skull we have deliberately kept a distance from all talk and previous research on crystal skulls of every type, we have decided to keep apart from the hype and acolytes who make grand claims. To maintain impartiality it is best to investigate without bias or preconditioning. Even so, there is one part of skull ‘mythology’ that is impossible to escape or ignore, the belief is constant in that the skulls are able to communicate great wisdom and essential guidance, that there is an immense power within that straddles the divide between the mystical and material. That claim cannot be validated through a conventional laboratory, approved apparatus or accepted avenues of scientific research, and we have to be bold in seeking out alternative ways of detecting and measuring. That is why we decided what Julia is offering deserves to be heard and considered.

Any machine with the hint of chip or complication is of no interest to me, I will make no attempt to understand or explain because I just don’t care in the least. If anything this aversion gives me even less right to semi-endorse processes and technologies I have no understanding of, but above and beyond my intense dislike of nearly all technology of the last 40 years, is a pragmatic consideration.

The skull does have a presence and power of unimaginable proportions and mainstream science denies this reality, Julia confirms what we know to be true and has photographed colours and emanations. So, if wishing to investigate further we have two alternatives, denial is the endorsed course of inaction when everything else fails or refuses, or the photography of Julia.

We were aware of this radical process before Julia contacted us, and had seen evidence of these photographs in action and that left us open to what is claimed, but that shouldn’t be taken as a carte-blanch endorsement. However, there is a strong chance the crystal skull is genuine, that it is giving off an energy of some sort. That is our belief and so too that of Julia’s, what follows is an explanation of how this process works and how that can be applied to the crystal skull.


2014-12-10 3.59.53
Photo Treatment by Julia Lincoln
Crystal skull2D
Photo Treatment by Julia Lincoln
2014-12-10 4.1.9
Photo Treatment by Julia Lincoln

“This is an introduction to photographing fields of energy of this most intriguing crystal skull. Whilst I have about 30 different filters to work with, each has its own purpose whether that be to study fields of energy around and in the human body to detect imbalances or to study and research fields of energy of plants, animals, rocks and artifacts.
Harry Oldfield, a scientist, was one of the original pioneers of this field of work. Over the years he has developed many systems but New Energy Vision is one of his latest for observing and working with fields of energy. I also work with Biofield Resolutions Reader which is another similar system for observing fields of energy.

Everything is made of energy so it stands to reason that when researching and studying anything, the field of energy is important for us to have a deeper understanding of what we are studying.

We as human beings are for the most part only privy to see seven colours of the spectrum however as a basic introduction to understanding and interpreting colours we can say with confidence that when observing the colour green, which is in the middle of the spectrum that it can be described as a colour of balance as observed in the first photograph of the skull.

In the second photograph the eye is drawn to the circular patterns of energy which are clear, and bright coming from the skull. This depicts a balancing effect that the skull has on its immediate environment.

In the third photograph and using a different filter the top of the head has become filled with white light. White light encompasses all other colours and is of a higher vibration.

2014-12-11 0.49.11
Photo Treatment by Julia Lincoln

In the fourth photograph and using another filter, where the white light was, we can now see an area of intense activity depicted with the colour red. Interestingly there appears to be vetebrae which is now appearing for the neck. This filter only interprets green, red and pale yellow with some pale blue at times.

Whilst thinking of colours and trying to use them only as a logical interpretation, we need to also keep in mind that the universe consists of an infinite number of vibrations of which we can only see seven as colours. For this reason I look at other possibilities of matches for that frequency, whether that be for a higher vibration or a lower one.

By studying fields of energy we can get a better understanding of whether an artifact, rock or stone has a healthy effect on the environment or person. Often there is information inside other information and faces, figures and animals will appear to give us clues of what this is about.”

…well this is probably as much as I should rave on about. The only other thing that came to mind was to do with crystals as they ” could be manipulated to augment, store, amplify, transfer, transform and focus other vibrational frequencies of energy, including sound, electricity and even information in the form of precise periodic pulses” ref:


We will close as we started, unsure. This process was recommended to us well before we made contact with Julia as something deserving consideration. And that is what we have just done, presented a new way of looking and photographing an object that could change everything. My suspicions are very strong in relation to there being some sort of energy being transmitted from the crystal skull and received by certain individuals. If that is what is taking place, it doesn’t seem a great leap of faith or technology to maintain that this exchange of energy was captured on film by Julia with the assistance of some radical technology.

We are of the belief that when placed in conjunction with what we have already written and what is to follow in the next article, we believe the chances that this filming process is legitimate are high. There can be no definites whenever the topic of crystal skulls is raised, but this time around this skull ticks boxes no others have and that is the real difference. Julia’s work is just another piece in a puzzle that could rewrite …


  1. Although this has taken a year’s contemplation of whether to reply or not to the introduction and conclusion of this article, I would like to state that I, Julia Lincoln, did not “treat” any of these photographs. All photography was done with a NEV Field Camera which was developed by Harry Oldfield, a scientist. Whilst not having a PHD or similar, I do have a lengthy background in kinesiology and numerous other modalities including quantum physics.

    I would like to recommend and state that there are supporting research articles on to do with Bosnian Pyramids, also Decoding Spiritual Messages as DNA. Its a matter of searching or asking.

  2. My website contains photographs taken with a regular digital camera of holograms that show in the two crystal skulls that was in the care of a Cherokee Chief. The holograms are in direct answer to questions. In one photograph the left eye lights up showing an iris and pupil and beams across a dark room. I learned to activate crystals from Leon Secatero, a Navajo headman who gathered Indigenous Elders from the world to New Mexico in 1998. The crystal skulls interact with human consciousness as described by Klaus Dona in his reports of the Himmler skull. I am curious as to the origin of the Australian skull that you are photographing.

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