Wirritjin ~ Spirit Knows No Colour By Louise Clarke

Wirritjin ~ Spirit Knows No Colour

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Calling all to stand with me in solidarity with the Ramindjeri tribe of Kangaroo Island. Their legacy is ‘Wirritjin ~ Spirit knows no colour’ and is seamlessly aligned with the philosophy of ‘Ubuntu – Unity in Diversity’.

The Ramindjeri are under threat of losing their land to the Indigenous Land Commission since their Elder Karno Walker passed away a short time ago.

Please donate, share this campaign or write to me and tell me how you would like to get involved. One Love!

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By Louise Clarke

For those who know me, at the beginning of the year I honoured a calling of Spirit to leave my home and sell my belongings to walk the path of my truth. This truth involves seeking out and honouring the wisdom of the Elders, living close to the land and being in service along my journey to those who need my help.

At the end of February I received a call from Christine Walker , wife of recently deceased Ramindjeri Elder Karno Walker. I had met her last year at a fund raising event held by my friends Steven and Evan William Strong to assist in saving the Ramindjeri Cultural Centre and even then I felt a strongly drawn to the story and the culture of the Ramindjeri. Christine was in trouble. Unable to hold the responsibility alone of protecting and managing the Wulde Wairri Murray Lagoon Sanctuary she and her husband had spent 10 years lovingly building. Unable to pay all the bills on her pension. And unwilling to let go of the legacy of Wirritjin her beloved husband had set into motion shortly before his death.

This story is close to my heart for a number of reasons that, along with a series of uncanny synchronistic events, have brought me here at the right time to be f value and has left no doubt in my mind that this is an extension of the life work I committed to in West Africa in 2003 in honour of yet another spiritual calling. After my 12 year involvement in the philosophy of Ubuntu, co- founding Ubuntu Planet and living and working with indigenous tribes in South Africa – I am now called to assist the Ramindjeri of South Australia with their philosophy Wirritjin, which means essentially the same as Ubuntu – “Unity in Diversity”.

At the same time, the KhoiSan Community on the Southern Tip of Africa, to which I will be returning to assist in May, are going through the same difficulties as the Ramindjeri of Australia.

And so I ask you to support this and the Khoi campaign – which I will be sharing with you later today – by donating what you can and by sharing far and wide.

In essence, these stories are about standing in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of the world, protecting their culture and stories for posterity and living the true philosophy of unity that has been held by these cultures since the beginning of time.

If you feel called to assist in any way, please let me know. I will be coordinating volunteer programmes with the Ramindjeri and the Khoi communities later this year.

Thank you.

Louise Clark

With Peter R Ogg

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Image courtesy of Christine Walker and the Ramindjeri People, Photo by Olivia Olley, Graphics by Brett Waller

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