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  1. Adrian
    March 26, 2017

    Hi, it is an interesting theory. It is documented Egyptians used to sail on the ocean, and, if I remember well, I read once about an expedition circumnavigating Africa. One of the ships, driven by a storm, could possibly reach in Australia. I read about similar theory about Europeans reaching in the New World before Columbus (not necessary Vikings).
    However, I wonder why that Egyptian chap did not actually wrote a meaningful text if he was able to draw hieroglyphs. If he wrote something, it means he wanted to leave a message, right? Why not an intelligible one?
    One more thing: I have no clue about metallurgy but I found in a book something like that: an alloy of bronze with aluminum may reach 30% in the structure β + α (therefore 70% aluminum, less than your alloy). I do not know what is the other component (may be a mixture?) but, if the scientist from your country are so dumb, I would not be surprised they were not able to find.


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