Two Ancient Aliens landing in Australia this July! (Event: Media Release)

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By Duncan Roads

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 Two Ancient Aliens landing in Australia this July!

 Was the human race seeded by space travellers?   Is God an extraterrestrial?


Ancient Aliens TV co-stars, Erich von Däniken and David Hatcher Childress are set to visit Australia this July.  The duo will appear in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as part of a tour that promises a riveting exploration into the mysteries of our past.

Erich von Däniken postulates Earth may have been visited by extraterrestrials in the remote past – and that in fact the gods of antiquity were astronauts. Erich has appeared as a guest on countless television and radio shows, participated in and contributed to numerous film and TV productions and has written an abundance of articles on the subject over the years.

Erich guarantees to provide incredible computer animations of the so-called Vimanas – the flying machines of ancient India. “I will discuss their links with the visions of the biblical prophet Ezekiel, and of course with the writings of Enoch”, said Erich. In a unique animation Erich asks questions of the builders of the great pyramid. “I will show the newest discoveries inside and under the pyramid. The audience is transported into a world thousands of years into the past”, says Erich.  He also flies with the audience over the plane of Nazca in Peru and shows images never before seen in Australia.

David Hatcher Childress is known to his fans as the real-life Indiana Jones and is author of the Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries series of books.  In the USA he has appeared on Fox, NBC, Discovery Channel, A&E, The Sci-Fi Channel, The History Channel, The Travel Channel and others. David also appeared in the Canadian television show Weird or What?, hosted by William Shatner and he regularly guest stars on radio.

“I’m really excited to be coming back and connecting with Australia again”, said David.  “My presentation will be delving into megalithic construction around the world, cranial deformation and the Anunnaki.  I’m also going to delve into the mystery of stone balls, obelisks, Vimanas and structures on the Moon and Mars.”

David’s presentation promises to be fast-paced, visual and mind-blowing.

Duncan Roads, editor of NEXUS Magazine and Alternative News Project will introduce the tour at each stop.



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