The Biggest Picture: Uluru Ceremony

The Biggest Picture: Uluru Ceremony

By Steven & Evan Strong


In previous articles addressing the ceremony and global meditation occurring at Uluru on December 21, 2020, we have examined evidence from near and around that huge rock and all over the planet. Augmented by hundreds of ceremonies throughout the planet, the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, which was undeniably supplemented by the Summer Solstice, energised Uluru and literally turned this sacred rock on, forever! But it doesn’t end here, as it went everywhere. It was not just one solitary planet that fell under this twin-planetary spell, there is compelling evidence that the entire solar system was affected in different ways. However, even though in each of six events analysed they are markedly different, one thing never varied, the cause.

                We will begin our planetary journey at the outer extremity of our solar system. Although now officially de-listed as a planet by the experts, Pluto is still out there, but within days of the conjunction its outer atmosphere became 80% smaller in volume. No scientific explanation has been offered beyond it being either compression or the gas just floated off into space. Nor has anyone suggested what mechanism or event caused this dramatic change in the ‘gas-scape’ of this distant planet. Of itself, if nothing else happened elsewhere, it could be dismissed as a bizarre unrelated natural disaster or due to a meteor impact.

                However, Neptune’s new visage and possible reversal of rotation is for more dramatic and because it is much closer to the two largest planets in alignment, is to be expected. Originally the gas surface on this planet was uniformly one colour with no variation. At sometime either on that day, or within the next week, the planet ‘created’ two huge spherical shapes somewhat like the coloured ‘eye’ of Jupiter. They are still there, but what really is a conundrum of monumental proportions, is that both ‘eyes’ are rotating in the opposite direction to the way this planet is supposed to rotate. What that means is that both newly acquired spheres, being stationed on the surface, are moving against the flow of the planet, or the entire planet is now spinning in the opposite direction to that which was occurring before December 21.

The two Agent Provocateurs and the two Closest Rock Planets

Clearly the conjunction of the two largest planets in our solar system, of which Jupiter has legitimate claims to be acting more like a second sun rather than a planet, was the central generation point. But the crucial question is what types of energy and forces were being created. Whatever this was, it is of a quality and impact outside the reach of any current understanding of the laws of science and physics, as those two planets were not behaving ‘normally.’

                The closest rock planet to this alignment is Mars, and once again when NASA made their announcement, no explanation was forthcoming. Nor could there be, they are adamant the axis of Mars shifted four inches. Four inches may not sound a lot if pushing a wheelbarrow, but once factoring in the weight of the entire planet, pushing it a solitary millimetre off course requires a massive surge of energy.

                When it comes to what happened on our home planet, the choices are so many, but first amongst equals has to be the two earthquakes that happened so close to that date. Measuring 9.6 with an aftershock of 9.7, which of itself is reversal in sequence as the leading earthquake always sets the bar, both seismic events are easily the most catastrophic ever measured on this planet. Chile was 9.2 and the 9.1 earthquake in San Francisco brought down virtually every building at the beginning of the twentieth century, and by comparison to what took place twice at Antarctica (never renowned for earthquakes of any magnitude) this seismic event has no precedent. What does resonate is that the top or bottom of Mars shifted, and here on Earth it seems the transition point was identical.

It should come as no surprise that at the same time the sun pulsated in solar flares and winds at a level rarely recorded. None of these planetary and solar events are the same, but the timing is and the Grand Conjunction is the catalyst.

The Third Release

As explained earlier, the quantity and quality of supporting photographs taken at 7:32 December 21 or very soon after was beyond our most optimistic expectations, and because of this, we are serialising the release over the next year. With a planetary and solar backdrop complete, it is appropriate to share another three photographs.

                The first was taken by Ros in rural N.S.W. and exhibits many similarities to the photograph of a cylindrical shaft of golden light in the sky falling into the sea at Croatia. Yes, the golden glow is not there, but the shape, dimensions and final destination (the Earth) is identical. Just as it was with the intense blue in the sky at Uluru and America, which are at opposite sides of the planet, the same can be said about the two locations of this repeated phenomena.

Photo By Ros Mulder
Shared by Soraya Danielle (from Jasmina Lakota), 21st Dec. 2020:

                We had quite a few to choose from the category of electronic discharges, this particular photo is of a flat plain with grey clouds above and an inordinate amount of ‘lightning’ in between. There are no torrential winds, hint of a downpour, steep inclines nor any sign of turbulence. However, the number of simultaneous lightning strikes, during, before and after, is unlike anything I have seen or been photographed. That it happened within days after the ceremony could be just another part in the beginning of a global cleansing process that began at 7:32 Pm at Uluru, or a normal event. On its own a natural explanation has ‘legs,’ but in combination with the eight other photographs posted, and so many more to come, this is what it is-the earth is healing itself from within.

                The time in this evolving report has come to start focusing on the giver of life, energy and existence, the sun. Outside the incredible surge of solar winds and flares, many photographs were taken of the sun that are just not normal or readily explainable. Again, there are so many to choose from, and in each case something is not quite as it should be. There are reflections/orbs in this photo that are not normal. Undeniably claims of photo-shopping or natural irregularities in the camera’s performance can be claimed, but in doing so there are eight other photographs now presented walking down the same mystical path. They all have to be explained away, and there are so many more like this photo to come.

Our suggestion is to put away the scepticism and blinkers and view all these pictures in a combined context. Once doing so it leaves one open to seriously consider a small sampling of the written testimonies that lack a photograph or any empirical proof. Of the hundreds we can choose from, our first selection is of two people we personally know and hold in the very highest regard. Their integrity and honesty is beyond reproach, and because of that what they reported back to us in describing their experiences on that seminal day, can only be true.

A Progress Report       

Because of the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter the entire solar system was ‘rocking and rolling,’ of that there is no doubt. And right there at the spiritual centre of the Earth, Uluru was flashing and activating. We have photographs, measurements and charts that prove this to be true. From our viewpoint, we made it clear all the way up to the 21st that we held many reservations that anything would eventuate. Nevertheless, it did, and the rock is humming and will continue to increase in activation over the next few years.

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn By Misaochan2, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons at

No longer is it a matter of if, but now it is all about what comes next. Who will step on to this Mayan road or Hopi “fast flowing river?”(1) What are the conditions of entry, and where do those who fail themselves go next? And it is that intriguing path forward, or backwards, which has now become the primary focus of all our upcoming on-line conferences.     


(1) Thomas Banyacya Sr. (Hopi Chief), June 8th , 2000. (Shared by Wendy Nickerson, Department Administrator for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health),  “We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For: Prophecy made by Hopi Elders”, COVID-19 UPDATES – Office of Academic Clinical Affairs,

For More Information See:

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  1. While at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, you can learn more about the Anangu people and their past, as well as the strong ties the natural formations have to the culture of the region. The on-site Cultural Centre provides ample opportunity to get to know the unique narratives of the region. Additionally, local Aboriginal tour guides show tourists around the base of Uluru every single day. The natural landmark is thought to have been formed by ancestral beings during the Dreaming. According to the local Aboriginal people, Uluru’s numerous caves and fissures were all formed due to ancestral beings actions in the Dreaming. Still today, ceremonies are held in the sacred caves lining the base. The term Dreaming refers to the time when the land and the people were created by the ancestor spirits. They creates the rivers, hills, rocks, and more, forming everything in the natural world. The ancestors also made particular sites to express to the Aboriginal people which places were to be sacred.

  2. I was struck by the opposite coloring of these two shafts of light/dark… as though the light from rural NSW was seen in Croatia, and the darkness from Croatia was seen in rural NSW… Although, you must switch one of the images, top to bottom, for the colors to match almost perfectly… as though this momentary switching of light, traveled right through the Earth, rather than around it.

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