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  1. Joseph
    March 8, 2021

    Hello from Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island… we coordinated our Dec. 21st Uluru-Earth ceremony from after 1 am to 4 am with a fire, drumming and our bare feet on the ground… and everyone felt that their feet were ‘warm’… though, it’s winter here, this night was so wonderful and still… after falling asleep just after 4 am… by 8 am everything was white with powder snow with an INCREDIBLE calm… it’s real, we all could feel the Earth’s joy communicating back with us -> so we are doing the ceremony once a month (at full moon) to keep the vibration and energy up and strong, let’s all do this together – Joseph, Ute and Alex ~ Peace be with you.


  2. Jane Brown
    January 19, 2021

    PS, I am in Stroud, Britain, how do I donate £’s?


  3. Jane Brown
    January 19, 2021

    Thank you both, for your commitment. Reading between the lines, you suffered much in your giving of ceremony. Steve, you look really tired, can you take a break? Thank you for the details of ‘after Uluru’. I am 61, and like your 59yr old, have seen no point in my life. Over past 20 yrs, I have stumbled about trying to love self, body and Earth which my culture/religion taught me to despise. Then, on Dec 20th 2020, I finally got it…that I am an Earthling, this is my home and Mother, and love came. My own indigenous soul was at last awakened, and I could really send pure love to Mother Earth and Uluru (got time wrong, but hey, time is irrelevant!). If all of us (whatever skin colour) having an indigenous soul is offensive to Original People, then I apologise, I deeply thank them all for keeping our Mother alive, while we starve her of the food of our love and reverence, poison and destroy her and them. But my own little corner of the world sings to me and I must humbly learn how to sing the song too, without traditions or ancestor wisdom. Through the concrete/tarmac, the packaged foods, poisoned water, air and soils. At my age, this is not about me, anyway, but telling the children/young folk not to be afraid anymore. Their Earth Home is alive! And Love is All. The 7 ‘seeds’ are a brilliant way to start sowing the future! Thank you.


  4. Margie Bee
    January 18, 2021

    with a house full of visitors I missed the ceremony online and was quite put out. To be able to read your account is wonderful. I am so glad it all came together and we are now in the flow. Thankyou for all your efforts.


    • evstrong
      January 19, 2021

      Thank You too


  5. Shane C.
    January 17, 2021

    I was almost tearing up reading this account reminding me of that wonderful experience we all partook in…. now comes the next step of working out how to steer this thing without a users manual… power on guys.


  6. Nety Bergen
    January 16, 2021

    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    My experience, during this meditation :(central Alberta,Canada)
    I was standing barefoot on a cedar board, in the snow When a gentle, very warm breeze blew over my bare feet.
    So warm that it warmed my feet back to body temperature. It was 3degrees Celsius here.


  7. Arhondia Bablis
    January 16, 2021

    Absolute loved the account of what happened at Uluru. Needed to know what happened there & elsewhere.
    We were supposed to be together with a group f friends at Daylesford, on the 21/12/20. However things changed 2 nights beforehand with the friends having had to quarantine.

    I decided it to meditate alone at home n connect with Uluru n your group.
    I had my sacred spot in the backyard ready, facing Uluru. I painted my face with white clay cleansed (as advised by some original elders) n then meditated in the soft rain under the gum trees. It was magic. I felt the rise of the Rainbow Serpent n felt I was inside her head. There was space between my brain n her skull n then I felt the joy , oh that joy of circling our Mother Earth n feeling with my hands , the Serpent’s feet the top of all the forests. Sweeping across all the trees n forests n bursting with exhilaration.

    That feeling is still with me n brings me tears of joy each time I think about it.

    I am thankful for what you Steven,Evan an all other organisers pulled off. We are United n of course are aware of so much more to be done. The messages I have been getting the last half year n on that night, I am still integrating n I am sure many need to work through them n work out how do we go forward carefully if we are to fulfill our soul purpose in this lifetime n help Our Mother.

    Any criticism which was evident by other groups n their comments out there, need to be dismissed, as so rightly Steven has done in the last few days and Steven has done it in a strong manner but in a manner that shows leadership n true love for Mother n all humanity.

    Many felt Mother Earth come Alive on that night n few millions of us were not there physically but were United in spirit with love for our Mother Earth.
    No one can take that away. Lots of work ahead of us.
    Love n gratitude to all the organisers.


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