After Uluru …What Comes Next

Photo by Geraldine Grace

After Uluru … What Comes Next?

By Steven & Evan Strong


From the first time we either wrote or spoke about the upcoming ceremony at Uluru on December 21, we expressed reservations and equivocations. That was the only constant in every update and extension. All of our sources acted as interlocutors and numbered into double figures. Some had impeccable Old Way pedigrees and family connections to the tribes bordering Uluru, others less so, but at first glance seemed to share the same narrative and honourable intentions. Throughout this journey we stated often that we had no direct contact just second and third hand renditions, and because of this we could never fully commit. The reason we did persevere was simply because the world is in a spiralling descent racked by fear, terror and furtive glances, and this path, be it ever so tenuous, was the only solution and salvation left on the planet.

                To begin with, we had no intention or desire to actually be at Uluru, and we were happy just passing on what we had been told. It was only when one of our contacts requested that we meet and bring some of the sacred rocks, with specific mention made of Ros’ Rock 1, did we entertain the notion of going to Uluru on that date. It was because of that meeting where both Ros Rocks 1 and 2 were chosen to join this ceremony, did we agree to bring the rocks, and others, to assist in the ceremony. At that stage we were very confident everything was set in stone. However, not long after the complaints and unfounded criticisms started to roll in, and there front and centre in orchestrating most of the increasing barrage of negativity, was the same person who selected the two rocks and pleaded that we bring them. Yes, others held fast to the fact there was to be a global cleansing ceremony, which did give us a degree of certainty, but past that line in the sand everything was too muddled and tainted.

                Despite our misgivings we decided we would still go with the rocks and see what happened. Soon after Mick and Kathryn contacted us inviting us to speak at a Cosmic Consciousness Conference they had held at Uluru for years. What was such a pleasant surprise and potential affirmation, was that the dates crossed over. To set the record straight, we chose the topics, not them, and we were the only speakers addressing or even mentioning the prophecy. Neither Mick nor Kathyrn made mention of the ceremony when inviting us to their event, that was our call. So those who have unfairly accused them of profiteering or cultural appropriation are utterly wrong and totally unfair in their condemnation. The three other women who spoke on other Original issues made no direct mention of this ceremony and nor did any other non-Original speaker address this topic. So those who criticise the organisers or other speakers obviously have no idea what they are talking about and that alone severely calls into question any other criticisms they have raised.

Two Days Before and None the Clearer

On the 19th of December we still had no idea what we were going to present if anything, we had heard during that day some local Original people had heard nothing of this ceremony. That meant either it was too secret and sacred to be spoken of openly for anyone bar those attending, or all of our contacts and intermediaries were also led astray or lied to us.

Desperate for guidance and certainty, I contacted two Elders whose reputation and honesty was never in question. Alan told me to “strap on the seat-belt, and get ready for the ride,”(1) and my second source was adamant the ceremony was real and would take place.

Then finally, in the afternoon of the 20th I was on the phone with an Elder’s representative confirming that there was a ceremony, which was certainly a huge relief, but there was a totally unwelcomed caveat in the timing and ‘bump’ in the road in regard to the sacred rocks I had brought. The time of 9:02 pm was given to us by the same person who was the lead-troll, but the rationale he gave then, that the park closed at 9 pm and that way the Elders could be confident that all of the public were gone, thus ensuring privacy, made sense. It may be a logical assumption, but it was made clear to us on the phone repeatedly that time was wrong and the ceremony was beginning at 7:32 pm. That meant we had a little over 24 hours to get that amended time out to no less than ten million people around the globe. I stated repeatedly we had given that time for months and why was it one day out before we finally get a verbal contact so late. The reply was in my eyes less than satisfactory, but we had more pressing timing issues to deal with then and there.

Equally, when raising the issue of the rock’s participation, even though they did agree they could be used by the Elders, they also conceded it was not essential to the success of the ceremony. I felt the rocks would be best served with the those who came to Uluru, and knowing that all attendees at the conference were given permission to be at an approved viewing platform a few kilometres from the rock, there was need to cater for the hundreds who were there, but did not have the money or inclination to buy tickets for the conference. My plan, at that stage, was to put the rocks in formation in a thick grassy lawn beside the main pool at Sails. Such a location was well outside the boundaries of the park and Uluru and would only compliment whatever was happening close to twenty kilometres away.

That all changed once everything fell apart. A formal Government notice was read aloud by the manager of the resort late in the afternoon of the 20th. The upshot from this formal declaration was that everyone from the Greater Sydney Area, not just the northern beaches hot-spots, was told to leave in the morning or be self-isolated for two weeks. They were told there would be one Jetstar plane flying up fully vacant to take anyone from Sydney back home tomorrow morning, and that was all, no other plane would follow. Moreover, police in considerable numbers were on their way from Alice Springs to enforce this lock down. That night we bought some take-away noodles and there was a notice refusing to serve anyone from Sydney, explaining they would accept a phone call and the take-away order would be delivered to their door. For every Sydney-sider, things really did look ominous.

The Morning of the Ceremony

The distress and sheer frustration this caused was palpable and apparently without any silver lining. One woman told me both her children were being minded in Sydney and she would have no Christmas with them if she stayed. So that morning about half of the Sydney contingent understandably boarded the last Sydney plane from Uluru airport.

But it wasn’t as we were threatened. Everything read out in a letter served to every unit was clearly an official ruse. Not long after an official retraction was made advising passengers Sydney flights by Jetstar would resume, a few police did arrive and every unit was rung asking if anyone had visited any Sydney hot spot, that was it. No room was locked down, dining facilities were available to everyone and those from Sydney were subject to no further restrictions. Well almost none, but the next step backwards was not location specific, but designed to dishearten and disappoint everyone still attending this conference.

At ten o’clock in the morning the entire Uluru park was locked down and those already there were ushered out, and as for the booked viewing platform, that was cancelled. This had never happened before, there were occasions where the park was closed for the day, but warnings were given well in advance, not three hours after it was opened. This was a real shock for Mick and Kathryn and a massive disappointment for everyone in the conference.

Mick and Kathyrn approached me and we met with the manager of Sails explaining what had taken place, which had a decidedly contrived and insidious underbelly. It felt as if there was a deliberate attempt to instill fear and apprehension into those who came to activate the ‘magic box’ the Elders spoke of. One hour later we were offered access to an A.F.L. football field and toilets within the precinct of the resort. From that point on everything transformed from chaotic and stressful into sublime and sacred, the ceremony at Uluru and the next closest beside the toilets and goalposts, was a monumental success.

Above and Beyond …

There is no way anything we write will do justice to what happened. So much of what took place with over three hundred people seated in five rows at the football field near the Sails Resort, has no verbal yardstick or equivalent. Whatever we offer must be given with an apology, as it will fall short by a considerable distance. The safest way forward is to look elsewhere for guidance, and in this holy endeavour, since this was a global ceremony intended to heal the planet and open a pathway to one of what the Mayans refer to as two roads, we feel a Hopi statement of cause and effect of that blessed day is the best stepping off point.     

“We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The Elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”(2)

~Thomas Banyacaya Sr., Hopi Elder, Hopi Nation- Oraibi, Arizona

                The rock ceremony that finally and hastily came to fruition has most assuredly quickened the flow of this “river.”(3) It began with ‘bird sign,’ when two white cockatoos flew directly above the figure eight rock formation as I stood back satisfied the rocks were in the correct position. The three hundred sat in five rows and before starting the ceremony I reminded everyone that from this point on no negative thoughts or words were permitted. What was symptomatic of the turbulent times humanity is forced to endure I gave the first example of one taboo topic, Covid, the cheering was as spontaneous as it as unanimous. After providing explanations as to how the rocks were arranged and that each person would be given a stroke of ash, water and salt (Paldari Wirratye) across their forehead which was taken from last ceremony (mum-ow-wee) conducted by Ramindjeri Elder before he passed over, Kathryn took over proceedings. For next half hour leading up to about five minutes before 7:32 pm she had assembled people proficient in the yidaki (didjeridoo), crystal bowls, an opera singer and a lady versed in pagan lore and rituals. Their role was to keep everyone’s intentions and outlook on the highest positive plane, their smiles and optimism was meant to ascend towards that pivotal moment when the ‘magic box’ (Uluru) was hopefully activated.

                It took all of that time for me to place my semi-liquid mixture of ash, salt and water on each forehead. Towards the end of my time preparing each person I did notice a few people pointing at the sky and I heard one person claim the sky was changing, but such was the number and spread of people sitting on the ground, looking upwards it was a pursuit that was not an option. I finished five minutes before and returned to a central location inside the rock formation and asked everyone present to summon up pure untainted positive energy.

                For the next twenty minutes not a word was passed and each person was focused solely on one task and location. It was only when I called all assembled back, did that same sky absolutely dominate proceedings. What was now on show was something no-one, and that includes the security staff, had ever seen. The colours were stunning, the gold, orange, hot-pink and a scope of colours was something only nature could assemble, but there in the clouds was a gap, and inside that space was the brightest and most intense blue anyone had seen. That was something no-one could either miss or account for. The sky on the horizon that had no cloud covering was a washed-out pale grey with not even a hint of blue, but there just above inside this cloud was the deepest blue. This was not natural, not even the most devout cynic could make claim to any association between the dull muted sky on the horizon and what shone out through the clouds, they did not belong together.

Photo by Geraldine Grace

                Blue being the colour associated with the Pleiades and Seven Sisters was not lost on anyone. Even more so when people started sharing their experiences while meditating, quite a few people, including Evan, literally felt the earth vibrating as it run up their arms. So varied and real were the many individual signs and experiences, this coupled with the clouds’ colours and blue centre, there was not and never will be one skerrick of doubt or equivocation. All knew in their heart and soul that Uluru was now energised and whether referred to as the Mayan road or Hopi River, it was no longer something that might form and grow, it was here, and we could see and feel it. The world was going to change and was now beginning its final transformation.

                Everyone present was literally overwhelmed with smiles, pure unbridled joy. Without any direction or planning a few people stepped inside the area where the rocks were assembled and formed a small circle, joined hands and began to chant. It didn’t take long before others joined in, it was all utterly spontaneous and caught us off-guard as the circle grew larger and a second ring outside the first joined in, and that circle was very close to the rocks. I was literally grabbing rocks and passing them to our close friends, Shane and Annette, to pack away as a third and fourth ring took formation. They were dancing, singing and chanting and it felt and sounded like an Amerindian dance around the campfire. This continued to grow and for close to twenty minutes almost every person present was bound into a ceremony totally unplanned but so reverent, and so heart-felt that I sincerely doubt anything, past or present, will come close to the pure unbridled joy and energy they created. If this is our future, the world will not only survive but thrive.

                What Dolores Cannon and many others predicted would come to pass was that “we are witnessing an upgrade of the entire Earth’s system. The old way is breaking down. The new way is being born. Humanity is going through a shift in consciousness.”(4)

What Comes Next?

So many people who spoke to me felt exactly the same, no exception from anyone. All said this was as good as it ever got. Selecting one comment that reflected the depth of this life-changing experience is a difficult task with literally hundreds of choices, but the one that I chose was the last one I heard. We were in a plane flying back to Brisbane and a lady in seat behind us who was at the conference made a comment that I felt summed up succinctly what all absorbed.

                She said that she was 59 years-old and until that ceremony saw no point in her incarnating on this planet. Now she did, but there is still one step forwards and backwards she had to make. Now knowing why is not enough, she still had to understand how. In that respect her role is to begin a daily process of seed dreaming. But before explaining what seed dreaming actually is, we have to supply some seeds to throw and sow.

Seven Seeds

All seven reports are from the global field, of which six are photographs and the last is a written account of one person meditating with an unexpected companion. We shall supply a very short commentary, as the photos or personal account are sufficient in themselves. What we can say to any who claim photo-shopping or flaring, along with proposing rare cloud formations, is that there are many more to come and all share the same timing, which must surely multiply the unlikely chance all rare occurrences happening at the same time yet spread around the planet.

  1. Many people saw this, some photographed the same column of golden light, but even more made comments on Facebook. They spoke about what they personally saw with their eyes, not through a photo or rumour, but what they witnessed and still query.
    Shared by Soraya Danielle (from Jasmina Lakota), 21st Dec. 2020:
  2. The Schumann Resonance. Note that just before 7:32 pm the line is charting at around 0.3, then as the ceremonies kick in the resonance accelerates one hundred-fold to over 30. It then remained at or above that level for the next three hours. That provides concrete proof that this mass meditation had a direct impact on the planet.
    Many Thanks To Omar Faizi
  3. The Clouds Above. Mentioned in the article, focus on the blue and then the sky on the horizon, the only truth that comes out of that comparison is that is not natural, past that point is …
    Photo by Geraldine Grace
  4. Just Before. The comparison of the same clouds separated by 15 minutes only adds to the intrigue and mystical input. For any that doubt, may I remind them that Kay, who is the chief security guard for the complex, insisted she had never seen sky like this while stationed near Uluru
    Created by Melissa A Geddes
  5. Two ultra-rare cloud formations with a deep blue inset at the same time, yet at opposite ends of the planet. What are the odds?
  6. The White Flash at Uluru. At 7:32pm taken by Holly Clark (5), from a different location to the rock ceremony, there is a one second uniform white flash that covers the entire sky, but does not obscure or blend into the rock itself. If a flash from a camera, which those who took the picture insist did not happen, the light would vary in intensity being far less bright near the edges of the photograph. No, this is the rock igniting and energising itself through human interaction.  ***(Look at the Bottom of this article for video- [under the References] or click on – )
  7. The Crying Cow. Purely a personal subjective account. This written response has no photograph of the cow crying, just the words of a person we have never met. “Ahhh in Tassie we had droplets of rain, I had a cow standing with me, she had tears, no-one else around. We sat in stillness together, grateful for all that is, it’s like their hand the reins over to us now. Peace….p.s this was just a random cow, she came whilst I was mediating.”(6) Easy pickings for the sceptic, but if inclined to do so, please remember to put it into the context of six photographs from many varied locations, all bound together by the timing and a global ascension. When viewed in its totality, a cow crying makes perfect sense.

    Seed Dreaming

    There are many reports of dogs and cats reacting, of which some will be posted soon, but right now it all sits on human shoulders to either step onto the road or into the fast-flowing river. Once there your first responsibility is to begin the ‘seed dreaming’ process. Everyone you know or meet is the target, tell them, show them these pictures, plus more to come. Do not expect anything in return, place no expectations on results, focus only on the noble means, the end result is not your concern. Your task is to throw the seeds where they may fall, and whether they take root is not for you to decide.

    The ceremonies that took place and millions involved did achieve what was hoped for, all that is left to negotiate is where the humans go. Do they wade into the waters or step forward on the high road, or cling to shore and keep their heads low. The magic box was always the red rock called Uluru, and humans alone had to turn the box on. Now it is on and will slowly accelerate, each person has a decision to make. If they know it is flowing and will quicken in pace, then they must throw seeds everywhere. If they do not know nor care, then to each person shall you alone reap what you sow and the scythe will be your karma with the harvest your reward, or punishment.

    As you face each new day and the challenges it brings, remember what the Hopi Elder concluded with. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”(7) So be it/we!  


    (1): Alan Parsons, 20th Dec. 2020, Personal Communication to Steven Strong, (Via phone Call).

    (2) – (3): Thomas Banyacya Sr. (Hopi Chief), June 8th , 2000. (Shared by Wendy Nickerson, Department Administrator for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health),  “We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For: Prophecy made by Hopi Elders”, COVID-19 UPDATES – Office of Academic Clinical Affairs,

    (4): Higher Vibration Higher Self, July 2019. Higher Consciousness and Its Possibilities

    See more at:

    (5): Holly Clarke, 21/12/20 7:37pm “White Flash at Uluru”, Special Thanks To David Trew.

    (6): Maya Tree, 22nd Dec. 2020, Via Facebook –

    (7): Thomas Banyacya Sr. 2000. …




  1. Hello from Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island… we coordinated our Dec. 21st Uluru-Earth ceremony from after 1 am to 4 am with a fire, drumming and our bare feet on the ground… and everyone felt that their feet were ‘warm’… though, it’s winter here, this night was so wonderful and still… after falling asleep just after 4 am… by 8 am everything was white with powder snow with an INCREDIBLE calm… it’s real, we all could feel the Earth’s joy communicating back with us -> so we are doing the ceremony once a month (at full moon) to keep the vibration and energy up and strong, let’s all do this together – Joseph, Ute and Alex ~ Peace be with you.

  2. Thank you both, for your commitment. Reading between the lines, you suffered much in your giving of ceremony. Steve, you look really tired, can you take a break? Thank you for the details of ‘after Uluru’. I am 61, and like your 59yr old, have seen no point in my life. Over past 20 yrs, I have stumbled about trying to love self, body and Earth which my culture/religion taught me to despise. Then, on Dec 20th 2020, I finally got it…that I am an Earthling, this is my home and Mother, and love came. My own indigenous soul was at last awakened, and I could really send pure love to Mother Earth and Uluru (got time wrong, but hey, time is irrelevant!). If all of us (whatever skin colour) having an indigenous soul is offensive to Original People, then I apologise, I deeply thank them all for keeping our Mother alive, while we starve her of the food of our love and reverence, poison and destroy her and them. But my own little corner of the world sings to me and I must humbly learn how to sing the song too, without traditions or ancestor wisdom. Through the concrete/tarmac, the packaged foods, poisoned water, air and soils. At my age, this is not about me, anyway, but telling the children/young folk not to be afraid anymore. Their Earth Home is alive! And Love is All. The 7 ‘seeds’ are a brilliant way to start sowing the future! Thank you.

  3. with a house full of visitors I missed the ceremony online and was quite put out. To be able to read your account is wonderful. I am so glad it all came together and we are now in the flow. Thankyou for all your efforts.

  4. I was almost tearing up reading this account reminding me of that wonderful experience we all partook in…. now comes the next step of working out how to steer this thing without a users manual… power on guys.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    My experience, during this meditation :(central Alberta,Canada)
    I was standing barefoot on a cedar board, in the snow When a gentle, very warm breeze blew over my bare feet.
    So warm that it warmed my feet back to body temperature. It was 3degrees Celsius here.

  6. Absolute loved the account of what happened at Uluru. Needed to know what happened there & elsewhere.
    We were supposed to be together with a group f friends at Daylesford, on the 21/12/20. However things changed 2 nights beforehand with the friends having had to quarantine.

    I decided it to meditate alone at home n connect with Uluru n your group.
    I had my sacred spot in the backyard ready, facing Uluru. I painted my face with white clay cleansed (as advised by some original elders) n then meditated in the soft rain under the gum trees. It was magic. I felt the rise of the Rainbow Serpent n felt I was inside her head. There was space between my brain n her skull n then I felt the joy , oh that joy of circling our Mother Earth n feeling with my hands , the Serpent’s feet the top of all the forests. Sweeping across all the trees n forests n bursting with exhilaration.

    That feeling is still with me n brings me tears of joy each time I think about it.

    I am thankful for what you Steven,Evan an all other organisers pulled off. We are United n of course are aware of so much more to be done. The messages I have been getting the last half year n on that night, I am still integrating n I am sure many need to work through them n work out how do we go forward carefully if we are to fulfill our soul purpose in this lifetime n help Our Mother.

    Any criticism which was evident by other groups n their comments out there, need to be dismissed, as so rightly Steven has done in the last few days and Steven has done it in a strong manner but in a manner that shows leadership n true love for Mother n all humanity.

    Many felt Mother Earth come Alive on that night n few millions of us were not there physically but were United in spirit with love for our Mother Earth.
    No one can take that away. Lots of work ahead of us.
    Love n gratitude to all the organisers.

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