Yes and No: Atlantean Ring (Part 6)

Yes or No: the Atlantean Ring (Part 6)


By Steven & Evan Strong

From the first time, the spiteful side of the Atlantean ring made its presence known, reinforced by the dark-side being called up to kill both Evan and I, and culminating in one psychic insisting that we hide the ring lamenting that no matter what we did the “tentacles”(1) of the evil within could never be controlled and would “inevitably”(2) “penetrate,”(3) we have consistently maintained that the ring must be purged of all traces of evil. Nothing less than the total exorcism of this evil intrusion was acceptable, and the sooner the better. The intention to thoroughly cleanse has been a constant mantra throughout all our reports and conclusions, and we have held steadfastly to this intention as it seemed the only rational path to take. Upon reflection, augmented by the counsel of others, we came to the conclusion that we were probably wrong.

                We had naively hoped that through the consultation of many genuine psychics, their snippets could be pieced together into a seamless blend. If only, well what came out of close to a dozen readings was nearly consistent and complimentary, but once setting off down this mystical road there are potholes, detours and short-cuts to navigate. What has become apparent is that what we assumed to be the deepest and most wilful pothole and our most pressing priority, is not to be refilled and patched up, but left as it is.

                Over the last two weeks, three different psychics passed on the same reversal in setting, confident the ring is now in its most effective inclination. If they stood united and no other psychic contradicted their belief that the ring, with its mixed load of good and evil, can be dealt with as is, then accommodating this change in tactics is would be unconditional. The reason this becomes a balancing act in picking sides, is that another psychic holds fast to the opinion the ring is permanently tainted and until this is rectified the evil within is not only the dominant agent, no matter who holds the ring, they will inevitably fail.


One Side of the Psychic Coin

To begin with, the first to recommend maintaining the ring’s present status quo, was Sifu, who was given full ring ceremony and has the right to speak on ring matters. He sent us his report on his most recent interaction with the ring.

The major surprise was that he felt that the ceremonies we had given, in pursuit of purging the evil within were not only wasted, but counter-productive.

Both Sides of the Same Psychic Coin

There is one crucial point Sifu and others made many times, the imported evil inside this ring stays put. What follows from that are two divergent paths of either purging or accommodation. The notion that pure good, as it is with both the original and the replica of the French Atlantean ring that Howard Carter wore when entering Tut’s tomb, will completely overcome evil in its many guises is appealing. And such an outcome is applicable in paradise, but where we now reside, warts and all is a long way short of perfect. Everything here is a mix of undisclosed desires and unfinished karma. Therefore, while incarnated into this veil of chaos, navigating two opposites while preparing a personal strategy to vanquish evil, only comes about through familiarity. As it now is, this ring is stationed at both sides and knows both ways.

                After due consideration and factoring in that there is no book or reference to consult and no certainty that we have chosen well or badly, the ring will be given ceremony, but that will not involve any form of cleansing or exorcism. As relayed back to us, there are two interpretations on offer with only one being correct. Neither approach denies that there is a sizable deposit of evil within a purely inspired host, the division relates to what to do next.

                Sifu’s advice is to leave the ring in its current state and revere it as the full picture, as it represents everyone in between the two extremes. It is part of the balancing act every soul is assigned, the good is there already and certainly ready to respond on-call, as is its counterpart, but it is all a matter of choice here. The same free choice exists for all mortals, finding the balance is our destiny and this ring’s blessing and curse.

                He also felt this ring finds its Atlantean ancestry a distraction, the ring’s ultimate goal was always about now and the change-times ahead. The only purpose served is in establishing such a high technological benchmark existing in ancient times. The ring returned to assist through its own powers and magic in facilitating an immediate change in global circumstances and Earthly vibration. Despite and because of its evil load, the ring is aware of the full picture, but alas, accepts all comers without discrimination. That is the inherent weakness in this leave-it-as-it-is approach, while wicked intentions are located within, it swings both ways.

                And it is that innate vengeance and evil disposition that Christina confronted and found so troubling. For whatever the reason, from the time the door opened and Christina entered the room where the ring was waiting, she backed off and couldn’t sit closer than about three metres from the ring. The malevolent side of this ancient device was in the ascendency once she walked in and made its presence oppressively clear.

                A sunrise and dusk ceremony for twenty-one days was one suggestion, along with other rituals, the intention was to handle with the utmost care until fully clear. Until that happened the ring should be shunned by everyone as its “tentacles”(5) of evil will prevail in every situation.

                It comes down to being ‘dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t.’ Our final choice of ‘we don’t’ is due to two factors, firstly, the consensus of other psychics to do no more cleansing was an influence. But equally, and possibly a touch more influential, was the immediate personal reaction upon first hearing Sifu raise this issue. Within a second of hearing something never entertained before, I had no choice but to intuitively concede defeat. From that point on, I have never doubted abstinence is the correct path. If I am wrong then I will be the very first to suffer the consequences, while if correct, there is the real possibility of enlightening global repercussions and a constant peak in the Schumann Resonance that never wavers.

A Rock Solid Hieroglyph

Returning to more mundane settings and leaving aside the mystical credentials of the Atlantean ring for the time being, and back to its appearance in Australia. It has now become very clear that we can state with 99% confidence that we can identify the exact location where this ring arrived in Australia. We know where it was buried, and that Hill End is thirty-three degrees south of the Equator. Now what is not a coincidence, is that the Kariong Glyphs is also positioned on the same latitudinal setting. And in what only adds to the intrigue, there is a very large entirely and unique glyph at Kariong that was deliberately separate and undecipherable, but not anymore!


                What alerted us to the attention of that sandstone wall once more, was that three psychics independently nominated Kariong as the place where the woman of Atlantis fled to when first arriving in Australia. She was still holding a golden staff which held the ring, and in one account standing on a shelf of rock looking westwards (which is the direction the son of Khufu went for “two seasons”(6) before being “bitten by a snake”(7)). If this is true, surely it is not a coincidence that the arrival and burial of the orichalcum ring occurs along the same thirty-third southern parallel?

                We always wondered why the narrative of the proto-Egyptian passage was devoted to the misfortune of Nefer-Ti-Ru, who travelled “two seasons westward.”(8) Bitten by a “snake”(9) “twice,”(10) this seemed a fruitless venture which turned into a clumsy tragedy, but apparently at no stage was anything recorded on the walls chronicling the reasons for this journey inland. Why anyone who knows nothing of this country, would set off after literally limping ashore with the boats badly damaged, just doesn’t make sense. What was so urgent that the son of the pharaoh would abandon the safety and care of the local tribe to seek out what? If it was so important surely a scribe engraving on the walls would record the motivations for this dangerous expedition into the unknown. And he did, the explanation was always there, but until now the context and content was also there at the waiting, but unseen.

                The hieroglyph itself was seen by us and our inability to add any commentary was remarked upon then. It did not fit or give any clue as to its meaning from first sighting onwards. There is nothing close to it in Ray Johnson’s proto-Egyptian manual of over 4,000 glyphs, nor did Laird Scranton have any Dogon parallel, there is nothing like this arrangement anywhere. If ignoring the obvious recent fake engraving of a half-life sized Seth carrying an Ankh, which is compulsory, this glyph is the largest in height and width in the entire gallery. In what are other firsts, it is the only glyph distinctly separate from all other engravings, the only female and the only glyph with its feet in the dirt.

                To these facts, we can add the staff, which is the only part of this complex diagram, that has a proto-Egyptian match. It is not nearly the same but identical, the “staff”(11) is “golden”(12) and clearly an Egyptian icon. Beyond this point, it becomes unclear by degrees, but what nearly resides within the ‘absolutely so’ category, is that the engraved person is female. In Original. At a very important engraved site a few kilometres away, the Bulgandry gallery of engravings, the wife of Biamie/Thoth has the same swollen stomach. Pregnancy is a clear identifier of gender, so assuming this figure so close by is female is a comfortable fit.

                Until alerted to the presence of a female carrier of the ring at Kariong, we had been distracted by her pregnancy and proximity to the panel that details creation and off-world genetic merging. But in doing so, we could not understand that if they are related, why place this singular glyph on another wall, and in the dirt at that. It would appear this isolation immediately disqualifies any relationship outside representing two separate topics.

                Could it be this is the same Atlantean woman arriving with the golden staff holding the ring? Obviously, the ring was already split and tainted, and shown as such in the engraving. Her intention may have been to remain on the thirty-third southern line of latitude as she made her way inland, until locating a goldfield (Hill End) that is also on the same alignment. Once burying the ring in the dirt, it sat and waited for the right time. Perhaps the reason why Nefer-Ti-Ru ventured “westwards”(13) was to rediscover that ring, and the ring knew this and took actions to thwart an untimely retrieval. Bitten by “snake”(14) “twice”(15) could it a be an inattentive coincidence or by ring-design. Perhaps the ring called up the snake and orchestrated events so it could remain hidden?

                We only put two and two together, when told by three psychics that a woman with a gold shaft and ring stood at Kariong long ago. This was a ‘new land’ with ‘new hope,’ but not when an Egyptian prince came to country to recover. To begin with, it was never meant to be buried and hidden, this ring was created to make a “heavenly view”(16) throughout all of Atlantis. But soon after mischief saw it go both ways and still does, but don’t we all, every day and in every way, all the ring does is take what is inside the ring-bearer without judgment and multiplies accordingly. The time in stasis was not complete when Nefer-Ti-Ru neared, then fell and died.

Magical Mystery Tour

Irrespective of whether the ring was involved in the Egyptian prince’s serpentine demise over 4,000 years ago, what did take place about four years ago certainly has all the hallmarks of an independent and sensational ring-sign that is clear evidence of a magical dalliance.

                When in conversation on the phone with Sean Oakes, the person who found and kept the ring for years, it was not him but me who raised the issue of magical powers and whether he had seen or experienced evidence of this.

                His response was instant and animated, absolutely! Sean told me of a time when on holidays in Melbourne he received a phone call from the police with bad news. His house was broken in to, his car stolen then crashed not far from his house. He returned home and the damage was far worse with his worst fears were justified. From the time he heard of the robbery, he never stopped wondering whether the small leather pouch with the ring he found from Hill End was still there.

                It wasn’t! Well, the leather pouch was still there, but its occupant was seemingly long gone. With his most precious and valued possession stolen, all that was left was to walk down the road and survey the carnage and guess as to the income lost in repairs.

                The police accident tape was still attached to what was not a pretty sight. It was patently obvious the car was at speed when it lost its way and collided. Looking and walking around the scene didn’t improve the view or costings, but once standing near the front passenger-side door there was one ray of sunshine. There by the open door sat the ring, easy to see, but apparently unsighted by the others who came earlier to look or investigate. Sean assumed as the person/accomplice fled after impact, the ring dropped out of his or her pocket.

                My take, and certainly that of Sean’s, is that the ring did not accidentally fall, but the ring set up a set of conditions that gave it the chance to escape. Why, with the police and neighbours unaware of the burglary, did they speed off in a stolen car? As no-one rung the police or knew anything was untoward until the crash, where is the imperative to accelerate, which is more likely to attract attention, than a slow idle? We both believe the ring was driving the car, the humans inside came along for the ride. And to this day, they will never forget they were not driving, the ring was.

                The point is, it took over and walked away from hosts with allegiances to evil actions and thoughts, which means the good side of the ring was in total control of its darker companion. That is the same brief every soul on this planet must face, it succeeded under duress, as we must. And because of this independent ability to contain and control already present in the ring, we will leave the ring in its present state and move forward from there.                     

The Toss of a Coin

The danger is that we have chosen poorly and that Christina is right, and just like the ‘fictional’ Ring of Mordor, whoever touches it is dammed. By leaving this unbridled evil as is, all we are doing is throwing petrol onto an inferno. That could be true, and if it is, I will be much worse for what comes out of my bad selection.

                The incentive is that the majority esoteric verdict is correct. They believe that this ring is magic, retains knowledge of all it witnessed and fully understood why, when technology ran rampant in Atlantis, it had to fall. That fall from grace is an integral part of a cataclysmic pattern that orbits in a circular loop, which keeps going around and has completed another circuit. The ring is part of all of this and knows why Atlantis fell and how not to repeat the chaos, destruction and grief, all the problems, all the solutions, are there for the asking.

                The problem we face is that the ring speaks in First Language, unfortunately we are limited to our ears and tongues and have no rock-telepathy dictionary as a reference. Despite these insurmountable obstacles, we have no other ‘choice’ but to allow the ring to lead the way forward (the ring took my ‘choice’ away some time ago) and hope it finds its voice, soon. 


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  1. Hi Steven, I have been letting this information percolate and felt to leave a response. In our reality of polarity, the equal opposite to magic is lore (natural law). Your spirit will give you the next key when you are ready to learn it and those keys aren’t always rainbows and sunshine unfortunately. I’m suggesting the ring may be a lesson for you, perhaps, but I don’t know. Only your spirit can answer that. But a ring that had been programmed with good or evil through magic is still polarised to one side or the other, they are on the same pole so you set the potential energy in motion when you gravitate to one side and it will swing from one end of the pole to the other, rather than being at point zero. A need for good or evil is still a need which implies a deficit and the universe will respond to that by creating that deficit so that you get to feel the need, furthering the swinging motion between good and evil. I suppose the idea is to release the need for either and be somewhere in the middle, non reactive. In my journey of learning universal lore I have seen others attempt to blend magic with lore, the results not being so good, they do seem to be trapped in a world of illusion. The other thing that I’ve seen happen is when individuals start to make headway or step up in the world with good information and they develop a following or a platform, many of them get “taken out” by apparent evil forces masked as something positive. I’d be curious to know what your thoughts might be given the issues you’ve had with the government that have suddenly been turned around and become friendly (? Seems odd) and then a magic ring appears. So back to my beginning point, not everything that “needs to be given to you” by another, “needs to be accepted” by you. You can say no. Hopefully, things continue to work out well for you. All the best with it!

  2. You have dealt with the ring through mediums here. If there is any energy attached to it needs to be put back by someone with something on the other side a medium or spirit whatever you want to call it to send it back the same way you bought it forward but in reverse. You need an occult practitioner not a medium psychic they channeled something here now there is nothing there where it came from to channel it back. To work it back isn’t hard but if not done correctly you will entangle the energy into yourself sending it back thus leaving that energy here in you it will exist here and there. Then if someone touches you that is a suitable host it may keep going. Its a bit more complicated then using traditional new age spirt helpers. Just say If an entity is attached and it is magically charmed then its ultimate goal would be to entangle its energy into as many people as possible and eventually it would go full circle and end up with enough human interaction to maybe jump into a suitable woman or animal and be born. The goal mostly with these energies is to complete itself and to be alive again. Every little bit of crap climbs the ladder to life some how even if it appears evil its just its way. At least its kind of being honest.

  3. Dear Steve, I should begin by saying that I have only just read about the ring(s). I do not normally work with metal, only rock, water and pure energy. I believe that metal was not originally safe to use in an environment where the energy was much more potent than it later became. The ring is almost certainly from a time after the original energy was weakened and broken into three components, positive, negative and a kind of zero or void. The Pleaidians did not come here until after the energy was distorted. The shift that is happening will(or in fact already has) reunited the energy into a more healthy and balanced state. This may be the cause of the distress felt by the ring. When you understand that every energetic particle has consciousness and free will, but that this was subjugated by geometry and especially the circle, you will see that the healthy breath of clear stone and charged water is how we must steer the future. I remember the earth before the distortion began and may be able to explain some matters. If you ask, with a pure heart and clear intent that the unified energy assist you, I am sure that you will receive help. Magic is part of the distortion and has no place in the natural law.

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