“Have Explorers in Ecuador Found ‘Lost City of Giants’ Part 1 & Part 2” Articles on Ancient Origins

Last year, a team of explorers and researchers discovered what they believed to be an ancient pyramid complex in a remote area of the Ecuador Amazonian jungle, one not known to the general public internationally or even within the country.  Bruce Fenton, author and researcher, has completed an analysis of the findings, and believes the complex may be the ‘Lost City of the Giants’. – See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-mysterious-phenomena/have-explorers-ecuador-found-lost-city-giants-00962#sthash.L1CXPH3F.dpuf

Site discovery by our co-authors Bruce Fenton and Daniella Cardenas is up on Ancient Origins:

Part 1


The Lost city of the Giants

Part 2:-


Lost City of Giants - Ecuador

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