Lost Ancient City of Giants Discovered

Lost Ancient City of Giants Discovered in Ecuadorian Jungle by our co-author Bruce Fenton



Breaking News 19/10/2013 – We are excited to announce the recent discovery of a previously unknown pyramid complex located in a remote area of the Ecuador Amazonian jungles. This is a brief summary of some of what we already know or suspect to be the facts of this absolutely incredible find.

Back in May 2012 we were part of a private conversation in which it was revealed to us that one member of the discussion had recently been part of an expedition into the jungle here in Ecuador, which had ended up at a ancient pyramid complex, one not known to the general public internationally or even within Ecuador. Due to our intense ET contact experiences happening at that time and the commitment to an existing research project (which led to our two published books ‘2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin: Warnings From The Maya & The Pleiadians’ & ‘Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of humanity‘) we did not follow up on this lead until we had completed our ongoing work and could give it the due attention. We now met with two members of the initial expedition team (October 2013) and examined their material – which is mind blowing in scope.

Lost pyramid in Ecuador jungle

At the discovered site there is one extremely large pyramidal type structure of approximately 80 metres square base and 80 metres height, with steeply inclined walls. This structure is made up of irregular shaped large cut stone blocks, each is currently calculated to be approximately 2 tonne of weight, many hundreds of such blocks make up the walls of the building.

The top appears to be a flat area suspected to have been a platform used by priests in either ceremonies or possibly sacrifices. The reason that human sacrifice is suspected relates to the degree of incline of the pyramid walls, the hypothesis is that they are similar to other structures in the Americas where the incline was deliberately engineered to allow for a human head to roll down the sides. This is currently speculation only.

Scattered around the area are a great many artefacts of stone and of pottery. Many of these objects appear to be stone tools that could have been used either in mining or refining some kind of metal ore. Amongst these tools are some that would be extremely difficult for a normal size human being to use in any practical fashion, this has led to a strong suspicion that this is one of the legendary lost cities of the giants, well known in local Ecuadorian legends about the Amazonian area, such places generate great fear among the members of today’s jungle tribes as they are believed to be protected either by spirit guardians or by beings not of this world. Many explorers have gone into the jungles around this area and failed to return – it is certainly known to be dangerous to enter for the foolhardy traveller. Even the most expert explorers have vanished without trace in the hunt for lost cities and the supposed existence of immense treasures to be found.

We are personally aware of legends in that area that pertain to giant humans and their lost cities, in fact bones of giant people have been found in caves in the area – as well as in other parts of Ecuador. This particular region was said to be a great meeting place of the tribes, in fact tribes from as far away as Brazil travelled to this location due to beliefs about its long standing importance and strong energetic vibration. The discovery of this pyramid complex establishes the fact from the supposed fiction, this really is a place of the ancient giants and their cities. What remains to be seen is how big the complex area really is. The logical deduction is that roads or paths going out from this urbanisation would likely lead to other cities of the same civilization deeper into the jungle

The team has so far identified several large hills near to the validated pyramid structure, each of equal size to the pyramid. The reasonable and logical working assumption is that each of these hills is a pyramid yet to be uncovered. This would make it a very significant sized city and pyramid complex.

Wall of newly discovered Ecuador pyramid.

The style of the buildings and the objects found all suggest an unknown pre-Inca culture, further detailed investigation will be required to establish all the facts.

We have created a crowd funding campaign through IndieGoGo www.igg.me/at/EcuadorPyramidExplorer that is explicitly for the organisation of a new expedition to the site, I intend to lead this myself and be accompanied by a team of international experts in the fields of ancient megalithic sites and pyramid technologies. This will be filmed and made into a high quality video documentary of around one hour length that exposes the importance of this ancient city to the entire world. We suspect it could be a 12,000 year old Anunannki structure – but at the moment all bets are off as to who built this site.

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