From the Beginning with Karno Walker (Ramindjeri Spokesperson)

From the Beginning

By Steven & Evan Strong with Karno Walker (Ramindjeri Spokesperson)

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Over the last two years we have racked up a tally of over half a century of articles addressing all manner of Original artefacts and issues, but never have we paused and taken stock of the increasing collection of archaeological anomalies and inconvenient science and placed them into context. Invariably we have reported and extended upon one part of something much bigger, and now is the time to apply some broad brush strokes in creating a ‘big-picture’ overview.

In fulfilling that brief, we must remain faithful to the Ramindjeri doctrine of Wirritjin (Black-fella, White-fella Dreaming) in providing an opening setting and sequence. When discussing the genesis of modern humanity there is no better source and authority than the Keepers of Old Ways. Their words on ancient Original matters is invariably the foundation upon which we conduct every aspect of our research.

The First Historians

There are some who may believe our reliance upon the integrity of Original history and Lore in preference to books and modern-day accounts is academically unsound. They will assure us that if relying solely upon the word of mouth as every oral history is based, such accounts can never be used as a primary source. The reality is that the reverse is actually the case. It is only in Australia, until Cook, where an absolute continuity in historical integrity prevailed uninterrupted. There existed from the beginning of the Dreaming a continental reality where the invasion of another estate is taboo, even walking onto the land of another tribal estate, whether with angry or peaceful intent, could never take place unless permission to enter had been given. Theft of sacred objects or anything found on another’s land could never happen as no tribal estate was ever invaded. The absence of army or vengeful neighbours stealing and plundering guaranteed an unparalleled authenticity in history, as no-one had the need to sanitise, justify or rewrite in any book no matter how well bound and presented. This means the narrative of the Original people and their land was constant and never under threat and as long as the truth is venerated as being sacrosanct, so too the history of Australia remains intact.

So to begin, when discussing the first appearance of modern people, we need to clear away the mistakes and clutter by first asking for Original guidance. Whether consulting ancient Dreaming stories or Elders and Custodians versed in the Old Ways, the song remains the same. “They say we have been here for 60,000 years, but it is much longer. We have been here since the time before time began. We have come directly out of the Dreamtime of the great Creative Ancestors. We have lived and kept the earth as it was on the First Day. All other peoples of the world came from us.”

With that framework and precedence set in Original Lore, under our obligations as prescribed by Wirritjin our task is half completed. The White-fella account we now bring to this equation is as much an enlightening acknowledgement of Original ancestry as it is an admission of an academic error of considerable proportions. The seminal genetic paper (The Recent African Genesis of Humans) that supposedly established the credentials of the Out-of-Africa theory and the existence of Homo sapien sapiens’ common mother living between 150,000-180,000 years ago, was written by Professors Alan Wilson and Rebecca Cann. Their published research has had a massive impact on current thinking when it comes to the genesis of Homo sapien sapiens. Regrettably, what is as puzzling as it is disappointing is that their follow-up research and public retractions in preference of a much older date and continent, Australia, has managed to run under the academic ‘radar’ for nigh on 25 years.

Upon conducting further research in Australia in 1987 and 1989, Wilson was able to collect 31 vials of full-descent Original blood which was found to have a mtDNA mutation rate of an incredibly high 70% (22 different mtDNA patterns identified from sample of 31). Knowing that each genetic variation occurs once every 3,500 years, which means that limited sampling equated to a minimum date of 77,000 years, and that any increase in blood surveyed would see the numbers increase dramatically, Wilson realised that his previous co-authored paper was flawed. The science was incontestable, Wilson was forced to concede their early work espousing the Out-of-Africa theory was fundamentally flawed in geography, timing and Original input. Wilson had no choice but to admit that “it seems too far out to admit, but while Homo erectus was muddling along in the rest of the world, a few erectus had got to Australia and did something dramatically different-not even with stone tools-but it is here that Homo sapiens emerged and evolved.”

In the spirit of Wirritjin we have sought out the wisdom of an important Black-fella who is a Keeper of the Old Ways along with an important White-fella scientist versed in the New Ways. Their findings are in accord, both believe “all peoples of the world came from us,” that the Original people are from this land, that they are the very first Homo sapiens, and that this ascension in hominid evolution occurred in Australia.

A Minimum Date

We now have who and where, but not when. In determining a minimum date of evolution, it is in keeping with the auspices of the Dreaming and Wirritjin to consult a third party. Three is the sacred arrangement in Original esoteric matters, and in maintaining that ancient balance and equity of gender the third expert consulted must be a woman. Rebecca Cann was actually the scientist and co-author who alerted Wilson to an elemental flaw in their paper, when assuming that the Original genetic mutation rate to be “about one third that shown by the whole human species.” According to Cann’s earlier study of the mtDNA of the blood of 112 humans drawn from 26 indigenous groups, that expectation of one third the genetic diversity was wrong by a factor of 30. She found that “mitochondrial DNA puts the origin of Homo sapiens much further back and indicates that the Australian Aborigines arose 400,000 years ago from two distinct lineages, far earlier than any other racial types.”

There was no customary scientific obsession through the hedging of bets with qualifiers in Cann’s declaration of Australian residence, and it got decidedly worse as she ran down the ‘honour roll.’ What has been known for some time amongst academic circles is that “the Australian racial group has a much larger number of mutations than any other racial group.” Cann decided to be bold and follow up on what this meant in relation to human genesis and sequence, and found that “the Australians split off from a common ancestor about 400,000 years ago. By the same theory, the Mongoloids originated about 100,000 years ago, and the Negroid and Caucasian groups about 40,000 years ago.”

If so, which is the case according to Wilson and Cann, then the Out-of-Africa is totally discredited, and thus explains why both authors recanted, but certainly not why this reversal in geography was ignored. Nevertheless, in their original papers the molecular clock from which they created a time line of hominid ascension and the underlying African genesis, is founded upon what was assumed to be two Australian certainties in genetics and settlement. “The aboriginal (sic) populations of New Guinea and Australia are estimated to be founded less than 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. The amount of evolution that has occurred in each of those places seems about one third of that shown by the whole human species. According, we can infer that Eve lived three times 50,000 to 60,000 years ago, or roughly 150,000 to 180,000 years ago.” What “seems” to be so to begin with, turns out to be wrong by a ratio of 30. The Original genes are not one third as old, but ten times older than the African genes. The overriding truth that emerges out of their independent follow up research is that their ‘molecular clock’ is broken and cannot be repaired!

Three international experts stand united in declaring that humans “emerged and evolved” in Australia. The timing suggested we would accept as a very bare minimum date, irrespective of numbers what is agreed to under the banner of Wirritjin by scientists and Elders alike, is that modern humanity first evolved in Australia. The next issue to address is what happened next? Did they stay isolated and separate from the rest of the world until the British Invasion, or was there another path taken that spread across the oceans and globe?

Apart yet Together

First up, we have to begin by clearing up a tainted analogy, that the Original people of close to 500 separate tribes, replete with differing language, lifestyles and ceremonies has been likened by non-Original commentators to the many tribal nations of fluctuating borders in Europe of a thousand years ago. This is a gross oversimplification, the Original societies of Australia were far more elegant and sophisticated in behaviour and protocol than the rabble of warring tribes bickering and fighting over land, goods, money and in many cases, the motivation was the sheer joy of battle and blood lust of the kill. The rules of engagement whether in battle or friendship in Australia were so complex and multi-levelled no-one ever broke the Law, warfare was on neutral ground, was fought face to face with honour and conducted without any form of collateral damage or land seizure.

There was a common ancient language (the first spoken) in Australia, which has been extensively examined in our previous five articles on the Standing Stones, a shared sign language that was used throughout the continent and more importantly, within the hundreds of separate tribal estates there existed a loose from of confederation that bound hundreds of tribes into a semi-formal association. Ramindjeri spokesperson Karno Walker has spoken on many occasions in some detail about the Southern Law network that has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years. According to Karno this web of tribes runs 300 kilometres inland from the coast, beginning up near the Kimberleys (WA), the area of influence extends all around the Australian coastline down to South Australia, Victoria and all the way up the east coast until reaching Cape York. By landmass it would make up about one quarter of the Australian continent, and by Old Way sensibilities and norms it is still in existence and will continue functioning as a binding agent for all tribal estates under its jurisdiction.

From Karno Walker’s point of view there is only one reality:

Associate with five stages of this initiation process from being a youth to becoming in
a man.
Stage one: Ngulta (still regarded as little man).
Stage two: Yellambambatti
Stage three: Tarkanye
Stage four: Maneykawilva
Stave five: Burtonna (full manhood)
During Initiation the boys lived in seclusion from the main group. With each stage of the process, new knowledge was revealed through performances of song and dance or showing them the sacred objects. Various taboos were imposed, there were restrictions placed upon them during his process. The novice could hunt; eat according to the level he passed. They were isolate, could only associate with the men who witness the ceremonies and protocol was paramount.

This period was one of substantial hardship and strictness, but at the end of journey the youth now has entered his life in the community as an adult.
It was taboo for women to take part of the initiation process of young males. They
were per mitted to hear only parts of the activities and the singing of special songs while they kept themselves busy making the rugs made of opossum or kangaroo skins for the completion of the ceremony.
The rock formation tells the story.”

Karno's Picture


Axe-heads, pituri plant, ochre, baler shells and many other valuable tools and resources were traded throughout the country, often found thousands of kilometres from their point of origin. Trade and movement took place through agreed passageways and there were formalities in passage across unfamiliar lands. Within each tribe a few were chosen whose task it was to learn as many of the neighbouring tribes tongues as possible, this was an important role as the person who carried the message stick was fundamental in keeping harmony with those who lived nearby. In an oral society fostering good relations could only come about through clear communication and a full understanding of another point of view.

This continent was in a constant state of transit and movement, interaction was the staple diet, and perhaps of all the examples of how badly the continental common purpose that underpinned all Original societies was misunderstood, we suspect that the amazing Standing Stones site is first amongst Original equals. It was here, amongst the many other intriguing pieces of archaeology, geology and history, that something took place which illustrates a breadth of connection throughout the country that even surprised us in its implications. It has been extensively reported, and verified, that on this sacred mound Original Clever-fellas and Kadaitja men from all over the country could perform their ceremonies. Rituals that apparently had no connection to this country were permitted on this sacred mound alone, and it is well accepted that men from the Kimberleys, the Top End, Cape York, and many other locations came to this sacred construction on the Far North Coast of NSW and gave homage their way. And it seems that at this site, all ways were part of this location.

Above and beyond all the considerable differences in lifestyle, diet, ceremony and culture, there was one supreme binding principle that transcended every boundary: the unifying philosophy of the Dreaming. The names, words, dance steps and style of art will vary throughout the land, but behind all the differences every man, woman and child was bound body and soul to the principles of the Dreaming. All believed, no knew, that the Spirits were real and ever-present in the land and all places in between, no deed, good or bad, escaped the attention of the Silent Ones. The Dreaming isn’t a religion as such but more an acknowledgement that all things are equal. Tree, wallaby or person all come from the same essence. Therefore, that connection to the land and life in all its guises is all there is and an elemental part of every day and life.

A Stocktake of the First Boat out of Australia

The connection to the Divine was first realised and understood in Australia, then as the circumstances and timing demanded this wisdom, along with many other Original gifts and insights, was part of the cargo shipped abroad and taken to the “other peoples of the world.” As this is meant to be an overview of the stocktake of what was exported from Australia, there is no need to provide evidence for each claim as an earlier article/paper can be referenced for any needing more information. What we can assure the reader is that each claim has a solid base in science, history or archaeology.

Without doubt the Original people were charting the stars, and ‘dark spaces in between’ for tens of thousands of years, and used these skills while sailing the world’s oceans including the circumnavigation of the world “in a figure eight.” Surgery, whether amputating a limb, or successfully cutting through the skull to operate on the brain are but some skills validated by archaeology and part of the medical knowledge shared with others. A fungal variety of penicillin was known of and used by Original physicians and was the inspiration behind the most recent rediscovery. The most enlightening aspects of humanity at its best, be it religion, gender equality, art or democracy begin in the same place, as do the genes that seeded the emergence of a new hominid species: Homo sapien sapiens.

Knowing Australia was the central point in ancient historical times from the very beginning, and that they were first Homo sapien sapiens, the next question to be asked relates to as to what was going on inside this country? Was it, as most would expect, a continuous time spent as naked nomadic hunter-gatherers? We are not so sure, hints and obscure references have flown above our heads, and as things stand our belief is that the answer is no. We suspect other ways of living were tried and found wanting, or perhaps other people/beings were allowed to settle and develop technologically, but either way there are many sites and archaeological remains that just don’t fit into the way things stand.

None of this Archaeology Fits

2014-03-23 09.30.44

Again these sites and relics have been discussed in previous articles and their credentials are already established, so once again a brief description is sufficient. The rule of thumb when assessing any unusual evidence is that before the British invasion the only technology present was that found in the Original tool-kit comprising of stone, bone and stick implements.

Trina Barnes took us to a site where extremely hard granite and quartz rocks, some weighing tonnes, were cut, shaped and placed to make a long wall and other constructions. The weights moved and hardness of rock cut demands a blade of the hardest steel from recent times. So too, a blade capable of cutting very hard rock, but with the finest of edges capable of creating a perfect circle, was in use when creating an eight-armed compass radiating out of a circle without the hint of a straight line. The ancient rocks found both at the Standing Stones site and Adam’s Garden display neither the typical percussion point every stone on stone impact creates, nor is there any evidence of a chisel or blade. So exact is the cut and precise the angle, we have one rock given to us by the Original Custodian of the site that is so sharp it can cut skin and draw blood. In each case banging two rocks together will never create what can be found in the Australian bush and was made long ago.

2014-05-13 15.07.26The two magnetic rocks found at the Gympie Healing Table, each displaying a different form of magnetic property and neither rock is anywhere close to a natural event. Whether the one-side magnetic and other side non-magnetic sandstone rock, or the top magnetic crust and non-magnetic inner sandstone rock, both were found at this site and being solely made of sandstone should not be magnetic at all. Something has taken place here of which geology is not a partner. So too the ten metre shaft directly behind the 300 hieroglyphs engraved into the sandstone walls at Bambara, what was dug and extracted from beneath led to the creation of a 10 metre tunnel with parallel walls. What only adds to the mystique there is a very good chance that this was originally used to bury the son of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Even if this isn’t the case, nobody, and that includes official spokespersons, would dare suggest it was a natural event, and because of this there is an approved explanation as to who was responsible: ‘vandals.’


Fiction and desperation aside, and very close by, within metres of this 10 metre vandalised tunnel without tagging, an artefact was found by Original Elder Aunty Minnie Mace when investigating the hieroglyphs with Ray Johnson. She suspects it is an ancient Egyptian type of jewelry, when it was originally found it was caked in dirt and debris and took some time to clean. The clasp was originally intact and had a complete circle, but was broken when being worn around her granddaughter’s neck. It is non-magnetic, metallic, smooth on one side, very light and ancient. However, according to all conventional historical accounts it should not exist. So too, the small metal object with a crystal embedded within, found within 50 metres of the Bambara Glyphs and in the middle of the bush should not have been there, but it was.

IMAG0837As with the metal object, the chances of an ancient Egyptian presence in Australia is highly likely when examining the bona fides of Tracy’s Tablet and the Bambara Hieroglyphs. We are of the belief that the tablet with close to 300 hieroglyphs, engraving of an Ankh, three sarcophagi and carvings of Osiris and Isis, commemorate a formal agreement between an Original tribal representative and the Egyptian royal family. Equally the Bambara glyphs expand upon the narrative of first arrival and the misfortunes that befell one of the Pharaoh’s son leading on to his demise and internment.

2014-10-03 12.30.11Undeniably two fascinating additions to our ancient Egyptian dossier, but the real truth is they are of secondary interest to the main event in that there is ample confirmation that the Egyptians risked life and limb to sail all this distance, but why, what was the motivation? That question is far more intriguing and important. There was no building, gold trinkets, slaves to procure or wealth to loot, what they sought was the wisdom of the ages and the reason why. Hints of the scope of this wisdom and breadth of expertise that saw the Egyptians enter this country as mere novices, can be found within the lines and intersections engraved into Ros’ Rock. Already the subject of six articles with the assistance of three academics, two with PhD’s and the other a professor, it is agreed the technology required is beyond the scope of any machine, person or company until the mid-20th century and is utterly at odds with conventional historical versions. It is so complex and inter-connected, and with over 200 lines, intersections, shapes and peckings to decode we suspect this brief is beyond the abilities of any human from this time. The in-filling, being polished twice, the variety of blades used and exact alignments created come from a very ancient time bearing a message that may change everything.

We are aware of many other anomalous artefacts and sites that defy convention, and more often than not it is not so much an informed denial issued through official channels, but simply a matter of refusing to look or engage in conversation. Due to the monumental significance at so many levels of Ros’ Rock I telephoned, emailed and personally met at the Australian Museum a variety of representatives. Eventually after spurning invitations to inspect and assess, they did offer a refutation that is as ludicrous as it is humorous and has already been discussed in some detail. The reality is, every step and discovery has been marked by open interference or disinterest by the people who should make a difference.

Half way There

Who, where and to an extent when Homo sapien sapiens evolved has been addressed with the guidance Original Lore and history supported by White-fella science. Some of what was exported abroad and a sampling of inconvenient archaeology found within has been discussed, but this summary is half complete, there is more yet to be placed into context.

Where the Original mariners and explorers went after leaving Australian shores is definitely a topic to be examined, as is the one specific time when we believe there was a large exodus of Original people that culminated in the situation where “all other peoples from the world come from us.” For tens, and most likely hundreds, of thousands of years the principles of the Dreaming reigned supreme throughout the globe. The abandonment of this guidance and global philosophy was partly human and part nature’s doing, the combination of a massive natural calamity that decimated the global population by no less than 90% occurring around 12,000 years ago, followed not long after by a dramatic change in lifestyle in every settled continent except Australia, saw the Original people withdraw from the global scene.

With more to come and a synopsis half developed, despite our rigour and good intentions our concluding article is bound to fall short of the mark. To give justice and ample airing of the real Original truth would warrant a room full of books with every publication overseen by Original Elders and Custodians versed in the Old Ways. A dozen pages spread over two segments is a very poor second, but even so it still serves a purpose in providing a crude sketch, and with that modest target achievable and half done, the article that follows will complete our task.

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