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  1. Helah Milroy
    August 18, 2016

    Wow! I am writing an autobiography at the moment using Karen Martins indigenous methodology. This has lead me to create my own myth of origin were I descend from the Pleiades in the belly of a giant space whale. Only, when I wrote this o had no idea I was channeling the ancient knowledge embedded in my dna.

    I recently met Steves son on an airplane to Brisbane, Morgan. I told him of my myth and he said I should look at this website. I had no idea how connected we were. For through our conversation we identified links between our Batavia research and my aunty’s autobiography My Place.

    My father, who had gone through the law has not permitted me to speak on the Pleiades in a way that says what I am saying is Truth.

    Can you assist me with attaining permissions to speak in these matters?


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