Is it a “Whale,” “Star-fish,” “Pleiadian Spaceship” or all Three?

Is it a “Whale,” “Star-fish,” “Pleiadian Spaceship” or all Three?

By Steven and Evan Strong

This rather perplexing engraving has become a ‘mixed blessing.’ The pecked engraving of what we believe to be a space-ship, of most likely Pleiadian origin, is as much a mill-stone as it is an amazing piece of archaeology that as yet cannot be classified.

Rediscovered around two years ago, it did seem at first glance to present a compelling case in representing some sort of space-ship. What became apparent from the first time I saw the engraving was how much the general shape and proportions were similar to the so-called UFO glyphs at Bambara. So much did the two engravings resemble each other, measurements were taken at both this platform and at the largest Bambara UFO glyph.

But even as detailed measurements were made, there was one crucial point of difference that was to have a direct impact on any meaningful comparisons. The far bigger engraving was of a craft that has two levels, separated by a pecked line that runs from side to side in the upper semi-circle. All of the eight ‘UFO glyphs’ at Bambara are of one level with no dividing line in the upper capsule. Outside that obvious difference, both glyphs have five legs with a small circle at each end, and have upper semi-circles with a curved underside.


There was hope that the numbers may be close, but nothing like this. The smallest Bambara ‘UFO’ glyph is 19 centimetres wide, while the larger engraving is 190 cms at it widest point. That is a ratio of ten to one. The two vertical measurements were compared, the capsule of the smaller engraving is 7.5 centimetres high and what was so much in alignment that I had to recheck my notes, nothing changed, the bigger semi-circle is 150 centimetres high. That is exactly twenty times bigger and double the horizontal ratio, but so it should be, for if the larger craft was double-storied so too should the vertical mathematics be doubled. With that doubling precedent established, all vertical measurements of the smaller UFO Bambara glyph must also be multiplied by 20. The longest of the Bambara glyph legs is 8.4 cms. This number needs to be increased by a factor of 20 which equals 168 centimetres, and that number is exactly the same as the measurement made of the longest of the five legs on the rock platform.

2014-01-14 15.43.52

In concluding, this ancient engraved algorism has three elements and two locations and is multiplied by ten once, twenty twice and all comes out the same. It could all be random, but the odds are decidedly against this being down to pure coincidence. Those numbers and the obvious similarity in shape, along with the fact the larger craft was actually pecked, which is an older technique, left us confident enough to suggest in an earlier article this was most likely a UFO engraving. Measuring very close to two metres by four metres, its size is of such dimensions that researcher Klaus Dona believes it to be “the biggest engraving of a UFO.”

IMAG0618 - Copy

It is a Whale

It all looked so promising, but not long after there was a pause in proceedings. I still remember standing in front of Sean and his camera offering an apology to Aunty Beve, but within the next breath equivocating. An each-way bet at best and uneasy compromise, the apology of sorts was delivered, but there were good reasons why I wasn’t convinced.

I did explain that Aunty Beve was sure, after taking advice from a trusted confidante, this engraving was not of any terrestrial vessel, but merely a whale. The story was that during the 1890’s a government appointed compiler of local Original sites and carvings by the name of Campbell came upon the same pecking and when asked of its meaning was told by a local Original person it was a “whale.” It was simple as that, there is no UFO here just a common old whale. Having agreed that Aunty Beve disagreed with what was reported, I then added that the numbers run contrary to her belief and left the matter suspended until further information came onto the scene to tip the scales.

Then Again, Maybe not

And so it did, and it wasn’t more supporting mathematics, but the input of three Original Elders that added clarity. Soon after we put out a video about the site, another group of critics and academics put up an opposing video dismissing our theory and explaining that the engraving is a whale. By now the pressure was being ramped up, and the easy way out would to be walk away and agree we had been mistaken. A phone call from Original Elder Gerry B. (full name cannot be given as he is recently deceased) began with him asking about all the fuss we had caused. I assumed I was about to receive more grief for overstepping my boundaries, but it was the opposite, Gerry was ringing to confirm that we were actually right.

He went further, according to Gerry all engraved and pecked whales of this region are symbolic, they are actually space-ships, and he extended the horizons dramatically in nominating an ancient distant ancestral connection to the Pleiades. As much as it was welcome to hear one lone voice in our corner, there was more, much more, Gerry had proof. He asked me if I knew of David Uniapon, the only Original person depicted on any Australian currency. I knew that he has been referred to as the Original version of Leonardo Da Vinci, and if he had the money for patents, his many inventions which included the electric shears, helicopters, etc. would have made him the richest Original person on the planet. So many of his inventions were lost in the clamour to steal his intellectual property. He was an extremely intelligent, gifted and a very proud Original man. Uniapon visited the Kariong/Bambara area, met with Elders and recorded the outcome of his time on country in a book. Chapter 19 is devoted to the engraved whales, not just the special one we found, but all of them. According to Uniapon and ancient Original Lore, they are not whales as such, but “Star-fish.”

Campbell claims he was told by an unnamed Original person the engraving in question is merely a “whale.” Campbell is not an Elder or an Original person and nor has he been given ceremony. If he was asked for any secret or scared information it should not be given, it is against the Law to do so. A child’s version would suffice to see him on his way.

It needs to be understood that such a selective approach in sharing the bare minimum when it comes to explaining the meaning of sacred sites/carvings is common practise in local tribal lands, as evidenced by the next ‘official’ excursion into the same country in the 1930’s led by Reverend McCarthy. A classic example of another gross understatement as recorded by McCarthy, relates to an engraving of a gathering of 32 men lined up beside a whale. Each person is in a different pose, some have bands, some their arms raised, and so the deliberate variations in stance and body pose continue throughout. The official version, that this is merely a “whale feast,” is so far from the mark we are amazed it is still in print. There is so much missing in arrogance and it is certainly much more than a group of 32 men lining up for a mid-day feed.
Uniapon was told that these same “whale” engravings are “star-fish” by the Darkinooong Elders. Unlike Campbell and McCarthy, Uniapon is an Elder, an Original person of highest standing and was given Original ceremonies and White-fella recognition as a person of exceptional qualities. We suspect that as many Dreaming stories and accounts are multi-levelled, beginning with a child-like narrative then elaborated upon through more enlightened interpretations, Campbell was given the bare minimum, while Uniapon was allowed to share in the deeper meanings and celestial inspirations.

My unease was beginning to abate, speaking against anything Aunty Beve said is something I have never done and was not taken lightly, especially since this her land, but the facts were beginning to level out the playing field. Knowing that Gerry was the Original person who introduced the Bambara glyphs to many non-Original people of good standing, and was a guardian of the area, these facts gave us reason to hold fast.

Aunty Minnie Mace rang two days later, her first question was again about the whale/UFO. She is very much a part of the Original connection to that area and was with Ray Johnson decades earlier when the first serious attempt was made to acknowledge the international importance of this site. Her knowledge of Egyptian culture is utterly massive and her word in these matters must be listened to. I told her Gerry rang about the same site and asked the same question, and without hesitation Aunty Minnie made it very clear whatever Gerry said was to be accepted without question. Both parts? That it was a spaceship and came from the Plieades? Absolutely!

On to other things, that part of the conversation was over. Aunty Minnie rang to validate Gerry’s right to speak on such matters and confirm his advice, then speak about issues not relevant to this account. But the tide had changed, I now had three Original Elders, at that stage two living and one dead, all insisting the Original people at Kariong were in contact with and engraving extra-terrestrial space-ships.

The “Carriers From up There”

Three out of four would seem a solid base, but it was still not enough. As the months passed Aunty Beve began to feel more relaxed and comfortable in discussing Original Lore and shared more with our group. She began to speak of “star beings,” then on another occasion spent close to half an hour in conversation returning in an attempt to remember the exact term the Elders used to describe the space-ships. “That’s it! Carriers from up there.” So it does need to be added that at no stage was the idea of space-ships appearing in ancient or recent times an issue of concern for Aunty Beve.

Then finally, close to a year after the You Tube and article strongly suggesting this is a pecking of a UFO of some sort was released, Aunty Beve shared a snippet of ancient history that saw any lingering doubts vanish. She spoke of a “mother-ship crashing in the still waters of Bambara,” I still remember each of those words being etched into my memory-the final clue. The pecked five-legged UFO is less than one hundred metres from the “still waters of Bambara,” if standing on the rock platform and looking forward, it is mainly blue water ahead. So since our initial differing take on this site, Aunty Beve has spoken of “star-beings,” arriving in this area in “carriers from up there,” and of the accidental crash of the mother-ship in “the still waters of Bambara.” She has neither criticised us for the You Tube or article for offering a contrary opinion, and if she was offended she would have made that very clear with no guesswork needed.

Even before one Elder expressed their support of our interpretation, it wasn’t just the maths that did add up, the site did not add up. We have seen many engraved whales, always with fins and very little internal markings. Here we can still see five legs with circles, two dividing lines and there is more internal work further down the slope after a steep descent. And that’s the next point, the object, be it whale, UFO or anything else, drops down a 90 degree slope for about a metre then continues down another incline. It is spread all over, every other whale engraving in the area is complete, intact and on one level platform. The platform beside is twice as large, and would easily accommodate the entire figure on one level area as is the case everywhere else. So why start pecking a whale that clearly will not fit when ten metres away there is rock platform big enough to fit two whales and half a dozen dolphins for good measure? Unless, of course, it was never a whale that was being pecked, but a “Star-fish,” and not just any old

“Star-fish,” but the “Mother-ship.”

When all the dust settles and accusations are ignored, it comes down to a very simple tally of for and against. We have the word of one White-fella who claimed that an unnamed Black-fella said it is a “whale,” or three Black-fellas with names and quotation marks who swear it is a “Star-fish.” What is as fascinating as it is endemic, is that all mainstream outlets have chosen the non-Original version of events as the final word on this cultural dispute. Nevertheless, irrespective of whether the pecking is a whale or Pleiadain space-ship, there is one point of agreement amongst all four Elders: that “carriers from up there” were landing down here.

The Curse of Von Daniken

Some may ask that with the huge influx of recent archaeology and sites, why are we back-pedalling in rehashing an old site and wounds? The reason is simple, recent and related directly to a condescending comment made by a mainstream spokesperson when dismissing our credentials in reporting on Ros’ Rock. Tessa Corkill (Australian Museum) made it clear that our work in substantiating a Pleidian input was a distinct negative and sullied our reputation as scholars.
Who says so? Why is it that if we accept the Original insistence that they carry an ancient Pleiadian ancestry, anything we write or propose, irrespective of its connection to this distant constellation, is damned by association? Why is it deemed an academic sin to suggest such a possibility? Is there an unwritten proclamation that states once lapsing through the acknowledgement of an extra-terrestrial presence, all research before and after, which must also include Ros’ Rock, is also discredited? Apparently, from the time of Erik Von Daniken’s book Chariots of the Gods onwards, the answer has been yes.

What is rather odd is that in countless surveys, when asking the general public if they believe there is possibility UFO’s exist, the majority verdict is a resounding yes. But if the survey was just restricted to a published response given by professional academics, we sincerely doubt there would be a lone voice in the wilderness. To say such things in the public arena comes with one guarantee, a retraction or loss of respect, reputation and possible employment. It is now agreed the earth is no longer flat, but the people in control certainly are, and are no different in mind-set and conservative disposition than their proto-types who threatened to persecute Galileo for speaking the truth.

And what is the truth in this case and pecking? The non-Original record is of no account and unworthy of compiling. The Original majority verdict is three to one, with the Elder voting no also acknowledging that “star-beings” were present and accounted for in earlier days. With a backdrop of the Seven Sisters Dreaming story spread throughout the country, we believe that even though Aunty Beve may disagree, this particular “Star-fish” pecking is of the “Mother-ship” crashing in “the still waters of Bambara.”

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