Five Rings and Seven Things

                                              Five Rings and Seven Things

By Steven & Evan Strong, with Dalia Granot


Thanks to Ros Mulder

Of the five rings under our care there are seven things related to them that we deliberately kept ‘at arm’s length’ from the previous scientific report. There really was no other choice, it would have been fodder for our critics. Even though these rings are one integrated material/magical entity, we thought it best to share some of the distinctly mystifying times we have experienced since the rings first appeared, in a separate article. Everything that follows contravenes modern-day science at every level, and in each case something supernatural is the sole explanation. Past that point is pure speculation, but what is obvious in some cases, is that even the word magical is insufficient. What we have witnessed is no less than boundless and imponderable, but utterly true.

Atlantis Returning

The cut in this ring is tragic in consequences and eternal in its legacy. Originally this ring was infused with the essence of pure light and benevolence, but when cut a shadow of opposing negative inclination was cast within, and what came out of this hybrid was carefully hidden for some time in a distant Australian outpost. The ring lay dormant, then began to stir once it was located over a metre beneath the surface in a hill at a goldfield by a metal detector. Now freed and retrieved, it was taken home by Simon, and since then the rings inner talents began to revive and recharge.

                I spoke to Simon about six months after Ros bought this ring from him, and he independently raised the issue of magic, supplying one very clear example of why he was so convinced the only explanation has to be sourced in mystical dominions. He was in Melbourne when he received a phone call from the police, it was all bad news. His house had been broken into and they felt personal sure items had been stolen. In what only compounded the distress, his car had been stolen then crashed nearby, and the initial prognosis there was even worse.

                From the time this news was first heard until he entered his bedroom, he held fast to a foreboding that the ring was gone. And there, on the bedroom floor was one small black leather sachet unbuckled and ring-less. It was gone! Looking everywhere in the house on the remote chance it was dropped in transit, gained nothing beyond a forced acceptance that the ring he had become so attached to was gone forever.

                Once surveying the substantial damage and assembling a rough inventory of stolen goods, which included one precious ring, there was nothing left to do past walking down the road to inspect his broken car. It was understandably assumed that the burglars stole his car, and for reasons not immediately apparent, lost control at the first bend and then collided with a telegraph pole. The car was in a bad way, and the cost was huge and personal bank balance less than sufficient.

                Then there, amongst all the damage and impending financial misery, just beside the passenger side door now bent and permanently open, on the ground in open view was the ring with that deceptive golden glow. The official police report of the accident presumed the burglars grabbed a few of the more valuable items from the robbery and fled into the bush. It could have been as they clambered out of the crumpled shell the ring fortuitously fell at the only place where it could be so easily sighted, two steps further on is a grass paddock then the bush. In total, the area available to be so easily seen is very limited, as are the chances it was just good luck. Simon was adamant that the ring made the car crash, and it alone made sure as they left the scene it chose to fall where it could be retrieved by him.

                He may be right, it could a magical event, but then again, it could also be a random convergence of illegal coincidences. But in moving forward, past bouts of disappearing while in Ros’ care and decidedly non-scientific performances with me, to a time when any doubt about the scope, magic and menace that lay within has this ring from Atlantis, must be dispensed with.

Atlantis Re-Cursing

The ring was taken by Ros to a women’s ceremony, at my suggestion in a misguided attempt to cleanse. Within this group of women with good intentions, there was one lady who had always insisted that in a past life she was an Atlantean priestess, and she took over the ritual. She claimed to be in congress with the ring and was charged with stealing the ring from me and would “have to lie”(1) to achieve that end. Upon meeting there were threats, yelling and promises to return the ring after “one more ceremony.”(2) The atmosphere was ring-charged and belligerent.

                Many later commented upon the bizarre behaviour, as if some people were completely overtaken by deceit and shadow-ring agendas. What has never left me was the sight of the woman who was possessed by the shadow spirits and orchestrated the lie, fondling the ring while seated in the back seat, as we drove back to Sydney. I was restating what was agreed to in my final reluctant concession, in that it was just one ceremony then handed back to me. The victorious ring captive was hunched over caressing the ring as she spoke, her eyes never left the object she conspired and lied to hold. “The ring will decide.”(3)

                For me, it was a reflex reaction, unprompted and entirely automatic, and to this day there is nothing else that comes close. There could only be one response … Gollum and precious.

                Now stolen with no intentions of a return, ceremonies were given and the shadow within this ancient device grew in presence and potency, with the ring-holder now at its beckoning. Ros was the first of many to alert us to posts put up by this shadow witch with an Atlantean ancestry, declaring that with the assistance of the dark-side of this ring, she would kill both Evan and myself. To begin with, we were not sure how to respond, it would seem declaring publicly an intention to commit a double-homicide with the alibi being the ‘ring told me to do it,’ was such a self-incriminatory admission of guilt. If logic prevailed it should be dismissed as a weird joke. But then again, there is no court of law or laboratory in this land that would accept that a few hostile words spoken in frustration while holding a piece of metal lacking a blade or projectile constitutes a legally recognised dangerous weapon.

                Elders and psychics contacted us independently of each other with warnings of severe metaphysical turbulence. I was given a Ramindjeri mantra for the oncoming attack, as an actual date was proclaimed in these threats of murder. I set the strongest arrangement of defense rocks in our lounge, Evan salted every window and door, along with extensive smoking all over. It was somewhat akin to preparing for a level 5 Psychic Cyclone in battening down the hatches, strengthening esoteric foundations and sealing the gaps.

                For both of us it was a dreadful night at the best of times, as for the worst. This attack took place in the middle of winter, tics are all but dormant and Evan never went outside into the bush or paddocks during the day. Nevertheless, he went to bed with a tic count of nil on body and sheets and woke up with a crew of at least thirty grass tics securely attached. The immediate medical issue in Evan’s case is that he reacts very badly to one bite, a number of this quantity is potentially catastrophic. It took Evan close to a month to fully recover, and the invasion of tics was solely due to shadow ring magic assisted by a woman now fully subservient to the wrong half of this ring.

                My resistance to tics is much higher, but after just recovering from a six-month flat-head skull curse that was everything but fatal, I still carried the residue effects of the dual bout of pleurisy and pneumonia that had spread throughout all my lungs. All the other many symptoms and setbacks were in the past tense, but not so the lungs, they were almost back. Not that night! It was back to dreadful days of coughing every ten seconds, just trying to grab some air, but worse than that my energy level, which was very close to pre-curse levels, plummeted. There were two occasions during that night where this violent energy had almost breached my resistance and Original mantras.

                For both of us that was a very close call, and even though unsuccessful on this occasion, another bout in the future was not something either of us relished, nor were we convinced we could survive an attack of that ferocity and malice a second time. Fortunately, before the reservoir of negative energy inside this ring could be replenished, a colleague we have worked with, stepped in and went to this person’s house and ‘convinced’ her it was in her best interests to give the ring back to me, immediately.

                Since this mixed blessing has returned, it has been worn often as a necklace on red string and on the finger, as the need arises. It is controllable, but more damaged after the shadow residing within this ring was given ceremony and a sympathetic voice and vassal. What has come out of this removal is a stronger destabilising deceptive ring-presence. But even though it was more unbalanced, I felt it could be cleansed, and set about doing so in creating a purifying ceremony. Then a Lemurian ring Ros was forced to purchase turned up in the post, and from the time the parcel was unwrapped, there was trouble ahead as they just never got on.

Reminiscing Over old Times via the Internet

Ros was watching TV, it was Sunday night and the right time to ‘veg’ out watching a reality show.  As her mind dropped into neutral while holding the ring in her hand, another force began transmission. It was the Lemurian ‘giant’s ring’ who demanded Ros vacate her chair and move over to the computer. As she sat by the computer the ring gave her a web site address to type in. Not only had she lost all control over this turn of events, it made no sense. This was a Thai arts and craft side with specials on paint and brushes, she had never used this site, nor knew of it, despite all of these unknowns, it was now on the screen. But where to next?

                She still had no idea why the ring had given these cryptic instructions with no clue as to what to do next, until she was given her third directive. In the search caption she typed in ‘giant’s ring’ as instructed and up came a photo of Lemurian Ring 2, which was for sale. As if she had a choice, the demand by her ring to purchase then send it immediately to me was obeyed. What choice did she have after witnessing such an unexpected sequence of cross-species’ communication between the inorganic and organic, where a non-moving, non-breathing inanimate object correctly located a web site address of its ring-colleague, going with the flow was obligatory. To call this interaction magical seems to be a gross understatement of cause and effect. This breaks every rule, and some no-one even knows. Nonetheless, this is the truth, it did happen and both rings are still here and growing in so many ways as each day passes.

Chalk and Cheese

The day the Lemurian ring came to us, well to be exact it is more like that night and early hours of the next morning, was the beginning of a divide that was always meant to be. I naively assumed that having an Atlantean ring, albeit somewhat tainted and of a mixed temperament, join forces with this Lemurian ring with a quite stunning array of animals, was the best of ‘both ancient worlds.’

                The first night, my plan was simple and ultimately chaotic, I placed both rings on top of a very powerful Original star rock on the small dressing table beside my bed. With that solid Original foundation and the two rings intertwined above, I had no idea what would eventuate.

                When we woke in the morning the first words my wife said were in no need of an introduction or setting. “If those rings are staying here tonight, I am sleeping in the other bedroom.”(4)

                If they were, I would be joining her, that was an absolute disaster. It could not have been five minutes after the lights went out and we were all but asleep before the parade began. The odd part the sudden clang so close, was that in the pitch-black, living way out in the bush, if a completely unexpected loud noise is less than a metre away in the dark beside your bed, panic, an involuntary shriek or at least sitting bolt upright with eyes flaring, would seem a compulsory reaction. Not here, neither of us flinched, I remember instantaneously intuitively knowing it was the rings who were responsible. Apparently, so did my wife, but why, we had no pre-warning, nor did we raise this as a possible reaction in discussions before going to bed as feasible. Nevertheless, it was clear from the get-go that the two rings were not at ease.

                Throughout the night it continued in so many different ways, never the same noise as such, but always the same catalysts. Neither of us slept, nor did we worry, be fearful, just blasé and wondering if they ever would settle down. We shouldn’t have, as they didn’t, and if I had my wits about me, I should have got up and separated the two combatants instead of leaving them touching and intensely uncomfortable all night long. No-one, rock or human, slept that night.

                From that first day on, if I ever pick up one ring and have the other one on or in my pocket, the message is immediate, and one ring is put aside. I just cannot hold both, it is too discordant and they both demand a lot of space apart. I wouldn’t call it hatred: it is more we come from opposite sides of the path, and share nothing, adamant that separation will remain so.

The Division Bell Rings

As the days passed the Lemurian Ring 2 became my ring of choice. It felt more accommodating and positive in disposition, it was neither tainted nor carried with it any malicious baggage. My personal time with Atlantis Ring 1 grew less, to be honest, I was beginning to wonder whether that time apart when it was consumed by revenge and deception, where the cut was honoured and revived, had made my task of cleansing just too hard for any Earth-bound mortal. What reinforced this Lemurian bond, was when the ring decided independently to reveal, against my wishes, some notable events that occurred in two distant incarnations.

                Ignoring my reluctance, the ring stepped forward and went way back, the content, history, setting and my monumental errors are acknowledged and will remain confidential. What came out of this was a complete realisation that none of my reactions with this ring are down to imagination or a delusional melodrama playing out my subconscious desires, the ring was aware and functioning through its own magical agenda. What this reluctant excursion did manifest was the beginning of a dialogue between myself and some melted rocks and crushed ore, shaped into the form of six animals. We were finally on the same page.

                But amongst the consensus even the concept of ‘we,’ as I understood it, was too narrow, as this conversation with the magic residing within this ring was never restricted to the ring-holder (myself). I am merely one recipient in this esoteric equation, the ring alone initiates and engages and it decides who and how.

From Dalia Granot:

“I have always had a very sacred & ancient relationship with the animals, it is something I teach and awaken in others, I call it Secret Animal Wisdom. We all have animals that are guiding us, wanting to empower us & teach those ready to listen. I trust in the animals more than most humans as they always tell truth & want for humanity to thrive in harmony on this earth with them side by side.

During one of their recent online conferences, Steven Strong held up a Lemurian Ring with the animals on it, my body instantly became electric and I could not get the ring out of my head. I knew I could talk to the ring. I requested permission from Steven and we agreed from midnight one Sunday night that I could explore that connection. In meditation I was shown the Lemurian Ring illuminated and large enough for me to step through, when I did I could see the most luscious green rainforest and a land I cannot describe with words it was so alive. I instantly knew this was Lemuria. I was then surrounded by animals coming out from every corner, this ring is the link to the animals on this planet & they have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

I was given a dream that night. The dream went like this; I was in a rock like ‘tunnel’, standing in the back of the line of only white people. We were all naked and waiting to be ‘washed’. There was a tall Pleadian blonde woman standing on my right. I looked up at her and asked her if I could put my clothes back on and she said yes. I then found myself in a school.  I was sitting on the knee of an Original Man (understood to be my masculine), there was an Original Man standing on my right (understood to be Karno) who I couldn’t see & in front of me was the principal of the school an Original Female Elder. She was standing on the grass covered in leaves, she bent down and set fire to the leaves which all turned into black snakes going in every direction, she then looked at me and said ‘And that’s Pachamama’, I remember thinking hang on a sec, that’s my reference for Mother Earth, not the word used here in Australia…then a glass protrusion on my left appeared and she asked me to put my hand in there. I felt a wooden desk and looked at the elder again and she said ‘And that’s Pachamama’, I then woke up. I lucidly heard a door close and a then a Raven outside my window calling ‘Caw Caw’. I knew in that moment that I had witnessed what will unfold on the 21st of December as each soul has an opportunity to ‘get washed’. The school was ‘Old Way’ & the principal herself was Mother Earth, or as I lovingly call her, Pachamama. The black snakes are heart activations in every direction that will occur on the 21st if the ‘magic box’ is switched on. This school is essentially where white people must return, we must remember Old Way & learn from Mother Earth herself.  The Ring continues to send me dreams and messages related to the ceremony which I then update Steven. This ring is sacred & has ancient magic. It was created during a time when humans and animals lived in harmony; I feel this in my bones. This ring trusts me because it knows I trust the animals implicitly. I honestly feel I know this ring and we are familiar with each other from a previous lifetime.

***Other stories for extra notes:

  • I was explaining to a friend about the dream I had received from the ring when one of my 6 year old twins interrupts and insists I look at an old National Geographic magazine. I hadn’t mentioned the word ‘ring’ at this point. As soon as the word ‘ring’ escaped my mouth my son opened the National Geographic page with the photo of 2 rings encircled together with snakes on them, 2 animal rings found in an ancient archaeological dig. Now although these rings were not the Lemurian rings, it was the fact that these 2 rings were together in front of me as I mentioned the Lemurian ring to my friend. I instantly knew that the 2 Lemurian rings must be together as Masculine & Feminine for their role in this prophecy.
  • I was listening to Steven in one of his presentations explain that there must be enough human souls ready to share their positive energy or higher frequency on the 21st or the ‘magic box’ doesn’t get switched on. At this point there are unlikely enough. As soon as he said this, I saw the ring in my head again and I was surrounded by brumbies, kangaroos, whales & elephants, they want this shift & are determined for it to happen. They have assured me that animals, including dogs and cats will be adding their energies on the 21st too, it must happen.”(5)

The Atlantean Drama Returns

There was no preamble or previous discussion, without a lead-in Ros just announced that a ring with an Atlantean chemical signature and six motifs that represent Atlas had been posted to me. She had it for some years, and outside me suggesting we get it analysed, I had never raised any interest or desire to connect. Nevertheless, the ring was on its way. Outside Ros guaranteeing me this one had no cut or signs of tampering, we had no idea what to expect beyond the first ring being toxic, unsettled and potentially lethal.

                First up, upon arrival I consulted the Lemurian ring, knowing it despised the first ring and refused to be near it, any reaction or objection would be noted and acted upon. Yes, it could tolerate being near, even occasionally touching, but its approval was hedged in equivocations.

                It took no less than ten minutes after that response before we began to recognise a ploy and invitation that only an Atlantean ring would initiate. Both Evan and my wife made the same request. It was totally unexpected from my stance: we have hundreds of sacred Original rocks, Pleiadean skulls and bones, other Atlantean and Lemurian rings, the metal jewellery from Kariong that has an undeniable off-world metallic signature and various other ancient relics, yet never had Evan or Del asked to touch  anything before, let alone both asking to put the ring on their finger.

                My reply was couched in a Lemurian tenure, I have a crystal on a chain that will give me yes or no answers from Lemurian Ring 2. All three Lemurian rings portray animal figures, no humans or human related symbols are allowed. They represent animals who all live within Nature’s rules of conduct, and can always be trusted, whereas the opposite applies to the Atlantean rings which both depict humans/gods or the geometry of Atlantis, and they will never earn my trust.

                “No,” Atlantis Ring 2 cannot be trusted, and “no” under no circumstances should either Del or Evan put the ring on their finger. Then finally, on my third try, I got a “yes.” That ring would definitely kill both my wife and son if they accepted the invitation to put the ring on any finger. It would seem my wife’s initial reaction upon first seeing the ring, that she felt was a “trickster” was correct to an extent. What could have been added to that devious character description, if we did not consult my trusted metal guardian, is the lethal criminal terminology serial-killer.

Putting the ‘Squeeze” on

Trying to find any useful reason for this ring coming or a positive quality within has been a thankless task, but Dalia insists it has a role to play in coming events, so we will keep looking. But in the meantime, its current track record only got worse, the only positive aspect of its behaviour is that my wife was indeed right, the ring is a trickster and I wore the brunt of its’ next performance in three acts.

                As each day passed in the presence and emanation of this ancient Lemurian metal ring, the other wilful companion became less frequent in contact and interaction. It was primarily spectating, I put it on my finger or as a necklace less and less, there was too much collateral damage and mixed intentions to negotiate and I was doing this more out of keeping a line of communication open than actually bonding and seeking. Really, after trying to kill my family, trust is light years away. I thought that when I did begrudgingly put it on it could not harm, but nor could it better me, and as for my family, it was that familiar Dalek mantra of “exterminate” which never left the room.

Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK / CC BY ( from:

                Outside the very first introductions and thwarted attempts to kill, there had been no further hostile communication. I had no issue with that silence, but the ring had other ideas.

                It ‘called’ me, demanding I put the ring on my finger. It wasn’t happy that I assigned my left-hand for Atlantis and right for Lemuria, but that wasn’t going to change. So I put it on the normal finger, but had an issue getting it over the joint, it just wouldn’t get past. Never happened before, there had always been plenty of room in passage, so easily did it normally slide over, I often wondered whether it could slip off and fall without me noticing. But until now it was always a touch too loose, not way too tight. After some twisting and pushing the ring did slide over, but it was quite a tight fit where it usually sat.

                Then it got interesting, and just a touch threatening, the ring made it clear it was staying there permanently. No more off and every now and then back on, but on and on, with no off. It claimed, falsely, to have knowledge and skills I could benefit from, and that it wasn’t leaving. This ring coup-de-tat caught me unawares and not really sure if this would lead to a better outcome. About a day later, when about to shower, I did what I always do when wearing any ring or holding a rock, and took the ring off. It came away just easily as it always had until yesterday and went back on and off with the same freedom.

                Past that loosening of the shackles, I slowly fell back into the same routine of neglect and widening gaps between the times when Atlantis Ring 2 was actually on my finger. Not long after, my interaction with that ring was no more than the first time around and that absence led on to a second confrontation. The ring issued what it claimed to be a final warning, put the ring on and leave it on. Once again, either my joint had swollen, or ring contracted. It didn’t take long to work out which was the case, but for now I had to deal with same ring-delivered ultimatum.

                As before, getting that ring over my finger-joint took some time, and once I did get it past that hurdle, it seemed there was no going back. I showed my wife the problem I now faced, it just would not move. That was now a secondary concern, what was a more ‘pressing’ issue was that the ring kept contracting. It was now getting too tight in its resting position, this never happened before, what was of immediate need of attention is that the ring kept tightening. It now was getting more painful, to the stage where I could not move the ring at all, and I could actually feel it ever so gradually escalating the pain level. When I said to my wife that at this rate the ring will eventually go once the finger above the constriction point falls off, it was said less in jest and more a statement of real cause and effect. If things continued at this rate, the finger would go before the ring.

                For whatever the reason, the ring relented and within an hour it could slip on or off as easily as it always did. But the ring’s warning bell had been rung and made it clear that this artefact from Atlantis had the capacity to harm or worse if crossed or denied. To an extent with both Atlantean rings I am living with an artefact and a weapon with a very short fuse powered by magic that has been soiled and misled. They are reflections of the beginning and end times of Atlantis in both rings, which started off with the noblest of intentions and ended up destroying itself through arrogance and lusting for power. All of that ancient narrative is part and parcel of both rings.

                Once the ring returned to its normal diameter and had scaled back its attack, I decided a new plan in clearing the negative imprint of this ring was in order. Unlike Atlantis Ring 1 the second ring is needed in future events, but it has to be less wilful and violent in its dealings. As to whether Plan B will succeed, the early signs are promising, but there is still a long way to go.

Seven Ring Things That are Either Magical or we are Deceitful

It has to be one or the other. We have either invented a series of events that didn’t happen, or no less than four of these rings can and do create magic. It is totally understandable the notion that dirt and rocks thrown into a furnace somehow take on magical properties is a huge stretch for any observer. It was for me, at nearly every stage in Ros’ purchase of a variety of Atlantean and Lemurian artefacts, I always held back on committing like Ros. There is magic and spirits inside rocks, the land, bones, in fact anything made by Nature has a mystical capacity, but anything made by humans is nearly always a disappointment.

                Of course, from every mainstream perspective none of this is true. That is compulsory, every response has to be served with a plate full of sarcasm and derision. The mere notion of rings disappearing, communicating via the web between humans and rocks, murdering those who offend, constriction at their leisure, orchestrating a car-crash or sharing the future or personal past incarnations, is in contradiction with fundamental scientific concepts that underpin present-day understandings of how we exist. Undeniably men and women of science will neither read, discuss nor accept these fanciful magical notions, but in doing so, they also have to deny the chemistry of the rings and all that must follow out of these scientific facts.

                By every measure the appearance of seven elements ending in ‘ium’ found inside two rings already discussed, and another item of jewellery to be raised in our next report, just should not be in rings thousands of years old. That should not have happened, but it did and with the door to another version of the past definitely opened, any step further down that ‘yellow brick road’ is as consistent in setting as it is mandatory in scientific rigour. If none of these elements should be there, but are, why can’t the same can be said for the magical properties these ancient metallic objects from Lemuria and Atlantis possess. If the experts are wrong once, why not twice?

                For us, it is no longer an issue of if there is magic, but more to do with why is it the Atlantean magic is so angry and malevolent, while what comes out of Lemuria is so benevolent and noble? We believe that the reason as to why there is a parting of the esoteric ways can be found in the chemistry of a fourth Lemurian ring and another piece of ancient jewellery that is certainly not an earring. The best description we can offer is that this Lemurian relic is more like an ear-ring. If ignoring all magical powers, the chemical analysis of whatever this object is that rests above the ear and beside the mastoid bone, is without doubt, the last metallic ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’

                In combination, the seven artefacts we have are definitely sourced from Lemuria and Atlantis. The ‘rings’ are real, the ‘mythical’ locations of Lemuria and Atlantis are historical truths and what resides within is factual Old Way magic. New way science may object to all of these Old Way truths, it is not as if they have choice, but it makes no difference to the rings. They are back and nothing will stop them from doing all they can to…                            


(1)-(3): Atlantean Shadow Witch, 2019. Personal Communication- Theft.

(4) Dellene Strong, 2019. Personal Communication.

(5) Dalia Granot, 2020.                 



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