500,000 Years Ago???

“500,000 Years Ago” ???

By Steven & Evan Strong


Special Thanks to Duncan Roads

A few days ago an email sent to me from the editor from Nexus, Duncan Roads, was supposedly presenting absolute empirical proof that Neanderthals were in Australia over half a million years ago, and it became apparent in a further exchange of emails, my immediate reaction of bewilderment tinged by heavy lashings of incredulity was shared by Duncan. What Duncan sent to us was an article written by Ryan Morrison (Not Just for Throwing!) who gave an overview of an amazing archaeological find in relation to the use and antiquity of boomerangs. It was so difficult to move past the opening sentence, which basically meant the entire ancient human evolution model was fundamentally wrong for starters, and so much more.

                “Neanderthals living in Australia 500,000 years ago used boomerangs to modify the shape of stone tools and not just for throwing, according to a new study.”(1) It seems that because of the agreed scientific results through the analysis of “100 boomerangs”(2) that “were held by the Australian Museum in Sydney,”(3) it is now accepted that “Neanderthals were living in Australia 500,0000 years ago.”(4) End of story, there was not one solitary comment conceding the monumental impact of this massive shift of stance on all theories of human settlement in Australia, perhaps a concession to the intelligence needed to assemble and sail a substantial sea-worthy boat with a large population of Neanderthals to negate in-breeding once settling in an uninhabited unseen continent. Nothing like that, once the date was given, it was all about the features and effects on the wood studied.


                With blinkers and earmuffs attached “researchers from Griffith University analysed the microscopic traces on the surface of 100 boomerangs gathered from across each state and territory in Australia.”(5) The scope and time scale of this collection sampled is extremely comprehensive and their findings are sound, but as for their bizarre conclusion, that is a different story, but what was recorded in the results column is all that matters. “The team say ancient humans made use of the traditional curved wooden objects for a wider range of purposes that was previously assumed, including carving stone.”(6) What is fascinating in this report is how the “humans”(7) in this sentence, so readily transform into “Neanderthals”(8) in other passages in their report. Either way, what is not in question is that “study author Eva Martellotta said boomerangs would have had multiple purposes and not all of them would have been the kind that returned to their owner.”(9)

The Science is Sound and Methodology Valid

When in contact with Duncan, he too shared his doubt as to whether this second-hand version of incredibly ancient times was accurate, and chased up the actual papers and first-hand accounts. Much to our surprise Morrison’s version of events is correct. The links to these papers are attached at the end of this report for any who understandably feel this science just could not be announced so incompetently while underpinned by such a narrow focus.

                The “team”(10) “examined microscopic marks on the surface of the boomerangs using a traceological-also known as use wear-method … the researchers were able to more clearly see what tasks the boomerangs were used for by Australian Aboriginals in the past.”(11) They already knew that “ethnographic evidence show that boomerangs were also used for making fire, for playing music, and as digging sticks,”(12) but what was totally unexpected was that “we found specific marks related to the shaping of stone tools. These marks are not new in archaeology-they are also identified on bone fragments in archaeological sites in Europe,” Martellotta said.”(13)

                Now this is where this conclusion they came up with gets interesting in providing a good indication as to how this very ancient date and hominid from the far left-field came onto the scene. Martellotta was particularly taken by a distinctive feature of archaeology associated with the markings on the bone fragments. “Here, the Neanderthals used them to modify the shape of bone tools, starting 500,000 years ago.”(14) The marks on the boomerangs have only one match found elsewhere to compare against, and since it is a Neanderthal characteristic, then there must be Neanderthals here in Australia doing the same thing at the same time as they were in Europe. Possibly, but what the “team”(15) do not have is a somewhat robust Neanderthal skull with that peculiar trait of a one and a half centimetre flat square knob at the back of the skull beside one of these boomerangs, nor is there any Australian Neanderthal bone residing in the Australian Museum, or any other museum or University in Australia.

                However, we are not contesting the belief that Neanderthals were in Australia, only that these scientists know nothing of any such bones, and nor does any other academic or official acknowledge the presence of Neanderthals in Australia. The fact that I have seen, held and examined a Neanderthal skeleton in situ in Australia was unknown by the team, and even though the premise of Neanderthals here so long ago is indeed the only part of their conclusion that is correct, they got there through good luck and bad science.

Ryan’s Aside   
The reason this Neanderthal presence so long ago in Australia is not in any text, nor is it supported by any academic or scientist is simply because that finding runs in open contradiction to literally everything assumed to be factual relating to the emergence of sapiens, Neanderthals and all other hominids. After completing his analysis of the findings and conclusions, Morrison then briefly set out some of these crucial assumptions that had been assumed to be facts. Central to his review of the academic consensus as to how hominids evolved and competed, is that the Neanderthal “species lived in Africa with early humans for millennia before moving across to Europe around 300,000 years ago.”(16)

                If that is true, what are Neanderthals doing living and carving rocks with boomerangs 200,000 years earlier in another continent? If they solely originated and resided in Africa then wandered out 300,000 years ago, then that means they cannot be in Australia before exiting. Their numbers do not add up.

                In what only compounds the contradictions and changing ‘goal posts,’ Morrison noted that Neanderthals were “historically thought to be dim-witted and brutish compared to modern humans,”(17) however, “in recent years though, especially over the last decade, it has become increasingly apparent we’ve been selling Neanderthals short.”(18) What needs to be fully appreciated the “we’ve”(19) he refers to are the same experts and academics who insist that these ‘lesser’ hominids resided exclusively in Africa until leaving, and it now looks likely they are wrong again.

                What has been “recently”(20) conceded is that they “buried their dead, painted and even interbred with humans.”(21) Not only does “Neanderthal cave art in Spain … predate the earliest modern human art by some 20,000 years,”(22) recent discoveries elsewhere in Europe provide compelling evidence that Neanderthal villages had hot water systems. Yet barely a decade earlier all the experts assured us these lesser hominids were quite dull and backward.   

What is a fascinating deviation from Neanderthal genetic ancestry is that when stating Neanderthals interbred with sapiens, that is true but that does not include African sapiens. Scientific comparisons of mtDNA and Y Chromosomes has found no connection whatsoever between sapiens in Africa and Neanderthals, but everywhere else outside Africa the same Neanderthal genes are found all over in many sapien populations. So even before the hypothetical Australian Neanderthals came onto the scene, the premise that Neanderthals evolved exclusively in Africa is tenuous at best.

An Australian Roll Call of Hominids and Assorted Beings

As stated earlier, the “team”(23) need to have seen and examined a Neanderthal skull and skeleton in situ before making such a sensational declaration, and they have not done so, but I have. And most importantly it is not only a Neanderthal skull, genes and bones that has been found in Australia in very recent times, room and consideration must be found for Denisovans, archaic Homo sapiens, two different types of no forehead skulls, robust and gracile Homo sapiens sapien, and although yet to be actually identified in flesh and bone, the scientific fact that Original people have a ‘mystery gene’ that cannot be sourced anywhere on this planet, all of these beings are capable of using a boomerang. Every hominid/being is a definite contender as to who made the markings on the 100 boomerangs. The Neanderthals are merely one of eight possible suspects with no more than a 12.5% chance of being responsible.

                A sampling of my saliva has a Denisovan genetic reading of 4.7%, only Original people have readings of over 2.5% and this can only come about through very close contact leading onto babies of mixed heritage, that is compulsory, while where this happened can never be definitively proven. The geography could have been Australia or other continents, but either way the chances that Denisovans were in Australia is at least 50%, and that means it is possible they held some of these boomerangs. So too whatever this Original mystery gene is, it is part of the genetic make-up of some sort of unknown hominid. Once again no geography can be established beyond that this genetic addition could have also occurred in while Australia.

                As to whether any form of Original Homo sapiens sapien could be responsible, the researchers immediately ruled both groups out simply because they mistakenly believe modern African humans first came to Australia 60,000 years ago. There are ten sites in Australia with dates supplied, and in some cases challenged, that pre-date any African arrival at that time. We have a solid collection of science, genes, archaeology and historical accounts that prove conclusively that Originals in Australia were the first modern humans and they set sail from, never to, Australia, That being the case, both the gracile skulled Original sapien (skull thickness of 6 cms) and the robust hominid (skull thickness of 14 cms) are also likely candidates when it comes to who actually held these boomerangs.

                When it comes to the beings that once occupied four different types of ancient skulls which I have held in my hand and examined in considerable detail, each had the ability to rub wood against rock, and all of them were found in Australia. The first two skulls and skeletons were examined by me about four years ago. The no-forehead skull has nothing above its eyes, there is no forehead visible as the skull recedes at 170 degrees then slopes even more steeply backwards. However, the length of 19 cms and width of this flask-shaped skull of 17 cms leads to cranium capacity that is at least 400 ccs greater than any modern human skull. The eyes are massive, close to 50% larger than ours and the nose shape is dramatically different. It is clearly nothing like any hominid found on this planet, but not so the skull found just over one metre to the left.

                The second skull is nine millimetres thicker and has a forehead of six centimetres in height. Again, the brain capacity is much larger than any modern sapien, and most importantly this particular skull has that distinctive Neanderthal square bone knob positioned at the back of the skull. What was a fascinating and somewhat enigmatic omission is that despite very careful analysis with a magnifying glass, all present could not identify or locate any evidence of cranial sutures.

                The next two skulls were found in January 1953, again the flask-shaped non forehead skull looks nothing like any other hominid, but is almost an identical copy of the skull still sitting in the ground today. The only difference, which was noted by both professionals involved in reconstructing this skull, was the fact that there is definitely another instance here of missing sutures. The top suture is clearly missing, and as the reconstruction of the eight remaining pieces of skull is incomplete the potential that both side sutures are also missing, is high but not absolute. Found very close by is a second robust skull, which is not the same as the earlier companion to the no-forehead complete skeleton. I had assumed that since it was even thicker measuring 15 centimetres, yet again not a Homo sapiens sapiens, it could be a Denisovan. But no, the same experts involved in reassembling the other skull both disagreed, confident it was actually an archaic Homo sapiens, which until now was only found in Africa.


As the “team”(24) cannot place any hominid beside these boomerangs it means any being that resided within these ancient bones or skulls found in Australia could have held these boomerangs and used them in a variety of ways. Unlike the team’s unprovable supposition of Neanderthal involvement, the scientific reality is that it could be any of the eight.

Why a Boomerang?

As I began to write this article, we received an email from someone I had never met. This anonymous airline pilot raised a very valid point in relation to the sophistication of this fascinating wooden tool/weapon/utensil/musical instrument, which highlights how much was missed by the “team.”(25)

“I think I have some interesting information for you.

I moved to Adelaide about 20 Years ago. When I explored the city I met an old Aboriginal guy who sold boomerangs. Real, genuine boomerangs, not the colourful ones from the tourist shops.

I’m a private pilot and I realized at once that the two halves of the boomerang were shaped like airplane wings with a leading edge and a trailing edge. This particular shape makes an airplane fly and it requires a lot of skill and aerodynamic knowledge to build it from scratch.

Look in Google for airplane wing shape, images, and then compare it to a genuine boomerang. I don’t know if anybody ever noticed this (probably not).

The airplane wing was “invented” in the 1870s by Otto Lilienthat, a German mechanical engineer, and this was the beginning of aviation.”(26)

                Apparently over half a million years ago a supposedly lesser advanced hominid invented the most aerodynamically efficient wooden tool ever created which was not equalled until the “1870s.”(27) Capable of returning to the thrower, it has a variety of functions and requires a very clever inventor. And this all happened when sapiens were supposedly far less intelligent than today, and the same could be said for all strands of hominids. A spear point, discards of flakes, perhaps even something as sophisticated as an arrowhead would be far more likely finds from that far back in time, and all these objects are more directly related to activities that facilitate hunting rather than a flying wooden stick.

                Outside extending the intellectual capacity of whatever hominid was responsible, the issue of why an wooden object designed to fly through the air was created and used in so many ways needs to be understood through placing it into an Original culture and Dreaming context. The Pleiadian and Original Dreaming story of the Seven Sisters is the only myth that is shared by every tribe in Australia, Original Gods are always referred to as Sky Heroes and there is one five worded mantra that is also pan-continental in location, ‘as on top, so below.’ My Elder Karno told us many times that every sacred site must have a counterpoint in the stars, and that the multiple meanings of the narrative on the Standing Stones site near Mullumbimby are determined by the positioning of the stars above.

                What comes out of this, is an Old Way Original obsession with the stars and constellations that permeates Original sensibilities and ancestry. Whether the knowledge of the intricacies of boomerangs was given to the Original people by Pleiadians as a gift from the Sky Heroes, or invented in homage to them cannot be resolved, but there is a high level of human intelligence attached to this device. And if consulting any mainstream interpretation of how humans and hominids evolved, neither the explanation given by the “team”(28) or us, is acceptable or welcome in any polite circles of academia.

1 + 1 = 3

The science is wrong, the evidence is absent, and their sums do not add up, but nonetheless, the “team”(29) were half correct in stating that Neanderthals were in Australia a very long time ago. As for who held the boomerang, with a no less than a one in eight chance it is indeed a Neanderthal artefact, there is no definitive answer except it was held by a hand. What does seem consistent here and in so many cases we are working on, is that every current theory of human evolution is fundamentally wrong. Unless conceding a genetic influence from Alien beings, and that this is not the pinnacle of human existence as there were earlier civilisations that were no less technological, the errors have to multiply.

                Once locked into this fictional narrative, whenever inconvenient archaeology like this appears the response is part fictional, part comedy and entirely desperate. What we have in Australia is proof of a technology thought to be 10,000 years-old, now re-calibrated upwards by a factor of fifty, and all the “team”(30) offer as a commentary is to say nothing and move on to the scratches on the wood, as there is nothing to see here. Well, they are wrong, there is a lot to see and think about in relation to what the scientists analysed.

The problem is, and has been for some time, in official circles at all levels the truth is a negotiable commodity, which explains why this report, although packaged in bad science is entirely acceptable. However, that was then, past the ceremony at Uluru on December 21, all truths are coming back, and the day will come when this report is given its rightful place in the library-the bin.      


(1): Ryan Morrison, 15th April, 2021. “Not just for throwing! Australian Neanderthals used boomerangs to carve stone tools 500,000 years ago, new analysis reveals”,  Daily Mail Australia, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9473829/Australian-Neanderthals-used-boomerangs-carve-stone-tools.html

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(26): Anonymous Commercial Pilot, 2021. Personal Communication to Steven Strong (Via Email), 17th April.

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*** For Further Information:

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  1. While being brought up in, and indoctrinated into white (sic) cultural history and values, it wasn’t until much later did I begin to learn some truth. I was surprised to learn of the robust and gracile remains at, I think it was, at Lake Mungo in NSW, the later predating by around 10,000 yrs. So, I was interested in what you have said here, particularly, in regard to assumptions.

    I was taught at uni that the Indigenous Australians cannot be traced to another genetic derivation, and that an ocean voyage from Africa to Tasmania was possible. Still. I offer my own, very brief, non accepted idea regarding out origin as a biped species.

    And that is, that it was always here, in what we call Australia. Of course, when I say always, we were apparently and logically one large landmass called Gondwanaland. Still, I’m not sure, barring an epiphany, that we were not actually created, given the complexity of life.

  2. Absolutely incredible information. The work you guys are doing is so important. Thank you for it all. I recently sent you guys an email with some further thoughts. I have only just begun to dive into the knowledge that you offer, but have already learned so much and been struck with such connection and understanding and agreement in what you propose. Reach out, let’s discuss! I think I have some ideas that might be of interest to you.

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