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  1. Jay Black
    May 26, 2021

    While being brought up in, and indoctrinated into white (sic) cultural history and values, it wasn’t until much later did I begin to learn some truth. I was surprised to learn of the robust and gracile remains at, I think it was, at Lake Mungo in NSW, the later predating by around 10,000 yrs. So, I was interested in what you have said here, particularly, in regard to assumptions.

    I was taught at uni that the Indigenous Australians cannot be traced to another genetic derivation, and that an ocean voyage from Africa to Tasmania was possible. Still. I offer my own, very brief, non accepted idea regarding out origin as a biped species.

    And that is, that it was always here, in what we call Australia. Of course, when I say always, we were apparently and logically one large landmass called Gondwanaland. Still, I’m not sure, barring an epiphany, that we were not actually created, given the complexity of life.


  2. Steven Strong
    May 5, 2021

    Absolutely incredible information. The work you guys are doing is so important. Thank you for it all. I recently sent you guys an email with some further thoughts. I have only just begun to dive into the knowledge that you offer, but have already learned so much and been struck with such connection and understanding and agreement in what you propose. Reach out, let’s discuss! I think I have some ideas that might be of interest to you.


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