26 Days to Go: New book to be Released

We have set ourselves an unreasonable deadline, which we will meet….?

Our book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Out of Australia Theory”, will be published and ready to purchase on Australia Day. The lies, distortions and omissions that make up the sanitized version of Original pre-history must fall, and the truth must prevail. this book takes a few steps towards that Original Truth, presenting archaeology and genetics that prove once and for all that Original people were the first humans.

5th Jan: 21 days to Go: New Book Still to be Released:- Chapter 14 Edited two-thirds through, manage to make some basic maps too.

6th Jan: okay two chapters and a conclusion left then diagrams, map and photo plates insertion, and indexing.Then type setting. get some ISBN’s. Set up a e-shop on the website. Then off to printers.

11th Jan: referencing almost done, now its picture insertion and indexing time.

13th-15th Jan: Picture Source credits (Looks like there will be 77 ish pictures, field diagrams, maps), tried my hand out basic photo editing too.

15th Jan: Very welcome feedback coming in from a variety of reviews.

17th Jan: Off to get the pictures inserted and sized correctly.




  1. Are you producing an e-book version or is it only paper?
    Also when are you touring in Victoria again? Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to your most recent talk.
    Love your work, thank you for all you are doing.

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