Australia: Muvian & The Glyphs Connection (By The Rogue Researcher)

It is an emotive, bombastic but very informative account of the Kariong:Bambara Glyphs site, clear and summarises the scenario well.

Time is not an Illusion. As we see everyday whist the sun passes overhead  and in that day there are things done to the planet that future generations will be left to ponder. Volcanic eruptions, comet impacts, oceans rising and falling forever changing the shape of our planet. Buried beneath the soils in Australia are ruins from a time forgotten. Are the Kariong Hieroglyphs remnants from that time that we need to research deeper beyond the debunkers and skeptics? I say Yes!

I hope this chapter stimulates thought into the possibilities we have before us.

Kind Regards, Bob Newton, the Rogue Researcher.

Please follow link for Chapter 6: RR Chapter 6 Australia

 “~~~Chapter Vl~~~ Australia

I am sure there will be many that ask the question; “How does Australia fit into this picture of the ancient past and how can it connect to times before time? How can Australia be a link to Mu,the continent that slipped into the sea, the victim of
violent and destructive death that still echos through the halls of time?”. Especially when at first glance, Australia looks like a wasteland with scattered oasis’ of green and her bands of civilization clinging to the coastlines. However, we have found under the surface there are some things we believe will change the way we view our historical timeline. If I may relate how one thing Australia and the Western Pacific leads to another. When I joined Facebook, I met some pretty cool people from Australia and we
were sharing views on the obvious and not so obvious issues with believing what was true in the Biblical texts. I was the one in the crowd that had been working on the outside theories surrounding these “holey texts” for a very long time and my friends were still locked into that struggle of withdrawal from religion. (There are lots of holes in those stories.) Anyway, I kept telling them that “God is an Astronaut” and was met with some
great banter over that. So I told them I was going to find the truth. Again I am finding that due to the Reductionistic methods and views we have been taught of our past I am finding the resistance is a very thick wall to penetrate. A good picture of the truth is now before me but getting others to see it is another story……….” Read more At:-


  1. I find your comments somewhat amusing and of interest. I started on a quest for truth some years ago and I did use the bible for my guage. In doing so i have setup a barrier between myself and the bible theology mob and the evolutionist as well. What i found was that the people this side of the Noah flood down to Joseph were very advanced and hi tech. Aircraft. Spacecraft . Atomic weapons plus. The bible teachers dont want it but the evidence is there and its amazing what comes out when one dtarts to dig. Dennis

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