1,2,3: Completion of an Ancient Rock Trilogy

Photo by Priscilla Mathews

1,2,3: Completion of an Ancient Rock Trilogy

By Steven & Evan Strong

Special Thanks to Callan McArdell & Priscilla Mathews

It has been months, and plenty of them, since we have made any extensive report on either the magical or star rocks. It is not that we do not have many worthy candidates, a conservative estimate of potential rocks we are custodians of never yet discussed in either presentations or reports, is well over one hundred. Nor can it be said this is the full complement, with over fifty sites, rings, skulls and artefacts flowing in we will never clear the backlog. Despite this established pecking order, this very recent arrival pushed in to the front of the rock-line demanding publication.

There are many good reasons why this queue jumper was allowed admission, but for us, the fact that it completes a rock trilogy of monumental importance with Ros’ Rocks 1 and 15, is of itself sufficient. According to Original Lore, many sacred places, messages and rocks come in batches of three, that’s just the way it was, is now and will be forever after. The same rules obviously apply to three special rocks within what Uncle Marbuck named to be the “star rocks” collection.

Photo By Samarah Woods

Before travelling any further down this mystical triangular ‘rabbit warren,’ we should introduce and briefly examine this very special rock (Prical 1). First up, there is no other Original rock, as yet, that is straighter in lines, more exact and totally geometric in execution. Every line, without exception, is ‘gun-barrel straight.’ It is falsely assumed that all Original art and forms of engraved communication can never be this consistently straight, but on this rock, while the angles, lengths and intersection points vary, the delivery never waivers.

Photo by Priscilla Mathews

It is this exactness that is so similar to the other two rocks. Both are very straight, but neither is quite this precise and steady in line. A close examination of the two other rocks will reveal a kink or an ever so slight deviation in the path taken. Undoubtedly extremely close inexactitude, but when compared against this more recent addition, they both sit just behind in second place.

A Ruler and Protractor

Two comparative truths are undeniable. Firstly, the lines on this recent rock are not freehand, but came about with the assistance of a straight edge, somewhat like a ruler. To maintain such a consistency seventy times over demands no less. Even more intriguing is that of these many lines all bar four were never recut, they were put there once and left unmarked. And of those four that were reworked, one has been cut into dozens of times, while the other three have seen far less contact with sharpened fine blades.

However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the four lines are actually two, as both lines circumnavigate the entire flattened ellipse. The deepest line sits directly above the second-deepest cut and combined, although originally the thickest point, they are now responsible for cutting too deeply from both sides, thus making this the thinnest and most fragile part of the rock. On the flatter side, the two vertical cuts are continuous, as are three of the five main horizontal lines, which all maintain the same angle and straight line around both edges and the corresponding arched underside.

Photo by Priscilla Mathews

That third examination gave up one minor imperfection, in that there is one occasion when two fine-hair width incisions do not join seamlessly. It is the only deviation visible within the ultimate in precision, but in remedying this minor miscalculation the two incisions of such a minuscule width clearly remain as separate lines only merging when less than one-tenth of a millimetre apart. That vanishing point of dissonance where the lines are marginally separate, is also, by less than one millimetre, the longest section of the rock from top to bottom. Exactly so, if moving it a hair’s width either way, the rock is shorter. The mainline runs along what is the exact centre of a rock of unmatched geometry yet are equalled by the sophisticated in blade and execution of cut by a mason of the highest calibre who resided in Australia with sticks, stones and bones.

This principal line has been cut many times and is three to four times deeper than the other two. In fact, if they had continued much further, the cut would be so deep the rock would have separated. And the last cut is not only the deepest, but the width and depth are the most revealing. As with every other line, it is perfectly straight and the blade responsible couldn’t be wider than 1/10 of a millimetre. The base rock is very hard and to cut so finely and straight is beyond the capacity of any stick, stone and bone tool-kit. We sincerely doubt anything less than a diamond head, laser or the highest advances in sound technology would suffice.

Photo by Priscilla Mathews

Reading Between the Lines

Returning to the genre of star rocks, and in particular the pivotal role these three rocks play, according to Uncle Marbuck many of the narratives these rocks record was an encounter that is extra-terrestrial in origin and location. Which is certainly the case with the three rocks we are discussing, probably more so than any others.

Beginning with Ros’ Rock 1, it was Karno who finally told me the Dreaming Story associated with this rock, and if it comes from him it must be the absolute truth. No-one residing on this planet has the right to challenge his word when dealing with Original cultural Lore.

Photo by Samarah Wood

According to Karno, the markings, angles and lengths on this shape combine in producing a factual account relating to the first contact Pleiadians made with humans. Their totem (goanna) requested permission to land their craft in Australia and share everything, in particular, their genes. That proposal was originally, and successfully, rebuffed. Both the eagle and crow banded together and fought against the goanna, and because of this, the Pleiadians’ intention to create a hybrid/human star child was thwarted. Then, for reasons Karno never gave, the crow realised there was a “heavenly view” behind this and what the goanna sought was in the long term, the final salvation.

With that repositioning of the battle-lines and combatants, the Pleiadians (goanna) prevailed and they were allowed to land their spaceship in Australia and the sharing, at every conceivable level, began in earnest. Their genetic legacy and arrival from a distant constellation were recorded for posterity on this rock (RR1) through the application of the ‘spoils of war.’ Upon landing, the vanquished eagle presented his claws to the goanna as reparation. Those claws were then used by the Pleiadians to mark and record their journey, arrival and future plans on the surface of Ros’ Rock 1.

Karno concluded this revelation with a fascinating, and totally unexpected observation, in his closing remark. “And,“ he said, ”the white-fellas took that story and changed it around and it became the rock on which the ten commandments were engraved.” All we can offer in defence of this oral historical truth is that the reader can take it or leave it, and we certainly did take Karno’s parting comment as the ‘gospel truth.’

A Personal introduction

The second rock goes back much further in time, to the very beginning of any form of life on this planet, to a time when the earth was seeded with the building blocks of all organic matter through the delivery of a rock spear, which is part of a narrative engraved into RR15. This rock, which many have suggested is a part of a meteor, chronicles the seeding of the planet at the behest of Pleiadians. A rock spear with a rounded dome was literally thrown at the earth and pierced the ground, point first, at the present-day location of Uluru. It was coated in a variety of organic compounds, bacteria and other chemicals, and once secured in the ground, these elements and compounds started a process that led to all forms of organic life on this planet.

Photo By Samarah Wood

The major difference between the account endorsed by Karno concerning Ros’ Rock 1, and this one is simply that neither did Karno, nor any other Elder versed in Old Way Lore pass on this explanation to me, that rock did. That may sound a touch challenging, and some, but there is no other way to frame this, some of these sacred and magic rocks make their intentions, wisdom and occasional displeasure very clearly known. This rock is steadfast in affirming what was given to me is the rock-solid truth.

Just as is the case with RR1, all the lines are close to straight, there are so many intersection points and angles it is difficult to accurately count. Amongst the largest and most intense cluster of lines is a deep triangular notch, which is not only beside the most prominent line, but is meant to represent the exact location of where this spear rock touched down at Uluru. There are in total five flat sections cut into this very hard rock/meteorite, the largest is the most dramatic, simply because the level of technology required to leave behind such a perfectly level plain as a stone palette to engrave upon, has to be very sophisticated, even by today’s standards.

Both of these rocks share a thin veneer of a dark chocolate coloured coat of resin and silica laid on top of a much lighter coloured base rock, as does the third rock that has just come our way. Well almost, the only marginal difference here is that the coat on the third rock is just a touch lighter in colour.

Returning solely to the most recent addition to this trilogy of star rocks and moving past its incredible precision, the location from which it was found by a miner means that this rock was not originally part of the landscape or local geology. It was found in the Pilbara (Western Australia) which is iron ore country, and this rock is not iron ore. So it does not come from this area but elsewhere, which fits perfectly into a pattern as RR1 was found in sandstone country. And if RR15 is indeed part of, or an intact piece of meteorite, then it too is exotic wherever it ends up on this planet.

Callan and Priscilla were given this rock by the miner as a gift, and in explaining the huge number of incisions and considerable depth of the largest cut, put this all down to the sharpening of stone blades. For so many reasons that opinion is manifestly wrong, the most obvious error was something Callan took little time to identify and recognise. Being both a chef and gemstone cutter, he could not miss the indentation made by the last slice at the bottom of the deepest cut/channel. I intentionally chose the word slice as opposed to cut, simply because of Callan’s insistence that the fineness of cut was so thin and utterly consistent in width and depth, and because of this, he felt a diamond head or the most hardened metal blade available could only leave such a ‘one-cut’ delicate trail.

As fine and exact as this cut is, on the opposite end of the scale the crude residual chipped piece of rock on top of the highest edge may, for the novice, seem to be at odds with the precision engraved into the rest of this rock. However, RR1 has a roughened section for the whole thumb to rest, and even though this is a much smaller rock and if trying to accommodate the entire thumb would leave over half the rock in a rougher, dishevelled state, which runs contrary to how such special rocks venerate geometry and star maps, just the top of thumb in deeper contact would suffice. Which is exactly where a small piece of thumb rests comfortably. With the thumb placed in its allotted position, the four fingers wrap around the face of the rock, with a more complete contact being on the left side. That grip explains why the left side of the rock is worn and missing most of the brown coat, while beyond where skin touches the coat, it is still thick and visible. In finalising the way this rock should be held, the curved underside rests perfectly into the palm.

And it is what rests comfortably against the skin of the palm that is so easy to overlook, or at least that has been the case in our research, is the curved somewhat bumpy underside of this rock. There is nothing neat or vaguely geometric on display, it all seems chaotic and lacking in design or a focal point. Unpretentious in visage and understated in precision, with the exception of half a dozen blurred and frayed straight lines, there is seemingly nothing remarkable underneath when compared to the frenetic linear activity on the flattened stone palette above.

Looking past the two vertical and horizontal main engraved arteries that cut into this uneven raised ridge, it becomes clearer that this spherical plateau takes up about two thirds of the available floor space, with the remaining third flatter and unworked. That this ridge curves up to its highest point in the centre of this rock should be expected, simply because this rock is saturated in mathematics.

What is also quite noticeable, at least from my aging perspective, is that this semi-spherical ridge appears to have the same shape and proportions to that of beetles, and one in particular that immediately comes to mind. As to whether what has been created on this rock is actually a scarab beetle, an object bound into ancient Egyptian Lore from its very inception? Well, to be honest with so many obvious Egyptian sites/artefacts found in Australia, we see no reason to doubt that there is a very good chance that this is yet another piece of Original/Egyptian/Pleiadian archaeology of exceptionally high degree.

Photo by Priscilla Mathews

Swinging in the Pendulum and Bringing in the Crystal

Once held in the correct fashion it becomes clear that this rock has no energy exit channel, nor is it to be pointed. It is a reflection/meditation rock generating a symbiotic inward exchange of energy. To become part of this symbiosis the first step is to determine how the rock must be held, once that is done we can then delve deeper into a very mystical liaison. And it is at this juncture, as has been the case whenever seeking the Original magical connection, we partially parted company with the scientific principles we employ when examining the five dimensions that the five senses can navigate. Whenever travelling down the esoteric highway old devices and paths must be taken, otherwise, it always becomes “a road to nowhere.” Granted, most experts insist that copper dowsing rods and crystals have no scientific credentials, but not all, some are less blinkered. They believe, as we do, that if rods and crystals are used with rigour, science can still stand in the room, maybe not in the front seats, but certainly in attendance.

There have been a few earlier occasions, when seeking out mystical truths and powers, I have used a crystal suspended on a chain. Without exception, once the crystal is suspended motionless above each of these rocks, it begins to sway in one of four directions. It either swings vertically, horizontally or takes a clockwise or anti-clockwise circular loop. In responding to the question asked, this process can expand or, at the least, add something more towards understanding what each rock contains or controls.

When tracking the energy radiating out of any sacred rock, the crystal almost invariably spirals in loops moving in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Until now there has only been one exception to this pattern. With that earlier rock, the crystal ran along a straight vertical route, as it did with this rock, but it was nowhere near as forceful in movement or was as restricted in location.

Each time the crystal was suspended directly above the deepest cut it began to move almost immediately. In keeping with what lay below, as it accelerated it maintained a very straight vertical path. That never deviated, but once intentionally moving the crystal just marginally to the side of the dominant cut and above two very shallow horizontal cuts, everything changed. The crystal instantly decelerated, stopped and then began to gently swing to the horizontal. But it was only slight and restricted in movement, as it could not continue over the deep vertical trench. That far more concentrated energy flow was too powerful to allow the crystal to pass.

It also came to pass that each line whether horizontal, vertical, shallow or deep will garner a straight reaction. Yet again, each swing was limited as neighbouring lines cut at different angles hinder further extension. However, the three deepest cuts, which run across the entire face cannot be impeded or deflected when holding the crystal directly above, as they are the deepest, widest and they are also the most powerful.

What the flow of energy does, along with how to effectively engage with the deeper levels of this rock, is a work in progress and nowhere near completion.

Back to the Future?

Irrespective of what lies beneath, the prime focus of this rock has to be the messages engraved into the surface. As the other two rocks discussed deliver a Pleiadian narrative, it is both logical and consistent to assume the same constellation applies here. Past that starting point, it comes down to reading and comprehending the geometry, lines, lengths, angles and intersection points and all that lies in between, and quite simply, that just cannot be done. That impasse creates an empirical ‘line in the sand,’ and once all the facts, precision and recognisable evidence of sophisticated technology and mathematics are analysed, there is no choice left beyond peeking outside the scientific void and see what is beating on the other side. Granted, what follows is not science, not even close, what comes next is primarily our joint statement made on behalf of this very intriguing rock. All this amounts to is another take it or leave it situation, particularly so when our shared belief about what this rock states and stands for is reliant totally on our honesty and sanity.

Despite the agreed objective vacuum up ahead and all over this rock, all is not lost. In this respect Callan did offer his take on proceedings, and since the rock was gifted to him and he has a very strong emotional and spiritual bond to this rock, we believe his understanding should be given serious consideration. Even though I had the same intuitive suspicion that this rock chronicled not so much the past but the immediate future, with particular emphasis placed upon the return of the Pleiadians, that premonition was not shared with Callan until he said virtually the same first.

He was extremely confident that the rock dealt with times yet to pass, and that it had a redemptive quality in that it would be part of this change in circumstances and vibration. It could be all of this is purely coincidental in that the only two people who have held this rock often came to the same conclusion. Perhaps this rock is just like RR15 in that it is willing and able to transfer information across the divide? Or it may just be a simple fact that we are both ‘unhinged’ and prone to flights of similar fancy. Only time will tell, but I am certain many critics have already opted for the third or first choice.

In our Defence, we call to the Caught …

Our joint prediction, if correct, is monumental in its ramifications, or if mistaken or delusional, ridiculous in its naivety. It has to be one or the other, and before passing judgment we would like to call to the ‘witness-box’ Brendan Murray (Victorian Original Elder and Keeper of Lore). His testimonial was the very first of many given to me by Original Elders and keepers of Old Way Lore. There have been many others given since by Original people of similar degree and wisdom, and none have varied in the players, locality, means of amplification and end-result. We have heard this revelation so many times and it is not so much the repetition of general themes that sways us, but more the utter consistency in every detail relayed so many times that is far beyond coincidence or doubt.

They were called and responded, and as recently relayed to me by Brendan, they will be here very, very, very soon. The space ship is massive and primarily designed to perform one specific function: to magnify an energy force that is solely human in origin. But to begin with there has to be a critical mass, the number is six-figured and if there are not enough people steeped in good intentions and love for the earth, the charge is too weak and the cosmic amplifier is impotent.

There is a measurement of the Earth’s resonance and vibration called the Schuman Resonance. That vibration is the setting for our current reality and the ensuing rather low base level of inner wisdom and enlightenment. At the present primal level, this low base festers a setting where selfishness is prolific and rewards amply any soul that strengthens this less evolved vibration, enabling it to continue for an eternity. It runs now at around 8, but has fluctuated dramatically recently as the pace of change quickens, and in one instance it increased over fifteen-fold to a level of 140. Sometimes other peaks are close to that number, but in each case the spike is sudden and the drudgery returns again for some time before yet again another surge of illumination breaks through. That is the preparatory routine which readies us for what will soon be a permanent transformation that never relents.

However, before going any further in to how this global transformation and dividing lines evolve, this future is not guaranteed but completely contingent upon the number of souls this ‘divine machine’ can access. And if the volume is insufficient, the space ship will cease hovering above Uluru ready to ‘pump’ all of this mass of pure positive human voltage into the heart of the sacred rock-spear that provided the spark of life on this planet, and fly away never to return. It is one or the other. So it is a fifty/fifty call, well less if the fear, warfare, mortgages, pollution, greed and terror overtakes us and we cower in shadows and keep our heads down. Then the odds of a positive input that charges to full capacity every sacred site and lay line, thus amplifying the inner resonance of nature and the Earthly Spirits and begins to hum into the two hundreds, plummet every day.

If those who hold to truth prevail, then from that global explosion of pure magic, there is a temporary pause in the transcendence/separation, because two realities are now present and that is an inherently unbalanced state of physics if both reside on the same material place. One resonance must go! And does so, by degrees. The baser vibration has been in the ascendency for thousands of years and has to be totally cleansed from existence itself, in incremental stages over a few years, until it finally vanishes. Each person will still be alive and breathing in one of two realities, seen as shadows to each other for an eternity. Now existing in different dimensions only one-tenth of a degree apart yet slowly widening, until finally split asunder. Past this terminal break in the link those who remained enlightened, remain.

For those who erred yet again, and they number in the billions, they will leave forever, immediately, in nearly every respect, but even with the short extension of the lease, the eviction notice has been served and they will be leaving. I remember the phone call when I asked Brendan about the people who made the same mistakes again, but once too often, “Where do their souls run next?”

I expected a time of long reflection and a dose of penitence before another incarnation. But nothing, just nothing, Brendan assured me that each soul has one last chance, and if still choosing badly, it is nothing but complete extinction followed by the total annihilation of every soul who said no one too many times. They then became no, as they are no more, forever.

{{{{“Admit that this stone dictated this message! And that I sensed this link many times while writing all of the last seven paragraphs and even feel that the demand to be part of any paragraph like this one is solely due to that same rock (which sits less than one metre away while typing and is always prominent visually while sitting here). This rock insists that it has a right to speak on rock knowledge in any future Original dealings with the return of the Pleiadians through pushing into this report, and others, wherever it feels the need. Right now it is in communication with me on a direct line.” But with this subject complete, it is time to get back to a more mundane reality. Timing. (I have made it clear with the rock that I think this paragraph is awful and awkward, but the response was a touch curt, it’s staying as is under protest)}}}}

Brendan told me well over a year ago and probably closer to two, that our kin, the Pleiadians, are coming back after being called by Original wisdom keepers. It was not until the last phone call did Brendan casually add, not due to my prompting or questions, that they will be here “next year.”

Straying with, and now returning back to the main focus of this article, that rock is so straight, absolutely faultless in reproduction and of such antiquity. This geometric ensemble is just not part of any endorsed global account of humans stumbling through troughs of ignorance, and slowly becoming more refined, then precise. This rock can never be part of a continent that never farmed, anywhere, never mined, minted monies, built no cities, never polluted and never wrote on one book, before 1778.

Under such conditions, this ancient geometric artefact should never be found in Australia. But it is here now and has been for a very long time. And it is here now sitting beside me demanding to have its say, and I suspect has more to say in coming days.

Stop Press. My apologies for the clichéd late addition, but there is no way this rock structure fits into all that was written in this report. But here is some food for thought that turned up less than a week ago totally unexpected. We get so much stuff, heaps, and try to look at every suggestion, but this time around I had a spare moment to look at a photo sent to me by Leonardo.

I just don’t know what it is, but it has to be something made by hands or better. And just is not natural, for sure, and definitely worth a serious look. Past that I just don’t know, except that is very exact and geometric, or is this geometry just another coincidence, or just another returning Original truth?

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