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The workshops we are putting on in late October to mid-November came about as a result of the approaches made by an academic from one of universities when attending the day at Sydney Town Hall. He invited us down to make a presentation to members of faculty and guests with the view of possibly incorporating some our content into their curriculum on October 30. That led to us putting together a more extensive overview of our research into over 50 sites and more depth afforded to the science and many ancient religious traditions around the world that are sourced from the Dreaming.
From that beginning we now have two presentations at Canberra at Old Parliament House and the ANU, St Kilda, Byron Bay, Lismore, and Glebe. All new sites not discussed in our earlier presentation at Melbourne Town Hall, the two talks which make up about 45% of the time taken are 95% new to any who came to our first talk.
First and foremost with over 50 marked rocks under our custodianship, with many from a new influx of 25 opening up new avenues of research and providing absolute proof there was a technology, depth of wisdom and civilisation existing in Australia in extremely ancient times that still has no equal. The show and tell session should be a fascinating exercise and we are keen to see how different eyes view these markings and symbols. What we have seen on these new rocks really is incontestable. The ancient Original rock language we will share with you is very simply too difficult and sophisticated to decipher for present-day humans, but there is so much more that can be still be found, and most of this can be shared on the day.
So together we have put together 7 sessions, evenly divided between presentations and discussions, examining rocks, writings from the experts of the time (Slater, Klaatsch, Elkin etc), the global spiritual links to Australia, and a fascinating exercise in interpreting the Kariong Glyphs with each group given different source material from which to interpret (program is attached).
The interaction and sharing of information (which will form the basis of one article we will publish as report of sorts) will be a be two way event and we personally hope to come away from each workshop some the wiser.
Come and join in four and a half hours (with a one hour break in the middle) and share in some Original truths that are as important today and they were so long ago. Cheers Steve and Evan Strong.


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