The Skulls and Bones Will Not Rest: a Brief Update

The Skulls and Bones Will Not Rest: a Brief Update

By Steven & Evan Strong


Front view: comparison of unknown Hominid & Homo sapiens sapiens

The eight pieces of skull that we recently received have been reassembled by expert hands in creating a complete skull and facial reconstruction. Complimented by an extensive set of photos of the complete facial characteristics of the buried No-forehead skull found earlier, along with the bones and skull of which we are the current custodians, this leads on to a two part process. With the first part done (wire outline with positioning of all eight pieces) and the second stage being an extension on this base in completing the skull and face, what comes out of this process is a face, skull and bones that bears little resemblance to any hominid found on this planet.

Of one truth all the professionals involved in this pursuit are utterly agreed, is that the No-forehead skull is unique, nothing comes close. So dramatically does the skull recede backwards at the eye brow ridge, that no more than two, maybe three percent, of this being’s brain sits above eye-line level. At least 90% of the brain is positioned below the eye. A skull from today has most of the brain placed above eye-level, this seminal difference in shape convinces us that the genetic pattern of the No-forehead skull has no earthly precedent or source.  The photos supplied focussing on the No-forehead skull held up against the replica of a 1904 Original Homo sapiens sapiens, show that in literally every respect, the two skulls have nothing in common.

That difference is not only in form, but in the quality of delivery, as the No-forehead being is far smarter with a brain size of somewhere between 1650 through to 1750 ccs. That increase in capacity is no less than 350 ccs larger than a modern human’s brain, but looks absolutely nothing like us! This being is no less than a far smarter, yet so physically dissimilar and seemingly archaic in features. The neck of this individual is nothing like what we rest upon. This skull consists of either none through to two sutures, but it definitely isn’t three (as all hominids are). So the question still remains as to whether this is individual is a Homo anything.

Top view: comparison of unknown Hominid & Homo sapiens sapiens

Fully appreciative of the gravity and pure science this No-forehead species deserves as soon as is possible, I am presenting my preliminary reactions and observations when comparing the 1904 Original skull to both the partial and complete reconstruction. In all, I noted nine fundamental instances where differing genetic paths were taken.

  1. Maximum Width and Length: Original sapiens skull-16 cms X 12 cms=192 sq. cms. No-forehead skull-19 cms X 14 cms=266 sq. cms. The No-forehead skull has 28% more cranial capacity, using the duller sapien size of 1300 cc as a base, this crude comparison leads on to a No-forehead brain size of somewhere close to 1,700 ccs.
  2. Maximum Height of Skull Above the Eye Brow Ridge: Original sapiens skull-6.5 cms. No-forehead skull-0.5 cms
  3. Width of Nasal Passage: Original sapiens skull-1.8 cms. No-forehead skull 2.4 cms.
  4. Remaining at the same part of the skull, the way both eye brow ridges are formed is radically opposed. In fact, the complete reverse applies in that every more modern sapien has an undulation between the eyes and the bone curves inwards. That inversion is also apparent in the Original sapiens’ skull. Not here, at the middle of the No-forehead’ eye brow ridge is a crest at its’ widest, and it is the thickest and most prominent part of the ridge positioned in the exact centre of the widest part of the face. While our ridge slopes inwards, this individual from the No-forehead race extends outwards creating a hooded effect. This face is not part of any hominid ensemble.
  5. Perhaps this central ledge over the eyes explains why the nose is positioned above the eyes and just below the eye brows in the No-forehead skull, but between the eyes in the Original sapiens skull.

    Eye Brow Ridge view: comparison of unknown Hominid & Homo sapiens sapiens
  6. The End of Eye Brow Ridge-Thickest Point: Original sapien 12mms, No-forehead skull 8 mms.
  7. The Eye Sockets-Shape: Original sapien-rectangular. No-forehead close to almost perfectly circular.
  8. Shape of Skull: Original sapiens-circular sphere with upward expansion. No-forehead-expanding curved descending rectangle.
  9. Presence of Middle Suture: Original sapien has a middle suture on the skull running across the top and down the back of the skull. No-forehead Skull- Nothing! The upper suture line all hominids share, runs along the top of the skull in sync with a central alignment that begins between the eyes. What is lost in translation here is that there is no centre-line, there is no suture anywhere up on top. If so, how can it be a classified a hominid?

    Side view: comparison of unknown Hominid & Homo sapiens sapiens

What this brief preliminary comparison does achieve is the establishment of a division, in that these two skulls share no common traits, features or inclinations to all the hominins currently known of. Everything on the surface is different, and that solid science only strengthens our belief that it will be no less exotic on the inside. For so many dramatic variations to be so common can only mean that the genes of each individual has to be different, nothing else makes sense. It’s the step after that is really the only way forward and we expect it continues well into the night time sky some considerable distance.

Irrespective of whether our celestial speculations have any foundation, as a first step into this void there are pragmatic concerns and cranial comparisons that immediately rule out all acceptable theories detailing modern human’s ancestry and appearance. Front on, eye to eye, the No-forehead being has a very small face with a narrow chin and massive eyes. At a superficial glance Lucy and Peking Man do seem to exhibit similar archaic features, but the recurring problem present when attempting to factor in this comparison of a hominid of lesser-intelligence than modern man, begins with every other hominid sampled (including modern humans) having a brain size hundreds of ccs smaller than this unique inhabitant.

Front on, this skull has a less apparent forehead and bigger eyes than Lucy, and thus, more ‘primitive-looking.’ From the side, the No-forehead skull has no protruding jaw, which is so much a part of a supposed primitive distinguishing trait of the more ancient types. In fact, the face of this being is close to ninety degree straight, sitting on a flat vertical plane, and is more modern looking than Homo sapiens sapiens. From above, the brain size is patently larger, a millisecond glance is sufficient to acknowledge that this being has a huge brain and that ours is much smaller.

From every other side and perspective what we do not have is the same shape, capacity, alignment, ridge, eye sockets, face, neck, limbs or brain: that is a recurring disconnect. Of course, what has been deliberately kept separate from these preliminary discussions is the stated belief that the second skull of a much different shape and robust disposition (skull thickness 14mm) is not Denisovan, as we had assumed, but is a member of another hominid family that is even more sensational and unexpected (an archaic Homo sapiens).

In combination, neither skull is a convenient fit, but both exist and do fit into an Original Dreaming narrative. The solution is simple, subject these remains to the best science then put them back on to country. The sooner the better, all we need is a date, tooth analysis, mtDNA breakdown, genome pattern and a date, that would clear the deck and give science the final call on some heads and bones that belong somewhere, but don’t seem to fit anywhere.


  1. Hello Steven and Evan.
    Well done once again…fantastic discoveries.
    Steven, as I have theorized in the past, could this be the skull of the infamous “Yahoo”or “Australian Bush Gorilla” as reported in news papers since the 1800’s? There are many, many characteristics that match almost perfectly to the skeletal and cranial dimensions of you’re wonderful discoveries. I posted the original TROVE articles and descriptions on your’ facebook page a few months ago.

    My current research footage shot at night in South Eastern qld contains many examples of amber eye shine matching witness descriptions of the so called “Yowie”. This could indicate that the nocturnal characteristics displayed in the skulls shown above are of a species very much still extant in certain parts of Australia and not just archaic remains of an extinct line of unique evolutionary “one off’s”.

    Please review my two latest examples of a very much alive Cryptid in S.E qld filmed only weeks ago and added to the many night investigations evidence video’s ,all filmed at the same site that I have monitored for three years of my ongoning research. One again Steven, very, very impressive work mate.

    Paul John McLeod

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