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  1. Paul John McLeod
    March 12, 2019

    Hello Steven and Evan.
    Well done once again…fantastic discoveries.
    Steven, as I have theorized in the past, could this be the skull of the infamous “Yahoo”or “Australian Bush Gorilla” as reported in news papers since the 1800’s? There are many, many characteristics that match almost perfectly to the skeletal and cranial dimensions of you’re wonderful discoveries. I posted the original TROVE articles and descriptions on your’ facebook page a few months ago.

    My current research footage shot at night in South Eastern qld contains many examples of amber eye shine matching witness descriptions of the so called “Yowie”. This could indicate that the nocturnal characteristics displayed in the skulls shown above are of a species very much still extant in certain parts of Australia and not just archaic remains of an extinct line of unique evolutionary “one off’s”.

    Please review my two latest examples of a very much alive Cryptid in S.E qld filmed only weeks ago and added to the many night investigations evidence video’s ,all filmed at the same site that I have monitored for three years of my ongoning research. One again Steven, very, very impressive work mate.

    Paul John McLeod





    • evstrong
      May 2, 2019

      That is a possibilty and should not be ruled out, the genetics should tell us more


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