Sydney Talk: Dowsers Society of NSW


Sunday 20th January 2019 – in collaboration with the Dowsers Society of NSW at the Hunter’s Hill Community Centre – starts at 2 pm.

The Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road Hunters Hill NSW

This is a shorter version of our talk given at the Nexus Conference in Brisbane.

Our major focus is on four skulls we have recently examined, two are still on site, two are in our possession. The unresolved problem that these skulls create is at least three have no Earthly equivalent.

Two skulls do not have foreheads, there is nothing above the eyebrow ridges, the skull cases slope backward at 180 degrees and greater, are semi-rectangular and both have massive eyes which are the largest ever seen. Another skull has no evidence of suturing which means it cannot be classified as hominin or sapiens.

Complementing these developments, some extremely compelling evidence has turned up that absolutely proves that the Standing Stones site is legitimate, and there was the first language on this continent that predates all other languages ever spoken.

Quite a few loose ends have been tied up, and even the Courier Mail will have to concede their official denial of the site, and the archaeologist was completely wrong and should be publicly retracted.

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