Six Rocks Apart, yet two Sides of the Same Story

Six Rocks Apart, yet two Sides of the Same Story

By Steven & Evan Strong


Within this ever-expanding collection of marked and magic rocks there are six rocks which now, and forever more, stand apart from the rest of the ensemble. From the first time the malicious three joined forces, and slightly before that conference, this trio were destined to be kept apart both in storage and during ceremony. There was no other way they could be arranged, but to that tally are three other rocks that would fit in perfectly with the others. Their demeanour and positive energy are welcome additions to the family, but alas this disturbance around the edges has necessitated a relocation for these three very strong mystical rocks. I have assigned them a role that is daunting and eternal, to bring a sense of peace and harmony to their belligerent kin.

Neither set of three is particularly happy about the change in circumstances, but of recent times they are now all but co-joined and will be for some time in the future. How this came about is a journey of small steps, light heads and an elevation of vibrational frequencies. Solely due to what we actually experienced in the changing of the guard, this chapter is certainly not for the mystically squeamish. For those who hold fast to the rational and empirical line may we suggest to look elsewhere and go no further. Often we momentarily lapse into the mystical but return to the straight and narrow soon after, not this time around, we intend to plunge, spirit first, into a deep esoteric well and not come up for air or sanity, but stay submerged.

Dispatching the Mundane

With the occult the principle focus, a few background facts and basic observations will be quickly dispatched with before we throw the anchor away. How these rocks became part of this ensemble, the physical features and their general disposition before and just after arrival will serve our purposes and is a sufficient introduction to the main event.

This all began with one very heavy rock mistakenly claimed by experts to be a stone “axe.” It weighs 4.4 kilograms, measures at its widest margins 20 cms in width by 20 cms in length up to the line where the blade begins to taper 4 cms to the sharpest point. This sacred magic rock is far too heavy to be held in one hand. There is one depression for each thumb to rest while being pointed and it is undeniably a cylcon, the idea it is an axe is ludicrous and all we can say in response is that the supposed expert must have been having an appallingly day. The hypothetical shaft that held this blade has to be metres in length and very thick, but alas there is no mark, depression or worn area for that shaft to be attached. The sharpened polished blade measures 18 cms x 4 cms and was never used in anger or lopping, it is in a pristine totally unused state. Found in a constantly mobile hunter gatherer society, the mere notion of carrying a tool that will weigh fully attached no less than eight kilograms is illogical, unsustainable and never happened.

Parting of the Ways

The first to join the collection, within two days of arrival this cylcon, falsely rumoured to have been fashioned into a weapon, found the need to allow its inner nature some ‘finger-room,’ and that certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience. It tolerated two days of investigation and quite a bit of silica on my skin, then called proceedings to an icy halt.

On the third day my centre right finger was chilled to the bone, utterly drained of blood and colour. The next day my smallest finger was called to account and thawed to the core, the rock was done with any further direct contact with me and wanted no more. The threat issued was as simple as it was enforceable, our time together had come to an end. And so began a new stage in our relationship, threats and open hostility. After being smoked and given ceremony, this volatile passenger from past protocols was hidden in the rainforest at a discreet distance from all others. For close to two months it stayed apart on country awaiting further instructions.

Ros’ phone call alerting us to the imminent arrival of two huge rocks that not only threatened her, but implied they were willing to kill, had a familiar aftertaste and the promise of uncharted waters of a turbulent disposition. Not only did they demand Ros immediately post them to our address, they were adamant that upon arrival the third member of this ancient trio, the cylcon/axe, must stand beside them in formation. No details or elaboration was given as to the patterns and purposes, but our suspicion that the underlying motivation was to prosecute evil intent and aggression was well-founded and confirmed many times since arrival.

All that was made clear was that the three reunited rocks demanded the opportunity to present their story, which was agreed to, but on the express condition there were no casualties. In three presentations soon after, the three were included as part of our presentation, but it was decided for the best of reasons that there would never be another public viewing of these rocks together. The collateral damage was too great, a list of what they did along with reactions and comments made, leaves us no other choice beyond a life-long public exile.

During three viewings spread over six weeks many people had an immediate and uncomfortable reaction. This included collapsing with the soul separating with the expectation they would not join, skulls were crushed, chests squeezed, another was physically pushed in the back, others experienced suicidal thoughts, nausea and migraines along with the most common reaction of all, turn them off immediately. The reactions voiced varied in one respect but remained faithful to the disturbance in setting, whether fearing that they “could destroy the world,” or at a more personal level create “dizziness,” “bad feelings” or “pure evil,” no-one had a solitary good word to offer.

They didn’t, but we have. Every evil act, injustice and disappointment is a real chance for the soul under stress to move forward. You can scream, growl, swear or maybe push and shove the offending person or smile and stand above the clamour. Evil makes no-one hit, bomb or embrace, every reaction is all a matter of personal choice and behaviour under stress. The true essence of a person shines brightest when dark clouds come calling. That is the role the three rocks are called to perform, to suggest, to sway and tempt, what happens past that point has nothing to do with the rocks. They have no interest in the result, only that evil is allowed its voice and the right to ply its trade.

Nevertheless, their last public performance was an unmitigated disaster. People started streaming out seconds after they were put into active formation, the audience was so badly knocked about they lost the right to ever join as one unit in any public performance. They have remained in formation and radiating ever since on our farm, and it was our intention to do no more and let things stand and allow the two rivers to run their separate courses.

New Kids on the Rock

After losing an earlier battle with the axe-like cylcon, and witnessing how much their power had increased, I was a touch wary of getting too close. Now that they are in consort, leaving them out the back out of harm’s way seemed the only sensible option. We had no reason to change tactics and at first glance the two cylcons sharing identical measurements of 12 cms x 7 cms and a 2.2 kg crystal sent by Ros through the post, were to be treated as have the majority, a few days with me then smoking, ceremony and classification as either information or magic, followed by storage with those of the same disposition in the forest.

To begin with, although found in two different locations, they have been treated as one entity and placed in a triangular arrangement while awaiting classification. From our first meeting I have been drawn towards the cylcon with two pecked bands and intuitively sensed it is a rock of undoubted stature and energy. Even though the crystal has a high opinion of its abilities, declaring to Ros that “I’m it,” all crystals are still unfamiliar territory to us, while this magic rock struck a receptive chord from first sighting.

Not so with Evan, unknown to me at the time, from the moment these three rocks were placed out the back he felt extremely ‘light-headed.’ So overwhelming was this unexpected loss of balance, there were occasions where he thought he may actually lose balance and fall.

A little over a week after first positioning this triangle of sacred enlightened rocks, a dispatch was sent from above requesting a doubling of the guard with the addition of the not so well behaved three. As it was with Evan, surges of energy stealing my even keel and inner control came out of the blue and I could barely stand. Despite my increasing incapacitation tinged with the concern this was not caused by rocks but the early stages of an aneurysm, I was instructed to gather the three less conciliatory rocks and lay them out in normal formation, no less than three metres from the positively inclined rocks. I mistakenly assumed that once obeying orders while under considerable duress, the ship would be righted and remaining vertically upright would no longer be so difficult to maintain. It took much longer to shake and needed some thoughtful comparisons and deductions.

The spiraling sense of free-fall vertigo was not accompanied by chills, high temperatures, coughs or wheezing. It came and went as it pleased but was never the property of the malevolent three, it was my belief this was all due to the actions of the cylcon I admired so much. Never a negative experience, it is possible the cleansing and elevation of vibration was a positive reaction that had one minor short-term side effect. It may well be that this sacred rock operates at a much higher vibrational level, and the discordant blend of the rock’s higher frequency and the far lower and cruder human energy level created some temporary disorientation for those of us positioned on the bottom rungs.

Never Before

I have been with these rocks constantly for nigh on five years, it has been a blessing and a curse. We have seen these rocks cause the malfunction of the Sydney Airport security system, manifest cancer, bring people to tears, trip, bless, enlighten and so much more, but until now I have never been directly involved. I had assumed my role was that of an observer, spectating a supernatural event from a discreet distance. Never have I actually experienced anything untoward projected by any rock. Nor did I want this passive stance to change, our role is to supply science and rigour in convincing those with a sceptical inclination, but for both Evan and myself this rock broke ‘on through to the other side.’

The shifting of perspectives presented a unique dilemma, I could either walk away or dig deeper. I chose to step forward, knowing that we both presented the same symptoms, good scientific inquiry demands seeking out the cause. In this multi-dimensional pursuit intuition and divine messages from above will never persuade the cynical, something hands on is needed.

A few days after the light-headed sensations had passed, I decided to see whether this rock was the catalyst through a ceremony that had the rock resting in my hand, on my forehead and around my stomach. To begin with my sense of balance was fine, but that quickly fell away to repeat performance of our earlier teetering contact. After three days of sole tenancy at the steering wheel, that same rock had scuttled the boat and all that sail within. As Original Elder Lewis Walker advised me, this rock is “the key,”(1) but to where, as we have no chart or clues. Nonetheless, once engaged it certainly opens up new horizons.

Past the minor difficulties created through light-headedness, it seems a door was pried open as this rock relayed a message that we strongly suspect never originated in any of these rocks, nor was it welcomed by them. Nevertheless, I was told the two sets of rocks had to be much closer. So I obeyed instructions in placing the benevolent three on the same wooden bench as the others of a less compassionate nature. Instead of a three metre gap between triangles, it is now less than three centimetres. What was unexpected was that while re-positioning these rocks I felt obliged, perhaps directed, to shorten the length of separation between the positive crystal and the cylcon that captured my attention and balance. Once reset and amended, it became clear to me and the spirits assisting, that this was the most potent arrangement needed for this colossal task in teaching compassion and love to three very hardened protagonists.

If nothing else there was one very early step forward, my balance is now released and is now mine to use or abuse. From that point on until now, it has been made clear many times that none of the six rocks are particularly happy. The company kept and darker powers dissipated has not made happy campers on either side of the fence. This enforced give and take, when all around everything is falling into a global cess-pit, is compulsory and must continue until the desired result is achieved.

The six rocks will remain in close order drill until the coast is clear and a degree of global harmony and common sense prevails. Once the welfare of the planet and nature becomes the prime objectives of daily life, there may be time then for the rocks to part company. Even though there is now a degree of order in this disparate mix of good and evil and neither of us are subject to bouts of dizziness, the chances of two full blown aneurysms have lessened markedly, but not completely. The bouts were severe and dramatic, and to attribute everything endured personally to one small rock, is under every circumstance a huge call that contradicts so many scientific absolutes.

That nagging doubt, based on rational objections and logic, still remained firmly attached in the background setting until a magpie came a calling. The magpie is one of my two totems, and my wife had this relationship in mind when we were sitting out the back no more than five metres from the rocks and four from two magpies foraging in the grass.

She actually spoke to the birds when asking, “What do you think of the rocks?”

The adult magpie’s reply was extremely long and even more profound. To begin with the bird immediately sought out a closer communion by flying up onto the largest of the six rocks, the 8.2 kilogram anvil. There he stood on one leg for at least ten minutes. Outside shifting weight twice through swapping legs, the head barely moved, no attempt was made to eat and no song was given. The time spent in reflection was too long and motionless to serve any useful purpose in gathering food, communicating or any other day to day activity. Something far deeper was stirring, the bird and rock were in silent congress.

As radical as this may sound, before passing judgement or scorn, there is more to this devotional exercise. When the magpie did finally take leave it casually walked along the bench then paused at to the central point of the triangle made by the three benevolent conscripts. Once stationary, the adult magpie burst into song, four distinct passages each lasting about ten seconds were given in respect. Once finishing this holy recital, the bird jumped onto the grass and walked quite quickly towards the tallest rock in the garden and took post for ten seconds before jumping off and running into a very dense and thick native garden. There the magpie stayed for another ten minutes before exiting through the far side, then flew off.

What we witnessed from arrival to departure does not qualify in any way as a normal magpie day out foraging for food. Until this day the magpies had for over ten years kept their distance from our farm, and although recently one family moved in they had been extremely uncomfortable if we got closer than ten metres when on the ground feeding. Invariably they would fly away, but not this time. I deliberately left my seat, stood and walked three steps closer, all in full view of the standing magpie and it did not flinch. Today was different, the spirits were about and feathers were flying into dimensions quantum physicists enthuse over.

Turning and Tuning two Into one and a Half

We are still awaiting confirmation, but when the timing is right and Spirits agreeable it is our belief that the two triangles will transform into one connected circle with another rock, most likely the spotted white healing rock, conducting proceedings while positioned in the centre. What has been increasingly obvious as every day passes, is that in combination these rocks behave and react just like people.

What we have at present are two sets of rocks of which one group is divinely inspired and the other malevolently motivated. This sounds so much like the current human predicament, every person is a perpetual balancing act between good and evil. Skin, sap or silica, deep down it is all the same, all we are doing is reflecting the turbulent spiritual waters that now curse this sacred planet.

Many times over Elders have made it clear that the mischievous three should be honoured as their gift of pure evil is a blessing. Without evil flourishing and obstructing there would be no challenges and no act of injustice or unbridled greed would stain this planet. All residents would be aware, content and living in harmony simply because that would be all there was. Being born in paradise what can be learnt when the answer to every mystery is revealed? The hard way, when faith and resolve is under attack, is the only way forward. Those who incarnate yet again do so because their journey is incomplete, their faith and mission is unfinished business and has to be tested again. That being the current reality, evil has a divine role to play, after all life is purely a balancing act between what is and what could be and without evil the game is not only over, it never started.

The problem is that over the last 7,000 years the balance has been lost, the three rocks with little compassion, and those life forms of the same negative disposition, have had total control. It has not been a level playing field for so long, too long. Outside Australia before Cook and America before Columbus, the enlightened three have had no substantial voice or audience. That has to change immediately, or sooner. In facilitating this desperately needed change, the rocks “that talk”(2) must not only be heard, but obeyed. In that respect our assignment, and that of the three forced volunteers, is to quieten down the negativity, frustration and anger that these three rocks harbour and overwhelm this fear with pure love and good intentions.

Yes, most of what has been reported has no scientific credibility and leaves us open to even more academic derision, all we can say is thank God for that. To propose rocks are aware and can selectively interact with humans at their choosing, contradicts so many fundamental tenets of conventional science and their tales of our ascension from hominid to sapien. Despite the transgressions committed, all we can offer is our defense is a comment we have made often, and will again. This report is about the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth, everything and everyone else is irrelevant and only serves to distract and deflect.

These rocks, and hundreds more, are the “key”(3) to our real past, sense of worth and double ancestry. Even better, they are not historical relics but ready to share, educate and point the way forward. The rocks know everything, they know of the beginning and of the future on offer, all they ask is for people to clear away the clutter and start listening to the Earth and its appointed guardians, or suffer the consequences.


(1) Uncle Lewis Walker, 2017, Personal Communication: to Steven Strong.

(2) Frederic Slater,”Personal letters- Correspondences- Notes”, in 2013, ed. Richard Patterson, (Archaeological and Education Research Society, 1939.) no. 4.

(3) Uncle Lewis Walker, 2017, Personal Communication: to Steven Strong.


  1. Thank you! These rocks were shields, protectors and boundary markes, spirit travelers and dreamers. Yes they are strong and strong is not bad. They are necessary as life and death are necessary. People who have not the required “initiation ” will be pushed away, with uncomfortable things happening to them . This does not make them evil, more so a tool for very distinct use! Please keep them safe and nurture them with proper ceremony. They have a role to play. Again Thank you!

  2. A very brave article guys, touching on an aspect of knowledge I expect will only resonate with some. For me there is no doubt of the ability for our surroundings to absorb the fabric of any close action . In simple metaphor people can identify the effect when entering a building like a place held sacred, and consciously feel the uplift of vibration; or by contrast feel the opposite when in a place of foreboding or turmoil.. like where life has been brutally extinguished. The feeling is tangible or palatable and very real. Most often the effect is strongest amid a rock or stone surround where the lattice would be most dense. This thought can be expanded further to crystal – where many mistakenly attribute personality where the imprint is impersonal. Then it goes further to where the vibrational status of prepared crystal or singular rocks are imprinted with the more intense vibration of directed thought – both negative or positive while in personal or ceremonial use. There is so much that could be learned from the matrix that surrounds us. You know well guys that our interest has focused over the last few years on what is unseen on the rocks by naked eye. We are still bewildered by the microscopic detailed etchings and carvings revealed by the research. Just like the properties you are exploring, maybe they also belong to the same order. Perhaps the answers will be revealed more as the targets are embraced more and on a higher level, just like their original keepers did.. Thank you for opening a door to it here.

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