Media Release-Four Australian Skulls that Re-write World History

Media ReleaseFour Australian Skulls that Rewrite World History


Over the last eighteen months we have personally seen two ancient Australian Original skulls that look nothing like any sapien or hominid that has walked on this planet, and have been sent two sets of photographs of what are essentially, no-forehead skulls.

Two of Australia’s top experts in this field have spent months jointly recreating a complete skull. They based their reconstruction on eight actual bone segments of one skull, about fifty photographs of a similar skull found at a burial site with the face and skull intact, and photographs of the skulls of two more no-forehead skull.

When comparing a replica of a 1904 Original Homo sapien to the reconstructed no-forehead skull, of the many differences, four stand out.

  1. The top of the forehead/crest of the sapien is six centimetres above the eye brow ridge, the no-forehead skull peaks at 0.5 cm. From the eye brow ridge the skull slopes back at around 170 degrees, then continues receding further to around 220 degrees. The overall skull shape is dramatically different, with ninety-five percent of the brain positioned beneath the eyes.
  2. These beings have massive eyes, much bigger than any hominid and suggest this species was nocturnal.
  3. Our eye brow ridges undulate with a slight depression above the nose, all four no-forehead beings have eyebrow ridges that extend at their furthest at that same point, peaking above the nose which is thus drawn up and extends out much more than ours.
  4. Of the many other differences the humerus bone (shoulder to elbow) literally stands out, by at least 15cms. A normal human humerus bone measures around 30 cms, that of gibbon is 35 cms, while this being’s humerus bone measures 43 cms. But that is not the end of it, as the elbow joint is missing and the end of the bone fragmented, that means that the bare minimum length is 45 cms.

All four no-forehead skulls were found in south-eastern Australia, at this stage that general geography is sufficient. Work is in progress with the relevant government authorities and Original representatives of each of the four tribal estates where these skulls were buried. Arrangements for scientific testing are arranged, but can only occur with the Elders and Original spokespeople’s blessing.

What is already evident is that this skull is much bigger than that of all Homo sapiens sapiens (<20-30%), yet all the books say we are as smart as it gets. This changes everything.

With the replica skull arriving today, the next task is to share this seminal truth and ancestry with the public. It is fitting that the first presentation of this amazing change in circumstances takes place in Melbourne (Eastleigh Community Church, 216 East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East) from 4-8 pm April 25, with food provided at intermission. These skulls, plus many other apparent anomalies from the Original past, present an entirely different view of the past, and our immediate future.

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  1. When are you coming back to the gold coast. also it should be obvious that we come from Australia, especially now that they have that fancy tech and all the top scientists though they already know they are hiding everything from everyone all over the world and it needs to stop, its getting way to out of hand… i know a psychic that might be interested in seeing you… they built a big “vortex” which is a circle with rose quartz in it that channels spiritual energy… they put women in they and they “connected” and she said they were literaly shareing thoughts and things like that anyway have a good day…

  2. I’m absolutely fascinated with these finds as an Anthropologist I have been studying Aboriginal migrations and settlements Australia wide..
    Have you used computer technology to recreated the facial features?
    No skeletons??

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