Atlantis in Australia: Orichalcum-Atlantian Fact or Platonic Myth? (Part 2)

Atlantis in Australia:

Orichalcum-Atlantian Fact or Platonic Myth? (Part 2)

By Steven & Evan Strong


First up, just as it was with the recent influx of no-forehead skulls, when it comes to metal artefacts, we have to confess in knowing nothing. Then throw Atlantis into the mix, which until a month ago was never raised by us in any article or interview, and in combination the cumulative score is a double zero. So bear with us as we sail into uncharted waters without a rudder, when it comes to Atlantis we are novices and may make errors in translation. To be honest our abstinence in pursuing all things Atlantian is simply because there is no hard evidence, no relic undeniably sourced from Atlantis, and equally, it happened elsewhere and has no relevance to anything Original or Australian. Or so we thought.

On so many occasions great global archaeological discoveries are not found by professionals, but people with no degree and, not coincidentally, often with good intentions. The discovery of this ‘ring’ was not due to the actions or research of academics, but solely down to a night of solid celebrating in the Australian bush followed by an early morning whim to wander up a hill and see what came to pass.

Sean and his mate were prospecting for gold at Hill End with an extremely sophisticated metal detector at the ready to identify and locate. They pitched a tent in the evening with the intention of prospecting in the morning and decided to initiate proceedings by celebrating in advance their potential finds on the gold-fields. The tally of stubbies wasn’t excessive, but certainly ample, and waking up the next morning began with a few ‘payback’ challenges. The seedy head, a stomach still battling the overload of bubbles and yeast and need to shake off a middle-sized hangover before a day of shovelling and panning, led on to unexpected course of action. Sean decided to wander up the hill with the detector in tow and see what eventuated. The hill was quite steep, decidedly scrubby and lacking in a path or realistic chance of finding anything of value.

Despite many good reasons to go no further, Sean did persevere and half way up the hill the detector registered something metallic beneath the surface. Much further down than assumed, the ring was resting in the dirt over a metre beneath the surface and heavily coated in sediment. Once cleaned it had a golden sheen and that was incentive enough to have the ring analysed. At first glance, and quite a few after, the results seemed to be disappointing as there is no gold, but that all changed once the five elements that made up this alloy were put into perspective, a time-frame and mythical location.

1+1=2 and Orichalcum=Atlantis

It really is as simple as one and one makes two. This legendary metal was spoken about in the 8th Century BC by Hedios, by Plato four centuries later and the Roman historian, Pliny the Elder, reported that the mines of this sacred metal were “exhausted.”(1) But every ancient account is in the past tense, all are second-hand reports of a metal none actually saw or held. Always of sole Atlantian origin, there is no known mine actually producing orichalcum anywhere. Everything about this metal is couched in thousands of years of absence and always via Atlantis. That is why both the location and metal are referred to as ‘mythical,’ and often in the same sentence. If it turns out that the metal does exist in its original ring-form bearing Atlantian insignias, then orichalcum isn’t a myth, and because of this, nor is Atlantis fictional.

Plato is primarily responsible for the belief that Atlantis was a powerful nation-state. Those who deny, claim this was an allegory in the form of a warning for Greece invented by Plato. The problem is that there is not one other passage or quotation where Plato becomes metaphorical in melding fact with fantasy. Supposedly, the only time he lapses into one solitary bout of fiction is in Critias. Not only is this form of presentation at odds with a philosopher seeking the truth above every other endeavour, there is too much intricate detail in the dialogue by Critias. The minutia given in relation to all the wells being salty except the one situated in the centre of an artificial construction of rings, serves no instructive purpose beyond supplying needless information that clutters and distracts. So too the exactness of measurement given of the five rings of Atlantis, which is equal to 23.5 kilometres radius, is one of many needless diversions in Plato’s supposed fable if the audience of the story is indeed the entire nation.

Also within Plato’s description of Atlantis are numerous references to orichalcum, regarded in standing as just below gold. This sacred metal lined the walls, floor and pillars of the inner sanctum of the Temple of Posiedon and Clieto. It was upon a central pillar of orichalcum that the laws and wisdom of Poseidon and his sons was inscribed. This metal also lined important buildings in Atlantis, apparently it shone in the sun with such an intensity that it could be seen an incredibly long way off. What was more than a little intriguing is that it did not reflect the colour gold, but a deep red.

The “Ring of Atlantis”(2)

By Emanuele riela – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Outside a cargo of coins and ingots found near Sicily on a 6th Century BC Roman shipwreck that contained orichalcum, which is an alloy of copper and zinc, with traces of lead, nickel and iron, that was the sum total of all orichalcum yet found on Earth. There is nothing like it today, yesterday, or all the way back to a time well before Jesus was born. What is undeniable is that the crude deposit of ingots and traces of this alloy in Roman coins adds no substance to Plato’s Atlantis, as there is a Roman stamp here. But this is a ring, made from an alloy considered mythical until 2015, and there is nothing Roman in this construction, quite the contrary.

Before continuing any further, it needs to be appreciated that the ring we now have is not the only ring that is claimed to be of Atlantian inspiration. It is well known that Howard Carter led an expedition of eighteen into the tomb of Tutankhamen, that any who entered were doomed and cursed, and within a year only Carter survived and lived for decades after. What is not well known is that Carter wore an exact copy of the “Ring of Atlantis,”(3) before, during and until his last breath. In any picture taken of Carter, if his left-hand is visible, there is that same ring on his little finger. He is adamant that the ring ”helped him to avoid “The Curse.”(4) The ring saved him, and that is not where its influence ended, or begun.

Chicago Daily News, Inc., 1924. Photographer [Public domain] Source: The Library of Congress (USA)
                This ring was found in the Valley of the Kings in 1860 by Marquis d’Agrain who was a French archaeologist. It was “made of stoneware clay from Assuan, probably by the Atlantians, the Egyptian’s predecessors.”(5) As to who was the last ancient holder of this ring is still unsure, “some sources say that the Ring was found in a sarcophagus from the priest Jus. Others say the Ring was found in the remnants of mummification which were buried near the tomb of Tutankhamen.”(6) That ring is markedly different from the ring we have. The ring found in Egypt has ”curved geometrical figures set up and balanced according to certain order.”(7) “The last known owner of the original ring is Andre de Belizal (who was married to a grand-daughter of Marquis d’Agrain))”(8) and he discovered “that these geometrical figures suitably arranged, had a mysterious power.”(9) The “source of this power are certain waves emitted by some privileged forms protecting against any outside aggression.”(10)

Close up of Ring from Chicago Daily News, Inc., 1924. Photographer [Public domain] Source: The Library of Congress (USA)
                At the time little respect or credence was given to Belizal’s analysis, “except by British archaeologist Howard Carter.”(11) So taken was Carter by the heritage and power of this Atlantian ring “a copy was made for him (which he never took off for the rest of his life).”(12) Carter knew it was a copy, but also was assured by Belizal that “the pattern engraved on the ring, is propagating a protective field for the bearer as well as for its surroundings. It protects its owner from visible and invisible external negative forces.”(13) What does need to be appreciated is that Carter did not wear the original ring, but a copy, when entering the tomb. If that replica of “the pattern engraved on the ring”(14) was enough to deflect powerful Egyptian magic of purely evil intent, what could the Original ring do? What also needs to be thrown into any assessment of the credentials of this ring, is that after Carter put this sacred copy on his finger for the first time, he had “a vision that he will discover a wonder the world has never seen.”(15)

The Second and Third Ring

The replica of the ring can be seen in old black and white photographs and on Carter’s finger, while the ring’s present whereabouts is unknown, the same cannot be said for the ring found at Hill End. An extensive analysis has been conducted, colour photographs taken and it now sits nearby awaiting further developments.

For reasons we will expand upon soon enough, we are of the opinion there were three rings made in Atlantis. The ring Carter used is a copy of the first, which is entirely protective in demeanour and honourable in disposition and white magic and because of this, is made from the earth. The other two are more divorced from the earth and therefore metallic. The one we have is made from orichalcum, and third, which we suspect to be purely evil, will also be metallic, but of a different alloy with a more malicious inclination. This ring sits almost in the middle of good and evil with nine engraved symbols. The majority of five being the same symbol we believe represents the female and Atlantis. The reason we nominate Atlantis is that according to Plato, Atlantis was made of five rings of water and land and could only be accessed by straight roads, vertically and horizontally, that spanned across land and water. The ring has five rings in total and above and below each circle are two straight lines, one vertical and one horizontal. Put them together and we see five rings accessed by two roads.

As mentioned in our earlier article, Ros found that the Berber motif for the first-born son of Poseidon, Atlas, is identical to the marking engraved four times. At one level it represents Atlas, at another, the extremes of power and aggression. If describing the make-up of this ring through the use of a Lord of the Rings analogy, it is five-ninths Gandalf and four-ninths Mordor.

There amongst the precision of eight square captions of 4mm x 4mm, is one cut and insert that can only come about after the ring was cut with something no less than metallic and harder than copper. What really pushes boundaries is that inserted into the copper band is a thin sliver of something that is a much deeper golden colour and still remains attached. The suggestion it was cut to be widened thus accommodating a thicker finger seems unlikely for two reasons. The inset is less than one millimetre thick and can only be seen in full sun aided by a magnifying glass. It adds so little to expanding its width. More importantly, if it was done later then we still would expect to see the remainder of the circle with two lines at both ends. Instead of a continuation of the pattern on both sides of the cut, there is nothing but a blank on one side. Strictly speaking there are not five of these female symbols, but four and two thirds. Could it be that the nine levels of ascension on the ring lead up to the thin gold band, just as it is in the Temple where the dome is gold and all below is coated in orichalcum? Could that mean this arrangement is a design of the temple and what lies within?

The saving grace of this ring is that it is five-ninths female, its eternal flaw and temptation is that it is four-ninths aligned to the evil side of every equation. It teeters in the middle, and is dependent on the desires, strengths and insecurities of the present holder of this ring as to which side of the fence it resides.

Our advice is that only the ring of bad intent is active and worn by a person who knows how to access and control, as for the one we have and the other Carter saw, our suspicion is that neither is under full control. That certainly is the case as far as we are concerned, and as things stand with chaos and stupidity in the ascendency throughout the planet, we can’t escape subscribing to the belief that the third ring of pure good is not fully engaged.

Irrespective of the merit of our musings and selective extracts, there is nothing like this ring, the arrangement of symbols, the cut and rejoinder, along with the elements within, are all unique and unknown under present circumstances. But not all is lost, and an answer can be found, all that is needed is to take Plato on his word. If he is an honest man who does not dabble in allegories, but unreservedly tells the truth, then the answer to these unknown hints from the past is simple: Atlantis.

Opposite Ends of the Earth

Let us assume that Pliny the Elder, Plato and Hesiod were not given to flights of fancy, and that both Atlantis and its ‘sidekick,’ orichalcum, are real in every sense. If so, then the next question to consider relates to how did one third of a trilogy of unknown dimensions end up buried deep in a hill positioned literally at the opposite side of the planet? Was it buried as an act of deference and reverence, or was it deliberately hidden, never to be found? The problem being, personal effects, jewellery and evidence of great standing are always interred with the person being memorialised. Such items are never buried on their own with no hint of purpose or ownership.

But it is not just the geography that is such an uncomfortable fit, we are only just beginning to come to grips with what this ring is capable. If venturing any further down this ‘rabbit-hole’ it has to be remembered that all three rings are … magic. Trying to find a subtle way to quietly sneak in this esoteric parameter is too hard and too counter-productive, and rather than provide a defensive stance, it is best to be bold in declaring that the ring is not just an historical relic, but is still functioning and has magical powers. (Our critics will love that last sentence, it will get an airing.)

Up Close at the Ring-Face

It is so easy to scoff and dismiss any talk that involves supernatural phenomena, but invariably that conditioned response is tainted by degrees of separation. Primarily denial of the esoteric lays within existing prejudices and teachings or due to an unwillingness or inability to breach the curtain. They just can’t get in because they shut the door and threw away the keys. Well this time around a magic ring has been found and identified as such, and in the case of this acclaimed talisman from times long gone, Sean has been in constant contact for five years, and in my case, five weeks. Both of us have an intimate relationship with a ring that is functioning.

At some time after Sean found the ring, while he was away, his house was broken into and possessions were stolen. The ring was taken out of a black leather pouch it was kept in and the pouch was still in his bedroom, empty. Not only was his house robbed, the thieves escaped by stealing his car. Whether the ring was major motivation behind this burglary cannot be definitely proven, but what cannot be questioned is the role the ring played once the thieves drove away.

The first news of the robbery Sean received was by telephone and was compounded by the knowledge his car was badly damaged through an ‘accident’ close by. It seems odd that during the getaway they were speeding, no-one reported the break-in to the police, nor were they attending or in pursuit. Taking off at great speed for no reason only attracts attention and as they were not seen, why the sense of urgency or inattentiveness at the wheel?

The answer to these questions, we suspect, as does Sean, laid in the dirt beside the front passenger door. It was in the dirt next to his stolen car that the ancient Atlantian ring sat patiently for Sean to return. It is possible as the offenders fled the ring simply fell out of a pocket as they decamped in a hurry. But the chances it would fall just there, not two metres further out, or even further, are remote. Moreover, what caused the crash? Could it be the ring was responsible for both the sudden stop, and was also involved in making sure it would be found by the person of its choice? I asked Sean at the time was if it was easy to see, which it was, and added to that question an observation, it hid from others and waited to be seen by him alone. Sean was in total agreement, the ring was the cause of all this, of that he held no doubts.        

Sean’s misfortune and revelation was unknown to me when I called the ring to account. If it is magic and wants me to prosecute that bumpy road I wanted absolute, hard evidence lacking in a shred of alternatives beyond pure magic. Nothing less would do, and to an extent it was an ultimatum I felt justified in issuing, because our critics will relish attacking this ‘magical mystery tour,’ so we needed good reasons to step further into the etheric void. In this respect visions, intuition and coincidences would not be sufficient. Nothing less than miraculous will fit the bill.

As it turned out, I under-ordered insisting on one sign and received two. And the second offering was so dramatic, so undeniable I did something never done before, I severed contact simply because this was the complete evidence I literally demanded as proof that the ring is ready, willing and able. What happened, well the actual details are irrelevant, and if you do not believe Sean’s account, then more of the same will achieve nothing. Moreover, this is Sean’s story, he found the ring, we come later. All I can say is that for ten minutes the ring began to idle and I came along for the ride.

Three Rings for the Elven Kings

Whenever discussing, analysing or even just looking at the ring it is impossible not to make comparisons to Tolkien’s fictional tales of rings and hobbits. Tolkien drew inspiration from Scandanavian myths of ancient times when the holders of three powerful rings held ultimate control. One possibility is that this ‘myth’ is sourced from more ancient times when Atlantis was the dominant global power in every sense.

Knowing what, where, and to an extent who, when dealing with this ring is an asset in moving forward, nevertheless, the phrase/chorus ‘three rings for the Elven kings’ keeps returning as part of this equation. For the best of reasons, as a lot of what we have learnt does resonate to Lord of the Rings overtones, but there is one essential difference in his tale where fiction thankfully can never become fact.

Preliminary Conclusions

All interpretations given are conditional, the ring and others may add more at their leisure.

We think it was hidden at the Hill End goldfields long ago with the foresight that a time would come where it would be found again. The placement of this sacred ring is steeped in protocol. The inner sanctums of the Temple is all orichalcum with a gold dome as a cap. This orichalcum ring was surrounded by gold in an isolated upper location lacking in gold and holding a trace of orichalcum. This is the opposite arrangement to the Temple, but still keeping the division clean and metal agencies the same.

It all comes down to one out of three, our role could be to turn the ring on, perhaps find the person who can activate this device, or maybe merely that as a frustrated spectators unable to gain admission. The ring is the final arbitrator in these matters, the sign I received was not my call and that will be par for this course.

It is a women’s ring. Sean told me it just fitted on his pinkie finger, it was too small for every other finger. I can add the next finger, but it is too small for my main two fingers. Knowing that Homer dedicated this sacred metal to the female God Aphrodite, and is too small to fit the fingers of any male gold miner, claiming feminine ownership seems a safe call. So too is sourcing this ring to the Temple of Poseidon at Atlantis a logical conclusion, if the metal exists, as it does, then all that goes with it is also no less real.

From and

This ring, along with the two others, has a seminal role in the immediate future. Our role is primarily to understand the ring and act as an interlocutor and protector. We suspect that the person who already holds and controls the ring of bad intentions would be keen to add this treasure to the collection and place it on his finger. It is for that reason and others, my Elder warned me to hide the ring and keep it concealed in a place known only by me, and that knowledge of its whereabouts excludes my family and friends. That is his instruction and I have never ignored Karno.

As to what this ring, and the other two mean, is to an extent, unlike Plato’s books, the one point where Tolkien’s tale is fictional. Our take is that it was never one ring, but two that can rule. Two is always more than one and will never prevail on its own. Every sacred event and truth comes about in three parts. But two thirds of this trilogy is running on idle and the other is at full speed ahead with the captain at the helm. Two rings are still waiting for the right words/sound/guidance, and as things stand today, we can’t even find the on switch.

I was with the ring for ten minutes when it kicked into first gear. If it hits overdrive, then I would urge every person alive to move aside or stand beside, because there will be nowhere else.      


(1) Orichalcum,

(2)-(15)  Robert & Susan. 2012, “History of the Atlantis Ring”,

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  1. Hi Guys.. Incredible… Im not sure of Atlantis but certainly Egyptian.. I remember in the early 90’s in the Flora /Katherine region being taken to a sacred site where etched in the rock wall was the face of Anubis…. I think the surface of Australia’s history has only been scratched…. Keep up the great work…

  2. One thing is one thing identified. Two things mirroring each other is curiosity / reflection. …. Three things identify style or intent…. IE.. three stones (or more). may create a line. As it is felt to be Magic (otherwise described as an energy working) have you thought out of the box, when seeking to unlock its enegy secret? IE construct a three sided internal pyramid that reflects the object and projected light sound and intent though this? Sounds silly?.. Not at all. Sometimes in order to discover really remarkable things, their is a need to cross over the silly bridge. Good luck with it Guys an AWESOME FIND…. and an “EXCELLENT READ” a truly amazing discovery Cheers, J. P

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