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  1. Gil May
    October 3, 2019

    Fantastic, similar skull on a skeleton we found in a vug on a cliff face high up in the Tweed Valley, the skeleton had been folded with knees near the chest, it had to be folded to get it to fit in; and put into the vug then a wall of fallen rock was placed to fill the opening. We were looking for agates and jasper and noticed these rocks of all different structures placed as a wall, when we inspected it I lifted the skull carefully and it disintegrated from being a great age. Years later we went back to examine the leg bones, as I had become interested in Hominin history, but that section of the cliff face had fallen, we did get some good agates.

    Can I have your emailed permission to quote from your words and photo of the skull, with full acknowledgement to you, to get others to read your fantastic work. My grandson asked me to write on my life’s experiences and try to put a time line of human occupation in Australia, like yourselves I am sure hominins migrated out of Australia.



  2. just curious
    July 27, 2019

    What is the name of the site they were found at? On one of your Youtube posts you claim there are 5 such skulls across Australia. Surely one of them has a name or site name or name of the scientists working on it or anything I can verify?


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