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  1. Nite Hawk the gatekeeper to the Gate to Star Heaven aka The Royal Jester The HAMITE
    December 23, 2016

    Fantastic work guys Kahool the past several years I have lived with the forgotten ones what I have eared with my ears and saw with my eyes is SHAMEFULL ..I made mention of this to Peter Cosgroves who is holding the Orders SHAME SHAME SHAME I wrote . Any how my mind has been challenged the program to conform Military Trick we are called to be transformed . I was shocked out of my socks with the information I have been given and have investigated some bezar claims like some have waved a bible the dakes reference bible claimed it was written on the orders of a black king for the black people and the tribes well well well king james was a back man so was about 30 other kings the last being king Charles 1 a stuart means black like HAM IS BLACK King Edward the Black Prince Yep Black ..The Ayiens know how to rewright history as we know Yes even Adam Moses Abra who lives on HAM land becomes Abraham Noah his black Son Ham Ham get the rainbow promise and Land the promised land he is the father of it Yep and Marry Back and Jeshua Jesus Black and all the 12 tribes Black and the Tribe of Reuban well well the ABBA ORIGINALS J1DNA Direct Lineage to Who !
    any how that was a rant sorry . Regards Gate Keeper to Star Heaven Kata Nite Hawk
    RoyalJester EmpororHas NoCloths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpYU_uAONIY


  2. replique cartier tank louis or jaune
    June 30, 2016

    I think it’s absolutely astounding that these issues even exist. It’s not very often that a conquered nation is neither destroyed, nor forced to assimilate. What’s more, the conquering nation even continues to pay reparations. They may perhaps not be as abundant as could be desired, but they are reparations nonetheless. First Nations still practice their cultures as well, albeit in a severely reduced capacity.
    replique cartier tank louis or jaune http://www.luxemontre.com/


  3. Diane King
    June 16, 2016

    Please learn that the only way to fight the corruption, is to learn the truth, and to then to hold the criminals responsible in their own courts. Genocide is a crime. Please learn the truth at the Sovereignty-truth website, and read the documents you need to win.


    • Nite Hawk the gatekeeper to the Gate to Star Heaven aka The Royal Jester The HAMITE
      December 23, 2016

      Just drop in Steven & Evan we need more of them I loved your comments ,I have a history of fighting injustice my Cus is Louise Fanny HAMER ..LQQK her up some time She was sick and tried of being sick and tried and did some thing ,,,22/12/2016 I did something it was 11 years to the day my best friend was murdered my ASIC agent and ADR before that they murdered my Father before the my Father older brother before that my God Father and raped me from 4 to 12 So I know what injustice is I walkws the walk and talked the talk but its actions that seek louder than words I believe So I have made my claim that is my God given right my unalienable rite ..We are all born with but the Devilish System removes this with out our knowledge or concent and those who work out the Spillkin Game get Regicided King Killer with order to Kill and cover up S0-14 so who gives these ORDERS ? is the question I challenged the Ambassidor of the sea in 2014 Quintin Bryce with the truth and Tonny Rabbit they have now gone for there holding office holding land that the do not owner its been 200 plus years of war for the ABBA ORIGINAL people They made them abo the abolision of a man a alien with no rites this is military control they are good at it ..I sent letters of on the 18 to the so called Govenor General Blar Blar Sir Peter COSGROVES with factual evidence of murders and genocide massive fraud All he is a knight of the Order ! What order to do what His response was pitiful my response was SHAME SHAME SHAME and thsat I informed him was from a fellow Black Knight if he does not responed within 30 days he came no longer be classed as honerable he is a disgracefull boy servant .I just finished putting a post on the so called Prince of wales site Harry I told him the truth and State I am a King tell the Queen that it is a game of chess if you have no king the game is over ..to claim to be a king in a fraudlent empire controlled by a Corona Corinated clown who uis not a widow and did not wed a king the boy king who is living as a fugurtive on Karta now a old man who reckon tell it has it is life is short and eternity is the eternal now now is the time to stand up and bye counted now is the time to say no now is the time foe all good people every where blackfellow whitefellow now is the time to unite Regards The Gate Keeper for the Queen of Ramindjeri NITE HAWK Kahool seven fold blessing from our maker . Let our people go !


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