Celebrating One Year of Ancient Origins


“On Saturday, 22nd February, Ancient Origins will be celebrating One Year since its launch. To mark the occasion, we want to give something back to our readers because it is you who has made this such an enjoyable website and community to be part of. So we are giving all our subscribers a FREE EBOOK titled ‘Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Places’, which will be available for download on this page from 22nd February.

This ebook is a compilation of exclusive articles written for Ancient Origins which explore the most enigmatic and fascinating sites on the planet. Contributors include guest authors Brien Foerster, Maria Wheatley, Steven and Evan Strong, Stephen Mehler, Dr Rita Louise, and Gregory Sams; two brand new guest authors: Hugh Newman and Lucy Wyatt; two writers: Margaret Moose and Dr Derek Cunningham; and two of Ancient Origins’ own writers: John Black and April Holloway.
– See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/…/celebrating-one-year… .” Ancient Origins

Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Places

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