Atlantis in Australia: The Ring has Spoken (Twice) Part 4

Atlantis in Australia: The Ring has Spoken (Twice) Part 4  

By Steven & Evan Strong  


This will be, without doubt, the most difficult task undertaken via pen and paper. For the first time ever, my personal contribution is totally lacking in a trace of science, archaeology, historical records or any empirical source, the ‘cupboard is bare.’ All that is left behind after these omissions is to acknowledge the reality of the mystical side of this earthly equation. Granted our previous chapter on this enigmatic wandering ring was totally esoteric in complexion, but throughout we maintained one degree of separation, in that it was a compilation of what other psychics said and believed. We offered no examples, evidence or psychic contribution and acted as relayers with our commentaries attached to what others observed. That has always been the case whenever raising esoteric issues through the discussion of sacred sites or artefacts, not any more, as this chapter is personal in prosecution and comprehensively unscientific in complexion.

With the pretense of any science dispensed with, we intend to explore two recent ‘ring-inspired’ events and revelations in some detail. The first is entirely a personal experience and totally dependent upon my character and honesty. There is no role for an interlocutor on this front, this is all about the ring passing on its account to me one night, revealing information relating to very early days when Atlantis and Lemuria were the dominant world players. While the second entry is far more sensational in its content as it covers past, present and future events given by a person we know nothing of, nor have we met or spoken to her.

Up Close and Personal

Before beginning our investigation into the distant paths of Atlantian human heritage, mistakes and incarnations, what has to be addressed first is the irrational expectation that this particular alloy, a combination of five earth bound elements, is capable of any form of independent magic. At every level such a proposal contradicts countless scientific certainties. That is undeniable and the reason why any store-bought set of metal knives and forks placed in the kitchen-drawer is neither magic nor can they bend at their will (unless Uri Geller is about). And that scientific rationale was still a major player for me in any exchange with objects not directly sourced from the earth. Magic from the earth and natural sacred objects is something we are intimately familiar with and do not question at all. But once the rock is melted in a forge then mixed with other altered states of matter, whether anything that comes out of this process is magic, well that has to be proved conclusively to a doubting audience of one: myself.

That barrier was breached and demolished in less than ten minutes at our first meeting over two months ago.

It was during our first night together I issued an ultimatum, which was responded to within hours. Whereupon any doubts that this ring isn’t magic were permanently erased. The ring can independently create totally non-scientific interactions that pulse, at a repeated rhythm, throughout my somewhat aging, slightly damaged around the edges, body. And does so in a way that defies all notions of logic. The only remaining question related to width and breadth. How far could this power extend? Is it only personal in impact, or can this ring, at its behest, generate an energy that goes much further in all sorts of directions and effects? This fundamental truth of a personal experience with genuine magic, is the base upon which this more recent contribution by the ring extends.

Much Further Away, But Much Closer

Separated by no less than eight hundred kilometres from my bed, the next time the ring made further contact was about a month after my first pulsating encounter. It happened a few days after the ring was taken from us through deceptive means. The how, who and why is irrelevant to this account, all that needs to be established is the ring’s positioning while in transmission with me. It was with a person residing hundreds of kilometres to the south, and I went to sleep that night unsure that it would ever be returned. In fact, at that stage, it was fully stolen and there were no prospects of it returning, and I assumed it was most likely gone, forever.

Within minutes of laying down with the intention of sleeping, yet while still fully awake, for the second time contact was made between the orichalcum ring and my spirit. This time it was different, whereas before I literally demanded an immediate performance with a threat to leave the stands if refused, this was completely not my call. I asked for nothing, and expected less right now. Any thought of actual contact with the ring, either long or short term, was not a concept entertained or discussed before going to bed. There was no pulsating throughout the body that can never be denied, nor a miraculous performance to appease the rational objections: the need to walk any further down that path was gone. The entire ‘conversation from across the curtain’ was a message relayed of days long gone. It certainly wasn’t my call, up until very recently we had not written one word on Atlantis or Lemuria, nor given either of these two locations any thought, it just wasn’t on the Australian radar until the ring recently came calling.

Post Manufacture

It was as if I was in conversation with an unseen person, except I was assigned the role of a mute recipient with no right of reply or the means to do so. There was so much to take in over the next hour, both in regards to the content and esoteric means of delivery. I suppose asking questions or seeking clarification was certainly a feasible option while this message unfolded, but there wasn’t the opportunity or pause in proceedings on offer to do anything past listen.

This part of the ring’s journey begins in Atlantis, fully made and properly functioning as it was intended. What happened before is still under consideration, especially since there is a reasonable case to be made for it being forged in Lemuria. All that needs to be appreciated at this juncture, is the ring’s present position in Atlantis and it being under the custodianship of a female of the highest character and wisdom. As this message began the ring is pure, untainted and acting as a holy beacon. Fed by the essence of the Creator, its sole intention was to harmonise and illuminate, there was no malice or dark energy hidden within.

Chicago Daily News, Inc., 1924. Photographer [Public domain] Source: The Library of Congress (USA)
Close Up of above image

At the beginning of this ring’s genesis there were, in total, three rings made through magic means. Two honoured the Creation Force, (*see photos above) while the third was inspired by the primal source of all malevolent energy. This had to be so, because without the curtain and room for evil to conspire, there are no lessons to be learnt and inequality to overcome, and no point in incarnating on the material plane. If there is no challenge to face, why come to this planet? It sounds more like a scenic holiday, than a location wherein the greatest mysteries reside.

Nonetheless, as things stood way back then, positive energy was always the dominant global player. The good ring count was two to one, with the majority always in the positive. All evil or ignorant acts and words, whether inspired by greed, ego or deceit, no matter how subtle or convoluted, were immediately seen as poor choices and never prospered for long. It is not that such misinformed words and actions did not exist, but what is so different from current days, was that they were unquestionably recognised as unbecoming aberrations. The perpetrators of such selfish deeds had no real capacity to spread their malaise further, they were tolerated, but never venerated. Alas, in these days people like this now orchestrate and compose the global parade.

The first Atlantian to wear this ring was a women, what happened before this is about before, this message from the ring is all about after. All psychics involved in ‘reading’ this ring have identified a powerful feminine aspect as an elemental part of the entire orichalcum package. The ring’s description of place and person begins with Clieto, the only mortal wife of Poseidon and first High Priestess of Atlantis, and the location of this sacred union was the Temple of Poseidon and Clieto. Her motivations when wearing this ring were pure and sacred, which is simply to maintain the ring’s holy mission, thus ensuring Atlantis would flourish. With this ring-bearer at the helm the future was indeed so promising, for a while …

According to Plato’s accounts, many ’myths/legends’ and the ring’s testimony in my presence, Clieto gave birth to five sets of twins, of which Poseidon was their father, and Atlas the first born of the lineage. It is generally agreed that Poseidon was very active on that ‘productive’ front with many other Goddesses, Aliens and mortal women giving birth to his children. So the choices Poseidon had in selecting his heir and son-in-chief were many. Atlas was Poseidon’s sole anointed successor. All of this continuity, with Clieto as either the wife or mother of the person who makes the final call, seems to bode well for the ring and its mission. As her reign was assured so too the ring’s blessings flowed throughout the realm. In these initial days, Atlantis was thriving under the blessings of this magical gift from the First God. The ring was the catalyst behind what was meant to be as close as we could ever come to ‘Heaven-on-Earth.’

CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Best Laid Plans ….

And this should have worked, as the two rings in combination were always the final verdict, together they were indeed beyond the reach of anything else, no matter how powerful the magic it was sourced from. In every way and level the majority balance remained unbroken. Until a practitioner of duplicity and deception with an allegiance to evil, cut into the covenant and placed within the essence of pure evil, thus tainting this ring forever after. The balance of nine repeated geometric identical shapes and symbols on this ring (a renowned Atlantic preference for exactness) is disturbed by a later cut of lesser width, depth and precision in execution. That is the moment when this ring’s cargo of goodness and compassion was eternally compromised.

It was never made clear to me by the ring why Atlas chose to defile this gift from the Creator. After all he is a genetic hybrid selected as the best of off and on world races, that heritage supplemented by the assistance of this blessed ring, should result in everything continuing to function perfectly. For whatever reason, whether fully compliant or misled, Atlas cut into this talisman and allowed the elemental opposites to mix and match. The balance and geometry was lost as the ring now traveled down two opposing paths. From that point on, the ring bore two contrary energies and would cater for whatever disposition individual ring-bearers brought to this exchange. If that particular custodian was of good intent, then all will be well, but the same rules work in reverse. Before it was infected, it only welcomed pure thoughts, but since that cut it is ambivalent as to the credentials of the host. The ring will cater for what lies deep within, as to the complexion and integrity of what is hidden, of that the ring passes no judgement.,_pazo_de_Benda%C3%B1a,_praza_do_Toural,_Santiago_de_Compostela.jpg#/media/File:Atlas,_pazo_de_Benda%C3%B1a,_praza_do_Toural,_Santiago_de_Compostela.jpg

It is entirely a consequence of the ring being interfered with that Atlantis eventually fell. On occasions choices were made, extremely bad ones at that, and the ring’s darker nature has been allowed to run free. The existence and ensuing collateral damage associated with all three rings was known throughout the planet for some time after, and of course, traces of this truth remain in the Scandinavian myths that inspired Tolkien. In both narratives the dominant theme revolves around the rings being hidden, then found. As to the actual hiding places neither Tolkien’s remodeled version or the original myth was that specific. But according to one of these three rings, it was bought to Australia (or possibly “thrown”), to remain out of sight and inoperative until the need to start re-functioning appears. The ring had been used very badly by people of devious intent and was taken without permission to be put out of circulation. The hope was that once the despot/host lost his power source the threats and danger would lessen, then, and for some considerable time to come.

In nearly all respects it was a naïve hope, as the genie was well and truly out of the ‘bottle.’ The other ring of purely dark intentions, was already operating on full throttle. All that removal meant with the other undefiled good ring definitely found, yet more than likely without an ‘operator’s manual’ as is our plight, is that whether this ring was hidden makes no difference then or now. The fearful forces have the upper hand in today’s global events and for some considerable time before. As things stand, two rings are running on idle and the third, endowed with no compassion and a boot full of malice, is driving the show. In a futile attempt to thwart the rise of violence and greed, the ring we now have was hidden to avert the chaos that is now a staple diet in many locations. It was a pointless gesture as the deed was done in Atlantis and once the ring’s balance was lost so long ago, that eventually led on to its downfall. And until the negative implanted energy is removed, this tragic state of affairs must remain.

And that is the twist in this grim tale, there is still hope, yes two rings are mute. But in both cases, ours and that of the ring somewhere in Europe, possibly France, there is nothing to say they will remain in stasis. If one ring is still ruining the planet and all that dwell upon it, what if one or both of the other rings were ‘turned on?’ That task begins by cleansing the ring we are caring for of the burden of that cut and the imported load of pure evil. Until that purification is complete, any chance of turning on this ring must fail. That is the mandatory first step, but just as it is with the other ring, the knowledge and instruction book is long gone. Despite the obstacles and reality of what we do not know, there is good reason to believe this ring can be cleansed and readied to operate (which will be expanded upon further on).

What can be shared at present is the concluding prediction/resurrection the ring revealed before ceasing transmission, which was all to do with coming days and an imminent global cleansing. Through means unknown and at a time unstated, the ring will be an integral agent provocateur in this global ascension. Whether this departing prophecy was inspired by ego or God’s/Nature’s Divine Plan, can never be proven through any empirical framework, but from my perspective there is no trace of doubt. Where the uncertainty emerges is about how this all comes about when the present ring-holder (myself) has nothing to reference and no-one to ask who can give the entire answer.

The End of One Transmission

Then, without any explanation, flashes of light or fanfare the message from across the divide finished. There was no residue, no fade out, just a full stop, followed by a blank space and pure silence. I spent close to an hour at the ‘celestial movies,’ never said a word but heard so much that extended boundaries. The seminal difference was that the ‘projector’ and ‘soundtrack’ was broadcasted from close to one thousand kilometres away. And to top it off, there was every chance that this sensational display of pure magic from so far away would amount to nothing, as the ring was held by another who vowed that under no circumstances would it ever be returned to me.

But throughout the injustice we could never let go of the belief that the ring would return. Through a series of events (that are not of direct relevance and serve no purpose in revisiting in print), and the sizeable assistance of Tracey and Ros, the ring holder was confronted and the ring was taken back. Since then it has been cared for by both Tracey and Ros for a short time, before finally returning to its present home-base.

During its time with Ros she rung me with a request which I immediately agreed to. She had been to see a psychic who she was convinced was as good as it gets. Ros had mentioned some of her amazing readings with this elderly women of incredible psychic talents before, and added some more examples in explaining why she wanted to delay posting it back straight away.

The Beginning of a Second Transmission to a Complete Stranger

Right now after my recent encounter with the ring leaving me with far more questions than answers, outside the undefined need to understand and decode the mystical, I was running short on either guidance or cryptic revelations from the ring. Such was Ros’ absolute confidence, it seemed almost providential to have this ring read by someone of such high mystical calibre, and was agreed to by me unreservedly. I did so not knowing anything about this woman, I am sure Ros mentioned her name in our conversation, but that was forgotten also. So when agreeing to this delay I had no name, no location beyond somewhere in the Central Coast (NSW), no personal contact and no idea what would happen.

What was encouraging was that this time around the person consulted does not know of us, our books, You Tubes, articles or theories. As for the ring, it was agreed nothing could be said in advance to Coleen (she has been asked first and agreed to her actual first name being used). It had to be a clean slate before being placed in the palm of her hand, totally uncued and fully unprompted.

I asked Ros to take brief points throughout the reading. Just a few words written or a phrase if need be would be sufficient. We have found that when in the company of genuine Original wisdom-keepers we have been overwhelmed by the scope and insight. Simply because with so much coming in, so much can be lost in this cascade of profound truths. This way it could be saved then analysed and digested slowly, point by point to see how close or distant her reading was to the truths known, those suspected, and more importantly, she may identify clues, paths and some unknown facts. It seemed to us that this was best opening plan of attack in cleaning this ring.

A Phone Call and Letter From Ros

The phone call from Ros made it very clear that this reading exceeded her expectations, and that of a friend who accompanied her. She had just returned home from her time with Coleen and the ring who were involved in an amazing exchange, and was still quite moved and more than a touch excited. Ros was utterly convinced this lady was no less than stunning and had her notes as a reference, as she started reading from the top of page one.

Three days after that phone call, the same three sheets of paper arrived by post. The problem I had from the time Ros started reading on the phone what this woman had said when holding the ring, was how to deal with three very specific comments. Double checking exactly what was written only confirmed how incredibly accurate this woman was, I had no option in giving an unconditional acceptance of the accuracy of the entire message and the authenticity of her psychic talents. Equally, I still had some real reservations in dealing with those three areas of concern.

With the agreement of Ros, one subject discussed has been omitted from this report due to shared serious concerns about consequences. My hesitance with the other unsettling two topics relates to both pieces of information given being too exact, too correct, and on one occasion, way too specific. Alas, the counterargument includes Ros’ friend literally screaming through a reflex-shock response upon hearing what this woman said, when mentioning one name. So, the name stays as it was spoken, but we will muffle somewhat the accompanying description of a diversion that is a daily part of this name’s existence. Simply because it is utterly impossible for this lady to know either this name, or an associated leisure, mention must be made of both comments if trying to establish the truth in her mystical credentials. Granted one observation is censored, while the second is untouched, but outside this minor amendment (and one sizeable chunk jettisoned), everything written on these three pages is absolute proof and has to be almost reported verbatim as it was delivered by Coleen in Ros’ presence.

The First Cab off the Rank

Beginning at the top of page one, this written account begins not with a bang, but more a whisper. The first comment made seems to be related to the character of the person who found the ring over one meter beneath the surface at Hill End. In stating that the ring “belonged to a hard working gentleman,” of the little I know of the man who found the ring, I suspect that does sum up his life quite well. As an opening gambit, it is hardly sensational in implications or special in significance, and on its own this description probably sums up the majority of the male population. So although technically correct, there is nothing startling here.

Nevertheless, that statement sets out an impeccable pattern that remains constant throughout. What was a touch more intriguing and precise, was her identification of the soil temperature where the ring was unearthed. “The ring was found in coldness.” Positioned over one metre beneath the surface at a location that gets extremely cold in winter, the earth surrounding this ring was too deep to ever get anything past lukewarm, even in the hottest months. But again, the odds are still not overly impressive, as there are many parts of Australia that are cold, so far this could all be down to two lucky guesses made when the alternatives are few.

As mentioned previously, her reading was not sequential in chronology and from that introduction we move forward five years to present days, when she discovered that “someone is studying this ring,” but at this stage she withheld the name or gender of who that was. It is feasible that since these two ladies brought the ring to her seeking more information, it is merely a logical deduction to assume that a systematic investigation was being conducted. And in total, what we could have so far are lucky guesses and are plausible assumptions, or maybe this is just the esoteric aperitif, with the main course yet to be served?

However, the next entry is much harder to fob off as pure chance or an astute observation through reading between the lines. She was absolutely right in confiding that if trying to decipher or comprehend, the “information on where it is from is imprinted in the ring in the symbols.” In previous chapters (which this lady never read) we have spoken of Howard Carter’s replica of an Atlantian ring, which generates its magic and energy through the shapes and symbols on the ring, and we also examined the nine symbols on the ring we have in detail and feel confident that four represent Atlas, and majority of five stand for Atlantis. This offering is a step further than her previous predictions, in that unless she read our articles put up on our web site she had to either be genuine, looked at these symbols already knowing their meaning or made yet another lucky guess.

Her next contribution carried with it a masculine caveat that was, to begin with, unexpected. Due to the small diameter of the ring, dominance (5/9) of what we believe to be the female icon on the ring and input of another earlier psychic (who has since fallen by the wayside), it was our belief that this ring was exclusively female in origin and inclination. That is not so, Coleen made it clear it is genderless in acceptance, granted she did identify a “female connection to the ring”, but made it clear that it is not the sole province of either sex.

Maintaining the same sceptical stance, comments made by Coleen like “found in Australia but the ring represents another country,” “it is from way back” and even nominating “Egypt” as a transition point, is already in our articles-but that is the only sensible explanation left on the table. To put this down to more guesswork has to be close to a 100/1 chance of being true. And if common sense prevails and a guess is dismissed, all that is left behind is that even though Ros did not forward photos in advance or mentioned our names, somehow Colleen tweaked to our names in advance and did some preparatory reading.

Waving the White Flag on the Turn of the Page

To this point, at the completion of page one, yes there is some very convincing information given, nonetheless there still exist rational explanations. Granted they verge on being well past ridiculous, but as none of the readers, nor writers, has met Coleen, she could be a very tricky charlatan, an expert in fleecing the naïve and gullible for money. So from a cynical viewpoint, page one does not get a tick, more a condescending smirk.

However, that smirk is about to transform into a frown, and a very deep one at that. The top one word entry on page two is “alloy,” it was originally the miner’s hope once the sediment was cleaned off, the ring would be pure gold, as opposed to totally lacking in that precious metal. So that call is at best 50/50, but if so why did Coleen suddenly become so metallurgical in her discourse, no other scientific term was raised in the session, so why now? Knowing, as we do, the fact that this particular alloy has been assayed and is proven to be totally unique, there is nothing like it anywhere, her mentioning this fact is very compelling and difficult to dismiss. The word alloy is seminal in establishing an Atlantian ancestry or involvement. For Coleen to raise it out of context, makes even the most sceptical critic take stock and step more warily.

Now it gets difficult, and is the reason why Ros’ friends’ scream was a reflex reaction to a word that utterly proved that this woman was authentic and able to step between and around the earthly divide. Equally, while I could see many good reasons why this noun should not be singular but collective, the overriding truth is that an unsolicited scream like this could only occur if that one name is used.

The second set of comments sit just below the one word heading at the top of the page, “alloy.” The next cluster is of three consecutive entries, yet is wholly singular in focus.

“Who’s Steven?”

“Steven will find it, he will get the answer.”

“Steve !!!”

That lady has no possible way of knowing of my name in advance, not only did we not attend we were meticulous in keeping our involvement out of this meeting. With every earlier prediction the chances of deduction, guesswork, prior research, assumptions or pure chance vary greatly and the odds sometimes stretch well into double figures, but this time around we need no less than seven figures. There are literally millions of names to choose from, male or female, as both genders are candidates, when nominating the central character associated with the ring.

What was then, and still is, an issue of considerable importance was that Coleen spoke of a question of high significance upon which I will get “the answer.” That I will solve this question is marginally reassuring, but until I can be clear about what the actual question is, which is not the case, this is a task that is presently a complete mystery. Irrespective of when or if the unknown will become more apparent sometime in the future, when the reading took place one truth is undeniable both now and forever after: of the millions of names available to choose from, mine was chosen. The odds that this is all down to pure chance are nigh on impossible, and a bit more. But for some this would still be not enough, but there is more to come on the next line down on page two.


This is the two-worded entry I insisted on changing. Ros supplied the three question marks which we left untouched, as from her viewpoint what Coleen said definitely related to me, but made no sense at all to Ros. Well actually it did, fits perfectly from where I sit. In fact, if you were to pick one object that sums up my main leisure activity, the noun Coleen chose was the very best fit. But as to what this item was and still is, I have, with Ros’ consent, decided to be less specific. That these words were said demands acknowledgement, simply because it is a phenomenal effort to choose my name. But to then identify a utensil I have held in my hand often, nearly every day, and one that Ros knew nothing of (hence her addition of question marks), extends the odds that this is all not down to a valid and real psychic reading to a number-count that is greater than all the leaves on the thousands of trees on our property.

That was the coup-de-grace, yes hearing my name was a shock, but deep down the rational mind was still whispering. Once hearing that Coleen mentioned this familiar device, of which Ros knew nothing, well that silenced the muted voice of conditioning and common sense, forever. I now have no trouble accepting everything as factual this woman learnt from the ring, which was most certainly speaking, yet again.                   

The Downhill Slope

Past that ‘secret’ being diluted expanded into general terms, whatever followed on pages two and three was neither questioned nor doubted in the least, the road was clear, so much so that the next item listed on the written report was agreed to unconditionally before reading. There was no point in persevering with a detached sceptical stance, it no longer served a purpose except creating clutter and needless diversions. The fundamental base-line is that this lady was in congress with the ring and my role was to listen carefully to the end results. The questions were gone, it was time to pay attention.

“Somebody around the group does not have good intentions. She will try to have the group in with her. She will try again.” Yet another delicate issue that has already been briefly discussed then moved on. Yes, after the ring came onto the scene there were schemes, careless words and alarming threats, and all of this was ring inspired. The drama around the ring returning is so bizarre none involved fully understand how it all unravelled, but Coleen was right, the angst and ploys were not resolved and a sizable schism still remains.

The theme of “not good intentions” is something Collen raised three times. She spoke of “a carrot” and was adamant that we “don’t believe it.” Further on she gave praise for being “on the right track,” but still advised caution as we had to be “beware of people trying to take it.” That is one warning firmly realised and reacted to, after the chaos and careless tongues between friends, taking a measured response with ‘ring business’ is compulsory.

We are in the final stages of preparing another book, the only question to deal with was whether the reports on the ring should be included. We had decided, no more than a few days before the ring was retrieved, that the content and potential of the ring is too important to be placed alongside other sites/archaeology/artefacts/historical accounts. The “documentation” of the “book” to follow, as Coleen suggested, has to be about one subject only: the ring.

Taking Stock

Is it possible Coleen locked in on Ros’ thoughts and then created a fictional narrative in appeasing her deepest secrets and desires? Ros certainly knows my name, she is aware I am studying and researching this orichalcum ring, and just by looking at the ring many of the assumptions and ‘guesses’ made could be accounted for. While that is possible, Ros knew nothing about my private past time, that is why that entry was accompanied by three question marks. It did not reflect uncertainty in delivery from Coleen’s corner, but was put there because it was a thought that never crossed Ros’ mind. This being the case, this woman did not tap into an unsuspecting subject, but it was a circular piece of metal that was in conversation with her.

The fact that I do not know of this women or have seen her mystical talents up close is irrelevant, her track record is more than sufficient. As much as some cynics will bridle at these truths, she is a legitimate interlocutor who can communicate with the Atlantian ring.

Together, this is a tale of two non-fictional stories of ancient times and civilisations deliberately discarded and forgotten, which refuses to banished into a mythical classification. Coleen supplied an overview of ancient history, potential and the current state of affairs with hints of what is soon to unfold, whereas my contribution focuses on the beginning of the ring’s journey in Atlantis.

It all began so promisingly, but soon fell apart at the seams. The location and timing was very old and far more technologically advanced than today, yet was certainly no less arrogant, as Atlantis did topple. Although the specifics and geography as to how and why vary, what remained constant is that the cause of the fall came from within. The explanation never wavers, the destruction came about due to some form of collective karma for grave sins and mistakes made. Continual advances in technology coupled with the allure of domination had overwhelmed the inhabitants of Atlantis and the damage caused was too great to be left unattended. Not only did Atlantis and many similar ancient civilisations perish, so too was nearly every trace of their deeds and edifices cleansed from the Earth during this time of global healing.

This ring was most likely a major agency in this fall from grace, perhaps the primary instigator and manipulator. Yet despite these transgressions, the same ring can also be a major part in the planet’s salvation, and can do so solely at its beckoning and timing. All of these blessings and curses are wrapped up in one small round magical metal parcel.

Myths and Rumours

For our critics and those with apathetic tendencies, they will insist that there are two fundamentally flawed cornerstones of our research into this ancient ring, very simply neither the existence of psychic powers nor the placement of Atlantis anywhere on this planet receives an academic tick. And what only compounds these cardinal errors, is the fact that the second half of this report is about a person we have never met, researched or could even recognise if walking down the street. Surely a face to face conversation is the bare minimum standard before offering our unconditional endorsement? The answer can only be certainly not under any conditions, proximity means nothing when dealing with ‘ring business,’ and that approach applies equally to all other earthly business.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting or playing tennis against Roger Federer, nevertheless, I already know enough about how he plays without meeting to confidently predict he will beat me 6-0 in any set of tennis we played. The result is guaranteed, whether we actually play is irrelevant, the only ever-present reality is that I will lose badly and be lucky to win a point. Same rules apply to Coleen as both are accredited experts in their respective fields. Federer could most assuredly help in improving my serve, that is a definite, and likewise with Coleen in assisting us in our conversations with the ring, more will be understood, that is the whole point of this exercise. What we do know is that I have never met her, but in Ros’ case we have met many times, but Coleen knows something about me that Ros does not. That being the undeniable truth, what choice do we have here outside accepting this woman as the genuine article?

When it comes to Atlantis, the same apparent disconnect hinders our progress. The location is unknown, as is their technology and culture, I have never been to Atlantis nor walked down its streets. Plato never saw Atlantis, just like us, and just like us, that made no difference. Instead of a racquet, in this game we have a ring to play with. And just as it would be with Federer, the ring is the master of the court and will dominate the game. The very best we can do is to keep the ball in play.

A Platonic Conundrum

From and

Of course many academics of today dispute there is any Atlantian ‘court’ or ring, believing the place never existed. Others see our distant past differently and there are many references, both direct and indirect, to this ancient civilisation, but first amongst equals has to be the extensive reports in Plato’s writings. His account is central to the maintenance and revival of Atlantian history.

Plato and/or Socrates were obsessed in seeking out the truth and establishing ideals of perfection through rational reflection and honest discussion. Of all the vocations in ancient Greece Plato hated sophistry the most, he felt those who use a persuasive tongue to coerce and deceive to better their position or power-base were beneath contempt. The many books bearing Plato’s name are primarily discourses discussing ethics, philosophy and rules of behaviour, but also covers a variety of historical events. Altantis is not Plato’s specialty but that of people Socrates meets and talks with, and those people had no direct contact as they were simply passing on what was learnt by Greeks when in Egypt, who were the true custodians of Atlantian heritage and history.

Many recent commentators have decided both accounts are symbolic, a sort of national metaphor used as a prediction. It is supposedly a literary device exclusively applied to the mythological Atlantis and was employed to show the path Greeks must not tread lest their civilisation would fall. Not only does Plato never use such an approach in any other books, he did not make any claim to do so. That right was the sole province of those separated by thousands of years by birth who claim the license to symbolically deconstruct each passage into concrete fact or symbolic fiction, thus turning somewhere spoken of so long ago, into nowhere.

If this was the case why create so much needless information and clutter that can only distract from the underlying allegory? Describing the five inner rings of circles of land and water, that all the wells bar the one in the centre were saline, the type of metal used to line the inner walls of the Temple, etc. all of this serves no purpose in any ethical lesson. There is far too much irrelevant material in Plato’s accounts, it would be the same as taking a simple fable like The Hare and the Tortoise, and overloading it with long descriptions of the geography, scenery, flora and fauna, the flowers and even the possibility of rain. Plato was passing on historical truths, albeit extremely inconvenient information on Atlantis, and there is no literary sleight of hand lurking in the background. Plato was discussing with others historical facts passed on to the Greeks by the Egyptians. He did as he always did in remaining meticulously truthful at all times. The real moral of Plato’s report on the rise and fall of Atlantis was that this catastrophe took place long before, and the lesson to be learnt was that unbridled technology and the craving for power are wilful beasts no humans, or any other beings, can fully control.


What Comes to Pass

The current health-check on this very old orichalcum magic ring finds that the patient has indeed been revived, has a faint heart-beat and is just conscious, but barely moving and still in need of intensive care. As to what the treatment to cleanse and prepare is, that is a diagnosis in progress and as yet, has a long way to go. The recurring problem we face is that there is nothing to compare against in chemical composition or mystical inclinations. There is no ring, bangle or personal adornment that is similar, past or present. We have neither a manual, paper nor book to consult in seeking questions, or for that matter, gathering the wits to understand the reply. What if the answer is 42?

This journey with a ring that is so difficult to absorb or navigate, is analogous to sitting in a car in a foreign country with no ignition keys, no destination to drive towards and no ability to speak the language. All I actually know to begin with is that it is a car and possibly its make and date. It is no different with the ring, all that I can state with absolute confidence is that it is a ring, its make is orichalcum and the date of manufacture is very ancient, everything else is hearsay. When it comes to how our ring research develops, we are hamstrung by a vacuum through the global damage our psychic talents have endured for so long. All we can do is spectate from the reserve’s bench, wait to be called by the ring at its leisure and let things pass in the meantime.

In doing so, it seems a day does not pass when my heavily conditioned left hemisphere objects to the mere thought that this ring is magic. It just won’t go away, fortunately the same side of the brain remembers the ring throbbing throughout my body on request. It was there for the entire reading, fully awake and aware, yet utterly silent as the ring took centre-stage. The same rational cortex witnessed our group implode with the dark energy of the ring in the ascendancy, and a couple of days ago it gave another cameo appearance. These are ring facts which means that my intellect has no choice but to consider these real events every time doubt creeps back.

The ultimate question, which perhaps I may get to ask, relates to how far this magic can spread not only in geography, which has been proven, but in population. Does it go further than that? It is well known the Schumann measurement for the Earth’s health and resonance has peaked in the mid one hundreds, then returned to single figures. Could the ring have some effect in permanently raising the ‘bar,’ so that it remains over one hundred, permanently?

It could be, or maybe the question to be asked of the ring concerns the winning numbers in a big lottery in the future, and the answer lies in a huge bank balance. Whether the high income road or spiritual path, only time will tell. All we do know for sure is that it is a tale written, produced and directed by an orichalcum ring, our job is simply to find then read the script.


Ros Mulder, 2019. “Ros’ Report in Point Form of the Reading of the Ring From Coleen”              


  1. Hi I don’t know what to say here but would rather speak personally. I have some information I have been given from my guides during meditation. I’m 33 female, from western Australia

  2. The name Steven is the most important information given at this time.
    The information is dualistic its perfect, the current owner is Steven you Steven Strong and the current name of the hidden enemy that is searching for something for power (not necessary the ring itself) is also called Steven.
    The name of the current anti christ at this time is Steven its the greek equivalent of that name. He lives in the River Murray region. He probably has another object from the same material and due to the principals of Quantum entanglement the ring and object are relaying information to each other. I would get a direction from the ring with divining rods and start walking that way. You may find something.

  3. just wanted to tell you i read the whole article. It is fascinating, please be careful.I pray for you all to be protected everyday. i do shamanic spirit journeys and was tasked by Gaia to place etheric healing crystals around the earth. One of the places we went to was Atlantis under the sea to place a crystal to heal the dark energy that was still there. The places on earth we placed crystals were cleansed and healed with angelic help. i would suggest that you need some sort of divine healing for your ring. The forces of light are much more powerful than the dark.

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