Webinar: It’s All About Australia: Our First Steps (Part 2)

Enter the world where most mainstream academics fear to tread…….We are blessed to have such renowned international speakers Klaus Dona and Bob Newton for our 2nd Webinar. Coupled with Original custodians:- Ramindjeri Spokespeople (Christine Walker, Wirritjin Stephen Robertson and Curt Mountain) with award winning musician and activist Jingki (Kerrianne Cox).
  • This story picks up with the Ramindjeri and Karno W. who introduce the wisdom, power and Original Blessings that was bequeathed to humanity.
  • Klaus Dona and Bob Newton reinforce the same story from a different international perspective.
  • A multilayered Narrative that weaves: Original knowledge/wisdom, Archaeology and Mythology, Out-of-Place-artifacts and music.
  • Includes music from award winning musician Jingki (Kerrianne Cox).
  • In-between science and mythology is where our past is rediscovered.
  • The Hidden History of the Human Race.
  • Hear about the forgotten advanced civilisation that spanned the globe.
  • Evidence of High Technology from our distant past.
  • Let us unravel the riddles of the past.
  • Our Ancients navigated martime routes and water highways.
  • Hear from experts ranging from all around the world Live
  • From Peru, Austria & The Philippines, Broome, Kangaroo (Karta) Island, Melbourne and the hinterland of Bryon Bay.
  • Enter the world where most mainstream academics fear to tread.
  • A multi-disciplinary and open-minded perspective that respects our ancient ancesters.
  • Watch us from the comfort of your own home.
  • Only $10 (aus.)


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