Webinar: It’s All About Australia

IT’S ALL ABOUT AUSTRALIA: The Beginning of Everything- Part 1

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We are happy to introduce the first of our webinar seriers covering a wide range of topics related to our ancient past.

We hope you can join us for our first webinar on 18th June 9am (Aussie Eastern Standard Time)/17th June 7pm (New York Time).

This will be a collective gathering of Original and non-Original Elders and researchers examing different parts of an extremely ancient global history that begins in Australia. In the true sense of that collective approach each participant shares equally in any profits made.

Many Original Elders knowledgeable in the secret history and mystical pursuits have received nothing but grief and poverty. This is a chance for their wisdom to be acknowledged and paid accordingly.

The many truths and insights they will share openly paint a completely different history of the world as we knew it in the past, and how it will effect our immediate future.

Come and join us in discovering the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth in this special 6hr webinar.

Only aud $10 to watch six speakers present an updated version of our history.

Steven and Evan William Strong

CLICK HERE & REGISTER: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/40269/84550e172f

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