We Never Saw it Coming: Marked & Unmarked Original Rocks

We Never saw it Coming: Marked & Unmarked Original Rocks

By Steven & Evan Strong


This all came out of nowhere, barely a week ago only one of these four rocks was on the agenda while two were some way off sitting in the reserve’s bench and one was still unknown. Less than a month ago I once again turned down Ros’ offer to send us a collection of Original cylcon rocks. Their reputation as ‘power rocks’ was well known to us. Michael Tellinger is certainly an enthusiastic advocate of these rocks and their ability to lift huge weights. The problem is we had that no reason to doubt these rocks can create energy and maybe even lift enormous weights, but we also had no empirical proof or way of measuring any exchange of power between rock and human.

Lacking in solid methodology is an ample incentive to look elsewhere, but from our point of view our disinterest was simply a matter of a topic without Original guidance. No Elder or Custodian of Original Old Ways had raised the rock or made any comment about its powers with us, and without their input we had no reason to look further. Anything found in print supposedly related to such a mystical subject has to be regarded with suspicion, so until an Original guardian steeped in such knowledge appears and explains, we had no right to show any interest in such mystical rocks. That was the case until quite recently when that vacuum was partially filled and because of this contact we finally agreed to Ros sending us half a dozen cylcons.

2015-11-11 13.25.07
Ros’ Sandstone Cylcon Rock 28

Even so we were not really sure where this could lead, those who had real knowledge in these rocks presented a consistent story of moving huge weights, but nothing had changed and we were still without a scientific process that can either measure or confirm. One of the six rocks received was quite striking, although purely sandstone and free of any chert veneer, it was very close to a perfect circle and had extremely smooth surface. Our ancient advanced technology radar was on overdrive, this rock is free of percussion points, scratch marks or any form chiseling and is indeed worthy of further reflection. But we have to be realistic, the other far more sensational qualities that lead to tonnes of rock being suspended in the air was well outside our frames of reference and something we originally intended to make very brief mention of then move on to firmer ground.

We had no intention to actually write something about this sandstone cylcon (Ros’ Rock 28) for some time and until we made contact with an Elder who gave us some rudimentary introductions, I always felt we had very little to add. In the meantime we brought the biggest sandstone cylcon and two smaller cousins to our Glebe Workshop with the intention of quickly mentioning what purpose they served, then on to more interesting samples covered in chert. Being the only rock we had that did not have any residual chert on the surface, if it wasn’t for the 51 individual cuts, there wasn’t actually that much to report.

That was our intention, 15 seconds given over to this one rock at best, and certainly not the three minutes spent investigating a fascinating turn of events. One thing was for sure, if we didn’t replicate what happened during the break for lunch when the audience returned, it would look awful if the claim was made by us and nothing eventuated when the dowsing rods were brought into the equation.

Sandstone plus Chert Pointing up

This unexpected chain of events began a little over two hours earlier, just before we started our workshop. A lady by the name of Annagrace approached me before we began and showed us a dozen rocks she felt we may be interested and kindly offered to give us this collection. It was a fine ensemble, with one notable exception, the shaped rocks were obviously artificial and of merit, and one chert rock had faded lines very similar to many we have and is an artefact of considerable potential. Whether separately or in combination they were overshadowed by this chert cylcon (Annagrace’s Rock 29) of immense importance. This rock is certainly first among equals.

2015-11-11 13.26.19
Annagrace’s Chert Cylcon Rock 29

My recognition was instant and given without time to weigh up any options, it was a cylcon, and one of great power and significance. I just knew we were in the presence of rock of a highly sacred level, but that intuitive guidance was again facing the same stark imperative, real proof. We needed some form of repeatable measurement proving there is a force spiraling out the cylcons. As much as the sandstone cylcon was remarkable this rock ticked one extra box, as it was also covered in a thin veneer of chert. The pecks, lines, markings and positioning clearly set aside for the thumb on this rock are part of a script we have seen often in many other rocks in the collection. This rock is both a carrier of information and, under the right conditions, the bearer of immense stores of energy. We are reliably informed that the rock’s reservoir of energy lays dormant awaiting human contact that then forges a symbiotic relationship and trigger which sets the rock into motion. Whether activated by words, song, yidaki or other means is unknown, but what is clear is that the rocks must be held upwards, never pointed down. It spirals out of the narrower end and under the right hands can create a huge amount of energy that can lift tonnes of weight. Say they say, so we are told, but we have no photograph, gauge to measure with or repeatable physical reaction to ruminate upon to offer in support.

So I thanked Annagrace for her kindness and concern and promised there would be a follow-up. My assurance was earnest, but did have a hollow ring to it and I was glad she did not press further in seeking specifics, because there were none. The ever-present reality is that championing such an extraordinary power well beyond any technology of today without proof is a no-win crusade and best left alone.

That being the case what Richard Clarke and Robyn Brown proposed during the lunch-time break was both an undeniable blessing and a heavy cross to bear. They suggested using dowsing rods Richard carries with him and see what happens when he nears the two cylcons with the metal rods in his hands. Over the next two minutes Richard made four approaches, each seeking a different target. On the first occasion the two cylcons were placed on the floor, when placed above the rods did not move. The next three times the rocks were held in hand, on the first sorty they were held incorrectly with the narrowest point aimed downwards with the rods above, they did stir and slowly rotated half a circle.

Now with the distractions dispensed with, the rocks were now held properly pointing up and we could get to the business end of proceedings. Richard chose to place the rods beneath the rocks and got no reaction or movement. Three down and the most important path yet to travel, he walked back four steps placed the rods above and moved towards the rocks. About a metre out the rods started to move with considerable force, so much so they spun back at such a rate Richard had to move his head a touch to avoid contact. It was so quick and unstaged, well that was our take on this turn of events.

2015-11-11 13.27.07
Ros’ Sandstone & Annagrace’s Chert Cylcons

Once everyone returned we resumed the workshop and thirty minutes into the section on the Original marked rocks, we tried the same routine and much to our relief and continued fascination, the rods behaved in the same manner. When the rocks were correctly engaged they spun just as vigorously as before. In what only adds to the mystique and reputation of these cylcons, after the workshop Richard went quite a few steps further into the void and stood back over 15 metres from the rocks in hand, and he is adamant that the rods spun just as quickly as they did when he stood next to them.

Obviously no ten tonne rocks were moved and in combination the two copper rods would weigh a fraction of a kilogram. Nevertheless, something was stirring, but only once skin and rock were united. This interaction seems to be a symbiotic coalition. How this happens is well outside ‘our pay scale,’ the mechanisms involved and extent of what could take place are unknown to us. All we can do is await further Original guidance. In the meantime there is a transfer of energy here and deserves legitimate serious scientific consideration, hopefully without the condescending sniggers. To that end in future workshops we intend to repeat this experiment and call on volunteers who are both believers and sceptics of dowsing rods to do exactly the same as we did and see what happens.

Back on Familiar Grounds

The next rock to be examined is like the rock before which is also coated in chert, and as with the chert cylcon rock that can move copper, has on the surface lines, pecks and markings that convey a very important message. But there are some elemental differences, this rock (Ros’ Rock 30) is not a cylcon and belongs to the same category as four other marked rocks that begin with Ros’ Rock 1. All of these rectangular rocks have charts/maps on two sides, one side unmarked and another that connects the main two narratives.

Photo by Samarah Wood
Ros Rock No. 1 (Side 1): Photo by Samarah Wood
Photo by Samarah Wood
Ros Rock No. 1 (Side 3): Photo by Samarah Wood

Obviously Ros’ Rock 1 is the most important of not only this specific group, but all of the rocks. Given that fact and sequence, this rock is not far behind in its significance and sacredness, and in one crucial respect is the leader in the field. When it comes to the grids/maps found on all of these rectangular rocks, the nine vertical and eight horizontal lines that intersect across the entire face of Side 1 is easily the largest rock map yet found. A fair proportion of the lines are barely visible and the worn state on all sides seems to suggest this rock is older than Ros’ Rock 1. With most of the pecks placed exactly upon intersection points on this large map, the chances that this is not a map is so small it barely warrants the sentence just written. The principle issue at play is whether it is meant to chart earthly or celestial locations.

2015-10-22 14.46.53
Ros Rock No. 30
2015-10-22 14.47.37
Ros Rock No. 30


Obviously this is meant to be a brief introduction, we will restrict ourselves to one other feature of this rock which does add some clarity to our long-held belief that the chert on many of these rocks was melted then attached to a softer base rock. By means that are impossible to determine a small piece of this rock has broken away and the underlying base rock has been exposed. What that does reveal is a very thin top layer of chert, which gets progressively thinner as it reaches the middle of the side where the break finishes. At a rough guess, it seems that the coat is three times the thickness at the edge of this side than it is in the middle.

marked rock diagram
Ros Rock No. 30: Diagram

Outside the Boundary

As different these three rocks are in purpose, grain, colour, shape and setting they retain one binding principle. They all fall within the boundaries of Southern Law, in ancient times this region included a large proportion of the southern part of Australia and ran up the east coast and inland some distance. To the best of our knowledge no artefacts/marked rocks we are working with were recovered/taken from outside those boundaries, with one exception.

Louise Rock 31: Photo by Natalie Jacqueline Paez of Third Eye Society
Louise Rock 31: Photo by Natalie Jacqueline Paez of Third Eye Society

There is one rock (Louise’s Rock 31) bearing a flat side and an intriguing spread of straight lines, very much in the style seen on so many rocks, which does not belong. First and foremost, it is the only marked rock with a script sourced from the First Language not covered in a thin layer of chert. Of course the sandstone cylcon is of non-chert make, but the technology is just as sophisticated and it was found within the area influenced by Southern Law sensibilities. This rock was found in tribal land that is not part of this continental confederation and therefore will conform to different rules and influences.

It was found well inland, and what is as constant as it is a portent, it was once again found by a woman. Every rock in our collection, whether purchased or intuitively found, was predicated around a female sensing its presence and looking for the rock or being drawn to the rock for sale. To this date not one male has stepped up to the plate, and the same rules of gender applied when this rock was first seen. Louise Clark’s partner, Michael Tellinger, was certainly close by when this rock first caught her eye, but she was the person who actually made first contact. Knowing of our expanding ensemble of marked rocks and our considerable research, she kept the rock until we met again and kindly gave it to us to investigate further.

Janet’s Rock No. TBA: Photo by Natalie Jacqueline Paez of Third Eye Society

What is intriguing about this rock is that wrapped around the edges there is reddish-brown patina that looks like a coat of paint. We have seen this before on other unmarked original shaped rocks. There is a five sided shaped rock we are working on at present which has all sides painted in the same colour. However, the two other rocks with the same coat have no marks, lines or pecks and have no role in communicating any meaning through the use of symbols. This rock’s message is part of one ancient language that spread across the continent, but its presentation and rules of engagement are not part of the chert-tradition we are focused.

The most obvious connection to the other rocks is the lines, angles, shapes and intersection points shown on one face of the rock. As we have shown with the intensive work done of Ros’ Rocks 1 and the comparison made to rocks with the same angles found on marked rocks in Calgary and Bosnia where a matched comparison of over 90% was found when using the Australia rock as the base. What is rather ironic, in this inter-continental spread is that in the original street plans for Washington D. C. we see the same map again. we are adamant that these lines constitute a formal language.

Calgary Rock Dr Derek Cunningham
Bosnian Rock Photo by Jock Doubleday and Analysis by Dr Derek Cunningham
Washington D.C. / Ros’ Rock No. 1: Comparison by Ros
Washington D.C. / Ros’ Rock No. 1: Comparison by Ros

Outside the similarity in lines, a few dabs of paint and intersection points, this rock shares very little. There is no top coat or a separate base rock, and this rock was cut only once. The narrative is restricted to one side. We have no Australian chert rock that is marked solely on one side, the rule is always no less than two and often many more. The only other rock that has a one-face narrative we are investigating is the Wisconsin marked healing rock. This ancient American marked rock also has an arrangement of lines, but they are more geometric and straighter and, of course, the top layer has inscriptions cut into the chert.

Wisconsin Marked Rock No. 10: Photo by Natalie Jacqueline Paez of Third Eye Society

There are no imprints or infilling on this rock and all lines are of the same width. It is obvious that the form of script is constant, but not so the modes of presentation which seem to vary markedly according to tribal confederations.

This rock is very important and needs to find an appropriate Original custodian, and we are in the process of ensuring that happens. It is not from the precincts we are allowed to investigate and must return to keepers of that place, it is for others to share details and stories associated with this rock and that will take place.

Another four on the Drawing-board

Put these four rocks together and it all adds up to a total very few can see with their eyes. The two cylcon rocks are reputed to be able to levitate massive weights, the best we could get was quarter of a kilogram of copper moving half a metre. Although nowhere near enough it still is sufficient, the rods were moved by the two rocks and that is the major issue that should remain the principal focus. Why and how is open to discussion, but not what. What if we keep repeating this experiment and irrespective of who holds the two copper rods, they continue to spin? Can the academics overcome their disdain for such an ‘unscientific’ device and try to just observe without prejudice?

24) Collasped Ancient Tunnel
Inside Klaus’ Tunnel

The answer is most probably not, but if the experts do decide irrespective of what the rods are claimed to possess they will not accept it is a legitimate tool capable of doing anything beyond cater to unrealistic fantasies, they have some questions on many sites in Australia they cannot address or begin to understand. There are dozens of shaped blocks at Trina’s site that weigh tonnes, the same can be said for two astronomical walls in the Snowy Mountains, the three walls at Klaus Dona’s tunnels, at a site of death and destruction in the Blue Mountains, the walls and collapsed wharf at Emu’s Nest, the 3,500 cubic metres of exotic fill and sandstone that make up the smaller mound at the Standing Stones site and many other locations where huge stone blocks were moved. In each case there is no explanation given by any academic as to how these rocks/constructions were moved and stacked, and on every occasion Elders have made mention of special stones that can lift huge weights.

2014-03-23 09.30.49

Of course, this is all hypothetical and until an Original person of high degree can find the ‘switch’ and turn these rocks fully into top gear, there can be no absolutes. But even though uninitiated and mere novices, we did manage to turn the rocks on and they did idle. And although only one of eight ‘cylinders’ was engaged, it went, but alas we just couldn’t find the ‘overdrive button.’ It is there and waiting to kick into gear. It is only a matter of vision and timing.

Undeniably talk of such potential energy hidden inside a shaped rock is a huge stretch of credibility if relying on today’s earthly standards as a comparison. In seeking out the wisdom and inspiration of earlier days it is possible Frederic Slater’s insightful interpretations of the First Language may shed light on how such sophisticated technology has been present and accounted for on this planet for a very, very, long time. In doing so there is a recurring off-world heritage in Slater’s translation that has great relevance in determining who made such a device. “Guided by truth man came to earth through darkness from the light of life that shines far off.” “Man came to Earth as man with all his senses (seven of them) and was established in truth.” “Truth brought out on wings to earth from God to man.”

In maintaining that celestial theme, the third rock, although not of the same elevated standard set by Ros’ Rock 1, does have an intricate and complex map with many points charted. We are very confident this is a star chart chronicling one, or perhaps many of the voyages from a “light far off.” This marked chert map-rock also bears witness to another form of advanced technology. The tapering chert veneer exposed by the surface being broken has been added on top of the base rock when it was molten, and in what reinforces the breadth of the technology we are trying to keep up with, the same exotic process has been seen in Ros’ Rocks 1, 3, 4 and 5.

2015-03-08 11.58.33
Ros Rock No. 5
2015-03-08 12.05.36
Ros Rock No. 4

The sacred marked rock Louise found, is a softer make of rock with a surface much more giving than chert and does not require a metal blade. However, despite the many differences the script is constant and proves that the First Language was not a regional dialect, but a continental secret sacred language that still exists to this very day.

There is More on the way-a Response to our Critics

A few people who follow some of our work have become quite agitated, verging on aggressive, in decrying what they see as our pointless obsession with some inconsequential rocks with natural markings. Some claim that our motives are suspect in that we seek to profit by selling these bogus creations, and perhaps our only reason for spruking the credentials of these rocks is to increase the market value. Others believe the rocks are actually the outcome of deception through masonry manufactured by us, while the majority just refuse to look or discuss.

There is one blanket answer to all who refute, deny, procrastinate, question or suspect the worse, we do as we are told. There is no way we would ever keep publicising the importance and sacredness of these rocks unless given direction and counsel by Original Elders and custodians of the Old Ways who are familiar with the rocks and their past and future. They have a date and plans for these rocks of which we have no input or control-we are merely short-term custodians. In the meantime, we are barely one-third the way through the rocks to be reported upon, there are more rocks on the way simply because they tell the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth and the Elders expect us to fulfil our side of this agreement.

These marked rocks are part of the First Language, the very first time humans decided to record for posterity their thoughts, wisdom and prophecies. We are of the opinion that the content of the narrative cut into these rocks is concerned with humanities’ history and heritage, but are aware such a claim is certainly extreme and likely to upset many academics. But what needs to be factored into any criticism of our opinions are the technological facts that are associated with the way these rocks were marked, pecked, heated and encoded with information. The technology needed to create the marks on these rocks does not fit into any mainstream account of Original history and never will.

We may be wrong, but they are definitely, 100% tragically incorrect. Past that fundamental error and eternal truth everything is still on the table and open for discussion, but to begin with the errors and lies of the past have to be cleansed from books, curriculum and the nation’s identity. To that end these marked rocks and the associated Standing Stones site are the guardians and guidelines from which the true Original history will rise once again.


Frederic Slater- Letters & Notes


  1. I know how to bring out the information in these rocks.I have been working on similar stones for several years and have insight to revealing their secrets.Preliminary findings reveal local information however many of the rocks I work with contain several different type of inscriptions neither one matching the other, They are marked in multiple layers of varying size from the plainly visible to the microscopic.Frome visible relief carvings to holographic almost photographic information..

  2. I am very interested in learning of your outcomes. I remember the Adelaide incident of a few years ago, of an artifact which was shown to scientists..

  3. Hey guys I was holding the rocks when Richard did his 15 metre away measurement at the end of the day. I can attest the dowsing rods certainly did their thing. Interestingly the dark rock kind of tingled in my hand when he was measuring the field. You were busy signing books…..

  4. Thanks for this article – it’s fascinating information. And the “historians” are still running the racket about slaves building the Egyptian pyramids, placing each enormous stone boulder beautifully next to the next so that a piece of paper couldn’t slip through! And in just a matter of a few years! These cylcon stones add a really interesting possibility there, too!

    • Well ! now that we have proved that Australia was once joined to Zealandia {New Zealand -Aotearoa} we find very similar marked stones occuring in both locations ..same style of application -same type of stone marked by hand by a common culture.Research by G.N.S.N.Z.have anylized gold from N.Z.-Australia and have found it is from the same seam ..-Rattite birds occur in both continents-e.g. Emu -extinct Moa .other bird species-many plant species -trees- insects etc . have a common heritage … the sooner somebody comes over and compares my discovered artifacts with the examples you have the better, it will consolidate knowlege of them considerably ..it is rather frustrating attempting to deal and explain to critics and sceptics just exactly what we have discovered becos it is only NEW Ancient history not yet literally applied to the Academia curriculums-as we all know academia is based on what has already been written-read-retained and taught – we can change this by stealth and common sense in the way well deal with the public .. you guys are doing a wonderful job of doing just that ..thank you and your team very much -hope the New Year brings us much support from our growing sympathetic public .Badger Bloomfield .

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