Three Rings for the Every Things

By Steven & Evan Strong (Special Thanks To Ros Mulder)

This heading is undeniably clumsy, verging on awkward, but an entirely intentional acknowledgement of Tolkien’s ring trilogy. Simply because the further we travel down this spiral, rings keep turning up with narratives remarkably similar to that of his fictional story, and all three rings make convincing claims to be the bearers of powerful magic. Just as it is in the books, each of the three rings are very old, the result of extremely advanced technology underpinned by a magical infusion, and so much more. But to begin with, we are a little ahead of ourselves, in that until now we have only ever made mention of the Atlantean ring.

For obvious reasons that ring has been our primary focus as it is enough of itself to validate the existence of Atlantis, irrespective of whether it is magical, the chemistry and engraved content of this ring demands by association that if it is not a myth, then so too Atlantis is equally real. So multi-faceted and complex is the research required by this ring, we decided to withhold any mention of the first giant’s ring, also found and purchased by Ros, until the timing was right. The problem was I was originally somewhat distracted because at the time the bigger ring first came to Ros’ attention, the Atlantean ring had been stolen with the ever-present reality that we would never see it again. As a result of this looming disaster, Ros’ initial mention of what she described to be a “giant’s ring” was heard but never really registered by me. With the first ring seemingly lost, talk of something so heavy, huge and weighty, just never really ‘lit a fuse’ amongst all the background chaos.

It did not go unnoticed that my reaction to Ros talking about this ring was eerily similar to an equally stoic disinterest first offered by me when Ros suggested she was keen to buy the Atlantean ring. I was aware of this, and to top it off knew that Ros was adamant that the much bigger ring was just as, if not more so, important as the Atlantean ring. It was all taken on board. As much as I respect every word uttered by Ros, and as undeniably massive the ring was, it just didn’t ring any bells. It was only after the deception was over and the orichalcum ring was returned, did we begin to start paying attention and look more carefully at the photos and research Ros had done on the “giant’s ring.”

Out of Sequence, and a Change in Programming

It was originally our intention to open this report about two giant rings from Angkor Watt as we normally do, in a set chronological order from start to finish. Rambling all over the place and timeline, gets too staggered, and if the content is challenging (which it is), then it is best to keep the format simple. Not this time around, as from our stance the really important questions, significance and stunning magic kick in near the end of a journey that began three months earlier. And it is that recent crucial turning point, which is our opening gambit, and equally, the most controversial part of this investigation.

It was about four weeks ago when Ros made mention of yet another giant’s ring, and at that stage I still wasn’t fully on board with why Ros was so enthusiastic nor the implications and new paths. It didn’t matter either way, as the way Ros contacted this new ring was the final straw, and utterly impossible to ignore.

                As a retrospective call, I asked her to take some notes, from which I will now quote, as both the width and scope was expanding at a rate we could not keep track, and I felt it best we use her account of how magic took the centre-stage.

                It all began without an agenda. Ros was watching one of her favourite TV shows with no other intention beyond taking in some light entertainment. While sitting in her lounge chair she was holding the first giant’s ring in her hand, then the ring spoke up. “While holding the Giant Ring, I was ‘told’ to start searching the Internet for other Giant Rings for sale. I was ‘given’ instructions on where to go to get to a particular store, when I went into it there was a nearly identical ring for sale, even advertised as a “Giant” ring. This antique dealer also had huge bangles from ancient Cambodia weighing up to 600 grams each. Now a 50 gram bangle is regarded as heavy. These relics have been excavated from the Angkor Banyan Empire in Cambodia.”   

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Apart from being the heading of a stunning Pink Floyd album, the suspension of the rational conditioning is a mandatory step in deciding whether Ros was actually ‘told” and “given” instructions by an inert piece of metal fashioned into a ring. Throw in that this ring supposedly knew that another of its kind was for sale and was aware of the web site address and passed this information on to a human, this all breaks so many conventional assumptions as to what life is. Ros told me she never knew of the site or its name, never used it before, ever. Until the ring interrupted her viewing habits, she had no intention to go near the computer, let alone shop for an ancient “Giant’s” ring. None of this was on her radar or shopping list.

                From our perspective this liaison crosses continents, silica and skin and is worthy of both absolute curiosity and further serious impartial research. The only certainty that can be discarded is that this reunion is due to human error or mischief. Ros never lies and neither knew the word to enter nor what she was doing as it all began. It is not as if she was thinking ‘let’s go shopping,’ it was more why I am going to the computer and what is the ring up to? All she did was go along for the ride and do as instructed. She found the ring because another ring made it happen, and that is how this all begins, with a healthy, hefty dose of ring magic.

What’s This got to do With Australia?

Yes this massive ring has mystical credentials, but the Asian location is seemingly so far from here and outside our sphere of interest. To begin with, this was an issue for me, even though it came to me via a supernatural circuit, the ring bears no Original symbols. Or so it would appear, but both through conversation and research, Ros discovered that the chances are extremely high that the giant who wore this ring was probably of giant Original descent.

                Ros said that “I have been going to our local bakery for over 13 years. After I had been instructed to find your ring I was standing in the bakery waiting for my order when I looked around and there was a certificate on the wall from a Cambodian orphanage. The penny dropped and I asked the owner if she was from Cambodia. She said ‘Yes’ 

I told her I was involved with a group who works with the Elders telling the Australian Original Truths and I said why would our research be leading us from here to Cambodia.

She became excited and said ‘Our Original people of Cambodia were black they looked just like the Australian Original people. I look Chinese because my ancestors were Chinese not the Original people.’

I told her we have some giant rings from Cambodia.

She then told me ‘There are things over there that give you goose bumps when you see them. Look at me I’m covered in goose bumps thinking of them.”

                We knew that the Ainu of Japan were descended from ancient Australians, that an Original sapien skeleton was found in Malaysia dated at over 10,000 years, and of course the genetic and cultural links between Southern India and the Original people are well established. But Cambodia has never been mentioned in official dispatches, until now.

                Ros continued looking and soon after, when we met near Kariong at the glyphs, she showed me two videos on her phone of tourist operators from Angkor Watt being interviewed about their insistence that before the first Asian people came to this temple and city, black people who looked very similar to the Australian “Aboriginals,” were already in Cambodia. Both were adamant that this was common knowledge amongst the locals and never questioned. These three testimonies clarified and expanded our frames of reference, as this was not only proof of another port-of-call when Original people set sail out of Australia, but that those who departed from here so long ago were varied in size, genetics and motives.

For any who feel the evidence in support of an ancient Original presence in Angkor Watt is too subjective and unqualified in delivery, Ros’ research lead on to a series of old photographs taken in Cambodia of people with dark skin, broad faces and features very similar to the Original people of Australia. In combination, what this does confirm is that all three rings are In Australia today because there was a mutual relationship that was spread across the globe in ancient days.

Comparing Apples and Oranges

The Atlantean ring weighs two grams, the bigger recent arrival weighs forty times more. The widest point across the orichalcum ring is nineteen millimetres, whereas the other ring is thirty-one millimetres in width. The thickest part of the ring from Atlantis is one millimetre, which is wafer-thin when comparing it to five millimetres across the ring and the thirty-one millimetres that make up the relief on top of the Cambodian ring. To put this into a common usage perspective, an Australian twenty cent piece is smaller in diameter than the wider ring. The band of the orichalcum ring is four millimetres in width, while the much larger ring has a bandwidth of up to two centimetres. From top to bottom, the orichalcum ring measures nineteen millimetres, while the animal ring is five and a half centimetres in length.  All the markings on the smaller ring are engraved into the metal, unlike the other ring, where everything added sits above and nothing was cut into the metal.

The manufacture, mode of embellishment, size, weight and narratives are dramatically different, in fact at first, and second glance, they appear to share nothing. But amongst all the divergence there is the possibility of one seminal shared constituent: the metal from which both rings are made. To begin with, this commonality was not readily apparent. In fact, if it was left in cotton wool and untouched, nothing more would have been revealed. It was only after some time in contact, touching, and sometimes rubbing against other artefacts, did the inner base of the Cambodian ring begin to literally shine through.

                When this larger ring first appeared the medium chocolate coat was complete, and I had assumed that it was not a coat as such, but the metallic colour associated with this alloy. So consistent was the upper crust, there was no reason not to assume that this colour ran under and throughout the entire metal package. Once in our custodianship contact and impact took place, chips of the brown coat fell away revealing a distinct golden colour, extremely similar in pigmentation and lustre to the orichalcum ring. Knowing through the advice of clairvoyants and mediums, that the Atlantean ring was forged in Lemuria before being marked in Atlantis, and that both Angkor Watt and all of Australia were once part of Lemuria, it is not a great stretch in logic to suggest that all extremely sacred rings in Lemuria would be made from the same material/ore.

                The same analysis done on the Atlantean ring could resolve this issue, but such is the delicate worn fractured nature of this ring, any invasive examination could have unforeseen structural consequences. So, for now, the fact that the base rock/ore is so alike in colouring is at the least, a strong circumstantial case for a shared orichalcum lineage.

This possibility is strengthened considerably by Ros’ confirmation that her giant’s ring also has a golden base shining through the cracks, and the colour on top, which she also assumed was consistent throughout, is merely a thin mask coating an orichalcum base. Of course, knowing that these rings have also exhibited magical qualities, only adds to that likelihood.

                Next up, some consideration should be given to the degree of skill required to create this piece of art. Carving a metal of this hardness requires tools with blades and points made from a substance even harder. That this ring is so intact and comparatively undamaged after being excavated from the earth, means that whatever the content, whether orichalcum or some other exotic metal, during its manufacture the use of some form of hearth or oven capable of intense controlled heat is obligatory.

Facial Recognition

There are six faces on this ring, all are in animal guise. Our understanding is that there are three pairs. Two are elephants which is plain to see, past that absolute the identity of the other four faces is less certain. The riders seated atop the elephants could be lions, or perhaps horses, each of the long narrower faces has lost part of the nose, so what this animal is cannot be clear. The two standing beside the elephants are easier to recognise, in that they are some form of monkey or ape, but again being more specific is unwise at present.

                Upon close examination it becomes clear that in each pair, one relief is a touch longer or wider and fuller in face. It leads us to suggest that since this minor variation is repeated three times, and each is in a set of two, we have the male and female of each species residing on this ring.

                Irrespective of the roll-call, the intentions are crystal clear in pose, armour and expressions. This is an aggressive statement of war-like preparations. The elephants have a helmet as do the other four combatants. The chest-plates, rings of chain armour on the arms and clenched fists with angry facial expressions leave no questions as to purpose and power. Literally riding into battle with animal spirits at the ready, this is not a ‘love and light’ device and needs to be handled with care. It is not so much evil, but does have a power that is indiscriminate in that the ring serves the ring-bearer and passes no judgment on morals or casualties. It can be used for good or bad, that is not the ring’s call or responsibility.

If the Finger Fits, or Does it?

That, of course, is the most dramatic feature of this ring. I can fit both my index fingers inside and there is plenty of room left over. No normal human has a finger big enough to wear this ring, that is an unchallengeable physical truth. It is too big, too heavy, too tall, and with so much of the weight stacked above into one area, just too uncomfortable to wear or maintain balance. Double the width of finger and strength of fingers and wrist, and by natural association the height of the ring wearer, then the ring makes sense and fits snugly. But in doing so, that has to mean that the beings who wore rings like these were, in every sense, giants. It is because of that patently obvious over-sizing, both rings were listed for sale as being a “giant’s ring.”

                There is an eleven-millimetre difference in diameter between the outer rim of the more delicate Atlantean ring and the Lemurian sculptured ring (13 mls and 31 mls). That means the area inside the outer rim of the smaller ring is 361 square millimetres as opposed to an area of 961 square millimetres needed to accommodate the far thicker and larger finger of the giant’s ring. The Cambodian ring is not ornamental and has been worn so often that there is a two centimetre stretch along the band that is badly decayed, with large chunks missing. So, with our most recent arrival, if it was worn on the finger, then each of the people/beings given the privilege to be its temporary custodian had to be at least twice the height of any Homo sapiens sapien standing beside him, or her.

Concluding the Physical and Returning to the Metaphysical                    

This first chapter report on the two giant’s rings began with some powerful ring-magic, as witnessed by Ros. So, it is fitting that we close this session with another example of ring-magic, as witnessed by myself and my wife.

                After challenging the Atlantean ring to perform magic on command and immediately receiving a positive response, and knowing that this ring was located by Ros’ giant ring before being bought and sent to us, I had no intention of placing the same demand on this ring. I had no reason to ask for proof, as I was already satisfied it was no less magical.

                “Do you believe in magic, yes I do, of course I do.” Cold Play (1)

                And that is the insurmountable stumbling block in our investigation, magic and science are implacable opponents. By even suggesting that the giant’s ring, Atlantean ring or anything else is independently possessed with magical powers is a fool’s errand if seeking any form of official accreditation.

                Since beginning this research our greatest concern and overriding priority, was that in beginning and concluding with ring-magic, all the comparisons, measurements and science discussed will be lost upon the first wave of the magician’s wand. The fact that such an ancient ring is so undamaged, so full of the hallmarks of an advanced technology, and so sublime, could be overshadowed is a real concern. Nevertheless, the primary function of the ring is redemptive and esoteric, everything else is background noise.

                I am still not sure why I decided to place this giant’s ring in formation with the Atlantean ring and the rock highlighted in our recent article 1,2,3. Whether the rings and rock requested this or it just seemed a good idea can never be established, whatever the motivation the rock and two rings were put in formation beside my bed recently, and that will never happen again. It could be that the larger ring ‘came along for the ride’ as the other two participants were solely responsible for what happened that night, or perhaps it was the principal agent, or they shared the load equally, either way my wife and I agree there will never be an encore.

                All night long they wouldn’t keep quiet, the scratching, banging and something moving around the bedroom was constant and impossible to sleep through. Normally unexpected noises in the dead of night in the bedroom is no less than a warning signal and probably life-threatening. But both of us knew the three were responsible and nothing untoward was part of this. We just put up with the ring and rock activity and noise and tolerated this ‘one-night stand.’

                It may be the other ring and rock were solely responsible, or maybe not, that is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, something did happen that night and magic was in the air and throughout our bedroom, all night long.

The Very Big Picture

Of course, furnishing empirical magical proof that will satisfy the cynic, scientist or sceptic is a pointless task, but when it comes to measuring the width of the ring and estimating the size of the finger that fits, that is far less subjective.  And this will be the course set in our next chapter on “giants.” We use the word giant simply because nothing else fits. Moreover, there is a book used in every court of the land that both witnesses and the accused place their hand upon when promising to tell the truth, that passes a judgment on giants when questioned about their existence: the Bible.

                In staying faithful vowing to the direction, to tell ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth, in Genesis it is declared that “there were giants in the earth in those days,”(2) of which one is acknowledged as being named “Goliath.” With that unconditional confirmation in print, our next chapter will explore in fuller detail more information about the beings that wore rings like the two we now have. For now, what can be concluded as a fact is that this ring does not fit my finger, or any other ‘my’ residing on this planet today.

                But when going back to earlier times, Biblical included, many historical stories, myths and legends had no trouble acknowledging the existence of giants. They were everywhere, and some of them wore rings, just like the two we have.               


Ros Mulder, 2019, Personal Communication to Steven Strong.

(1) Cold Play, 2014,”Magic”, Ghost Stories,  (Writers: Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin / Producers:  Coldplay, Paul Epworth, Daniel Green & Rik Simpson): Track 2

*** To Listen:

(2) Genesis 6:4


  1. Dear Steve and Evan strong, I am having an argument about trying to prove your theory they are calling Steve all sorts of things its making me quite upset he thinks you are trying to scam people… (I know you’re not)

    is there some way that you can prove it to them (and to re-enforce me believing it as well as some times i find myself being a bit of a skeptic LOL) maybe you can contact him spiritually to get him to believe it or something like that?

    maybe u could get the ring to contact him?

    I don’t know but I’m really upset and need backup…

    please try and get back soon

    by the way I don’t know there name or where they live

    • Hi Zach
      Steven Strong has more important things ‘on his plate’ then chasing one of your phantom ‘mates’ doubts and scamming accusations.

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