Three Plus one? Are these Hominids?

Three Plus one? Are these Hominids?

By Steven & Evan Strong


We were no more than ten minutes away, driving towards a place and person that could be the final piece in a genetic mystery that spans the entire history of every type of hominin that stood or now stands on this planet. The phone call from Wirritjin (a Ramindjeri Culture-Man with an impressive track record) was primarily a message from the Spirits concerning the geography associated with the skull and bones we were so close to actually seeing. Of the many things relayed, the name given to the place from which this ancient Original skull was removed, Wirritjin nominated the Wimmera area, was something I intended to verify within minutes of arrival. From the time we finished speaking, I decided that the first question I would ask was to be about where this third skull was found.

3rd Unknown Hominid: Photo by Ildi Budai

A third skull appearing on the scene was significant simply because all Original signs come in batches of three. What was also never lost was the number of times Wirritjin was directed by the Spirits when under their guidance.

As we pulled up alongside the address given, I normally approach every new site and piece of archaeology with a clean slate, but this time around I was distracted three times over. Until ten minutes ago it was solely about the mathematics, my hope was that the number 10, which is the width in centimetres of the other similar skull, was going to be repeated. That was all I had, but the phone call added to the setting and participants. With Wirritjins’ prediction now front and centre, the general location was of equal importance. Accompanying either a rebuttal or confirmation, was the residue of a rational objection to each of Wirritjin’s earlier successful predictions that although hidden deep within, would never ‘leave the room.’ Was the information already known, did I inadvertently pass on a clue or indication, was it all down to lucky guesses or was he a genuine interlocutor speaking on behalf of the Guardian Spirits?

Within minutes of first meeting the Gentleman, who was the present custodian of the bones, he made his first comment about these ancient remains. It was independently made without prompting or offered in response. “The skull comes from the Wimmera area.” With that unsolicited reply to a question never spoken, at least one mystery was solved. Wirritjin was undeniably in congress with the Spirits, that much was proven beyond every doubt held by me. There were other things shared, which for now need not be spoken of, but rest assured in combination with all that was revealed culminates in a skull and heritage that is of the very highest pedigree.

Permission and Information Given with one Condition and an Equivocation

Well, strictly speaking it is two equivocations. We have cryptically introduced one highly qualified academic with the actual name withheld. Understandably wary of the threats, personal insults, ridicule and correspondence with jail terms we have to endure, this man is less than enthused by the spite ahead preferring to remain the stands.

The reason we chose this term was simply because he is what I feel is the perfect example of what a true gentleman is. Even when he first mentioned a second skull and associated bones, he never stopped smiling. It was so casual and utterly unannounced beforehand, but such was the off-hand manner of introduction and quality of his knowledge, I felt it best to go with his flow and focus on the narrative without interruptions.

The skull and bones of the archaic smaller skull was unearthed by shearers in 1953 when clearing land for an out-building and through reasons never given, soon after it ended up in the care of a lady who quite recently passed this on to the Gentleman. Her permission to hand these bones on to us was asked for and given before he made that offer. It goes without saying the shearers made no attempt to contact any Original people, which of itself is expected and the norm for those times.

Past the nomination of the Wimmera region and description of how the bones spent over 65 years in transit, the only unanswered issue related to their long-term expectations. For us the bones have to be returned to country as that is the only acceptable first step, a display cabinet is an utter disaster. Fortunately, that was reciprocated by both the present-day and previous custodian, they too did not wish anything other than Original protocol and respect be given to these beings.

As it was at the last site, the non-Original Elders wanted a scientific verdict followed by internment in local sacred ground. We were on the same page in every respect, this endeavour was off to an auspicious start. Our brief was simple, record, measure, analyse as best we can (given our shortcomings in this specialist field), photograph, do all the science,  give opinions as often as we feel inclined, publish the results and then put these two back on to country the Old Way, proper way. They have been away far too long and all of these tasks must be completed quickly as their country is calling.

On to the Main Event/s.

Once a setting and recent time-line was provided, it was time to open proceedings with a ten centimetre strip resting across the point where eyebrow ridge and skull plate fuse. It was an exact match in measuring ten centimetres. So not only is the general shape of the skull and steep recession shared, so too is the width beside the eye socket the same. It seems to us that the chances this skull is of the same new species found in the earlier burial site, increase markedly. The fact that these two skulls have the least amount of forehead apparent and most dramatic slope yet seen is sufficient to classify both individuals as being of the same strand.

3rd Unknown Hominid: Photo By Ildi Budai
1st Unknown Hominid

Before going any further, it must be conceded that the rather unusual reddish brown skull and accompanying bones were also display in his lounge room, but at the time they were of lesser interest and explained away as being a member of an already known strand of Original people. I took that semi-dismissal on board, and did intend to follow-up, but right now with the other skull, mandible, sphenoid and smaller facial bones right in front of me, the ‘lesser’ candidate had to wait. During that day it was in the area, but never seriously examined.

As it was before when first ‘sighting’ the wide-eyed skull, the massive eyes do dominate first introductions. Although not complete and broken the diameter is no less than 4 cms for each eye, and just as before, the bones of the socket extend well past the line of the forehead and will jut out and look extremely bizarre.

Of course, what is a subjective call and needs exact measurements before any effective comparison can be made between these finer-boned skulls, the thin upper jaw seems to be very similar in thickness, size of teeth and shape. What is an enticing prospect is that this individual’s top two front teeth are missing, as is the case with the earlier individual who had two teeth cleanly removed, which are strong indicators of ceremonial tooth avulsion. It is not a large stretch in comparison to suggest that the chances are high this being could have also been given the same ritual.

3rd Unknown Hominid: Photo Ildi Budai

What is a valid indicator of age is that the tally of teeth either still remaining or vacant with the root cavity still visible in the top half of the jaw is eight, which multiplied by four leads on to thirty-two teeth, which means this individual is an adult. What we believe to be another confirmation of a relationship to the earlier wide-eyed skull found some distance away is the main width of the more recently arrived skull plate, being between 6-8 mms, is the same as the earlier skull. This repetition in thickness seems more than enough evidence to reasonably assume this is not a mutation, but an established species.

In general terms the two individuals do share a rather unique head shape, but the closer one looks the more slight variations become clear and introduce a degree of separation which is possibly due to a considerable difference in not so much genetics or category, but more to do with a sizeable gap in years.

Same Make, Different Model

Within the same general form, with particular emphasis on the severely recessed forehead, there is a commonality, but equally, the differences are too great and numerous to be set aside.

The first being of the same finer-boned strand found earlier has a rectangular skull that measured 12 cms in length and maintains a consistent width of 10 cms, the skull we have is no less than 17 cms long and the shape is rectangular-like, but there is a flaring outwards from the 10 cm near the brow which widens out by a little over one centimetre.

3rd Unknown Hominid

Although not as clearly defined as the first skull, there are three sutures clearly visible on the inside of the brain plate. But again, there is a qualification embedded within as the suture line, which is very clear on the largest section of the skull plate, does not extend on to another piece of the skull when correctly fitted. Once placed together the suture line stops at the edge, kinks 180 degrees to the left for one centimetre then carries on along the next part of the skull another 5 cms. That line of suturing has no precedent and deserves a lot more reflection.

3rd Unknown Hominid

Many possibilities come into play when comparing the length of the two skulls. Perhaps the 12 cms casing is smaller because it belongs to a child, a smaller woman or an earlier or later version where the skull plate has decreased in size or extended from a more ancient ancestor. It could be that although the same species, different circumstances, environments and genetic additions have led to this extension in cranium capacity. Irrespective of how, when and which genes, what is undeniable is that this being has a very large brain, bigger than ours, yet has a face that looks even more ancient than Lucy.

And to that face, a nose must be added, but in the earlier face both eye sockets measured 4.4 cms and the nasal passage is a very thin 1.2 cms. The newer damaged candidate will have an orbital diameter of around the same width, however, the nose is double the width (2.4 cms) and certainly alters the outward appearances of the second skull.

Last, but most assuredly never the least, is that rather unusual asymmetrical indentation on the left-side of the eyebrow ridge found on the earlier skull we discussed when compiling our first report. It is decidedly unbalanced and seemed to demand some form of intervention either through impact or incision. However, as noted earlier, there was no indication of a sharp cut or blunt percussion bulbs. This time around, there on and just above the left eyebrow ridge is no deep depressed area that looks anything like the earlier skull. A closer examination failed to reveal any trace of percussion bulbs or incision on a level surface. Of course, this means that there is natural symmetry in this face, which seems to indicate the depression is not part of the genetic package, but the result of trauma or some other event after birth.

1st Unknown Hominid Skull with depression
3rd Unknown Hominid: Photo By Ildi Budai

This is where it gets interesting. Both the newer skull and the one seen before recede back dramatically, but the recent addition is even more pronounced in slope and very closely set on a horizontal plane beginning at 160 degrees. With the skull we have already seen and reported upon, there is about a one centimetre forehead above the ridge visible at eye-level before the casing folds back and can be no longer seen, in this more recent arrival nothing is seen above the eyes except clear air when holding the skull at eye-level. The skull-plate begins fused behind the eyebrow ridge with an infinitesimal slope upwards of about 160 degrees, then another 1.5 cms on it flattens out to a level alignment of 180 degrees which runs at the same level or infinitesimally above the top of the ridge. From that crest one centimetre on it begins to slope even further at 190 degrees, then continues in receding backwards and below.

So while the earlier skull retained the hint of something resembling a ‘primitive’ forehead, this being has taken a further step backwards. There is nothing on show, the brain case (replete with three sutures) can only be seen if the eyes of the viewer are stationed above, never beside.

Just as it is with the other skull with the flat case that keeps extending back, not up as it is with all hominids, these skulls are designed to recede behind the face at close to a 180 degree horizontal plane. The genetic directive is clear, there is no way up and every way back. But there amongst this edict to recede in the opposite direction that both skulls obey, there is one noticeable variation, the earlier skull is extremely close to a perfect geometric 10×12 cm rectangular case with rounded edges, while the later skull flares somewhat and although beginning with a width of 10 cm, it flares out to 11 cm and curves back a touch more sharply. At first glance these minor variations are not immediately apparent, but with more time and closer inspections they are sufficient to indicate there is real chance there is a considerable time span and sequence between two skulls from the same species. Working on the agreed maxim of steeper the slope the older the hominid, we feel that the recent arrival is more archaic and closer in timing to the origin of this non-hominid species.

Another of the minor parting of the ways is now the most important and even more welcome. With the first site fully closed to any investigation or non-endorsed presence, there is a real chance that the site will either be blocked or cleaned out of everything. Fortunately, the more recent addition can at least fill the gap with the wide-eyed individual, and as we have been given bone and a tooth of the non-sutured being for analysis, that denial of entry at the burial site has been fairly well covered.

Backdrops and Behind the Scenes

Every Original Elder and Keeper of the Old Ways we have consulted is united in their expectation that the very best in science be applied to these remains, and these bones are part of their ancestry which began in Australia before any other race. Then in what only pushes mainstream boundaries into regions never discussed in ‘polite circles,’ we are told by many that this ancient heritage has a sizable Pleiadian component. This consensus in precedence and location holds fast in Original circles whether spoken of yesterday or two hundred years ago, and what may surprise many is that eminent non-Original academics and archaeologists held similar views to ours when discussing the genes and precedence of the first people of Australia.

Before the Second World War, archaeology was in its infancy in Australia. In fact it wasn’t until 1939, when Professor Elkin was appointed to the first Anthropology posting at Sydney University, did these ancient historical pursuits begin to be formally acknowledged. Before those days scholarly interest in ancient Original history and archaeology was scarce, but of the few that did investigate particularly during the 1930’s, many were both empathetic and often won the trust of the Original people.

Elkin himself was open in conceding that the origin of the Original people was far more complex and unknown than was commonly assumed. He admitted that “we do not know, even approximately, when the aborigines (sic) came to Australia, or what length of time they took to spread over it … We do not know whether they have been in Australia one or many thousands of years.”(1) What is revealing is that some of his colleagues were less circumspect, Elkin had no trouble noting that “Sir Arthur Keith has suggested the Australian Aborigine represents the type from which all modern races have sprung, and Sir Grafton Elliott Smith regards him as the representative of the Aurignacian man … the first human being of definitely modern type to appear in Europe.”(2)

By Unknown – [1], CC BY 4.0,
That these academics were knighted for their services to education surely means something, equally for Sir Arthur Keith to publicly declare that “the Aboriginal race of Australia is the only race which, in my opinion, could serve as the common ancestor for all modern races,”(3) only serves to prove that the present-day pre-historical narrative of Australian Original people sailing to Australia was not always believed to be true.

Not only did Australian scholars feel the Original people of Australia were far more ancient and ancestral, but so too did German academic, Dr. Hermann Klaatsch, spend three years in Australia championing the new concept of ‘field studies,’ while also gathering extensive evidence in support of his belief the Original people were the source race for all modern humans.

While Elkin was less than adventurous when discussing the Original origins, he was far less timid when validating the absolute authenticity of Original magic and mystical powers. Not only did Elkin provide a basic list of their talents, which include “clairvoyance, materialization, travelling from place to place in a supernormally fast time, fire-walking, mind-reading, thought-transference, prediction of future events,”(4) he makes it patently clear none of these skills are the product of deception. “He is vigorous in the “doctor’s” defence.”(5)

“Aboriginal medicine-men, so far from being rogues, charlatans and ignoramuses, are men of high degree; that is men who have taken a degree in secret life beyond that taken by most males … men of respected, and often of outstanding personality … of immense social significance, the psychological health of the group largely depending on faith in their powers.”(6)

Here we have four top academics researching in this country stating exactly the same truths we are presenting, there is no difference in their acknowledgement of the Original genes being the source race or the reality of magic, except that they received knighthoods and prime academic postings and we are ridiculed and legally threatened. It would seem times were more enlightened and tolerant seventy years ago.

The Current State of Proceedings

Outside waiting on the results of science, there is still the need to spend some more time with the other skull of almost opposing features and inclinations and equally, try and get these ancient truths acknowledged and respected. Such is the incredibly unique range of features, measurements and most likely genes, it appears that since there are no less than three skulls of types never seen before, anywhere, attracting interest in both public and scientific circles would be so easy. But not everything is as it should be ….

Some people seem to think the red tape, government procrastination and a bureaucracy that moves ever so slowly means speed and efficiency are never part of any official response. That may be on some occasions, but a rapid exception was made in our case. Within two weeks of publishing an article and video on the earlier skulls, official contact was made. Relevant Government departments and the police were more than interested in our research, and as it was put to me our actions in disturbing what was stated to me to be a ‘crime scene’ required a written response defending my actions.

My response was immediate in asking why is it when government agents removed the bones and certainly never returned them as found, which certainly qualifies as large-scale ‘disturbance’ that has been documented and admitted to, there was no need to involve the police nor report the archaeology as suspicious? Why is it two years earlier after the initial removal and a lack of duty of care when returning was not pursued, but simply measuring and replacing in a better state than this ramshackle dumping, demands different levels of government being actively involved? Moreover, a complete dereliction of duty in refusing to follow up is also considered acceptable to those entrusted with protecting Original archaeology, while trying to tidy up the vacuum and accept the patently obvious gets grief from every relevant body?

A Message From Above

The phone call was the entrée, his name is irrelevant but the Government Department is worthy of notice, the registered letter demanding explanations he promised would be sent, arrived soon after. Sent on behalf of the “Office of Environment & Heritage” they were offering me an “OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLAIN ALLEGED IMPACT OR HARM TO ABORIGINAL OBJECTS.” Alerted to “a report of harm to two Aboriginal burials” I was given the “opportunity to provide further information to assist in our investigation and allow you an opportunity to show cause why OEH should not take regulatory action in response to the alleged harm of two Aboriginal burials.” The upshot was I had to prove not my innocence, but that I wasn’t guilty through supplying acceptable reasons not to take “regulatory action.”

Listing the actual penalties on offer certainly made it clear as to the tone of this letter and intended effect. As was clearly stated “maximum individual penalties for the worst offences are fines of $275,000 or 1 year imprisonment, or both, or in circumstances of aggravation fines of $550,000 or 2 years imprisonment, or both.” Further on I was given twelve separate questions to respond to with a closing date supplied.

Thorough and prompt, this letter came after reading our three reports and some videos and covered all aspects of the day on site. The intentions were clear, a liberal dose of fear and legal intimidation should quieten down the scene and see us cower in the corners.

A Message From Well Above

Always tell the truth and welcome every consequence, which must include a bigger brain, unprecedented slope, massive eyes and a real chance there is a significant genetic contribution with an Pleiadian imprint.


(1) Colin Simpson, 1962. “Adam in Ochre; Inside Aboriginal Australia”, 5th Edn, (Angus & Robertson Limited: Sydney), 202.

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  1. What is your interpretation of the extraordinary size of the orbital sockets seen in these skulls? From an evolutionary standpoint could these features point to development of an adaptation suggestive of a preference to nocturnal activity or an adaptation to a wholy darker environment? Amazing finds.

  2. Dear Steven & Evan,

    I love your work!

    As stated previously: Original Elders trained me as a memorizer of ‘secret’ histories. Elders explained to me that these vital histories were very deliberately not taught to any of the ‘New People’ (aka colonizers) in Australia and even in the Americas.

    Original Elders have ordered me to go public with all of the secret histories…to write these myself, and very specifically ordered me to not tell these stories to the ‘whitefella scientists’, but, it is ‘not time yet’, so here is just a little:

    Among these histories were facts about how humanity lost so much of it’s understanding of real history, during global disasters of 35,000 years ago, nuclear bombardment 18,000 years ago, and some events between 14,000 years ago and 9,200 years ago, plus the horrid ‘Passover’ of the former 3rd planet, now called Mars, being forced out of orbit and passing so close to earth the atmospheres touched and it’s massive rings crashed into this world and caused the miles high global tsunamis of 3,760 years ago. The last event is carefully told in much misunderstood Bible stories.

    They told of other horrid disasters around 600,000 years ago and 400,000 years ago and more recently..

    So to the point:

    Humanity coming from another world or worlds was considered ‘heresy’ by all the Christian groups because it took the steam out of the ‘Adam & Eve’ myth…and any memorizers who told of this were systematically murdered and this has been going on into recent decades. And Elder Wisdom Keepers in Australia, the Americas & Europe (& likely elsewhere) carefully hid or encoded the real history. These were carefully forbidden to be told to any outsiders and especially ‘Christianized’ Original persons, who would blab to the priest or minister and the pot hunters and artefact raiders would show up, or worse, government sponsored genocidal raiders.


    Original Elders in Australia and in the Americas carefully kept vital histories hidden because of the arrogant murderous behavior of ‘Euro-Christians’ and their governments. They also were aware of prior attempts of colonization from Asia so did not trust persons from those cultures either.








    Keep in mind that cultural ‘vital’, ‘classified’ or ‘secret’ Native histories are often encoded and that more recent generations, even of Wisdom Keepers, maybe do not fully understand them.

    Examples of fully encoded ‘secret histories’, from the British Isles is: ‘Merlin’s cave, with King Arthur’s sword set in the stone, under a western lake’, or ‘Fin Mc Cool & Oonah & the Giant’s Causeway’ or ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’…and when you hear the correct translations of these, they are very mind blowing eye opening. Yet since the ‘Christians’ were hell bent on destroying those ‘Druid heretics’ the histories stayed encoded and modern persons descended from British Island nations, no idea about the wisdom in these amazing encoded stories.

    The so called Old Testament Bible/ ‘Torah’ is very much encoded, yet contains good wisdom in the non-decoded writing. The amazing thing about that is that it gives clear notice of the ‘decoder key’ early on!.

    Orthodox Jews keep a scroll called a Mezzuah by their front door. ‘Mezzuzah’ translates to ‘doorpost’ & where do people often hide a key? The Mezzuzah is the decoder key and you need a huge computer to crack the code using that ‘key’.

    • Dear Chadro Le Chan,

      Steven and Evan know me and our work. I am a ‘walk-in’ from the stars and been given a lot of knowledge about the Australian Aborigine. Not saying I know everything at all. What you write interests me and I am wondering if you would be interested in my work as a ‘story keeper’ if so please go to …….would love to hear from you. Blessings Valerie Barrow.

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