Preface to the Tour

First up Aunty Beve the last full descent Darkinoong Elder gave us ceremony and The Song of the Four Winds near the glyphs. NPWS and the lands council do not know what the ceremonies of this sacred area are, but we do. Equally none of the thousands of visitors to the glyphs have sought permission from the Land Council or NPWS, besides its public land anyway. More importantly we are not charging anything for the visit to the Glyphs or Bulgandry (its free), the tour prices is to cover venue hire, bus fares, a double DVD, catering, a 3 hour workshop highlighting the Sacred Rock collection. Since I (Steven) am of Original descent and have been anointed the Keeper of the Rocks, by many Tribes across Australia, I do not need anybodies permission except myself. Why do we need permission from the local lands council or NPWS: who didn’t help to save these lands, we care for this land and with Aunty Beve’s blessing and have done so for a long time. Old way Tradition comes in-front of bureaucracy.

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