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Our Alien Ancestry: Kariong Calling (Chapter 4)

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After several sold-out events, we are bringing this to the world as a sequentially themed conference (Online & Live) exploring the archaeology in the Kariong area which are international treasure which is under imminent threat of desecration and destruction. Officials don’t care, politicians don’t care and soon it will be legally done and dusted. We are trying to save this site and we need help. This is a story about the Glyphs, the problems and solutions and also about Harries from Bondi Rescue and his family, who went onto this site for the first time.

Chapter 4:

The Kariong Glyphs and their meaning explored in this detailed presentation.

  • Steven & Evan Strong: Discuss Archaeological evidence at the site and immediate surrounds.
  • Nina Angelo: In her first online presentation, she will be discussing her time with Aunty Beve and the struggle to save the glyphs.
  • Jake Cassar: In this presentation, Jake will be covering the ecology around the glyphs, environmental concerns and local animals of that area under threat.
  • Aunty Minnie Mace: She will be covering Ray Johnson and his translation of the glyphs and her knowledge of Egypt in Australia.
  • Harries Carroll & Friends: Harries is a lifeguard from TV’s Bondi Rescue who is best known for protecting the lives of swimmers at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. He has a keen interest in history, the mysteries of life and a deep respect for the Original culture and people. Harries, along with his wife Emily and son Billy, recently went to the glyphs and a small sampling of the surrounding archaeology. All three of them had profound experiences while there. This was filmed and will premiere at this conference.

“Bondi is on the same longitude as the cliffs 33° and my reason for having such a belief is that I’ve never lost a life on Bondi Beach being a sacred place like the glyphs. I’ve rescued 5.5k people in the water at Bondi, and no one has drowned on my watch. I’ve resuscitated 50 people and had to pull in 60 bodies from suicides, or falling off the cliffs in my career.” – Harries Carroll

* For more info: www.ouralienancestry.net

* Contact email: info@ouralienancestry.net


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