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Our Alien Ancestry: Oldways-Newdays (Chapter 3)

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The Change Is Coming: explores Alien & U.F.O. involvement and our past, present and future.

After several sold-out events, we are bringing this to the world as a sequentially themed conference (Online & Live) exploring how the world will shift-through the Alien involvement in our past, present and future.

Chapter 3:

The four areas we intend to focus upon include: Karno’s life, legacy and eternal connection to the Dreaming, the Dreaming being the inspiration behind many ancient religions with particular focus on Gnostic Christianity, the expanding ensemble of sacred and star rocks and the ancient presence and connection between Australia and America. All four of the areas chosen, along with all topics yet to be discussed are underpinned by an Original prophecy beginning on December 21 at Uluru when an Old Way ceremony will be conducted that literally changes everything.

  • Steven & Evan Strong: We have spent the last ten years examining close to one hundred sites and artefacts that not only contradict nearly all mainstream pre-historical narratives but demand the inclusion of Alien genes, ancient advanced civilisations and an eminent change in Earthy vibration that will resonate throughout the Cosmos.
  • Darren McElroy: The journey of how Steven Strong was introduced to Karno Walker and the Ramindjeri clan.
  • Valerie Barrow: I was visiting Kariong with an Indigenous healer on October 10,1995. It changed our lives dramatically. Three of us were overtaken with an ancient memory of being star-people and the terrible shock of seeing our Mothership Rexegena being destroyed with 50,000 people on board.
  • Teejay Casado: For this talk, I will share about my time working on the documentary film Ancient Tomorrow the research conducted, the experiences I had on and off this very ambitious film project. I’ll also share my time working as a “shovelbum” (a.k.a archeologist for hire) in ancient Native American lands. I’ll talk about my personal look at ancient megalithic sites of significance across the Americas, the enigmatic “Cog Stone” artifacts, a wild UFO captured in post-production on Lake Titicaca and the legendary cover-up of Nicola Tesla‘s Earth-energy technology that is re-emerging as our world is going through a monumental Shift of the Ages.
  • Paul Anthony Wallis: Paul’s research into the book of Genesis in parallel with other ancestral narratives exposes an even more ancient story of human origins, one that places us in a more interesting and more populated universe than we may have thought. This story, hidden in plain sight, provides a fresh perspective on our origins as a species and our potential as human beings.

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* For more info: www.ouralienancestry.net

* Contact email: info@ouralienancestry.net

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